Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gay Robot

Gay Robot

Gay Robot | MySpace Video

Was watching this last night. He's sooooo cute! *hehe* But doing cyber-dating... hmm.... are you sure, behind the AV you're interacting with isn't a gay robot???

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Too lazy busy to write much here, so here's just some twitterlike shorty-news:

- emerald issues?

- imprudance?

- Snake?
captured while trying to figure out imprudence viewer

- RP?
invalid! invalid! invalid!

- but try to make a stubborn savage a slaveboy for a woman?
Fun! (though invalid! invalid! invalid!)

- drag parties?
not really into it

- Franzi as cheerleader?
"Gimme a T! Gimme an E! Gimme an L!...."

- Ms. Timeless Booty

- RL?
like imprudence viewer! (sucks and I don't find, what I need!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

wanking flies and other things


Hmmmm, have been dancing a lot these days. Prolly more then the last year all together? Keeps me distracted and it's fun. On mondays of course the usual Tainted Boys, though I didn't stay long for some reason.  Was there with Joshua, shmexy brother-in-law and one of the sweetest souls.
On tuesdays went to Starfalls. Just wanted to stay maybe an hour or so with Rammy, but then we were there... hm... dunno... maybe four hours. It was great fun, talking about pizza delivery boys and wanking flies. Okay... we do not know, if flies wank. We don't even find out, if flies have penises. None of us ever saw a fly-cock. That doesn't mean, that it wouldn't exist. That's prolly one of the mysterias of the universe like the Flying Spaghetti-Monster or the Invisible Pink Unicorn. But to be honest: None of us was actually interested to see a fly-penis. Anyhow... I couldn't resist and got this fly-AV (without cock), which was funny to dance in:

So it was a late night till I took the... uhm... flight home.

Today tried to continue with the fort of Tidra. The main-hall needs some fixing. But I can't really focus on it. Continued instead with two houses matching the hut and the stables... And then an invitation of Eddi Haskell reached me. Could use some distraction, so I took the limo and got to a nice danceclub in the middle of an elven/fairy garden. Lovely place!

The owner - Martinyau Spiritor - made this lovely pic. Copyright is his, but I hope he don't mind, that I use it here. If you look closely, you'll see me there somewhere in the right corner. That was BEFORE I stripped down to sexy speedos. Josh joint later too, so the kittehz sync-danced, which I liked much.

And finally Eddi could solve the riddle with that Brazilian hunk I was googling the whole weekend. Can you believe, that this is one and the same guy???

I think they look tooooootally different, but it seems to be true. It's one and the same. Hm, I like him more on the upper pic. So, at least now one reason less of the endless questions which won't let me sleep.

After the party I returned to building and was so deep in my thoughts and focused on the work, that I didn't recognize, that I was still as kitteh in that shmexy outfit. *hehe* Thank heavens there wasn't a RP-visitor at that time.

Well, after dinner then the next party with Freki - and later Josh joining. Though I forgot the name of the club... Hmmm.... nvm... was not so much traffic, but nice. More traffic just means more boring spam-gestures! But I was busy in IMs anyways. But hosts and guests were nice and good dances in the dance-floor, so my huddles got a little break.

Oh! And I fought with a refridgerator! Was there in that shop and it said "Click me for Freebies", so curiousity and cats... you know... and clicked. The door went opened and a big tongue came out, grapping me and sucking me inside the fridge. We struggled for a while, rolling over the floor in a fight until it finally spit me out. Too fuzzy, I guess! Too bad I couldn't catch the whole fight in pictures. Maybe I'll take the video-cam with me next time?

Hmmm, what else is new? Oh, my new addiction to MM-boards. Since I got a member of the group I'm starting my day with hunting MM-boards. As if my overflowing inventory would need even MORE stuff! Right! And of course I only win those which I don't need. Like girls bikinis and such. Too bad the aim wasn't reached for those tarns nesting on a big rock. THAT would have been a really good addition to Tidra.

