Friday, January 29, 2010

... and another disappointment

Hm, why disappointed? Well, actually I'm not that much. Once more I realized, that I should listen to "my inner voice". When I got a strange feeling with someone, then I shouldn't ignore it. But I wanted it to work out, for my companion and for my lil devil. They were so happy with the new boy / new chain-brother. And so I thought, well, maybe it's just the language barrier? Or maybe he's just shy? However... 

After I spent some hours raising the roof to add an attic (which became quite nice, I think) for a room for our new boy.... And after Kenshi and Mick invested lot of money and time and care and plans for him... last night the new boy left already. Quick and surprisingly.

Well, I hope he gets lucky. I'm not mad. For me it's not such a big surprise, but I'm sad for Kenshi and Mick, who had high hopes.

However, I will defnitely not so soon agree to take another new boy into the chain (okay, 1 or 2 exceptions I would make). Our family/chain sticks tight together; you won't find that so easily somewhere else...

Anywho... I was busy on wednesday furnishing the living-room new. I found that 1 L$-shop with nice furniture. Wasn't sure about the mix between old (the cottage) and modern, but I like the contrast.

Also like the mix of red and white and the nice animations on the sofas and chairs...

I wanted to post the SLURL to the shop, but forgot to copy it. They really have nice stuff, and my inventory once more threaten to explode.

So, wednesday been busy as usual. Going dancing for a while in the evening, but needed too long to dress, because of issues with attachments these days. So we were just about half an hour at Tainted Boys, but then an emergency happened and we had to leave quickly.

Thursday.. hm, been shopping for some hours with my Kenshi. I like to buy new things, but I don't like shopping. Is this a contradiction? Well, not when you think of the typical lag in SL-shops! You see something you want and try to get closer to buy it... and need 10 minutes for every step. But we got some nice new stuff. Mmmmmm...

What else is new? You can vote for my bro Spanki at Eddi's "Just Beautiful SL Men". Why vote for him? Well, the picture doesn't do him full justice; you don't see much of him on it. And not only because he's my bro, so of course I think, he's shmexy.. that's a DNA-thingens.. with such family-genes, how could he be not shmexy??? No, vote for him, because he's individual! You know, there are many handsome guys our there... of course. You got enough money, so you buy the best skins and the best shapes. But honestly: Would you recognize those guys without their name-tag over their heads? When I look at my brothers, I always recognize each of them. Each of them is individual and got his own style. And that's what makes them shmexy. So, go and vote!

Talking of brothers! Finally met my bro JoJo yesterday for a while. Not long enough, but was good to have him back online. Hope he's coming more often now.

And talking of missing people... Here's a pic for another special person. Just stumbled over it today. Miss yer inworld, cowboy! 

And that's it for now. Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hm, still not much to tell. Got the feeling me wasn't much inworld these days...

On monday - our "Off Gor Day" - been dancing with Mick and Nevie at Tainted Boys, where Heloq had his party called "Mi house es su house" (or something like that), and bro Spanks hosted. Was lots of fun in spite of lag (= took a bit longer to strip down to undies). Afterwards visited Spanks' beautiful home. Lovely!

Tuesday.. hm... oh, Gor! Visited Brundisium or whateveritsnameis. Nicely built city, but... hm... got the feeling, our leader wanted to get rid of us soon. I guess, it's potential for RP with the right people. Wondered a bit about kurii running around and noone reacting though...

On our way back to the island we did a short visit to Silver Tree. Haven't been there for a while and some things seemed to change. But was nice to see old friends.

So, not that exiting. Today is Leopold Sacher-Masoch's birthday. If you don't know, who that is... Well, it's NOT the famous Vienna Sacher-cake named after him. And Lewis Carroll, author of "Alice in Wonderland" (looking forward to the movie) would be 178 years today, which is about Liz Taylors age also, I guess.

That's it. No pics. Heh.

Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend over...

.. Thank God!

Before continue with my RL-work, keep on updating the blog.

Just recognized another point to add on my "You recognize, that you're addicted to SL, when..."

... you upload a picture to your blog and wonder why you don't have to pay 10 L$!"

