Sunday, August 30, 2009


Weekend is almost over. Only another 9 hours of RL-work then I can relax again. Yay!

So, what happened the last days after our move from Silver Tree? Hm, mostly building, building, building. I'm a bit proud of what becomes out of the Isle of Tidra. It's becoming as beautiful as dangerous place. So, when it's ready, I hope brothers and friends have time to RP or just hang out there. When it's doing progress like the last days, then it hopefully will get ready this following week.

Hmmmm, I love to adjust poseballs with my Kenshi. That's the best part of building! But most of the time we need hoooooours to adjust a single pair of poseballs like here "resolution" from Bits & Bobs. I wonder how it cums comes, that it always takes so long... ;)

Late night I was always looking for a place to dance, but always the european clubs just closed while the american clubs were not open yet. Makes me feel like the club-scene is going down. Thinking of the times, when I went to clubs at 11 pm CET and had to fight lag because of a crowded place with 30-40 visitors. Where are they now???

On wednesday I was almost about to give up, when I got a surprising invitation to LanceH Horan's new club. Or was it just his wedding-party? Dunno. However, was nice to see him again after months. But my Kenshi got tired soon, so we headed home for bed after a while.

Thursday I couldn't sleep. Too many things always on my mind. That's why I love building - forgetting everything around me. After two hours turning around and around in bed I gave up and stood up. And right that moment came an invitation to Tiger's Island with DJ Syriana. Love that woman, so I grabbed some speedos and rushed over to dance. I was quiet most of the times as I was sleepy, but it was fun. Especially the monkeys throwing coconuts at me. *giggles*

What else is new? Hm, seems like the funeral we've been and which made my Kenshi and my lil bro Mick very sad, was all a fake. Okay... how sick in mind do you have to be to fake your RL-death in SL?!? That guy has about 20 alts in SL if not even more and he is pretty alive.

kk - have to get ready for RL-work. Everyone a nice sunday! *licks*

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oh my, what a drama the last 24 hours! I really don't like it. It's like wasted time for me. In short sentences:

Someone tried to manipulate us again. We have an aversion against that. I stayed quite calm, but my Kenshi got pretty upset. So, today we left Silver Tree.

Tried to smooth my hubby for the next hours, then he invited his new slave into our penthouse. I wasn't happy about it, cause I didn't want even more drama. Well, the brat behaved like a griefer, showing us his gadgets to push others around and stuff like that. Should have been funny. Wasn't. And running around in the house, opening doors, entering rooms uninvited. Why do some AVs think, that's okay? Would you do that in RL also? He was warned and finally ejected. So much about Kenshi's second boy. *heh*

Trying to stay calm. Trying to just listen and hold. But at the end it just seems like a big, big waste of time and energy to get upset about such non-important things. RL sucks often enough; why waste your SL-time with manipulative people? And even writing about it in this blog is a waste of time.

Soooooo... Now we even more encouraged to finish our island. And hopefully find some relaxed comfy-time and in the future some good RP!

leaving Silver Tree

Our chain left Silver Tree. More to read about it on the Isle of Tidra Blog.

Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend review

Ha! Finally! Other people get frustrated, when weekend is over; I get pretty happy. Weekend sucks for me because of my second RL-job. And because of the lack of time, there's not much to tell about the three days.

About the contest... well, I made my decision after they moved the contest to White Water Falls. I refused to go there for the last months for a certain reason and was considering to retract anyways and some incidences this weekend *coughs which sounds like 'cheating'* convinced me to finally ask them to take my board off. So, that was that.

Some nicer things - the swamp on the isle is ready and looks pretty fine. Now I just need some alligators and snakes. I love to mud-wrestle! Did it for a while with my Kenshi. And cleaning afterwards in the outside baths was so.... *purrrrrrrrrs exited*

And I made my own first weapon! A bone (femur) to throw. Needs some smaller modifying, but is pretty fine already. I will place it on the isle to pick it up for free...

