Monday, September 29, 2008

So this was my weekend

Oh, what a weekend! After a very peaceful Friday full of love and harmony, Saturday was a little upsetting. Starting with the request of building a shop on Tiger's Isle. Wasn't fond of the idea but did it anyways. And well... I did make the best of it and the shop became nice. But still... don't like the idea of making it too commercial. (Yeah, tiger may have some qualities, but good in business isn't one of it.)

Wanted to calm down and overthink it, but Q didn't give me the time for it. So one lead to the other and we ended in an argument. *sigh* Don't want to spend my time after a 10-hours-RL-work-day with arguments. However... we made up. Never want to go to bed angry.

To calm down and to talk we visited the Isle of Worms, went to the circle of drums there, which was really nice escpecially the music. But wasn't in the mood to enjoy it. I think, have to go there again, when in a better mood...

However, Sunday became really good. Had some nice chats with Tim & Christo (Rod's bois) in the new shop. Then a short talk with always helpful and kind uncle Rickie. And finally went home to my beloved hubbie. Sat for a while on our moon-swing - *sigh* I love it... ish soooo romantic! - and talked about this and that. Got the idea of making neko-night a winternight.

So, went to the club, did some decoration. Went to Catastrophe Neko to buy some stuff for Q. Got a little sentimental push as I remembered, that this was the place I met my sister Nia the first time...

Well, and then jumped over to JCs rez-party for some minutes before we had to go to our own party. It became really good. Enjoyed the snow, the conversation and of course the hotties all around me. (For more information about the party, click on the pic).

So, all in all it was a good weekend inspite of some flurry in between. Love my hubbie, love our isle and our club which is becoming better and better, love my life. =^.^=

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday was such a good day although I was little exhausted from RL-work. Since Q and I don't have to care for a daily event and uncle Rickie hosted and managed yesterday's "Chaps only" party, we have more time for ourselves and to relax.

I changed the groundstructure on the isle with success. And I bought 8 new Sine-dances (OMG - one day the huddles will really explode!) and installed them (what took almost an hour). Tried them with Q in our little tree-house. Love to dance with him. Feel so cared for and protected, when he dances behind me... Strange? And yesh, got a little horny from dancing, so we had to spend some time in our dungeon... =^.^=

We came very late to the event and I was somehow distracted with too many IMs going on. But I loved to try the two "cattish" dances "Sophisticat" and "Prowling" with Q. They are sooooo sexy! (And yesh! I love to slide my tail between his legs and tickle him, as you can see it on the pic to the right)

Another good thing happened earlier that night: Spanks called me and I was very surprised and relieved. Even if we had problems in the relationship, I always enjoyed to be friend with him. I don't like to be in disharmony with anybody, especially not with people I love. And as I told my brother Jojo: Love never ends. It may change it's nature, but once in your heart it always remains there...

So, it was a purrfect day yesterday and I'm looking very optimistic into a future with my beloved husband, with my family and best friends you can ever have!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

new blog

I know, I shouldn't have done it, but I did. Wanted to surprise my beloved hubbie, so here it is:

The Tiger's Isle blog!
(click on the pic)

Christo's House

Yesterday I was invited to take a look at Christo's SIM. He's our neighbor's slaveboi. He's a really good builder and we share the taste in decorating, furnishing (lots of modern classics like Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier...) and art (I love St. Walker). I just wanted to take one picture with us on the deck, watching sundown, but somehow I didn't find the place, where it was stored on my harddisc, so I took some randomly others... which got surprisingly good. Maybe I should become a photographer? However... should have taken more pictures, but as usual I forgot it. Was a nice and relaxed hour.

Playing around

... with creating an announcement-poster. I wished I had more time for it! Is fun... but not, when you confuse the date. Rammy was the one who recognized it, but I made a new one. Doesn't look too bad, I think.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

young days

Was just going through my photo-album and found that pic of me in younger days. Thought, I'd give you something to laugh. Well... I WAS kinda cute kid, I think. And yesh, I always close my eyes with the flashlight.

