Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and such

 So, finally 2010 is almost over. And I have to say: I won't miss that year much! Some good things happened what I'm thankful for, first of all some new friendships and the opportunity and experience to build Tidra. But some bad stuff happened - RL and SL, so I'm not sad, this year is over. Dunno if 2011 will get better though, but atm I'm fine.

So, this week was a busy week after I got my computer back. Building a new home on Earth, which is becoming quite nice. Here are some pice of River and me hanging around at the pool at our new home:

The house itself still needs to be furnished. Well, it was furnished already, but it needs the "personal touch". But I don't want to rush. My inventory is still a mess and I'm sure, when I sort it, I will find a lot which I would like to place in the house. So one step after the other...

The same with our new place in Hrimgar. I'm the new harbormasterin the northern Thorvaldslander village and looking forward to a lot of RP. Changed my looks a bit for IC:

 And yesterday was my 3d rezzday. Oh my! 3 years SL, that's like 90 years RL or so. I wanted to go dancing with my lil sunshine River, but of course as usual: When you don't need it, you get 1000s of party-invitations, but if you WANT to go dancing, everything's closed! So we finally ended in a private nekkie pool-party, inviting Conny, Tel, Derren and Rammy over. Oh, and a guy (faun?) called Rian, a friend of Rammy.

 I was very quiet as I wasn't in the best mood. But I won't talk here publicly about the reason for that. However, I think the New Year will start with some changes...

So, I wish everyone out there a Happy New Year! kisses and hugs xoxox

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's done!

/me whipes his face, takes a deep breath and turns around

Time to move onward!

Monday, December 27, 2010

oh my!


Big Ha!

That's a "Ha! I'm back!!!!"

Yesh! I gotz meh internetz backz!!!!!!!!!

Oh my! The last two weeks I would like to just scratch outta mah life. Especially the last 5 days!

So, this was it: Getting my new monitor... finally again a 22'' flatscreen as I had it before.... happy after all installing it... then the problems started. I don't know how often in the last days I installed windows anew.... finally on saturday night as I was just about to start cleaning Tidra I crashed. I mean... my computer did. My harddisc. All gone! So, that was my christmas. Yay! And couldn't do anything cause of the holidays.

Today - monday - first thing to do after a shower and a quick coffee: Getting a new computer. Not that I could afford it, so I'll pay the next 24 months on it. But now comes the irony: Bought a new harddisc for the old one too. Now the problem is: The new one is Windows 7. It doesn't recognize my drivers for network etc. Do I hear another "Yay!" here? So - no network card = no internet = no download for updated network card = no network card... --- The irony at all this is: My old computer with the new harddisc works purrfectly. Not only like before - as I guess we all know it: "Oh! Error message? Hm... okay... it works SOMEhow... so... well... better then nothing...." - No, it works exactly like it should do! A christmas miracle!!! (Okay, while I'm writing this, it does the windows-updates in the background, so who knows what happens after a restart?)

So, the next days I will be busy reinstalling all programms here. And then trying to install the programs on the new computer. Haven't dared to install second life viewer yet... so that will be the next. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Oh, and as I couldn't log in but the island should have had to be cleaned on sunday, I gave my lil sunshine River my password to clean up the island for me. Now I heard, that the landlady told him to stop, as she seems to want to keep it somehow. I'm confused!? But I will see about that when I managed to log in.

Second Life... here I come! (soon...)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So, this is my christmas: Yesterday the problems started again with the new release of the Phoenix viewer. I don't know, if the viewer causes the problems or if the problems are there and cause the freezing of the viewer....

However.... I kept on freezing. And I was sooooo happy, because I got some money from the taxes back (yeah, wonders happen!) and bought me a new monitor. Nice! So, after a few crashes, not only my Phoenix frozen but also my screen, harddisc, whatevah! Blue error screens from Windows. etc. I guess the harddisc is kaput.

After a sleepless, desperate night, I finally got a recovery version of windows back on my computer. At least some good news: Could save some files, so they are not gone forever. But can't get back to my old user-account, so all the programs etc... nothing! Glad that I at least found my own blog here!!!!

Anyways, the only program I installed yet in the new account apart from firefox was Phoenix. And still the same problems: Freezing for some minutes, then everything works fine again for another some minutes till I freeze again. Maybe I really should try a different viewer, though - as I said - I don't know, if the computer causes the Phoenix-problems or Phoenix causes the computer problems. But I heard of many people experiencing problems with their computers since the new Phoenix. Coincidence?

So, I was inworld and rented a new parcel and good news (?): The landlady would have a tenant for it already and would need the SIM desperately. So I don't have to have such a bad concious for giving it up. The bad news: It all has to be cleaned until sunday! I wanted to take a peaceful and not hasted farewell of Tidra. Make some more videoclips for the memory, then clean it all up in boxes.... But maybe it's the best that way? I just hope, my computer works long enough to let me clean it up. *sigh*

And tomorrow RL-work. Oh my! Sooooooo..... Merry Christmas to all. I'm not in the right seasons-mood as you can imagine! Glad, when this year is over!

Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Days to count

10 Days - Then Tidra will be gone. And the year 2010 will end also, which I don't care much, cause it wasn't exactly the best in my life - neither SL, nor RL. But anywho... time to move on!

Last week didn't write much. Was busy with the first part of the video and then... avoided to return to Tidra. It just makes me too sad to stay there. Wanted to do more pivtures and video-clips, but always have to fight the tears when I look around too long.

Also was fighting some RL-health issues. Seems to be a Bursitis in my shoulder. Very painful. The pain especially occured at night when trying to sleep. Sometimes couldn't move my arm without crying out in pain. Had to break up my saturday's shift at work and took the sunday off completely. Well, not that I complain much to not have to work, but I would have enjoyed it more without the pain. So I'm waiting now till my doc opens to get an appointment there...

So, time for the good news: Somehow more or less solved the problems with the computer. Still some crashes and lag from time to time, but I think the main problem was the swap file. I reset it to be administrated by the system; since then it's better. And prolly my soundcard causes some problems too, cause when I mute "ambient" and "sounds", then I experience less lag (switching off audio and voice anyways most of the time).
But it seems, it's not only my computer. I heard from many people who got problems with the new Phoenix viewer and experience exactly the same crashes not only from SL but their whole PC-system. I hope the guys from Phoenix fix those bugs soon!

Another good news: We already found a new place to stay in Gor. We're moving North and join the Torvies. Me shivers already. I'm so used to palms and sun and warm water.... I don't like cold much, and I will need a completely new wardrope! But I'm looking forward to become harbor master and am all exited about the new RP-chances and -ideas and of course also in furnishing our new lighthouse which is so lovely! The exitement about the changes distracts me a bit from the sadness of losing Tidra.

And more good news: Been to the sunday's OOC Tabor dance as usual and there was a contest for best holiday costume.. and I made the first price! Won 2.500 L$. Yay! And flirtet a bit with one of the city-slaves, but after the party he was out of sight.

Well, that's it for now. Gotta have to take some more pics and video-clips. And also continue cleaning up and sorting my inventory before I'll take back all the stuff from the SIM... *sighs*


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Memories of Tidra - Part 1

As we are closing soon, I/we started to capture some pics and videos. Didn't want to bore you with a picture-slideshow, so we put some dancers into the pics. :-)

So, here's part 1 of the videos:

(And I hope youtube doesn't delete the sound again. damn restrictions in Germany. Grrrrrr)

Monday, December 13, 2010

big sigh

If I were a pessimist, I would say: It can't get worse! But I'm an optimist, so I say: Yes, it can!

So, things are not going well these days. I don't wanna talk about the details, just two things: First SL/Phoenix keeps my computer crashing. No problems with other programms running, but with Phoenix sooner or later my pc gives me a scary blue screen and crashes... and I need the recovery disc to at least be able to boot it again. That's no good! Especially as I really can't afford a new computer atm. *sigh*

The second is: Tidra will be down to the end of the year. So, if anyone wanted to visit it all the time, then NOW would be the last chance. It was a hard decision. I've worked on the place(s) for about 1 1/2 years. and it cost us about 2.000.000 L$ (tier and all the things I bought). But it seems, nobody but me (and maybe my boy River) is interested in it anyways. - Not even my lil devil who  rented it in first place against my will...

The ups and downs with hope and plans and work followed by just another  disappointment. .. - That's not what I need in SL; got enough of that in RL.  However if I wouldn't have to care about money, I would just keep it as our private place. But as I *do* have to count any penny, it's not worth the frustration. So, I FINALLY GIVE UP!

~*~ That's all what I have to say for now. ~*~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hunts ready - yay!


Last night I finished sorting the gifts from the MHOH4 *and* the poseballs from a poses-hunt in june or july. YAY! Some nice stuff more in my inventory. Many more just deleted. I guess I'll soon go through my closet and delete a lot of stuff, as I might have still some old freebies and such which I never ever wear anyways.
There's been some shapes and skins too. Of course, curious kitten I am, I couldn't resist the temptation to try them out before I deleted them. This one actually wasn't soooo bad.... IF you are or wanna be a black stud... but I wondered: What the fuck is that with the lips!?! Looks like waiting for a kiss the whole time. Who wants to walk around with that "kiss me! kiss me!" face???

*heh* on a sidenote: Today I saw a pic of someone on a blog and thought: "Oh! My! God! the flying spaghetti-monster DOES exist!" (Tel will know what I'm talking of and prolly find the pics I mean)

Okay, the rest to tell about my day is rather sad, so I maybe do that tomorrow...


Happy Birthday, my lil sunshine!

So, it was my lil sunshine - River's birthday today. Haven't seen him much, only some hour +, so I just took him up to the gazebo, to slowdance a bit with him:




So, once again:


Monday, December 6, 2010

updates! updates! updates!

The last days over the weekend were full of updates. So I had not much time for anything else. There was finally the update of the Gorean Meter and servers which should have been in mid October already. A lot of work to handle all the RP-goods which are of different worth now. *sighs*

Then there was also to update of Phoenix. It has some nice new features and I think it tp's faster and loads my immense inventory quicker after a cache cleaning.

