Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 years Franzi

Hm, I was in a hurry, otherwise would have sorted it better and would have decided where to zoom-in to (though... one time on JC's crotch? yep!). Here's stations of 2 years Franzi. Enjoy:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

almost over

For weeks or months now I planned to write (almost) every day about my adventures in SL, but... *sigh* ... either I forget it or I don't have the time for it. So, another week is over and I'm not sure, what happened in this time since christmas.

Well, 2009 is starting to end. I'm not online tomorrow, so today would be the time for a look-back and for proposals for 2010. Hm, I guess I'm too lazy for it. *heh* 2009 was somehow a good and somehow a bad year. Good, because I found a wonderful family and many new friends. Bad because of some RL-issues my family (and myself) had to go through. And because of the loss of some brothers and friends. But hey, life's going on and as long as everybody's happy, that's fine.
However, it was a year with less drama and very much more love. Unbelievable, how close we are... my Kenshi and my little brothers Mick and Brian. Sometimes also scaring a bit.

So, proposals for 2010? Hmmmm, for RL: find a better job, become a millionaire. For SL: Buying some full SIMs for my family and friends, when I have the millions. That's not too much asked for, eh? eh? (Just kidding! though... hm... full SIM would be fine.... hm....)

Hm, I don't have a picture matching the theme, so I'll just post that pic, where I was riding the tarn together with my boy Brian ("Eagle") and the eagle was flying next to us. I liked the subject, but will have to tell Brian to get another face light. Some of them ruin every picture, when you have atmospheric shader on...

So, well...



Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

And again I was busy the last days. Christmas is soooo stressy! *hehe*

We spent a whole evening trying to get a family-shot. I think it's a nice picture:

I played a bit to get a nice xmas-card for our friends. First attempt was this one....

... but finally it became that one:

So, those of you who haven't got the card:

Whoa! Another year is over. My second rezzday is upcoming soon. How fast time runs! And so many things happening in SL in one year. One year ago I was devastated for some reasons, but this year I enjoyed the season very much, together with my lovely family. Though I'm thinking a lot about SL vs. RL these days, about pretty illusion vs. cruel reality, about friendships, love, brothers.... what's it all "worth" in a pixel-world. But I guess it's just the season to be sentimental?

Just wanted to post these two pictures of my love and me. Thank you, my dragon, for sharing this year with me. Love you so much!

And on christmas eve my family made me a special gift, coming all together online to cuddle to sleep together. Luv yer, my angels!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

fun at tainted boys

I'm actually not so much online these days. Trying to get some RL-stuff in order. And the time I'm online, I try to avoid stress and drama. We were hanging around at the fireplace in our cottage a lot, in undies and sweaters (I think, that one reindeer-sweater starts to smell musty...), just chatting, cuddling, inviting friends. I enjoy this quiet time.
Monday bro JoJo finally came inworld. I missed that shmexie bro! But he had to leave soon, and Kenshi & me went to Tainted Boys, which was lots of fun. Especially using that spinning platform which made me a bit dizzy and turning my text always upside-down. Marin, Conny and Kyne joined us too and later we ended at the fireplace again, inviting Rammy over also, talking about this and that. Mmmm, relaxing!

Yesterday was in the mood for RP again, but... oh well! I don't know, if it is ME or the others!? Where's the sense for RP? I don't mention, which city it was, because it doesn't depend on the city, it depends on the RPers, but... if there is a prisoner and he is shouting all over the SIM (!) to a  outlaw-slaveboy, that the boy should get  help from other outlaws, and all the warriors and citizens just stand around, doing NOTHING, then you really have to wonder. Our state is neutral, so it's not of our concerne (although we considered to free the outlaw ourselve to do someone a favour...), but as we tried to tell some warriors about it and ordered that boy to our feet, what did they do? They held SMALL-TALK. Kenshi and me could just shake our heads and finally sailed home. 5 Minutes later the city was attacked by the outlaws the boy called. Well, the city didn't deserve better...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

xmas is coming

After some ice-skating with friends Marin, Conny, Andrej and (ohmygodhe'sback!!!) Kale on thursday, Kenshi and me went back into our cottage, stripped down to undies and socks, put some warm reindeer-sweaters on (almost free for 1 L$ at XStreet in black, red and green) and started to decorate the cottage. It's so cozy there, with snowy trees all around, a warming fire in the fireplace. And I just LOVE our victorian christmas tree. (Gee, I saw xmas-trees for 40.000 L$. Not even nice ones. Who spends around 120 U$ for a virtual xmas tree???) Daffy made some stockings for our whole family:

When I came inworld last night from RL work, my love was sitting at the piano, playing the moonlight sonata for me. His eyes closed... God! Was he so cute!!!