And this was my bro Rammy those days. Hm.... apart from the haircut he didn't change too much, I think. Some wrinkles added, sure, but... *me chuckles*

Just got the idea of a "Come as you were"-party. Would be funny, to see all the guys in their very first newbie-appearance...

happy together

Time for another update....

After my last rentry "Powers of Darkness" caused some trouble of misunderstandings, Q and me finally made up. And since then tiger is happy, happy, happy! Feels soooooo good in a loving and caring relationship.

Maybe one of the reasons we're more relaxed is: We reduced events. Dear uncle Rickie cares for friday's events now and for sunday afternoon. Monday events are cancelled. And wednesday is kinda "free" (today managed by my brother Jeremie). So, it's not so much stress for my beloved hubbie and me, more time for ourselves. Cool!

Oh, and more time for building! I restarted building on the jungle, made a complete new underground and I'm a little proud of it. It will become very good, I think. Can't wait till it gets ready!

And I'll definitely will quit the frathouse. Have to pack all my stuff there. Makes me a little sad when I think of all the time I spent building it, but I don't have time for it anyways. And after the SIM-owner changed the ground-structure and deleted all the terraforming I had made on my parcel, I'm a little angry with them.

Hm, what else? Still have some problems with sitting as I got caned on monday for deleting half of the house by accident. But hey! Is it *my* fault, when someone forgot to lock it down??? =^.^= Funny thing is: One day later, Q deleted the other half. I so lmao!

Uncle Rickie is growing very close to the family. I love it. And he, Q and me are a bit incestuous together. Love that too. - Had no opportunity to talk to brother Jeremie. He keeps away from the family house. Should come over more often. - Actually Rammy is the only brother who's really there. - Haven't seen Tree for 1 or 2 weeks; seems to be RL-busy. - And little bro Kyne always crashing... hopefully it gets better, when he get a new connection. - Jojo was away most of the week too. Missed him. - And my little kitten Douggie vanished without a trace weeks ago. I hope, he's oki.

Yesterday we had "Oktoberfest". I built a Bierzelt and we dressed in Lederhosen. Lederhosen are soooooo sexy! Uncle Rickie (aka DJ ReZ) played mostly German tunes. I so enjoyed it! Was *my* day. Could have it more often...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I updated my who-is-who list. Family is finished so far. But the friendslist is just too long....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Powers of Darkness

Yesterday we had theme "Pentagram" (dah. Always used the German spelling with double-m. couldn't help it..). Spent the whole evening decorating a castle and putting together my costume. And I looked sooooo hot. Even learned how to spit fire out my nose. Couldn't wait to show it Q. Was so proud of everything.

And I saw my dear brother Jeremie again yesterday. But only for a short time as he had some connection-problems and had to leave soon. :( He couldn't finish his first gig, but uncle fortunately could take over. So it all stood in the family.

However... wasn't the best day. I'm considering getting out of the club-business. Wasn't our club anyways, never "my" club at all. And apart from management-problems - it's frustrating enuff, when you spend hours decorating, and no guests coming, but even worse, when your own partner doesn't even recognize the work you put into it to please him, although everybody else says, it's awesome.

/me takes a deep breath, considering what to write and what not. - Was told yesterday, I shouldn't write this or that in my blog, as this or that person is reading it (and you know who you are). But this was always my kinda diary. Since when do you censor your own diary? Even if it is public. Opposite to my RL my SL is an open book. I don't have any secrets, always honest. Never try to tell me "But don't tell XY that I said that." (Only exception is, when you're telling me your secret, then of course I'll keep it.) --- However, it is time to overthink my "role" in (second) life, in partnership, in family. It seems that I'm not allowed to be the selfish kitten I wanted to be? Maybe should try to go back to my altruistic self? That way I won't hurt anyone I love, only myself....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Time to talk about family... - Things were achanging. Welcomed Rickie as my uncle and pretty happy to have him in the family. He's good for us and hopefully we are good for him. - Not so good was the experience with my new brother. Lies, manipulations... I don't like that. Too bad he couldn't just enjoy being a part of the family, finding a place, being welcomed. And started to make-up with my little brother Kyne. Missed him after he disappointed me a while ago. But hopefully things becoming better between him and me soon. - Brother Jeremie returned yesterday from his trip to Germany. Just talked to him, didn't meet him yet. Hope to see him today.. oh, of course I will! He's today's DJ. But I meant private. Lots of things to talk about.