And finally I updated my AV a bit. I found eyes similar to my RL-eyes: a light green with brown sparkles in it, so they look sometimes green, sometimes yellow. And as I was about to do it, also shaved (same skin, but without face stubbles) and let my hair grow a bit. Not sure, if I like it. It gives me a total different look. Strange how much the hair alone changes your appearance in SL.... Looks a bit melancholic, but it's okay... matching my mood so shortly before xmas.

So, apart from these updates there's not much to tell. Still trying to keep Tidra alive, but getting tired of it. All the time, all the money spent... for what? .. for whom? - As nice and - so they say - beautiful Tidra is, but *I* don't need it. I'd be okay with a small house on a Gorean SIM and maybe another one for private. So, things will get clearer around christmas. It was always the time for changes. *smiles and poofs*


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Was in a bit of dance mood last night, so I took an invitation of my friend and favorite DJ Heloq to have a look at that new club called Cryptonite. Place was crowded! Theme was "yellow"... well actually "yellow taxi", but being a cab-driver besides university and hated it I must have overseen the "taxi". *heh* Anyways, got this really nice raver-outfit, colored my stripes and hair yellow and jumped over for the fun.

I really liked the outfit, especially the gas-mask (with the whiskers peeking out) was a nice detail:

The place was crowded and lots of fun. Well, didn't feel so well with two kid-AVs, which seems a bit creepy to me, especially when they do those SINE-dances made for erotic dancers, but each his own and as long as the club-owners tolerate it... Just stepped several time accidently on them. :-)
Joshua joined a bit later and finally my bro Kyne too... a blu cat between all the yellow! *heh* He looked quite greenish but at least he rezzed at all.

So, after the dancing I met with my lil sunshine River for some RP until he felt asleep in my arms. So sweet. I love to hold him and miss the times, when me and my family was sleeping online. Wanted to sleep also, but then decided to open some more of those MHOH-gifts to get my inventory sorted. It seems, the gifts get better the higher the number. Well except of this shape:
*giggles* I had to take a picture of it for the laugh before I deleted it. Well, since my very first day in SL I made my shapes myself. It's not a big deal, so I don't understand, why some people spend money for a shape. But now THIS one??? Someone really pays for that? The head way too big and out of proportion. And... well... just!

Okay, okay... Maybe I shouldn't slander about those gifts? They are gifts and someone might have put some effort into it... and yes, I love hunts and I'm grateful that people organize them and shops take part of them. But when you searched the shop for hours to find the hidden gift and then you get such an ugly thingens??? And I think the creators don't do it just for humanity, but for getting traffic into their shops and to get people curious for their other stuff to buy. So, if you put your ugliest product into the giftbox with the thought "Oh, THAT thing nobody would buy anyways. It's perfect to get rid of it in the giftbox!", then you think wrong. Because nobody will every return to your shop to BUY something else.
The oposite were some nice eyes I have seen and wanted to buy some in my natural eye-color (which is more a yellowish green then my SL-brown), so I tp'd over to the shop. You see? THAT should be the purpose of a hunt. Unfortunately the shop seemed to have vanished or moved; however I didn't find it anymore. :(

So, there were some nice examples too. Got a quite good shirt-jacket combination from A:S:S. (no pictures here) or this which I really loved:

The camo-shirt from "BT" and the pants from [BedIam]. Liked it much!

Hmmmm, what else happened the last two days? Oh, forgot to mention that I was at a Capture-the-flag-game in Scimitar on tuesday night. Was fun - me with 6 slaveboys. *hehe* A lot of goofing around. I liked it.

Oh, and before that I visited with River a new SIM called Phallikos... a mix between Gor and Roman. Some buildings quite nice inside.

Yesterday afternoon meeting with the Administrator of Tabor to talk about an alliance. Was a nice RP, but I'll write more about it in the Tidra blog when I have time for it...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Okay, so I had some private time and decided to continue with sorting inventory, especially all those gifts of the Make Him over Hunt. It was in.. uhm... October? .. and just opened about 70 of the 168 gifts. And deleted about 50 of them, because... well, just crap. And lets not talk about the still unopened and unsorted poses-hunt I did in June or so... Anyways, as I tried on this jumper (above) I thought "Oh! My! God! What the ugly fuck is this?!?!?!" - Well, at least I took a picture of the most ugliest pink (!) .. uhm... something... before I deleted it. Already heard the sirens of the fashion-police coming closer....

And my dearest lil sunshine River made a picture of us today. We wanted to do a 3sum pose with Mamba (who finally logged in... out... in... out... in... out....), but he kept on crashing. My lil sunshine thinks the helmet is hot. Well, me likes it and it actually *IS* very Gorean as descibed in the books... but on the pic I think I look a bit like Daffy Duck. However, the pic itself is quite nice, so here:

And here's another pic of him and me. Looks a bit like I'd have dragon-wings... is because we're sitting on a dragon-throne. *heh* But I like it very much:


just rambling

Hmmm, in a bit a strange mood... must be winter. Not depressed... more a bit of melancholy... as my third rezzday is coming closer thinking about those past three years... the events of three years SL would at least fill 2 lifetimes RL, I guess.... the loves, the friendships... some lost, some still exist... Well, for the love, I think, when your feelings for someone once occupied a corner of your heart, it will remain there forever... (unless this part of your heart is ripped out, which only happened once)...

