Monday, November 19, 2012

boys and their toys

The Boys got new toys... well, pets. Addiotional to Hafnir, the desert fox, and Binx, the giani, they got two wolf-puppies: Haku and Nanook. And if that's not enough... *grumbling*.... they dressed them up in xmas-costumes. Too much cuteness to bare!

Yeah, they are primmy and use high script-time, but oh my... so cute! And hungry all the time! Love it, when Binx falls asleep with his head in the food-bowl!

However I have to watch my steps now, as every few meters a pet is lying around snoring....

... and because some of them seem to be not yet trained to the litterbox and leave some "presents" on the floor.

So, hmmmm... what's that smell???


We did a quick photoshooting for our xmas-pressie. - Yes, we are early this year! The pressie is almost finished... boys say, it's finished; I say, it's not as purrfect yet as it could be... Our friends will get it soon and build their own opinion.
However.. here are two pics:

Did the same pose in the Central Park. People looked a bit strange at us. I wonder why!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter is coming

No, not Game of Thrones! We just started to decorate our SIM around the house winterly....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two Years ago...

.... I collared my beloved lil sunshine!
What a happy day that changed my life!

Happy 2-year anniversary, my lil sunshine!

(And welcome home!!!!)