Well, and that's mostly it. Oh! Had another arguement with a slaver of a city. *heh* Somehow I tend to make enemies on Gor, but... *shrugs*
That guy had sent a notice to the group to "remind" slaves, that they have to follow EVERY command of a Free. - Of course it's right: You chose a role in Gor and you should try to stick to it. And if you chose the role of a kajirus, then try to stay in it. - I first thought, that was his intention with his notice and he just expressed inartfully, which I tried to point out. But in the following "discussion" he made clear, that he not only has contempt for the kajiri IC, but also for the players behind the screen.
When someone arguements, that a slave has to agree, with pleasing every Free sexually... well, then this might be "in RP", but I grant EVERY player behind the screen the right to refuse. According to HIS argumentation, those who play slaves don't have this choice. That's just stupid and despiteful!
Some seem to be so used to their "Gorean way of life", that they forget, that we live in the 21st century and they are NOT masters in Gor. Prolly they sit in the basement of their parents house, unemployed, and try to compensate their pathetic RL-self with playing the big boss in Gor?
As I pointed out in my profile: Every RPer is there to have fun. So for instance commanding a slave to kneel in a taverne the whole day and wait for masters he can serve paga... that might of course be "Gorean" and "IC", but I assume, that most players have better things to do with their time. And that HAS TO BE ACCEPTED.
I tried to explain this to that idiot, but he rolled his eyes and called me stupid and that I won't have any idea of RP. - Well then... if I ever leave the "honorable" path and become a fully hunter of our savage tribe (and we're all pretty close to do that, if things are going on like that), then I will show him some "RP". *sharps his claws* I'm more and more in the mood to become an outlaw or - even better - an assassin.

So, maybe it's better to stay on our Isle of Tidra. I hope we can finish it soon to finally start the RP...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

location changed

The location for the contest "Sexiest Free of Gor" changed. To a location where I usually don't go for certain reasons. I'm not sure, if I should keep my board up or ask them to take it off. However, atm it's still there and if you want to vote, go here. You can vote once a day and it's OOC and SZ, so I think, you don't even have to be specific "Gorean" to go there, whatever that means...

Friday, August 21, 2009


I think I mentioned before: If you like drama, go to Gor! I don't know exactly, why that is so. Maybe because it's not easy to express feelings and emotions in SL anyways as our senses are reduced there, but in RP it's even more reduced? No idea!

However, two things happened: First of all the contest in Farnacium stopped. Don't know exactly, why. I heard rumours, that it will continue in White Water and I guess I'm then out of it, because I do not go there. The reason, why I not go there is incident #2 as their big-headed arrogant Ubar with aggression-issues once again lost his nerves and burnt some captives alive. Well, I don't care that much about the barbarian way... I have seen worse in Gor. But his Napoleon-attitude is turning into a God-attitude. Words like "NO ONE CAN CAL INVALID HERE BUT ME" (and yes, yelled in capitals) after he broke other peoples RP-limits, his own SIM-rules and Gorean laws... Well, you see, what I mean with God-attitude? For the records: If anyone breaks my RP-limits, I always call it invalid. I really don't need a big-headed Ubar to allow me so. And so has everyone else the right to do it - every Ubar, every soldier, every Free and every slave. Because - hello?!? It's a damn RP-game!

Well, so we wasted some hours with that crap and finally wanted to relax going earth-dancing. Ha! Did you ever try to find a gay dancingplace at 3 pm SLT? For Europeans it's too late, the Americans don't have started yet. So I wasted another hour with searching and just finding empty places, before I finally went to bed.

