Monday, November 28, 2011

latex dancing

As usual we been dancing sunday evening at the Tabor OOC dance. We decided to dress in latex and continued dancing even as the official dance was over. Totally forgot time. My boy River already posted some pics. Here's two more....

from left to right: BJ, me, River, Kenny, Kel

.... and two more effects I done with Photofunia, which is pretty simple to do:

Friday, November 25, 2011


Not much to tell these days. Still on the hunt. And building our winter-hut, which will look fine, I think. So.. here's just a pic from me dancing at a beach-party at the Romanum-SIMs:

Oh! Uhm... forgot this: Met my dragon this week!

Gee! How could I forget to mention that!?!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

As I had mentioned: We are on the menstuff hunt. We just got 1/3 of all the gifts, so #1 - #50 are stored in my inventory, waiting to get opened. But apart from the hunt-gifts we also found some nice extra gifts. One at a shop called GIZZA Creations. When you join the group at the entrance, you can grap a lot of really nice gifts.

I took the time to take some pictures of the male gifts (there are gifts for women too...). I know... modelling for clothes shouldn't be with such distracting background, but I just had some fun in Ange's D.I.Y. Photostudio:

This is the "Blue Outfit" (.. I think. Though it's not much blue.)

The September gift

The June Gift

One of my Favorites: Blue Leather Outfit

The October Gift
(Don't like this so much; 
that explains my sad look 
although I'm sitting on Santa's lap)

The Valentine's Gift
(Love this one. Looks so cool 
and I extra changed my hairstyle for it back to how it was a year ago)

The Sweater Outfits

The May Gift

The Male Leather Jacket
(and yes, I accidently chosen the same pose as with another outfit)

The First Year Gift
(It had a strange tie with it which I took off.
Without it, it looks quite gentleman-like. Like it!)

The November Gift

P.S.: 12 hours after this post, Gizza decided to charge 250 L$ for joining the group. That's a bit disappointing IMO, on the other side understandable, as many people just join the group to grap the gifts and then leave it again. - However, once joined, you will receive a monthly gift. Decide yourself, if you think it's worth the 250 L$.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My boys - the builders

My lil sunshine River has his first build on marketplace. It's a cute Flying House, the perfect skybox. (Of course it's not really drivable... that would be a mass.) It's so lovely and I'm so proud of my building boys!

My lil moonbeam Endy will soon get his first build on Marketplace too, I hope. He's a promising talent and soon will get ahead of his Master.

the hunts

We been on the builder's hunt last week, and I have to say... it was a bit disappointing. The worst organized hunt I've ever been to. Half of the shops on the list had no gift at all. And as they didn't have one, you didn't get the LM to the next one. etc. Bad organisation! And the gifts? I sorted them yesterday and half of it got directly into the trashcan. I don't know.... sometimes it seems to me, that shopowners put in those hunts their worst products with the motto "Doesn't hurt, when I give off THIS for free".. .which IMO is totally wrong. Who will ever return to your shop to BUY something, when he thinks you are building only crap?
The good thing at this hunt was: I always doubt my own building-skills and always try to get better... but I've seen a lot of shops and I've seen what people try to sell there and I realized: Most of that stuff I can do better.. and a lot of stuff others try to sell, I'm creating en passant, often giving it away for free or as bonus.
At the moment we are on the menstuff hunt. And that one is fun and the shops much better! Totally worth it.. I hope. I haven't unwrapped the gifts yet, as we are just at #25 of 150. As soon as we finished it, I'll report about it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New old boy

Again a whole week passed without a word written in here. The biggest news of this week is, that my former slave Brian found his way back into second life and to me. As we hadn't much time on friday, the collaring had to go quickly, so I had to improvise.... and no time to take pictures. I borrowed (and altered a bit) this one from my lil sunshine's blog. He also posted the whole ceremony.

Welcome back to the chain, my lil angel!

Monday, November 7, 2011

surprising RP

Last thursday we just wanted to do some errands on the markets, but then had some hours fun with RP. Often it's the spontanous, unexpected RP, that's the most fun. And I enjoy those much more then fight, capture, torture and trading captives.
First we met the new baker and her girl, bought some honey from her. Then we were in the town to set up a marketstall for black wine and cacao, but then there was that tarn and..... Oh well! You can read it all in my boy River's blog.

And on this occasion also found the baker's girl's blog... and now even the blog of Lori, the baker, herself. Welcome to the blogosphere!

in Romanum

On Saturday I got a call from a customer, who had bought the hacienda from me. Well, it seemed to have been partly a misunderstanding. Though it is explained in the notecard, here again a note about rezzers (not only mine! This is a SL-glitch according to EVERY rezzer): When you lower a rezzer so much, that the building parts are underground, then they might stick in there! The easy solution for this is: After moving the rezzer to the right position, derez and then rezz the building again. Now it should be all in the right position.
Anyways.. after solving this he showed me where he put the Hacienda down. It's on one of the Romanum SIMs. He changed the textures on the outer columns and added lions and a gate from Grey Kurka.... and it looks really nice there and fits in the SIM very well, I think!

(For the pic: Couldn't show more of the hacienda on this pic, as we were standing on the roof on the other side *g*)

Friday, November 4, 2011

1 year ago

Unbelievable! 1 year goes by so fast and on the other side in SL can happen so much in 12 months... But with all what was happening, one person was always by my side: My boy River!

One year ago, on 4th of November 2010 I collared him. Each single day he showed me his love and devotion. And so many times he made me proud. (And of course horny too *g*)

Happy anniversary, my lil sunshine!
Love you very much!