Joined him a while on the piano, but then I got distracted by that mouse peeking out it's hole [available for free here. My bro Spanki's hubby Miki made it to spread it around. It's cute!]. What do you expect? - Even without tail and ears I'm a kitten after all!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

just some pics

We started decorating our cottage on earth. In RL I don't like holiday-season so much, maybe because I never really have holidays? However, in SL with my family - my love, my lil brothers... - I like to decorate and make it all winterly and romantic.

I rented a small additional parcel in the center of the SIM and made an ice-skating place with cuddle-benches and snowball fights and a dancing gazebo. Made it for us and for the neighbors on the parcel, though I think they all are a bit... uhm... strange. But it was nice dancing with my beloved dragon for hours in the gazebo after I got him some warm clothes.

Yesterday started to decorate the house with Kenshi. Isn't finished yet, but already looking nice.

And after the hard work of decorating we fallen asleep at the fireplace. OMG, he's looking sooooo cute. Especially with that reindeer in his arms! Could watch him sleeping all night long....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ice Skating


Kenshi and me heard that it snowed in Tabor. So we got some nice warm fur-cloaks and scarfs and went over to take a look. The boy chance invited us to Ice-Skating. I rezzed a skating-animation-ball and we had snowball-fights. More and more people were coming. Haven't had so much fun in Tabor for a long time!

My Kenshi making a snowangel for me:


Tetra pak

Sometimes the graphic-bugs are funny in SL. This is how our bosk-cow looked to me the other day till I cleared cache and relogged. Boskmilk in the handy Tetra pak?

Friday, November 20, 2009

My boys

Time to write something about my lovely boys! - Especially Mick aka "Wolf" and Brian aka "Eagle". I don't see my boy Tesakam too often. They all share one computer in RL, so those who knows us, will know, why Tesakam is seldom online.

All our boys are attending the Academy of Mur now and very eager to go through the lessons quickly. Especially Mick/Wolf. A while ago Matrix Voom wrote in his blog about "Being a Kajirus and Kajira". I'm proud to say, that my boy Wolf is such a kajirus (okay, he might have to work on the "patience" thing, but to be a lil hot-head is part of his lovely character; I don't wanna miss it). He is truely devoted, he sticks to me in good times as in bad times. He believes in me even in my weakest moments. Sometimes I can talk to him even better and more ingenuous then to my companion.
And Brian/Eagle? I don't see him so often and we have some communication problems, because he only speaks French, I do not, and the translator often translates crap. But his heart speaks to me and it is a pure and shining heart. There's a reason why I call him "mon petit ange". He makes me smile a lot, when he walks through this new world with big eyes, curious and eager to learn more and more like a (very smart) kid.

I just wanna say: I love you, mine, and thank you!

burn your bible!

Been to a new Gay Gor SIM yesterday, that claimed for itself to be strictly "By The Books". - Oh my! I can't hear that "By the Books" anymore. It seems to me like some fanatic, fundamentalistic Christians which take the bible literal. Those take John Normans Books literal and only RE-play a world created by a bad author instead of using it as basic to build upon it.
However... the funny if not to say ironic thing is: 1. How can a GAY Gor SIM at all be "By the Books", as there were no Gay Cities in the books? and 2. In their rules they dictate, that they don't accept a distinction between "red silk" and "white silk" slaves. Well, this is funny, as this distinction IS from the books (For non-Goreans: White Silks = virgins, Red Silks = opened). And also restricted red silks were known, as it is only natural, that a Master doesn't want his slaves be fucked by anyone.
So, before you claim to be a "BTB"-SIM, you better get informed and read the damn books!