Sometimes SL is just a big waste of time and nerves. oooomph!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

another new boy

Yesterday we built a bit on the isle. The entrance-part is ready and looks quite good, I think. To end the day, we went to Farnacium (Did I mention already: GO THERE AND VOTE! YOU! YES! YOU!!! *hehe*) to vote. Don't have many chances there, cause although of course I'm the oversmexiest on the pics - it's true! well, at least I'm the only nekkid one... -, I don't know many people in Farnacium. The price would cover 1 week tier of our Isle, so we could use the money well. All the traps and stuff is getting pretty expensive...
However, we were just about to leave, as a boy followed us. I knew him from a while ago. He seemed lost, without the protection of a Master... And after a short consideration, Kenshi collared him for our chain.

So, this is Momo - Second boy of Kenshi, fifth boy in chain:

I'm curious, how it works out. We had one time a boy "outside the family", and it didn't work out good. So, hopefully this time it gets better.

Makes me think of another boy we were about to collar a while ago, but haven't seen him for some weeks now. I hope he's fine...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the weekend

In spite of all the RL-work as usual on weekends, it should have become a great weekend. Celebrating my family's return from holidays... But as often it came different.

My Kenshi returned late night on friday when I was just about to go to bed. So we just talked for a moment, then laid down at the beach.

On saturday he convinced me to take part at the sexiest Gor contest (don't forget to vote daily!), so I quickly took some pictures before I went to work again.

Returning saturday night my boy Mick welcomed me with the message, that Bryan Molko, a citizen of our homestone Silver Tree, had died of cancer in RL this weekend.

Whole Silver Tree mourned, but for some reason my lil devil was very sad about it.

It made me think a lot about lost friends and family. In SL and in RL. I'm glad, there was someone to tell us about the loss, otherwise we would never have known it. Like with the partner of a friend of mine, who prolly died at the end of last year, but noone knows anything about it. He just vanished. - So, how about you? If something happens... an accident or some sudden death... will your SL-friends get informed about it? Do you even care? Or do you think, it doesn't matter? I often think about it, when I drive with 100 mph over the autobahn... thinking "What, if I had an accident? None of my friends or family will ever know!" So, I guess, I'll have to make some arrangements. Hoping, that they are never needed, but just in case...

However, yesterday (monday) we had a memorial for Bryan, wishing him a last time "safe paths", wherever he is now.

So, to keep my lil devil a bit distracted, I went shopping with him. We bought some nice leather-stuff, and my other boy Brian saw it and wanted it also. So I have two very sexy boys on earth now also.

And as the boys looked so good in it, Kenshi and me got it also. Late at night we finally went dancing at "JustBe". After all it was our three months wedding-anniversary! Strange that I didn't know ANYBODY there at JustBe, but there was no other club active at that time. Too late for Europeans, too early for Americans.

Well, and that's it. Not much more to tell. Continued building on the isle today a bit. It's getting better and better. Hopefully it's getting ready soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last night my family came back from their travels. YAY! But we were too tired to really celebrate it in a appropreate way, if you know what I mean....

However, my Kenshi persuaded me to also take part at the contest of the sexiest Free of Gor. So I quickly made some pictures and filled in the application. I didn't know, that they did NOT expect nude-pics. But... *shrugs*

You can vote daily at the City of Farnacium from now till 15th of september.

Friday, August 14, 2009

nude pics

After a lot of building and building and - yes! - a bit building, Rio asked me for another photosession last night for the "Sexiest Free Male of Gor" contest in Farnacium, but the last series of pictures wasn't sexy enough. Hmmmm.... I haven't found the right picture where I would say "That's it!". Something is confusing me and some people will know, what it is, when they see the pics... However, they are nice so far:

Took a quick snapshot of my self nekkid. Hmmm, maybe I should take more time to shoot pics of myself?

So, today's my chain returning. \o/ Yay! \o/

But also another weekend full of RL-work before me. :(((

The Island made some progress this week. Not as much as I thought it would, as I was giving several tours, got distracted more then once and took care of a lot of RL-stuff that I neglected the last weeks, but I'm pretty proud of it. Everyone who visits says it's beautiful though it isn't ready yet. I hope we can open it soon. Took way too long already....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

building and shoting

Since my chain is on holiday/vacation, I'm spending a lot of time building the Isle of Tidra. Doing some big progress now. The lower cave is becoming a lost temple and getting to look really cool. With lots of traps and fun stuff like "Indiana Jones". Also some free items to find - rocks to throw, bows to fight, slingshots...