*takes a deep breath to write about something else*

Soooooooo.... yesterday I started to build that project I mentioned before. But it was not as much fun as expected. I don't have a clue how it should look like. As soon as I get an idea, the planning will be more fun. However I don't know if it's worth anything as I'm still torn according the future of Tidra. It's just too much work for one alone. Got to be there for every visitor, doing the building, not to mention the immense tier... It would be so much easier to just rent a little house somewhere and live a quiet life with my two remaining boys... Well, around Christmas I will decide what to do. That was always the time for decisions.

Talking of my boys - One is missing since saturday, so I start worrying. Everyone who knows my history can imagine why. I hope he's fine and will return soon.

Been to Tainted Boys yesterday. Yeah, it was monday. Don't wanna miss DJ Heloq's set, even if I'm always late. Was fun as usual, though the spam-gestures are just too much. Don't like that, so I was in IMs most of the time. Trace asked me to do vid's for a fundraiser-partiy of Second Pride today. So I'll be busy (no idea at what time and where it is!?). Also asked me to do a advertising video for SP... and no idea of that either. I feel honored, but I guess there are 100s of people who can do much better videos.

Well, that's all I can think of atm. The night ended with some talk about this and that with my lil sunshine River and finally a nice lap-dance. No pictures of that either. But I guess I'd make a video of dancing kajiri soon again....

Monday, November 29, 2010

another weekend over! Yay!

Okay, didn't write at the weekend as for not 'nuff spare time. And no pics again... Really have to take more pics, but because of lag-reasons am in lowest graphics most of the time, so I'd have to change to higher graphics, risk to crash etc etc...  So, no pics.

Saturday after RL work been to Eddi&Jago's 2d anniversary party. Was fun and the two are such a nice couple and was nice to meet some old friends & acquaintances even if most of them won't remember me (Yeah, 2 years out of the dance-business... that's an eternity in SL!). Too bad I had to leave then to get some hours sleep before work again. I'm all nervous now as Eddi said, he'd come over soon to take some pics on Tidra. Me myself is not so convinced that it's really such a beautiful SIM as they all say. But that's maybe cause I'm too used to it and I see it with the critical creator's eye? Dunno.

Sunday been to Tabor OOC dance and continued dancing with my lil sunshine even as the party was over... just dancing and talking. I liked. Then enjoying a private dance from my lil sunshine home at Tidra... I took a picture of that, but I won't post it here for some reasons *grins naughty*

And after my boy fallen asleep, exhausted from the dance and... *clears his throat*.... well, and I was about to sleep as well, but someone knocked on the gate of the fort... oh my! Maybe I shouldn't have opened it? What some people call "Roleplay"... Didn't know, if I should fall from my chair laughing or better smash my head against the wall. Anyways... I finally could escape, leaving them to noob-sex in the taverne and visited T&D in the castle, asking them to let me drown in their hot tub or at least they shoot me with the arrows. But we giggled a lot anyways.

So, all in all was a good weekend. Meh liked!

Friday, November 26, 2010

eject trip

*heh* was on an eject-trip yesterday and ejected 2.5 AVs from Tidra. - Yes, I know, first question "2 and a half?!".. yeah, the half one left on his own before I ejected him. Strange, that we always get those noobs on Tidra or griefers; haven't seen so many on other SIMs. Or maybe just not recognized? Dunno... One of the griefers was kinda cute though. He duckwalked right over from the docks to the gate and started to picklock it. It's so annoying when people don't read the rules and even more annoying when you have to repair all the broken doors every day.

Ha, I mentioned the big booty bitches dancing the other day and Derren posted a video. I knew he'd do it, but couldn't mention it before because of the surprise for Tel (sooooowwwyyy *giggle*):

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

kk... promised to write every day even if just so short. Eddie asked for pics of my boys... hm, haven't downloaded any nice ones yet, but will come. Promise!

So, haven't done much yesterday. Only tried to figure out those action-sets in X4 cocks.. *heh* And laters sorting some more of the gifts from the MHOH more then a month ago. Oh my! I'm just at #50 now... more then 110 to go. After 2-4 hours sorting I had 91 items less in my inventory (yes, a  lot of crap in those gifts and my inventory is way toooo big to keep just everything cause... "you never know, when you need it!". Ha, didn't need some stuff in 3 years, so I'm easier now with hitting the "delete" button). Okay, I figured, if I would continue in this speed of sorting and deleting I would reach my goal to be back to about 10.000 items in 1.155 hours of sorting. yay!

However... today I got a new idea for Tidra, but won't talk about it yet. Just let you know I'll be busy (again) the next days with it. Well, can't remember a day in the last 3 years when I wasn't busy with building something anyways.

Got "disturbed" in sorting last night by Tel and Derren and laters my bro Rammy, which was all fun with rubber-duck-battles and big-booty-bitches-dancing and group hugs.