Another thing I recognized: They don't accept a "30 minutes no RP and I'm out"-limit in the picks. Justifying it, that a captive couldn't expect that he is "center of attention" all the time. - Well, do not expect ME (or anyone else) to waste his online time sitting in your dungeon and waiting for hours, till you have time for him. - But in this case I recommend a place-holder. Put it in the dungeon/cell, go OOC somewhere else to have fun, and return, when they have time for you.

I say it again and again: Gor is a fucking GAME! Each player should have fun with it, no matter if Free or slave, Capturer or Captive. You can't claim someone to feel bad or ignore him and justify this with BTB. That's crap!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As some of you know, we are sleeping online most of the times. I love to fall asleep in the arms of my Kenshi or with him or my boy Wolf in my arms. We take that picture (and "feeling") with us into RL-sleep. Our AVs set to "away" and "busy". Sometimes when I just sit before the screen and watch my beloved ones sleeping. Some will say it's nuts, but we like it.

However, as we woke up on monday, we recognized in the chat-log, that at night two girls from the neighbor-parcel came over to our parcel, broke into our house and into our bedroom and amused themselves by putting our sleeping AVs in different sexual positions.

Well, some will say "so what?! It's just an AV!", but for us it was a very heavy violation of our privacy, dirty and humiliating. We were and are very upset. I reported them to the landlords (landladies to be exact) and to LL for grieving. Of course it's a physical difference if you do that in RL or in SL, but imho there's not much difference in mind to break into someone's house in RL and abuse him in sleep. What's going on in those people? Do they really think it's funny???

The landladies agreed with us about the heavy violation of our privacy. But I didn't get any reaction of LL yet.

We closed our private parcel now to group-access only, but still it's not the same anymore when we snuggle together at night...

busy weekend again

RL-work on friday, so there's not much to tell about that day. Too tired after work...

Saturday I took a day off RL-work to prepare everything for a meeting of the Tidre-group and for a surprise birthday-party for my love. Bad thing was, that he kept me busy the whole day. Well, wasn't so bad... *hehe*... but I couldn't tell him, that I would have to prepare his party and invite people, otherwise it wouldn't have been a SURPRISE party anymore!

So, we had that meeting on saturday. And afterwards the party for Kenshi, with DJ Heloq (mille grazie, bello!) which was his belated rezzday-party and at midnight CET his birthday party. Made a firework and all that, but actually I had not time to see it myself, too distracted by kissing my dragon. Some others said it was beautiful; I'll take their word for it!

Sunday after a very long RL-workday I did some BDSM-RP with my love. I needed the Gor-break and he wished it for his birthday. Was very good and exiting, except what happened at night.... but that's topic for a new article....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


In an empty SIM:

[17:26]  Albert whispers:      Noticed Franziskus
[17:26]  Franziskus Ninetails: Albert!
[17:26]  simon whispers:      Greeting Franziskus .
[17:26]  Franziskus Ninetails: hello, Simon!
[17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails: you are new!
[17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails: oh my god, I'm talking to dogs!
[17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails: I need an SL-break, I think

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

doesn't get better

Still no time to breath. Could start complaining and whining now, but that wouldn't help much. So... just an apology, that I don't have the time to write in this blog.

However, yesterday I tried to take a short break. A break from RP, a break from reading notices, a break from IMs, a break from building, creating, administrating... So I went on Eddi's invitation to the Museum of Sex Furniture. But I didn't come far. Played a bit outside with Boris, the Rottweiler:

I also heard Albert, the German Shephard, panting somewhere, but didn't find him. However, as I finally wanted to go inside, my love Kenshi joined me, made me a lovely suprised, played me songs and calmed me down a bit. He's so lovely! Well, he must be, otherwise he wouldn't bear with me for such a long time. *hehe*