Rio Paulino

Yesterday I was at Silver Tree for a while. Taking some pictures of Rio, friend and first sword of ST. He wanna take part at the "Sexiest Man of Gor" contest in Farnacium. Hm, pics became nice, but I think I can do better to emphasize his shmexieness...

A very special thanks to Marin Urdaneta for a really generous donation to the Isle!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hmmmm, wanted to write more in my blog. Now I got a bit time and dunno what to write...

My hubbie and my lil bros Mick and Brian left for a short vacation this morning. Giving me some time to breath. I mentioned it the other day in an article, that I feel a bit burnt out and it didn't get better. As much as I love to spend time with my beloved ones, but sometimes you do need some time to breath too. Oh, and yes... you can't switch of RL. Of course it is much nicer to spend time with your beloved ones then to manage annoying RL stuff like cleaning your office, writing bills, doing your laundry and stuff like that, but I pushed that away week after week after week. Is no good to do that. So as my family loves me, they granted me a kind of "vacation" also in taking a spontanuous trip for a week. I already miss them and at the same time enjoy being master of my own time and do what I want. After their return, I'll change my "schedule" a bit, giving myself at least 4 hours a day for RL-stuff (well, + my RL-work on weekends of course), and at least 2 hours a day for building.

Building always calms and relaxes me. I'm very focused, when I do it, and I'm happy, when I have a result at the end and the feeling, I created something. I was promised to get time for continuing the island again and again, but there was always something to keep me from building in the last weeks. These days I finally can continue and feel good with it. The island becomes better and better and although it isn't opened officially, we often have curious visitors. Don't know, how they find us.

What else? Hm.... Some "friends" defriending. Asking them for the reason, I get the answer - if at all - that *I* won't be interested in friendship anyways, as I'm silent for weeks. Hm, okay. Well, first of all, when someone writes me, I always answer (except when I'm sleeping, of course. Most time, when I wake up and see the IMs I got over night, it's too late to answer). So, the silence is both ways! And second: Those who are real friends know, that my schedule is full and I'm a bit exhausted. A real friend would know and accept and respect that. So I think, those who defriend because of not enuff attention they get, are not a big loss. If a friend really needs me, I'm the first who interrupts everything to be there for him. But I don't have the time to spend hours with small-talk. I wished I had, but I haven't.

Well, talking of time... it is! Time for RL-work. *oomph* Nice weekend @ all!

Collaring of Brian

Ten days ago I collared my third boy - fourth boy in chain: Brian. Mick's RL-boyfriend and kind of another lil brother for me, though we don't meet so often and conversations always last a bit longer, as he doesn't speak English and me no French. I soon have to take some nice pictures of him and of him&me and of him&Mick. I renamed the two boys into "lil devil" and "lil angel", though sometimes I'm not sure, who's who/what! *heh*

Now the Tiger & Dragon Chain feels complete!

I only have this picture taken by Milo, our assistant slaver of Silver Tree. Was too busy with the ceremony to take pics myself.