And yeah, I always forget that it's Thanksgiving today for you guys over there. So, Happy Thanksgiving! - You know, I don't like it too much, that the american "holidays" like Halloween and St. Valentine's  swapped over to Europe and Germany. I think each country it's own traditional holidays. Unfortunately Thanksgiving in that way (there's the Harvest Festival here, but it isn't celebrated in that way) did NOT yet find it's way into German tradition. Too bad! Because that I would like much... hmm...eating turkey and other yummy food the whole day... nahm! nahm! nahm!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My new boys and other news

I should take more pictures. And I should write more. I planned to write at least a small article every day after I logged off, but then I'm too tired to do so. Now I will try to write a small article before I log in. Maybe that works better?

So after the fort of Tidra was finished (mostly), I thought I'd get some time to deal with my other stuff. My inventory is still at more then 36.000. I have only opened abut 25 of the 168 gifts from the "Make him over"-hunt. And no time for continue building other stuff. But then I collared two new boys and they are just so lovely! River, who I call "my lil sunshine", and Mamba, my "lil rascal". I missed having devoted slaves, since Wolf and Eagle are gone. And devoted and loving they are. Though they are taking a lot of my time I won't wanna miss a single minute with them.

These days I also started to decorate the valley (= our private skybox) winterly for the season. But I'm not really up to it with my heart. Last years christmas season was wonderful with my family around. This year it just reminds me how much I miss them. But I will move on. I thought it's their internet-connection, but now I know, I'm just out of their mind. So, what remains is the memory of a very good time, a wonderful year though we all had to go through a lot of RL issues, the happiest 12 months in my second life. Now I think it's soon time to let loose, to give up hope and to walk in a new direction...


Met some para-RPers the other day and have to say: No thanks!
So, what's Para-RP? Para means paragraph, that means are Para-RPer writes a full (long) paragraph each time.  Here some examples of the same scene. Imagine the roleplayer XY approaches a group of people standing around. This can look like this:

XY: Tal!

Okay, this isn't the best RP either. *heh* So lets try this:

XY approaches the group of people, some he recognizes, some he doesn't know. A friendly smile crosses his lips as he raises his hand to greet them "Tal, Free!"

I think everything important is said: He comes in peace, he knows some, he's friendly. 'nough said. - Now comes the Para-RPer:

XY approaches in graceful paces the group of citizens. The air around him impregnated by the scent of his heavy and masculine perfume, rising from his soft-tanned skin and his black, elegant garments; kilt and cape softly swaying in the evening-breeze as well as his long, black hair that flows over his shoulders like the dark waves of gleaming Thassa. Soft shimmer of the arising three moons of Gor streaming over his weapons, bathing them in a pool of silver light. As he reach the group of citizens he raises his chin majesticly,  meeting gazes  with a glance from his eyes, dark blue like a  deep pond at midnight in the plains of Ko-Ro-Ba. He recognizes YZ, remembering their adventures in the northern territories where they fought side by side against the kurii, those mighty, scary beasts of Gor. He lifts his right hand, palm inwards, precious rings, three with sereem diamonds - red, sparkling, white flecked - and two with opals - one a common sort, milky in color, and the other an unusual flame opal, reddish and blue. A smile crosses his curved lips, red and full like a sweet lharma-fruit, before he exposes his plain, white teeth to greet with a delicate southern accent: "Tal, Free!"

Well, he greets them if they would still be there. Maybe they are gone already. - I admit, that some are really nice and poeticly written. Others you just wonder "Uhm... what did he just say?!?". However it takes every flow out of an interactive roleplay. Not only that it takes them too long to write their novels, but also they don't REact to others anyways. They are too busy and full of themselves to write already their next long paragraph , they won't waste their time dealing with the actions and words of others. I say No, Thanks! to para-RP.

(And before one of my potential readers might feel offended: I didn't mean YOU. You just forget to hit the "enter"-button from time to time *heh*)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Henryk Gorecki R.I.P.

Was chatting on friday with a RL-friend who loves classical music and refuses to acknowledge any composer who was born after 1850 or so. Which in my eyes is quite ignorant. However he was very fond of a piece of opera he saw in the movie "Hannibal" and was very surprised as I told him *nah nah na nah na!* that it is from Patrick Cassidy, one of those modern composers. I mentioned some others he might like if he'd only KNEW them... like Philip Glass, Nicholas Lens, Henryk Gorecki... Well, and while I sent him some links I recognized, that Henryk Gorecki had died exactly that day we were chatting. :-(

So here's an excerpt of his most famous work: Symphony No. 3. Don't watch it, when you're in a too depressive mood. I got the CD some years ago and it more then once made me cry. However, it's beautiful:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello again!

Wow! I just realized, that I didn't write for almost 2 months now. But noone can say, I didn't warn yer in the post before. =^.^= Well, my inventory is still up to something about 37.000 though I was sorting a lot of textures already. But then started the rebuild of the fort of Tidra...