Well, that's it, I guess. Time for bed....


Monday, August 16, 2010

F*** you very much!

Thank God another weekend is over! I was so exhausted sunday evening - mentally and physically. At the moment I'm in a very bad mood.

Was looking forward to the usual Capture the Flag game in Tabor on thursday, but as I arrived, there were around 20 french guys I've never seen in Tabor ever before. Someone dragged them in for the game, which would have been a good thing, if those guys wouldn't have been so inpolite, talking in French all the time and taking the command. Freki and me were so annoyed, that we finally left. So I think this was the last time I went there for that game. Too bad! It was one of the few good things in SL I'm looking forward to.

Then tried to help someone for about four hours with a technical problem and as thanks I got bitched and snarled at. Yeah, how much I need that. Not!

The weekend wasn't much better. Even more shit and no highlights there except finishing the straw- and stable-project, which kept me distracted. It helps to focus on something completely different. Haven't been online much anyways, instead kept on googling for male brazilian models to find out who's that hottie in Eddi's contest. I didn't find it out, but hey! there are worse things to waste your time with than googling for male models in underwear. Right? Right. And I got some new eye-candies on my list, like Evandro Soldati (that guy from the "Alejandro"-Video), teen-model Francisco (!!!) Lachowski and Edilson Nasciemento. D'oh! Google yourself. Pffft!

Well, that's it. Just hoping the week gets better than the weekend.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stable is ready

Finally finished the stable and set it on XStreet. Called it "Joshua", as the kitteh helped me adjusting the poses.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What a surprise

As I opened my daily blogs today, I saw this:

.... on JC's blog. Yay! I'm coverboy september! What a surprise. And I have to say: I *DO* look good on that pic. Thanks, cowboy!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

what's new, pussycat?

So, not many other news apart from building the barn. Oh my Gee! It's almost weekend again! No idea, where this week went to!?

Monday been of course at Tainted Boys again. Very late, almost only to the afterparty, but that's the best part to me anyways! :-) Not sure, what I've done the rest of the time. Building the barn, adjusting the poses, talking and having fun with my bro Rammy and my bro-in-law Joshua.

Tuesday night been to Starfall again with Rammy. I really like it more and more there, though the music often is not exactly my taste, but it's always fun and people are nice and chat-a-lot and no overuse of spamgestures. Too bad it's always soooo late for Europeans! Oh, another good thing: I don't lag at all there. Must be the missing of laserlights etc.

Today walked around as Tiger with kitteh Josh on my back and explored their kitteh-SIM. Later on the back of a tarn and then in a sail-boat (which I bought afterwards. They are cool, low prim and not laggy as most of those boats! Find them here. ).

So, no big news. But at least got a short - very short - message from my family. Hm, not sure, what to think about it, but maybe they return soon.

And now on my way to "Capture the Flag" in Tabor, cause it is thursday. *whooosh*


so typical mehz

*giggle* This was so typical Franzi again! I only wanted to build a small stable for our bosk-cows on Tidra. So I started to build one fitting in style to the little hut. As it was almost finished I thought "Oh well, make a straw-bale or two as decoration"... Done. As they were there I thought "Oh well, as I have straw-bales in there now, why not put a love-menu into them?". And done. As THAT was finally ready I thought: "Hmmm, this is nice! Sex and cuddles in the straw/hay. I should sell it single for those people who have already a barn/stable!" - And that's how it came to this: My next product on XStreet for sale. And I can assure you, though it's simple, it is much fun!

So, now you may ask "What is with the barn?"...... weeeeeeeeelllllllll...... As I had the straw ready and the barn ready I thought "Hmmm, maybe build some more items for decoration?"... And so I started to make a water-barrel, a corn-pot, more straw-bales and... and... and. Okay, most of that is ready, so I just have to put the stuff together.