This is the view from my office-window, taken with my old cell-phone. So, not bestest quality. Grey skies, roofs and snow, snow, snow. Well, actually I like snowy landscapes. I also like driving car. I don't like driving car in snowy landscapes. So I want spring!!!

However, what's new? Not much as it was weekend, if I haven't mentioned that. Had a visit from my bro Spanki on saturday, which was so nice.

And sunday after work spent some time to take pictures for the profiles of our new boy Elfy/Loki. I know I can do better, but I was tired after a long day working:

What else? Hmm.... I guess will go and see "Avatar" in RL finally this week. And would be interested in "Surrogates" also as the story is based on virtual realities like Second Life and others. And yeah, I like Bruce Willis anyways. He's born just around the corner *heh*! (Okay, hands up who of you looked up, where Bruce Willis is born!)

Got some ideas for giving the group-members of Tidra some entertainment these days. Will keep you updated!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

new boy and this and that


My time in SL was short yesterday also. When I came home from work after midnight, we added a new boy to the chain: Elfyno, now called Loki. My Kenshi collared him in the wild gazebo on Tidra in a nice ceremony.

I wanted to visit Eddi's rezzday-party afterwards, but the ceremony took a bit longer and as it was finally finished, it was around 4:00 am for us already. Time to sleep as today work is calling again. So once again: Happy rezzday, Eddi! (And I don't know, why my comment didn't appear on your blog. Is it, because I said you're getting tooooooo old, cause 3 years SL = 36 years RL? *hehe* Live with it!)

Well, and that was that, I guess...

Friday, January 22, 2010

nothing special

My visit in SL was quite short today. Well... I'm still there, but sleeping, holding my beloved husband in my arms. Took this pic today and like it much.

So, we didn't do much today. Just talked about a certain incident, then already went to bed.

However, while my love hopefully sleeping good and peaceful in RL, I couldn't fall asleep. So I took the chance to take some pictures of the garden, which wasn't that easy... at night.... from our bed...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

random update

Oh my! Already 3 weeks of the new year gone. That's... uhm.... *counts at his fingers, then quickly grabs the calculator*... about 1/17 th of the whole year!!! Eeeeks! And not written a single line here in the blog. Though many things happened....

We changed the decoration at our house. Took off xmas- and winter-stuff. Made a beautiful spring-garden in the front and Mick made a nice, relaxing Japanese garden in the backyard. *takes a mental note to make more pictures soon*

Also been out dancing more then usual. Once at Tiger's Island, but had to leave "early", as it was already around 3.30 am something for us. Too bad, cause I think we looked good as Prisonguard and Jailbird and would have had chances at the contest... And many times at Tainted Boys. Apart from the overuse of annoying spam-gestures (but one of the greatest inventions of Linden is the mute-button *winks*) I love that club. Well, more some certain people there, I guess. But Ado and Trace are very nice hosts and it's fun with Spanks and Heloq and others... However... I'm always happy, when friends take the invitation and we dance all together... And was so happy on monday for some special reason... like.. hmmm... something that bothered me and hurt a lot in the last months was kinda solved... and like Quand on a que l'Amour... which 99,9% of you readers won't understand now (how many are 99,9% of 2?)... but anyways. It meant a lot to me and I was happy.
Yesterday at Tainted Boys there was a fund-raising for Haiiti. All donations went to help the people in Haiiti. And it was a good idea. And fun too.

So, afterwards sat with my love at the piano, playing together and talking. Will we look like this in 20-30 years?

Well, precious moments are those to me. Sitting, cuddling or dancing with my love and talking.. or just listening to his voice.

Hm, what else? Not been on Gor or Tidra much in this weeks. Only to furnish a room in a Gorean way. Putting up some nice stuff. Forgot to notice the landmark... hm. Will do it soon, when I think of it.

About my proposals with the millionaire - I'm working on the second million now. The first one.. I gave up. *heh* However, still too busy all the time. So much to do, never enough time. *sighs* Hopefully I will write more often in the next three weeks then in the last three. It's so hard to remember all the things that happened....