That wasn't planned like this. It started as an idea... like "hmm.... adding a bigger bath... oh, when about that, why not add a taverne?... and of course the infirmary should get an extra building too...." - So, what should have been just a little "addition to the house" became a little village. It's (almost) finished now, though a building never really is finished as you will always find a texture here to adjust and an overlap there to fix.... They say it's quite nice, but I don't know. Now as it's (almost) finished, I don't like it anymore. *heh* Maybe because my heart isn't in it anymore? Maybe it's just the autumn-depression that caught many people?

However, I got news from my family. They are all well and promised in two short visits (in 6 months!), that they will be back. And then were gone again. Well, I guess, that's  how (second) life goes?  For people who are really "involved" in it, spending most of their spare time in this world, it becomes it's own "reality". Yes, I do believe, that their feelings WERE true as long as they been here. But then for some RL-issues they had to stay away. And when you're away for a while, it becomes ir-real... just a pixel-world.... not really important anymore. And so the people in that world are not really important anymore either. I even missed Mick's birthday & his rezzday and I guess I will also miss Kenshi's rezzday and brirthday. So, that's it.  Of course I'm sad and disappointed... all the promises and vows... but I'm not angry. Strange thing, that all the people around, all friends are much more angry at them then I am. Been gone through too much shit in my life, so I learned to accept the things I cannot change. Noone is to blame. Life goes on, right? Just glad, that they are all well and wishing them the very best in their RL.

About Tidra.... hm, I don't know. I had some hope as new people joined besides Teleny: Sey as Master of Baths and Head-Slaver, and the two boys from Earth River and Derren. I collared River in the name of Tidra, but he's becoming more and more my private slave. It's good to have a devoted boy again. - But this hope didn't last too long and still I'm considering to close it all soon. The drama, the work, the disappointments... it's not worth paying the really huge tier week by week. I'm tired of waiting and hoping and getting disappointed... to fight so much just for a little bit of fun and happiness. Maybe it's time to go the easy way: Safe a lot of money, renting just a little house for me and my boy, having more time for building stuff and sorting inventory instead of wasting it for administration and giving tours to people who neverever show up again anyways.... *shrugs*
Well, maybe it's just this time of the year? Better stop this entry here. Don't have much to say anymore anyways...

Friday, September 17, 2010


Opened and unpacked all my texture-boxes and texturers.

Now my inventory is at about 50.000.

35.000 of it textures.

Will be busy a bit to sort it out.

Will be back in approximately 4-5 months (+/- a year).

*me runs to smash his head against the wall again and again and again...*

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just so

A few weeks ago I was talking with my good friend Daffy about Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead. So I decided to make a video. It's just playing around with different sky-settings and colors and some effects I tried. Nothing spectacular. And yes, at the end I got a bit impatient and filmed long sequences. And yes, my computer is slow, so small resolution and motions not as smooth as I'd like it. And yes, one moment I forgot to take off the radar and recognized that too late. And yes, I use simple free programs like WeGame for filming and theWindows Movie Maker for editing. Sooooooo.... it's far away from purrfect. But I like it anyways. I hope you too:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye, bye greenie!

Well, finally I had to accept, that I have to say good-bye to my beloved Emerald Viewer. I don't know all the background, also didn't understand a lot of that technical stuff. Still don't know, what's with that ominous list. Like "Hey, your name is on THE list!"... well, mine wasn't and so was none of my friends. But I heard people were listed who never ever had used emerald anyways. So WTF? *shrugs* And Gee! What a whining about IP-adresses! Gosh! Every site-owner, every DJ in SL as soon as you listen to his stream, can figure out you IP-adress. SL has your IP-adress. So, what's the drama? If you're so scared you better unplug your internet right now! - But anyways, Emerald is going to be banned, so it's time for a change. I did. To imprudence. And it sucks. It just sucks less then the alternatives. But I miss my chat-commands which I'm so used to. I miss the good radar (yes, there's one in the mini-map now, but it hasn't the same SIM-wide range. When I'm in our skybox, I can't see, who's down on the island) and the functions in the imprudence-radar just seem not to function. *bah!* Well, also a lot of other stuff I'm so used to from emerald, like the "Always rez under group-tag", which helped me a lot already, cause I often forget to wear the right tag for building. And lots of others. Of course especially the second attachment point (I heard, in the new beta version of SL 2 viewer, there would be a debug setting to activate 2d attachment points, but the SL 2 is the worst of all viewers!). - Which reminds me: If you were used to Emerald and have to change too, then don't forget to log in a last time with emerald to detach all the stuff from your second attachment point! Because: When you log in with imprudence (not sure with other viewers), then you will still wear it on your body, but in your inventory it will not be shown as worn. That means, you can't take it off! So you will have to wear it forever and ever and ever.....

Okay, apart from the viewer-changes most of the news are under the Isle of Tidra blog. At least this seems to finally work out. Oh, and working on the house "Mickael", matching the hut "Freki" and the stable "Joshua". I think it looks rather fine and will be finished soon.