And there's my beloved hubbie, partner, lover and owner Q! Had some problems these days. But uncle helped us work it out. And the last days I was really happy being with my love!

On the pic you see us in a shell. I created an underwater-world for him. Is nice there under water! Okay, my butt is a little red. Let's say... uhm.... sun-burned?

At the beach

Last week Rickie joined our family as uncle. So glad, to have him in the family. Helped us a lot and is so nice to his nephew. Just too bad, that he's not so lucky with the choice of his lovers. Makes tiger a little sad...

Here we sit on the beach talking... in our costumes for the "Night of the Living Dead" event. Little scary cuddling as zombie-tiger. *eeeeks*

Another day we sat there in our normal appearance. Much better!

alternative lifestyle

Oh my! Where are the days when I could enjoy SL without being surrounded by alts? Without being suspicious and paranoid? Was it that bad before and I just didn't realize it? Or do they get more and more?

Adian wrote a good article about it on inVdaily a while ago. Yeah, there may be some reasons to create an alt. Not too many though. For business-stuff it may be okay. Got one myself from early days; he became exactly 2 weeks old. Wasn't glad with the name and had some problems with a RL-stalker, so I created a new one. Sometimes I get him out of his box, brush the dust of him and use him to help me adjust couple-poseballs when noone else is around to help me with that (and it always scares me to do that with the mind-absent zombie-version of me).

However... as soon as I see a noob who is 2 or 3 weeks old, but already got purrfect skin, purrfect clothes, purrfect AO and purrfect control about his movements, I know: Alt! Took myself months of slow development to become what I am. And no, I'm NOT that slow in learning (but STILL learning every day). Others are older then me and still don't know how to work with the features given to them.

It's sad and annoying. Instead of being happy to get to know someone new you consider for hours who's alt it may be.
Some create even alts to have company. How schizo is this?
Some create alts to molest and griefe others. Cowards! If you want to and have fun in it (never understand that kind of "fun"), do it as yourself.
Some create alts to get in contact again with someone after they screwed up the relationship (whatever kind of...) before. Leave it! You'll just make it worse.

Well, Adian mentioned the possibility of different roleplays with different alts. Not sure about that. Franzi here got some different "roles" he grew into - from his human appearance as fratboy to his discovery of his shikigami-roots to his demon-appearance. But it's always Franzi. The fun and exciting part of it is, to get a story behind it, which explains it all.

So, please do me a favour: Be yourself! Be unique! There's no fun in creating alts, neither for others, nor for you.

Events: Snakes On A Plane

On monday "Snakes on a plane". Actually they were OUT of the plane. Got that idea as I rezzed some snakes for the jungle-neko day before.
Oh my, I'm so afraid of snakes! Was kinda masochistic act to decorate for this one. But I'll give the little beasts their freedom in the jungle.

Events: Neko night

Neko-party on sunday. This time did a jungle-theme. It's a little disappointing to spend hours with decorating, when there are no guests. Maybe considering another time for the events? However, we had fun - as always...

Events: Night of the Living Dead

On wednesday "Night of the Living dead". I loved to decorate for this one! And - oh man! - did I look scary. So did some others. Jojo even lost different bodyparts and spread them on the ground.

