Tuesday, January 15, 2013

no fun

First of all, even if a bit belated: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Didn't post much (again!) these days, but SL is just not much fun at the moment. Since the xmas-season I got one technical issue after the other. Inventory not loading, friendslist not loading, groups not loading, crashing again and again in teleports etc. etc. etc.
First I thought it might just be because of the season... many people online, but it continued and continued. So I thought it might be the Phoenix-viewer, as "they" (LL, Firestorm-developers, the governments, whoever....) want to force us to the new viewers. So - although I already knew it would suck - I did a clean installation of Firestorm. And voila! Now the issues continue and I added just a few more to it.
Not to mention, that Firestorm per se already sucks! It expands your inventory with about 3.500 more items to load (well, at least it's fast in fetching the inventory after a cache-clearing, which is good, because I have to do it at least 5 times a day... compared to maybe every two weeks in Phoenix) , because you can't get rid of the Library (the bridge loads from the library, so it's always loaded) and of the most useless Calling Cards. Nothing is at it's place anymore; either hidden so well, that you are searching half an hour for it, or gone completely. The well visible blue pop-up notifications now are some tiny squares which make your top right corner useless for HUD-attachments, and make you click 3 times where in Phoenix you just had to click one time "OK". And it places a squad for every open IM, which is utterly useless as well. It's slow. Snapshots even in "high resolution" are crap. ... The list is endless.
However - the issues continue. Still crashing in TPs. Still friendslist and groups not loading. And some more issues like prims vanishing before my eyes ("Oh, another cache emptying.... Yay!") or the whole appearance (skin, shape, eyes, clothes....) not attachable... Well, the latter at least brings my lil moonbeam Endy some joy, as he likes to draw in Picard-like manner little smileys into the orange clouds, I am so often.
So, if anyone got any suggestions to solve at least the one or other problem, let me know. Either in comments or contact me inworld. I'm the third cloud from left.