[2009/07/30 13:36] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and looks into Brian's eyes
[2009/07/30 13:36] Mickael Pevensey smiles to his angel and his Master
[2009/07/30 13:38] Brian Warcliffe: I look at my future teacher in the eye and I
[2009/07/30 13:38] Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand out for his future boy's cape "You're coming to me as a Free and submit to me by your free will, Brian Warcliffe..." - takes off the shoulder-cape
[2009/07/30 13:38] Master Deakins: Tal
[2009/07/30 13:39] Ankhar Jimador speaks softly so to not interrupt, "Tal Masters."
[2009/07/30 13:39] Franziskus Ninetails shortly nods to Leo and Milo and continues with the ceremony
[2009/07/30 13:39] Mickael Pevensey: greetings Masters
[2009/07/30 13:39] Rod Bigboots nods
[2009/07/30 13:40] Brian Warcliffe: greetings
[2009/07/30 13:40] Master Deakins smiles
[2009/07/30 13:40] Franziskus Ninetails: you're life as a Free ends and your life as kajirus starts today, my sunshine...." - slides his hands to the silks of the boy and fondles with the belt
[2009/07/30 13:40] Rod Bigboots quietly lowers his hood and mask
[2009/07/30 13:41] Brian Warcliffe I look at my future teacher and I took a breath, to confirm
[2009/07/30 13:41] Franziskus Ninetails: and as a new life, you will start it naked as you were born" - unbuckles the silk-belt and lets the silk fall to the ground
[2009/07/30 13:41] Samm Diavolo: greetings again Masters, brothers
[2009/07/30 13:41] Ankhar Jimador looks at Master without the hood and mask for the first time and smiles.
[2009/07/30 13:42] Master Deakins looks to sam and touches his legs
[2009/07/30 13:43] Franziskus Ninetails smiles down to the the now naked boy
[2009/07/30 13:43] Mickael Pevensey: greetings again brother
[2009/07/30 13:44] Franziskus Ninetails: so, assume the position of submission now, my sweet boy
[2009/07/30 13:44] Brian Warcliffe: yes my Master
[2009/07/30 13:45] Mickael Pevensey look at my angel and smile, feel his heart in is chest
[2009/07/30 13:46] Franziskus Ninetails waits patiently for the boy to lower his head and raising his arms
[2009/07/30 13:47] Brian Warcliffe: I lowered my head, my wrists te presente
[2009/07/30 13:49] Franziskus Ninetails whispers "I hope we don't get attacked righ now"
[2009/07/30 13:49] Master Deakins thinks there always is a chance
[2009/07/30 13:50] Franziskus Ninetails: where was I?...
[2009/07/30 13:51] Franziskus Ninetails smiles as his new boy finally found the righ position "So, repeat after me...."
[2009/07/30 13:51] Franziskus Ninetails: 'I, once known as Brian Warcliffe from the planet Earth...'
[2009/07/30 13:51] Rod Bigboots waves quietly for Winston to join us
[2009/07/30 13:52] Winston Fhang: TAL, SIRS, BOYS
[2009/07/30 13:52] Master Deakins winks to Win
[2009/07/30 13:52] Samm Diavolo: greetings MAster
[2009/07/30 13:52] Mickael Pevensey: greetings Master
[2009/07/30 13:52] Ankhar Jimador: tal Master
[2009/07/30 13:52] Winston Fhang nods
[2009/07/30 13:53] Rod Bigboots whispers: Tal winston
[2009/07/30 13:53] Brian Warcliffe: greetings
smile[2009/07/30 13:53] Franziskus Ninetails looks up for a moment and nods in a greeting way, before he focus on the collaring again
[2009/07/30 13:53] Franziskus Ninetails whispers to his future boy "Don't get distracted, my boy...."
[2009/07/30 13:53] Winston Fhang follows the ceremony in silence
[2009/07/30 13:55] Brian Warcliffe: yes my Master
[2009/07/30 13:55] Brian Warcliffe: I, once known as Brian Warcliffe from the planet Earth...
[2009/07/30 13:55] Franziskus Ninetails: '...herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things..'
[2009/07/30 13:56] Franziskus Ninetails waits for the boy to repeat the words, knowing well, that it's not easy for him, as he speaks in a foreign tongue
[2009/07/30 13:56] Brian Warcliffe: ...herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things..
[2009/07/30 13:56] Master Deakins smiles
[2009/07/30 13:56] Franziskus Ninetails: ' Him who is known as Franziskus of Silver Tree...'
[2009/07/30 13:57] Brian Warcliffe: .to Him who is known as Franziskus of Silver Tree..