Events: Cartoons

Last tuesday "Cartoon-Characters & Superheroes/-villains". Special theme for Q to try out his Quagmire-Costume. Was a little weird doing our worship-dance at the end as "Venom" and "Quagmire". *hehe*

Events: Toga-Party

Last week starting with a Toga-Party on monday. Looked soooo cute in my toga! But typical monday: Almost no guests at all. We'll have to consider to cancel monday's events or find another time for it. :(

Monday, September 15, 2008


Last week Q, my brother Rammy and uncle Rickie sat around at the bar of the Tiger's Eye club. The static sitting-postitions reminded me of Hopper's "Nighthawks", so I tried to catch the mood in a picture. Well, our talk and mood wasn't that melancholic like in the original, but I think it's a nice picture anyways:

P.S.: I think we need a barkeeper!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Oh my! Almost another week gone. Busy, busy, busy. And so much happened! After sweet brother Jeremie went for 2 weeks holiday, Q brought another brother into our family: Abadon.
And after I had to fight against Q's fears, insecurity and jealousy regarding Jeremie joining the family, now I had to fight my own demons. Wasn't easy for none of us, although Abs is a lovable, sexy and sweet guy.

So, it was a week full of ups and downs, a lot of arguements between tiger and his owner, a lot of sulkiness on both sides and hurt tiger running away again and again. (Should stop that!) But everything climaxed in a happy end...

But first (tease! tease!) let me tell you about the club. So much work, so little time. Always busy with scheduling and decorating, no time for the jungle, although I can't wait to go on with that!

One of the events was a pajama-party last week. Oh, I so loved that big teddy-bear, laying in it's lap. Who doesn't dream of something like that???

And then "Back to school!"-theme. Q did extra for me. I love that theme! Too bad that noone took advantage of the spanking-menue I rezzed. But all were so sexy in their schoolboi-uniforms. Loved it!

Well, weekend wasn't so busy with the club, but busy with talks. JC showed me this wonderful place, where you can fly around in orbit. We had a long talk and sweet cowboy did a lot of partnership-counceling. I visited that place several times now - together with Q, showing it my brother Rammy and floating alone. Relaxing, chilling, wonderful.
Made this pic and thought it was good; like kinda surrealistic Dali-painting. Till angel told me, that it looks like as if Q's head was a meteor. (/me cursing under my breath) You have to look close to see, that his head is on my shoulders. I guess, we'll have to go there again, taking some more pictures, dressing in living lights or something...

Well, that's it... almost. *hehe* Because: After all those arguments in the last days, Q & me finally recognized and solved the problem. We never clarified our relationship. What started as owner and his pet became so much more. But what? Both of us tried to assure the other one his love and meaning, but without saying it out loud. And just the moment I was ready to step back into being "just a free-strolling pet", because I didn't like what became of me (jealous, sulky, hurted, bitchy struggling kitten), as I thought I don't mean so much to him as he does to me, we recognized what we both needed and both wanted: The assurance to be #1 to each other. So...

on saturday, 6th of September,
Quagmire Juran and this tiger here
became partners!

I'm so happy! I know, that we belong to each other. And now we can start to become a big, happy family! ("Yes, I want children. And if someone asks - I'm the pretty one!" - hehe, did I mention I love "Torch Song Trilogy"?)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

business and family

Whoa! A lot happened these days. And tiger was really busy and a little exhausted...

Surprisingly became a club-co-owner with Q and Rod. So, there's "Tiger's Eye" club now... on "Tiger's Isle" and the group "Tiger's Claw" with the "Tiger's Tail" dancers... Which other body-parts are available? "Tiger's Dick" would be a good name for an escort-agency?

The last two events at Domineck's were "Tiny & Opposite Sex" and Country Night on Friday. - Hehe, the 'Tiny & Opposite sex' on thursday was kinda funny. What a combination! Ever tried to change your gender in appearance? Gee, that was so confusing. I'm not much into cross-dressing, but it was really funny to dance with "Josephine" and "Lenia" as "Bang-Bang LaDesh" (yes, I love "Torch Song Trilogy"), but at the end I was glad to get rid of those feet-killing high heals and change back into tiger. Too bad (or really good) I forgot to take pics of the "ladies". But at least I took a pic of the two cuuuuuuuute tinies. So sweet, I wanted to take them home into my bed! (Okay, in their normal appearance they are sexy and I would take them home into my bed either; but not to cuddle then).