But I'm  a bad salesman anyways. Yesterday someone asked me, where he can buy more of my cages, and I gave him a copy-version for free. Teleny slapped me. *hehe* I made him now my agent. Hm, that sounds nice. Next time someone asks "Where can I buy...?" and I say: "Talk to my agent!"

kk, guys! That's all for today. Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gay Robot

Gay Robot

Gay Robot | MySpace Video

Was watching this last night. He's sooooo cute! *hehe* But doing cyber-dating... hmm.... are you sure, behind the AV you're interacting with isn't a gay robot???

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Too lazy busy to write much here, so here's just some twitterlike shorty-news:

- emerald issues?

- imprudance?

- Snake?
captured while trying to figure out imprudence viewer

- RP?
invalid! invalid! invalid!

- but try to make a stubborn savage a slaveboy for a woman?
Fun! (though invalid! invalid! invalid!)

- drag parties?
not really into it

- Franzi as cheerleader?
"Gimme a T! Gimme an E! Gimme an L!...."

- Ms. Timeless Booty

- RL?
like imprudence viewer! (sucks and I don't find, what I need!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

wanking flies and other things


Hmmmm, have been dancing a lot these days. Prolly more then the last year all together? Keeps me distracted and it's fun. On mondays of course the usual Tainted Boys, though I didn't stay long for some reason.  Was there with Joshua, shmexy brother-in-law and one of the sweetest souls.
On tuesdays went to Starfalls. Just wanted to stay maybe an hour or so with Rammy, but then we were there... hm... dunno... maybe four hours. It was great fun, talking about pizza delivery boys and wanking flies. Okay... we do not know, if flies wank. We don't even find out, if flies have penises. None of us ever saw a fly-cock. That doesn't mean, that it wouldn't exist. That's prolly one of the mysterias of the universe like the Flying Spaghetti-Monster or the Invisible Pink Unicorn. But to be honest: None of us was actually interested to see a fly-penis. Anyhow... I couldn't resist and got this fly-AV (without cock), which was funny to dance in:

So it was a late night till I took the... uhm... flight home.

Today tried to continue with the fort of Tidra. The main-hall needs some fixing. But I can't really focus on it. Continued instead with two houses matching the hut and the stables... And then an invitation of Eddi Haskell reached me. Could use some distraction, so I took the limo and got to a nice danceclub in the middle of an elven/fairy garden. Lovely place!

The owner - Martinyau Spiritor - made this lovely pic. Copyright is his, but I hope he don't mind, that I use it here. If you look closely, you'll see me there somewhere in the right corner. That was BEFORE I stripped down to sexy speedos. Josh joint later too, so the kittehz sync-danced, which I liked much.

And finally Eddi could solve the riddle with that Brazilian hunk I was googling the whole weekend. Can you believe, that this is one and the same guy???

I think they look tooooootally different, but it seems to be true. It's one and the same. Hm, I like him more on the upper pic. So, at least now one reason less of the endless questions which won't let me sleep.

After the party I returned to building and was so deep in my thoughts and focused on the work, that I didn't recognize, that I was still as kitteh in that shmexy outfit. *hehe* Thank heavens there wasn't a RP-visitor at that time.

Well, after dinner then the next party with Freki - and later Josh joining. Though I forgot the name of the club... Hmmm.... nvm... was not so much traffic, but nice. More traffic just means more boring spam-gestures! But I was busy in IMs anyways. But hosts and guests were nice and good dances in the dance-floor, so my huddles got a little break.

Oh! And I fought with a refridgerator! Was there in that shop and it said "Click me for Freebies", so curiousity and cats... you know... and clicked. The door went opened and a big tongue came out, grapping me and sucking me inside the fridge. We struggled for a while, rolling over the floor in a fight until it finally spit me out. Too fuzzy, I guess! Too bad I couldn't catch the whole fight in pictures. Maybe I'll take the video-cam with me next time?

Hmmm, what else is new? Oh, my new addiction to MM-boards. Since I got a member of the group I'm starting my day with hunting MM-boards. As if my overflowing inventory would need even MORE stuff! Right! And of course I only win those which I don't need. Like girls bikinis and such. Too bad the aim wasn't reached for those tarns nesting on a big rock. THAT would have been a really good addition to Tidra.

Well, that's it, I guess. Time for bed....


Monday, August 16, 2010

F*** you very much!

Thank God another weekend is over! I was so exhausted sunday evening - mentally and physically. At the moment I'm in a very bad mood.

Was looking forward to the usual Capture the Flag game in Tabor on thursday, but as I arrived, there were around 20 french guys I've never seen in Tabor ever before. Someone dragged them in for the game, which would have been a good thing, if those guys wouldn't have been so inpolite, talking in French all the time and taking the command. Freki and me were so annoyed, that we finally left. So I think this was the last time I went there for that game. Too bad! It was one of the few good things in SL I'm looking forward to.

Then tried to help someone for about four hours with a technical problem and as thanks I got bitched and snarled at. Yeah, how much I need that. Not!

The weekend wasn't much better. Even more shit and no highlights there except finishing the straw- and stable-project, which kept me distracted. It helps to focus on something completely different. Haven't been online much anyways, instead kept on googling for male brazilian models to find out who's that hottie in Eddi's contest. I didn't find it out, but hey! there are worse things to waste your time with than googling for male models in underwear. Right? Right. And I got some new eye-candies on my list, like Evandro Soldati (that guy from the "Alejandro"-Video), teen-model Francisco (!!!) Lachowski and Edilson Nasciemento. D'oh! Google yourself. Pffft!