The tribe-life on our island... hm, is a bit of disappointment. Thinking a lot about it and about making it a "normal" Gorean Sim - whatever that might be. I'm just too tired of fighting and discussing with other Gorean Sims about our exceptional state of allowing non-human AVs. So many said and still say, that they would love to RP as Nekos or whatever, but they don't come. And if they come, it seems they are only looking for sex and not for RP. Well, Gorean RP isn't something you just sneak in for an hour or so and then doing something else again. It's a permanent condition and your journeys to "earth" (= the rest of SL) are the exception. Not the other way round. I made a lot to explore on the island, a lot of social possibilities for a tribe's life, but it's not used. TPing in, looking on the radar if someone is there to fuck and if not, TPing out again and then complaining to me, that nothing happens... well, that's NOT the way Gor works, if human or non-human. So,  besides our chain the only ones who are really playing and taking part on the isle-life are Freki, Sieg, Jaap and Lutz.  Thank you, guys! None of the tribe. So we are considering a group-meeting in the next days to decide all together about the future of the island and the direction it will take.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

still catching for breath

Time runs so fast... (except when I'm on RL-work, then every hour feels like three).  Not in the bestest mood, trying to sort things in RL and SL, but without success. Do you know that feeling, when you got a mountain of work to do and you just sit before it, numb and loosing all your energy? *sighs*

Is not much to tell about the last days. Resting my heavy head in my love's lap the whole friday night, talking about the future of the island, about disappointments, about family... and fell asleep in his lap, which was pretty nice.

Missed most of the weekend due to RL-work as usual. Didn't join any halloween-party. (Oh, and belated happy birthday, Chris. Didn't see you online)

Yesterday, monday, I went with my two boys Mick and Brian to dance at Tainted boys to celebrate Mick's RL-birthday (sunday) too. That was fun as we were in the middle of a teacher-students-RP. *heh* Marin and his boy Conny joined us also (in the dance, not in the RP). Was a nice distraction.

Friday, October 30, 2009

For my dragon

My first attempt with a slideshow with Picasa. For my love Kenshi!

Tiger & Dragon - MyVideo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

lil kittehz and lil devils

For those who are interested: My "lil" kitteh (13 pounds) Henry is slowly getting better. It was heartbreaking watching him trying to walk after the narcosis and surgery, always falling, looking helplessly. I was holding him in my arms for hours, let him sleep in my bed (which means, that I didn't get much sleep...), but today he looks much better. Sleeping a lot, still a bit dizzy. I hope, he's doing much better soon.

So, as my last two days been a bit stressy with the lil kittycat, we had a relaxed and fun time yesterday. Making a surprise rezzday-party on the Isle for Mick with Heloq as DJ. It was fun with Mick, Heloq,  Kyne, Conny, Shtax, Jaap, Freki, Rio, Rafa, Parzi, Teale, Wil, Almazy, Eili, Aeneas, Milo... and finally my Kenshi for three slow-dances (Hope I didn't forget anyone).

After the guests were gone way behind midnight, I held my lil happy devil for a while, we enjoyed the view at night over the island and cuddled a while. Nice evening it was.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm out of titles

Another week gone without an entry. And I don't even remember what was going on. My Kenshi ill. My RL-kitteh very ill too yesterday and at the pet's hospital. Gets all teeth extracted. The kitteh, not Kenshi.
Some RP also, but I was too tired for a continuing storyline and after 10+ hours RL-work on Saturday and Sunday I wasn't really fit for RP.

Oh, been to the slave-hunt at the harvest-festival in the group-alliance cluster. Was fun, but the rules were a bit messy, I think. (Or me too tired and exhausted to understand them)

Trying to write articles about RP for the group-alliance/Tabor. Well, they will think they don't need it, so I have the feeling it's just a waste of time...

Dancing yesterday with my lil bro Mick who had his rezzday and Jaap (from our island) and Rio and Nevie joined us, dancing to Heloq's tunes.

What else is new? I don't remember. RL-issues and some inworld-disappointments don't leave me in the best mood. Well, it's autumn, that's always this special time....

Monday, October 19, 2009

and yet another one

Has it really been almost a week I wrote my last entry? Whoa! Well, busy week it was. But now it finally will get a bit better as I worked a lot on the Isle so it finally got up for RP again on Friday.

As usual we were running out of prims, so I took off our private penthouse high over the island. Been a bit sad doing that, because I really like it, but we have another parcel with our lovely cottage and it would be unnecessary to have three instead of only two (Gor and Earth) homes.