[2009/07/30 13:57] Franziskus Ninetails: '..His boy, His kajirus, an article of His property, His to do with as He pleases...'
[2009/07/30 13:57] Brian Warcliffe: .His boy, His kajirus, an article of His property, His to do with as He pleases.
[2009/07/30 13:59] Rod Bigboots glances over his shoulder, smiles down at nerio
[2009/07/30 13:59] Mickael Pevensey smile happily to see his angel collaring
[2009/07/30 13:59] Llywelyn Cazalet whispers "greetings my Master"
[2009/07/30 13:59] Rod Bigboots reaches over pulls his boy in close and tight
[2009/07/30 13:59] Samm Diavolo whispers: greetings brother
[2009/07/30 13:59] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and takes the brand new collar from his belt. He shows the collar to his new boy, his name ingraved in it. Shows the ingravings to the boy, then reaches for his neck, places it around the neck and closes it with a click
[2009/07/30 14:00] Llywelyn Cazalet waves to manzuma
[2009/07/30 14:00] Brian Warcliffe I look at the name on the collar and I leve my time to accept
[2009/07/30 14:01] Brian Warcliffe: Liver
[2009/07/30 14:01] Franziskus Ninetails softly carresses the boy's neck around the rim of the collar, before he takes a small key from his belt
[2009/07/30 14:02] Brian Warcliffe I smile to the caress of my master, on my new collar
[2009/07/30 14:04] Franziskus Ninetails searches his brain for some nice words
[2009/07/30 14:05] Master Deakins hopes maybe Franz will hug the boy
[2009/07/30 14:05] Rod Bigboots chuckles
[2009/07/30 14:06] Mickael Pevensey: hehe
[2009/07/30 14:06] Ankhar Jimador smiles
[2009/07/30 14:06] Franziskus Ninetails slides the key into the lock of the collar speaking "With this collar I make you mine, Brian Warcliffe. You're giving me complete and unshakable submission and devotion." *turns the key one time
[2009/07/30 14:07] Brian Warcliffe: yes I give you my unconditional submission
[2009/07/30 14:07] Franziskus Ninetails: "I take this as a gift and responsibility. And accept it with joy and pleasure" *turns the key a second time
[2009/07/30 14:08] Brian Warcliffe: I smile to my master with great joy
[2009/07/30 14:08] Winston Fhang cleps his hands after seeing this official ceremony
[2009/07/30 14:08] Master Deakins: great, weldone
[2009/07/30 14:08] Franziskus Ninetails: "From now on you are mine. I will love, protect, guide and teach you for now and forever. And welcome you to the chain of Tiger and Dragon" *turns the key a third and last time
[2009/07/30 14:09] Mickael Pevensey: well done my angel
[2009/07/30 14:09] Rod Bigboots bends to his side and kisses nerio tenderly on the forehead
[2009/07/30 14:09] Master Deakins: congretulations Franz
[2009/07/30 14:09] Brian Warcliffe: I m'em worthy, my Master
[2009/07/30 14:09] Master Deakins: you too boy
[2009/07/30 14:09] Franziskus Ninetails attaches the key at his belt, smiles down to his new boy "Now come into my arms, mine!"
[2009/07/30 14:09] Winston Fhang says frienly: serve with fire boy, congratulations having a master
[2009/07/30 14:09] Rod Bigboots: Congratulations Franzi
[2009/07/30 14:09] Brian Warcliffe: thank you Masters
[2009/07/30 14:10] Brian Warcliffe: Thank you, my Master
[2009/07/30 14:10] Ankhar Jimador smiles, "congratulations Master and brother."
[2009/07/30 14:10] Winston Fhang congretulations sir, with your boy
[2009/07/30 14:10] Franziskus Ninetails beams, catches his new boy, holds him tight, while he thanks the friends and boys around him
[2009/07/30 14:10] Franziskus Ninetails: Thank you all
[2009/07/30 14:10] Mickael Pevensey: YEAAAAAAA he did it congrat my Brother, my angel
[2009/07/30 14:11] Franziskus Ninetails whispers in his new boys ears "And thank you, my boy"
[2009/07/30 14:11] Mickael Pevensey: bienvenue mon amour dans notre chaine
[2009/07/30 14:11] Franziskus Ninetails gently slaps Brian's butt "Now go and hug your chain-brother. I think he's waiting for it!"
[2009/07/30 14:11] Brian Warcliffe: merci mon frere et mon coeur
[2009/07/30 14:11] Brian Warcliffe: thank you my brother and my heart
[2009/07/30 14:12] Brian Warcliffe: yes my master

