Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Talk, talk, talk.... and dance

What an eventful week! For Teso as well as for Franzi. Hard to make a difference as Teso is a part of Franzi and more & more tigerism takes over in 'his' character. *roarr*

So, hm... what happened? I remember dancing a lot and talking a lot. Dancing especially with my bro Spanki and - YAY! - with bro JoJo who's finally back. And another one is back: Brother Tree! Mmmmmmmm, missed him so! My shmexie horny bro. Oh, and another friend is back whom I haven't seen for almost half a year: Phillipe. I know him from those old days at the Vampire-danceclub.

What else? Been hanging around Chiaroscuro (hope this time I got it right?) with Rammy and DD and Leigh and other guys. Most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about. Seemed to me like some secret language they were talking. But I enjoyed just sitting around the (very smoky) campfire, all trying different appearances and chilling.

As Tree was there the first night, I came to Gregster's Mendance to dance with him, Spanki, Dari and - YAY! - Kenshi. We brothers stripped down to our undies (yes, I actually rarely wear undies; had to get them extra for that) and Tree - in his old manner - was busy ripping off pants from other guests. Oh, how much I missed him! *heh*

Monday, January 26, 2009

Some cheer up

...for my brother Mickael

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I don't know exactly what happened when this week. After the first exiting week in Gor, the second week was more or less booooring. So it was time for Franzi, but didn't know what to do either. Well, there WOULD be some things to do, especially clearing and sorting that mess which is called "Inventory", but couldn't find the energy.

Walked around human for a while, which seems just too strange.

Most of the time as Franzi I was talking and talking in IMs. Especially with my beloved brother Spanki. I miss dancing with him... *sigh* But there are plans to change that soon.

And I was hovering again. Oh, I just love that relaxing place! First I was floating in space alone, then I met my friend DD after a long time. He showed me Chio... chiasecc... chiocce... whateverthenameis, which is a nice place.

I loved especially the everlasting-spring spot... for fashionable reasons (the purple flowers looked so fine to my black/gray emo-outfit).... *hehe* But if that kolibri would have flied a minute longer around my head, he wouldn't have survived, I guess! (Hey, I'm a kitten after all. Don't blame me. Birds! Yummy!)

AND.... I adopted a new little brother: Rocco! Such a sweety. He says, he's a little fat cat and he wants to become a big fat cat one day. =^.^= No, he isn't fat. He's pretty and cute. I introduced him to Spanki and hope he will meet Rammy, Jojo, Justyn, Kyne and Nevie soon.

Well, and that's all so far. Apart... I was a little upset today for a certain reason. But, I listened a while to Jacquel Brel (for another certain reason) and at one song, all of a sudden I was able to let loose. And now I feel relaxed and calm and euphoric again for a long time. Some will understand, some not:

When we only have love...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Falling in love again

Hmmm, is tiger giving his heart too easily? Well, tiger or his human twin... anyways, all the same. Sleeping online and waking up in caring and loving arms... I was overwhelmed, as I recognized, that HE was there for the last two hours, holding me, talking calming to me. That's the best thing happened to me for a long, long, very long time! I love you, my Master, my Kenshi!

(But still missing my dances, my tail and my purrs a bit...)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The final cut

Okay, now it shall be over!

Some down days behind me. After I could forget all the crap for a while, the depression hit back havier then ever these days. "Dear" Rickie continues spreading lies, they still play silly games like "Quag is Gabs and Rickies pet now"... how weird is that, as Quag finally admitted, that he IS Gabriels? Kinda schizo. Get help! And not enuff, they finally reached their goal that Rickie can take over Tiger's Isle. Bravo! Well done! So, get happy with it; without the tiger it's worth nothing anyways :P
So, my... I don't know, if it's immature, to take his stuff off, when you got cheated, betrayed and manipulated for months by a dirty bunch of liars... if so, then well... then I may be immature. I can live with that. To call me a thief? Hm... nice. If I'd charged all the time I spent to build the isle, pathetic Q would owe me millions of Lindens. So.. no, got no bad concious about that!
I'm just sorry for some other guys I defriended in the same breath and who seem to have no idea how much they are lied to and betrayed as well. Hm... maybe they know and just don't care? It's not my task to tell them the truth.

Anyways *taking a deep breath* - It's over now. Tiger's Isle was the last connection to Quagmire Juran. I killed it. Then I cried for half an hour on my brother's shoulders. [weird, as my RL-roomie came to say good-night and wondered, why I'm crying... How to explain that?]
I will stop reading their blogs. [And I recommend you stop reading mine, if you still do] And that's it. The whole lying and betraying bunch is out of my life.

And now it's time to leave that behind and go on to new adventures!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy new year and stuff like that

Franzi hasn't much to tell cause Franzi wasn't inworld very often these days. But his "twin" was... and has a lot of fun! Well, there are some aspects of Gor which are just boooooring, but most of the time it's fun, fun and fun. (and at least two of these "fun" you can replace with "sex") Nice family, nice Masters... Franzi's twin feels pretty happy after those weeks and months of emotional and physical stress. Not thinking about responsibilities and stuff... There's almost always someone in the castle and it becomes the closest thing to the "family" me once desired and almost gave up on.
The only drop of bitterness is that I miss some things... like my tail, my purring, my dances and especially my brothers and friends. And it's an interesting observance, that my twin is very shy and insecure, holding himself back a lot.... so much the opposite of tiger. But twins often differ in their character, don't they? *giggle*
So, I just spend some time with my kitten Douggie this week. Set on the rocks and talked for a while. He changed a lot from little cutie to handsome boy. Yes, they grow up... I think, I mentioned it...

So, to everyone out there: A belated "Happy New Year"

And to my brothers and those few friends who are really missing me: Give me some time. I miss you all, but this new experience is good for your brother. Love you!