I don't remember when it was - thursday or friday - when I was running around as tigers Freki (+ Byakko + Jinx) and hunting deer in the woods. That was fun!

Not much time on the weekend due to RL-work. And then.... the Gorean RP-server is back. And it made me a bit angry. Not, that it is back, but the way how it was done. For all non-Goreans here a small explanation: You have a server in Gor, where you store goods like salt, wine, meat etc. Others (raiders, thieves) can steal from these servers, so you better hide them well and the challenge is, to find them and steal from them (in RP!). The goods are also used for trades, if someone is captured.
To fill the servers, you need to produce goods and trade them. Therefore you have units like blacksmith, a medical bowl and a brewery. They produced a certain amount of goods per day. And the less they produced, the more worthy was the good (like 1 paga per day, but only 1 kalana each 4th day).
So, in the past you could have all three units in any SIM (not only Gorean) producing all goods they could produce around the clock. That flooded the economy of course. Often slaves were traded for 50 bags of salt or something, which is ridiculous, as 1 bag of salt normally is the price to trade for an Ubar or very high caste member.
So a while ago the creators of the system decided to stop that inflation and changed the system. Now you can only have one unit on your SIM and only when it is a registered Gorean SIM and you have only one good to produce in this unit. - Which is okay so far. BUT: The older players, which produced zillion of goods before, still had their zillion of goods. So, that's a bit unfair to the new players, but well, life isn't fair, especially not Gor.
What finally made me angry now is, that they disabled the servers again without any warning. They were disabled for weeks. And as finally the new version was back, every item you kept in your inventory and not in your old server, suddenly is worthless! That's hard for us, because due to the repairations on the island, we had emptied our servers and kept it all in our inventory, till we finished. But then we couldn't put it back into it, as the servers were disabled. Grrrrrr!
Well, now we either have to become thieves or we have to make a lot of captives to get some goods. *heh*

Okay, what else? Hm, made some pictures yesterday of my boy Brian, now called "Eagle". We're becoming a zoo! *lol* Tiger, Dragon, Wolf, Fox, Eagle....

He looks so lovely and cute. I'm very proud of all my cute boys. I think the picture became pretty nice:

Later my other boy and lil bro Mick/Wolf joined us and I took some pics of the two love-birdies. Watched them dancing in the nightsky, which was just lovely and you could feel the love in the air, causing me pleasurable shivers. They are so purrfect for each other, like my Kenshi and me.

I love this one, as it looks a bit like the Gorean paintings I've seen.
I just love to play with the sky-settings:

As I finally went to bed with my two lovely boys, I took a last picture. The lighting with the gamma gave it a certain "comic"-look, which I liked very much. Brian looks so peaceful sleeping, Mick looking at him with loving eyes and me watching over them. - One of those pics you make by coincidence and you would never be able to catch the moment if you would plan it:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm so exited

And why is that? Becauuuuusssssseeeeee...... after I updated my emeral viewer today........ I suddenly recognized....... thaaaaaaaaaatt......... *takes a deep breath and jumps from paw to paw*


Did SL finally hear our kittez prayers?!?

Monday, October 12, 2009

another weekend over

Did I mention that I hate weekends? However, it's over now. \o/ YAY! \o/

In the few hours I was at home and "home" (SL with my beloved ones) I was building most of the times or showing guests around the island. So, there's not much to tell.

Made some pictures of my boy wolf yesterday:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Luke, I am your fasa!

Just a few hours before 11 hours hell of RL-work is waiting for me; time enough for some notes, though there's not much to tell.

Most important: My Kenshi finally is back! \o/ Yay! \o/ After cuddling and slow-dancing a while in the gazebo, he wanted us to buy tuxedos. Mmmmm, he's looking so good in it! He wanted to go to a jazz/blues-club and I remembered Spanki mentioning Hotlanta several times, so  I asked Teleny for the LM and we tried that. I liked the cars parking in front of the club and we.... uhm... "borrowed" one. *hehe* Made me feel like 30s or something... Thinking of "Cabaret" and "Victor/Victoria". Somehow I always think in movies. - However, it's a nice club for blues and jazz, though the music wasn't exactly, what we were looking for. Well, it was good music, but not for cuddling slow-dances with hands secretely moving under jackets, under buttoned shirts, carressing the skin under the fabrics.... If you know what I mean. *winks* But we got tired anyways, so finally went home. Was in the mood for nice cuddling in and out of the tuxedos, but we were toooooo tired.