So, friday was the last night. And it should have been a last, big, good event. But I didn't recognize much of it, cause of a big fight with Q. So, it's time again to talk about that thing called "love"... Why does it always have to be that way? Why can't my men accept me like I am? I had that before at that annoyable 2-day-marriage, then with my hottie vampire and now again? You agree to an open relationship, but then you have to fight their jealousy all the time. It's so annoying, being accused to fuck every stranger that crosses your way. - Well, I don't do that anyways, but if I'd do it, so what? I love love, I love body-contact, I love sharing a sensual experience... But then you let someone in your life and suddenly he expects you to stop all this; to share only with him? Don't get me wrong: If a couple agrees and is happy with monogamy and none of both has the feeling of self-chastisement, then it's fine for them. Go on with it and good luck! But honestly: Who is like that? And what's the result of it? Betrayal and lies. Me dunno like betrayal and lies. Me like honesty. Much more important then so-called fidelity. When I chose to belong to someone, that doesn't mean that I stop sharing experiences with others. Not in RL and definitely not in SL. A partnership - no matter how you call it (boyfriend, owner/pet, partner...) - has nothing to do with property (that's why I never could be a slave; pet? yes, slave? no), but with belonging. Is a subtle difference. So, when I chose to share my (second) life with someone, of course I want to see him and make him happy. But you can't make someone happy, if you have to break yourself for it; if you have to try to be someone else; cause then you will get unhappy and this helps noone. You have to love yourself before you can love others. - Something like that my dear friend JC said. And it's so true!

So... had a fight about this on friday. But saturday was a good day. Q and me shared time together, we've been with my brother Rammy who introduced us to a friend of him. Nice house and a nice windmill. I tried to take pictures, but it wasn't easy...

And as I didn't have to work, it was a very relaxed day. JC started his treasure-hunt (though we were too busy in chat to take part) and later Q and me been shopping with our newest family-member: my new brother Jeremie. Was a good night.

But sunday... oh my! So busy! Some preparations for the first party in our club. Then heading over to JC's monthly rez party. Took a pic --- and could bite my tail, that I didn't take pics of our own party. *lol* Too excited and busy and laggy...

So, sunday at 7.00 pm "Tiger's Eye" had it's first party. Not the official grand opening, but first party. What else but neko-night to start with? And I was so excited. And concerned. First I thought, noone will come, but then they came... and came... and came. The creme de la creme of gay neko-world was there - besides lovely DJ Kaj there were Adian and Lufian and Chester and.. and.. and... YAY! Made me happy. And I so hope they liked it and will come back, especially to sunday's neko-parties. - Later all those lovely babes from JC's rez-party came too, sexy cowboy included. Too bad, I forgot to take pics...

Q, Jeremie and me were all a little exhausted and tired at the end of that day. So things didn't went too well after the party. *sigh* I hope this will soon get better. It was better on mondays. Our first real "family day", and it was full of love and sex and cuddles and talks between Quag, Jer and me. I loved it and was so happy and really relaxed for the first time since weeks. Only interrupted from a weirdo stalker, ex of Q, who thought it would be funny or whatever to take pics of us having sex. Oh my! Poor Q was devastated, but Jer and me could only laugh about that crazy guy. Wished, the pics would have been better, so I could have published them on my blog or make some nice Xmas-cards out of it.
The other day I read at InVdaily about so-called "snappers". Gee, there are some strange people. Well, couldn't happen to me. Oki, I would pay for copies, if the pics were of artistic quality. =^.^= *hehe*
However, it was a really fine day, but didn't end too well. When you hear every day a depressed "I can't make you happy! :((" although you are happy, then you get a little tired of trying to convince him, that it isn't so. Had the same problem before till I gave up. I don't want to give up this time; so I hope very much, that he will learn and accept, that he's a wonderful and lovable and caring person, loved very much by his tiger. And he definitely has to learn to take things easy.

So that's my message to all of you out there: Love yourself!