Well, that's it. Just hoping the week gets better than the weekend.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stable is ready

Finally finished the stable and set it on XStreet. Called it "Joshua", as the kitteh helped me adjusting the poses.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What a surprise

As I opened my daily blogs today, I saw this:

.... on JC's blog. Yay! I'm coverboy september! What a surprise. And I have to say: I *DO* look good on that pic. Thanks, cowboy!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

what's new, pussycat?

So, not many other news apart from building the barn. Oh my Gee! It's almost weekend again! No idea, where this week went to!?

Monday been of course at Tainted Boys again. Very late, almost only to the afterparty, but that's the best part to me anyways! :-) Not sure, what I've done the rest of the time. Building the barn, adjusting the poses, talking and having fun with my bro Rammy and my bro-in-law Joshua.

Tuesday night been to Starfall again with Rammy. I really like it more and more there, though the music often is not exactly my taste, but it's always fun and people are nice and chat-a-lot and no overuse of spamgestures. Too bad it's always soooo late for Europeans! Oh, another good thing: I don't lag at all there. Must be the missing of laserlights etc.

Today walked around as Tiger with kitteh Josh on my back and explored their kitteh-SIM. Later on the back of a tarn and then in a sail-boat (which I bought afterwards. They are cool, low prim and not laggy as most of those boats! Find them here. ).

So, no big news. But at least got a short - very short - message from my family. Hm, not sure, what to think about it, but maybe they return soon.

And now on my way to "Capture the Flag" in Tabor, cause it is thursday. *whooosh*


so typical mehz

*giggle* This was so typical Franzi again! I only wanted to build a small stable for our bosk-cows on Tidra. So I started to build one fitting in style to the little hut. As it was almost finished I thought "Oh well, make a straw-bale or two as decoration"... Done. As they were there I thought "Oh well, as I have straw-bales in there now, why not put a love-menu into them?". And done. As THAT was finally ready I thought: "Hmmm, this is nice! Sex and cuddles in the straw/hay. I should sell it single for those people who have already a barn/stable!" - And that's how it came to this: My next product on XStreet for sale. And I can assure you, though it's simple, it is much fun!

So, now you may ask "What is with the barn?"...... weeeeeeeeelllllllll...... As I had the straw ready and the barn ready I thought "Hmmm, maybe build some more items for decoration?"... And so I started to make a water-barrel, a corn-pot, more straw-bales and... and... and. Okay, most of that is ready, so I just have to put the stuff together.

I'm prolly too picky and I only sell stuff, when I'm 100% contented. Actually I don't sell much on XStreet and it's not worth the effort of making all the pics and advertisement etc., but I do it anyways  just because! :-) When I look around what crap some people offer on XStreet... For instance as I looked for other barns and stables, I've seen someone adverstising as "The best barns in SL!" for loooots of money. And they just looked cheap and plastic and not good at all! Those things make me angry. So, the challenge is, to offer higher quality for a appropriate price.

Monday, August 9, 2010

so this was the weekend

Yay! Another weekend done! This one was soooo exhausting RL, so there's not much to tell about SL. Saturdaynight just logged in after work for about 2 hours and went over to Starfall. Teleny followed and Kyne came soon also. Was so cool to meet old friends again and see new faces. It's a chatty, funny bunch there. So much fun to follow and take part at the open chat without those annoying spam-gestures. I should go there more often, but the parties are too late for us Europeans. So I listened to Dehrynn's set and then a part of Malden's set, stood an hour longer then would have been good for me, but it was just too much fun!

Sunday came home from work late again. Totally exhausted from the hard weekend. Checking blogs and eMails as usual I was surprised to find my "Ta-Daa!"-pic on Eddi's blog. I felt so honored, as Eddi is great photographer and was all like "whoa! He's posting my pic! I... dunno what to say!"... So, thank you, Eddi! And I'm glad you like the pic!

Talking of Eddi... He also often provides tips and tricks about picture-editing and such. And as he mentioned the watercolor effects of PhotoFunia, I had to try that. Here's the original (me hanging around at the pond before going to bed): 

And here's what PhotoFunia made out of it:

I luv it!!! I see a lot of picture-editing coming! :-) Especially some portraits in frames will look good with it. Thank you, Eddi, for the tip!

Tired and exhausted anyways I just had some nice, long talk with Freki over at Thorn's place, hanging around at the waterfalls and then in the hammock (and I like that tightrope! it's fun!) and going to bed early. So that was that.

Here's another watercolor pic. One of my favorites of Kenshi and me:


Friday, August 6, 2010


It prolly would have been easier to make three single shots and photoshop it.... It took me about 2 hours, until I had the triple-connection and rezzed all in high graphics and adjusted the poses, but today I tried again to clean my inventory a bit, sorting those poseballs I got at a hunt a while ago... and there I found this triple-pose called "Ta-Daa!" so I just had to do it! So, here's me, myself and I!