I'm prolly too picky and I only sell stuff, when I'm 100% contented. Actually I don't sell much on XStreet and it's not worth the effort of making all the pics and advertisement etc., but I do it anyways  just because! :-) When I look around what crap some people offer on XStreet... For instance as I looked for other barns and stables, I've seen someone adverstising as "The best barns in SL!" for loooots of money. And they just looked cheap and plastic and not good at all! Those things make me angry. So, the challenge is, to offer higher quality for a appropriate price.

Monday, August 9, 2010

so this was the weekend

Yay! Another weekend done! This one was soooo exhausting RL, so there's not much to tell about SL. Saturdaynight just logged in after work for about 2 hours and went over to Starfall. Teleny followed and Kyne came soon also. Was so cool to meet old friends again and see new faces. It's a chatty, funny bunch there. So much fun to follow and take part at the open chat without those annoying spam-gestures. I should go there more often, but the parties are too late for us Europeans. So I listened to Dehrynn's set and then a part of Malden's set, stood an hour longer then would have been good for me, but it was just too much fun!

Sunday came home from work late again. Totally exhausted from the hard weekend. Checking blogs and eMails as usual I was surprised to find my "Ta-Daa!"-pic on Eddi's blog. I felt so honored, as Eddi is great photographer and was all like "whoa! He's posting my pic! I... dunno what to say!"... So, thank you, Eddi! And I'm glad you like the pic!

Talking of Eddi... He also often provides tips and tricks about picture-editing and such. And as he mentioned the watercolor effects of PhotoFunia, I had to try that. Here's the original (me hanging around at the pond before going to bed): 

And here's what PhotoFunia made out of it:

I luv it!!! I see a lot of picture-editing coming! :-) Especially some portraits in frames will look good with it. Thank you, Eddi, for the tip!

Tired and exhausted anyways I just had some nice, long talk with Freki over at Thorn's place, hanging around at the waterfalls and then in the hammock (and I like that tightrope! it's fun!) and going to bed early. So that was that.

Here's another watercolor pic. One of my favorites of Kenshi and me:


Friday, August 6, 2010


It prolly would have been easier to make three single shots and photoshop it.... It took me about 2 hours, until I had the triple-connection and rezzed all in high graphics and adjusted the poses, but today I tried again to clean my inventory a bit, sorting those poseballs I got at a hunt a while ago... and there I found this triple-pose called "Ta-Daa!" so I just had to do it! So, here's me, myself and I!

fairy tails*

*(no, it's not a typo)

After the "Capture the Flag" game yesterday, which was fun as usual but just too short, I logged off a while. Surfing the internet, watching some videos on youtube... and as it would have actually been time to go to bed I logged in "for a minute" again. Which became a few hours, but fun.

An old friend - Thorn - which is a lovely and sweet guy, had sent me a notecard about a little "hunt" he and his partner Bobo have in their new place/shop. So I went there with Tel and Rammy.

It already started funny... you have to know: The last few weeks I have that problem, that sometimes people appear green to me. Like the ruthie-thingens before or the ghosts... now it's green. What comes next? Always teasing Tel how strange it is to dance next to Hulk - as you can see on this picture. *hehe*
So, we came there and Thorn was in the store. And me: "Still waiting for you to rezz. atm you're green" - But then I remembered, you never know with that lil fairy, what color he has and said "but maybe you ARE green?" at the same time as he said "I am green". And me "Oh! hehe". Anyways, he always looks beautiful and cute in his filigree way.

So, Rammy, Tel and me started to search for the eight boxes around the place which together result in this outfit:

It's a kind of fairy-tattoo-silk-combination. For the pictures I've put on old hair and a fairy-skin, which I once got from Rammy, but I guess, I don't give a good fairy. Well, anyways... it's nice tattoos; may I'll get them for Teso too? But what was really exiting was the place. - It is the most amazing and charming place I've seen!