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wie schön wäre Wien ohne Wiener

Okay, you wonder about the title? It's a song from an Austrian satirist named Georg Kreisler. The meaning is: "How nice would be Vienna without the Viennesse". Why I quote it? Well, because I can say: How nice would be Gor without Goreans.

Our interest in Gor wanes day by day with every new incidence. First a few weeks ago, when I was visiting a (straight) SIM with my boy Mick and he was dancing for me in the taverne, he suddenly was attacked and shot down from the neighbor SIM. Without any RP, without any reason... well, no other reason that it was a gay kajirus dancing for his gay Master. Homophobia is very alive in Gorean SIMs. It seems to me, that it gives many homophobe people the platform to live their homophobia and justifying it "according to the books".
But I have to say, that the SIM-owners took our complain very serious and banned that homophobe guy from their SIM. That impressed me very much. - Other then our own SIM-owner of Silver Tree, who told me, it would be "a bit tricky" to ban him from Silver Tree, I don't know exactly, why it would be "tricky" to ban a gay-hater from a gay SIM, but as far as I understood, he meant, that it wouldn't be "valid" as homophobia is Gorean and therefore we would be forced to allow those people. Okay, so a guy who threatens my boy in IM "your lucky i didnt rp your capture and summarily execute you" just for being a gay kajirus pleasing his Master with a dance does have any warrant to spread his homophobia and we have to take it? Welcome to the middle-ages! What are 40 years of Christopher Street Day and Gay liberation worth? Where's the difference between accepting those people's (and that guy isn't the only one; there are 1000s like him in Gor) behaviour in a pixel-world and looking away, when another Matthew Shepard is tortured and killed in the real world?
So I don't know, what made me more upset - that homophobe guy or the reactions of gays, who think we have to accept it!

There are many incidents making us upset these days. This week a hysterical woman with their husband and their "daughter" attacked Mick without any reason. He only had an OOC-question about the rules, because he was interrupted reading them. That woman went furious for no reason and after that she yelled in IMs at me, Kenshi and who-knows. I just muted her, so I'm fine. But it's another reason to not like Gor anymore.

I could talk endless, but I guess, most of you dear readers are not interested in reading all the drama. If you like drama, then come to Gor. You can have lots of it. - The things my family and me like are the "antique" flair and the RP. But what RP do you get? Homophobes. Furies. Ubars with Napoleon-complex. Guys who want to dictate OOC decisions with quoting the books. Mindplayers. etc. - We don't like it anymore. If things don't change soon, it will be just a question of time, till we take our stuff and leave Silver Tree. We wanted to connect our RP on the Isle of Tidra (Oh, I forgot to mention, that we finally named our island?) with our RP in ST, but maybe we're happier and luckier, if we leave. Don't know yet...

Some good news: Bac is back! One of the very few good RPers, one of the few who have a story-line in their RP and try to stick to it in a continuous way, returned to Gor. His new story-line is interesting and promises some fun. Welcome back, Bac!

some pics

Spent hours after hours to take pictures of my love. He's just soooo cute and hanzum, that I always wanna lick dah screen!

