Saturday, February 25, 2012

The News

Yes, again I've been quiet for a long time. Didn't know, what to write about it. I got mad at Gor for some reason, so we are taking a Gor-break for an uncertain time. I grabbed my slaves at the leash and led them to earth...

 But the main reason that I was quiet was: We got a homestead! There were some very good offers these days, so after some days of consideration, we finally decided to rent one. The relation between price and prims on homesteads isn't so good, but the problem on rented parcels is, that you have to share a SIM with other tenants.. If you are lucky, they ALL have good taste, but unfortunately there's always one or more with no taste at all. We already got annoyed, as one of our neighbors chosed a 30 x 30 x 30 m ugly cube as home and filled the sky above her parcel with annoying kitschy stars and moons.... but as another one started to build an ugly shop there (in a residental area), we said: "Enough!"

I was a bit sad to leave the Naked Landladies. I rented from them from the very first day on... four years now. But I contacted them several times and asked, if they had good offers too... I was even willing to pay 200 or 300 L$ per week more then the others charged, because the Landladies always had been fair... however, they didn't seem to be much interested... rent would have been 700 per week more then the usual offers at the moment, and they didn't even have a homestead available, wanted to put us on a waiting list... which is a bit strange, as others get new homesteads every day...

Well, we got our own little island and started to build. Here's our building-outfits:

Our new cottage I already had prefabbed mostly, so it was one of the first things finished. Here's the view on sunrise from my bedroom:

Here the stonehenge, made by Endy. Nice to take a break from all the hard building:

Another of my favorite spots finished - Dancing in the sundown with River after a long day full of work:

 And here's a view from a bit outside. The island is rock on one side, beach and sand on the other side:

More pics of the progress you can see on River's blog; my lil sunshine is keeping the photo-journal of the building of "Singer - Tiger's song of light and shadow"

A night in the ballroom

We celebrated Endy's collar-day in Tel's and Dee's new ballroom. A wonderful place! Here's some pics:

Friday, February 24, 2012

One year ago....

... my beloved boy Endy, called "lil moonbeam", gave me the honor and pleasure to become his Master. Time flies! So....

Happy Anniversary,
 my lil moonbeam!