I went over today again to take some pictures or even make a movie, but I had to recognize, that with high resolution I'm just lagging toooooooooo much and my cam would never be able to catch the whole beauty of the gardens. So you better grab the one you love or a good friend by his hand and head over to the place, to spend some nice, romantic hours there. It's called Cabrian Dreams.
(If you enjoy it, then leave some Lindens in the tip-jar. It's sad, that you can't emphasize that often enough. Some people in SL create beautiful places and pay zillions of L$ for it to give others the possibility to enjoy. Is it really so hard, to leave a 100 L$ - or more - as a sign that you appreceate it and to support the effort?)

The shop itself has nice and beautiful stuff. Jewelry, clothes, buildings... I love it, but it's not my style (most of it fairy). I got this transparent bodysuit, but it just doesn't look too good at me:

(hehe - couldn't help the "fairy flight" for the picture)

Oh, if someone ever finds box #6, let me know! For that one we searched over one hour, but never found it. Bobo sent it to me though, but I wanted to find it myself. If he had forgotten to put it out, he better watch out, because Tel already threatened to rip off some fairy-wings. (Nah, he would never do that, I think) *snickers*

So, it was a very nice, but also very late night. Went to bed at around 5 am. *ugh*


Thursday, August 5, 2010


...since I stopped the countdown, where I forced myself to write at least once a day, I haven't written so much. I continue building, but only half-hearted. Still not sure, what it's good for. Though I love the island, it doesn't make much sense to keep it as I'm alone there most of the times. Some visitors drop in now and then, but not many. At the moment I'm building the bath. I wanted to leave that to Mick and waited long enough, but now I'm going to build them myself. I think the bath is becoming quite nice, as most of the rest of the fort and island.

About relationship and family... hm, I'm not sure, how long I'm supposed to wait!? I'm about to give up, though I miss them desperately, but at the same time, I'm getting more angry day by day. No matter how big the RL-issues are, but in the 6 weeks since the last message, there WOULD have been a way to at least give me a short notice by eMail, phone-message or something, just to let me know, that they are alive and well. I'm not sure if I will wait the whole August too as I waited the whole July, June and even most of May.

However one thing is getting clear to me - the island means nothing to me without my family. As long as I had in mind, that I'm building something for us, my heartblood was in every detail. Now I look at it and surely still recognize it's beauty, but it doesn't have the same meaning to me anymore.

For private - well, I'll give it one or two more weeks, then I will break up the closer relationships to my hubbie, my boys and lil brothers. I will never again become emotionally involved in SL like I have been several times before and I will take it as what it is: Just a game!

Talking of games - today is thursday, so you'll find me again at the "Capture the Flag"-game at Tabor!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kool Doors

Haven't done shopping-recommendations for a while, but as today I started to change the doors on Tidra, I'd like to talk shortly about lockpickable doors. I tried four different systems now. One freebie, which I don't even remember (only the slamming-function was good at those ones). 

Then I tried Alika, where you don't get much for the high price. It's a lot to click through the menues and the scripts often caused errors, like the menue opened over and over again, when you aborted a lockpicking.

The next was Ron Andretti's from A&R Design. It's very good and it forces people to RP/emote, at least write something with "/me ...." and then guessing a number. Some people are a bit annoyed by that number-guessing and the first time I "met" them, I had real problems to lockpick it, but I think it's a good system. It needs not that easy to handle, because you always have to find the right scripts, but it's very good scripts for that price and you can manage all doors with one server. Another advantage is that you see, WHO lockpicked the door, which you don't see with Alika-doors. So thumbs up for Ron!

But far out the best system is KOOL doors! Okay, it's not cheap together with the server, which I highly recommend, but it's simply the best. You get 100s of textures with it, the menue makes it very easy to set, you see the lockpickers name, you have 1000s of possibilities in speed, opening direction etc etc etc. - I'm keen as a mustard! A door is build, rezzed and configured within 1-2 minutes. So, I recommend the system for every RP-SIM. Good work, K.!