Started with some pictures for his Gorean profile at the ruins on our island.
I loved the atmosphere:

Then went over to the beach to do some earth-pics for him....

Couldn't help to tell him to strip down to his speedos:

and finally ended cuddling and watching the sun going down:

... till we fell asleep on the hammocks

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new styles

After some anger about Gor (again. Will tell later about it), I spent two very good days with my beloved. Just shopping, playing, dancing, enjoying each other.

We got both two new haircuts - one for human, one for neko. And also new fluffy tails. Can't stop playing with my hubbies tail, when he's a kitten. Can't stop playing with it, when he's human either... *heh*

Went also to the 24/7 prison, where I'm a guard. The place changed a lot and is a spaceship now. Hmmmm, gives us new ideas for RPs. Catching a straight guy on earth and abduct him to a far away planet, where he will end as slave... something like that.

So, we wanted some "futuristic" stuff, appropreate for a space-ship... and came to that latex-shop. Yummy! Couldn't help buying a lot. And as we were wearing it, we couldn't help other things. Well, if you see the pics, you will understand why:

After the fun, we made some more pics in our human form. Like our new haircut, which is the same for both of us. My Kenshi looks so much younger and I'm a bit concerned, that everyone would like to enslave the head-slaver now... *heh*

Turned into neko then to make some kitteh-pics. Just played with the environment-settings and suddenly had this picture on my screen, which is kinda interesting. Maybe it's like a kitten sees the world?

Turned back to normal environment and shot this pic. Not much of a photographer, I know, but I like it. Call it "Cats on a Hot Tin Roof":

Oh, and undusted my very first AV, who became only two weeks old, because of some RL-stalker. Showed it to Kenshi. Can you tell who's who?

Okay, that's it for now. My Kenshi is already waiting for me, but there's more to come soon. Promise!

Tiger's Isle is dead, long live Tiger's island

This was the last picture I made from Tiger's Isle before the Tiger left eight months ago. I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago, but had no time to finish it.

So, a few weeks ago the old Tiger's Isle closed it's doors and Q & Rickie built a new Tiger's Island. The last party was a saturday-night... I've forgotten, how many weeks ago... time's running so fast, when you're busy all the time... however, I know it was sunday-morning for me. VERY morning (6 am). But as I stood up (at 9 am) I couldn't help it and visited Tiger's Isle a last time (after a long time). Was a bit nervous to see Q and Rickie again, but it was a good decision, I think. Said hello, hugged and made kinda peace with them and in myself.

My lil bro Mick was at my side. We danced a while and then it was time for the clean-up, taking back all my stuff which was still there. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't. Time changes, especially in SL it changes fast. And things progressing. Something goes and something new comes up. Sometimes love and friendship ends and something bigger and better grows out of it.

I'm very happy with how things evolved. I have the nicest, sweetest, loveliest partner and husband one could have. And a lil brother who's as well nice, sweet and lovely and feels like a RL lil brother to me. And I have the most caring and cute (and horny) family. So, things this year have been very good for Tiger. And as I see, things for Q and Rickie work out fine too and they seem to be happy. So I think, finally things evolved as they should. Everything is good for something sooner or later.

Visited some clubs these days. Not much time for dancing though... but what I realized: Nowhere it was like at the old days of Tiger's Isle. Everywhere only spam-gestures. No chat, no fun... Except from a "hello" and "bye-bye" there was no entertainment. In NONE of the clubs we visited. I can say, that Tiger's Isle was different... special. And I wanna say, that it's still my benefit. That I started a "tradition", a special kind of entertainment in clubbing... with the support of my Co-dancers and hosts like Q and DJs like Rickie.
So I hope, they continued this tradition and they will continue it on their new Tiger's Island. I had no time to visit it yet (did I mention, that I'm busy all the time?), but I'm sure I will soon. I wish Q and Rickie the very best and success with their club from the bottom of my heart.