Seems we don't get the opportunity to cuddle these days. Cause last night... Well, I had worked a lot on the Isle and it's progressing very much: New lake, new beach, new swamp... Then RL-work called, and as I came back after midnight, my love had electricity problems. Talked a while on the cell-phone till he finally got power back. Showed him the new builds on the isle and then we wanted to go dancing at... uhm.... what's the name of the club? Stardust? Starfall? Me and names! *eeeks* However, that club of Sherynn on Koen's land (I think)... ah, ya.. "Starfall" it is! So, I tp'd there and sent my love a limo.... and waited... no reaction.... then heard him snoring in our private voice-chat. That happened once before and since I'm teasing him, that he sounds like Darth Vader (that's why the title of this entry), but actually it's kinda cute. So, there was nothing with dancing; went back, had to wake him up and drag him to bed. Poor, sleepy dragon... (Love you much mucher!!!)

So, I hope we soon have some comfy time together. At the moment my mind is blown with too many things; have to get the island back and was asked to write articles about RP and fighting some hurt feelings and disappointments, but I guess I'm just a bit too sensitive from all the busy-ness.

Well, RL is calling soon. I wished it was sunday evening....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

getting better

Getting a bit better these days. There's still a lot of work on the Isle as we implement some new ideas, but as I see the progress now, I'm full of new energy (I was about to give up a few days ago...). Especially as I finally found what I was looking for: Low prim (1-2) sculpted trees which look realistic. At Crazy Garden, where I bought 2 packs, and the owner was really nice and sent me flowers... in fact another pack with 10 nice plants in it. I just bought some more stuff and considering of getting up a vendor of that shop.
So we put the flowers around the wild gazebo yesterday and also a bought a rose-pergola for my romantic boy and he looks so cute and sexy framed by roses:

Apart from building there's not much news. Welcome to Kenny Soderberg as newest blog-follower! He was one of the sexy guys at GAY Village (I think that was the name of the Italian Club). *purrrrrr* It's funny, that already 30 people follow this blog, as I'm not fishing for readers and it's just a personal blog, not informative and interesting like others.

After working on my taxes (RL *eeech*) and then on the lake of the island and the gazebo, I grabbed my lil devil yesterday and went over to Tainted Boys for dancing. Getting a bit distracted and having fun. But missing my Kenshi who's on a mission for days now; I hope he's coming back soon. RL can be so annoying. But I had him on the phone for a while and even if the connection was bad and I didn't understand much, it was good to hear his voice again. Come back soon, my love, and please in one piece!

Well, that's it mostly. I'm tempted to write some more, but I try to follow Eddi Haskell's motto ""I will blog about others as I want them to blog about me", which is a good golden rule. Or with the wise words from others: "If you can't tell something good about someone, don't say anything at all."

And finish this entry with a song of one of my favorite and most admired singers, which sadly died this week: Mercedes Sosa with "Gracias a la vida":

Thanks to life, which has given me so much.
It gave me two beams of light, that when opened,
Can perfectly distinguish black from white
And in the sky above, her starry backdrop,
And from within the multitude
The one that I love.

Thanks to life, which has given me so much.
It gave me an ear that, in all of its width
Records— night and day—crickets and canaries,
Hammers and turbines and bricks and storms,
And the tender voice of my beloved.

Thanks to life, which has given me so much.
It gave me sound and the alphabet.
With them the words that I think and declare:
"Mother," "Friend," "Brother" and the light shining.
The route of the soul from which comes love.

Thanks to life, which has given me so much.
It gave me the ability to walk with my tired feet.
With them I have traversed cities and puddles
Valleys and deserts, mountains and plains.
And your house, your street and your patio.

Thanks to life, which has given me so much.
It gave me a heart, that causes my frame to shudder,
When I see the fruit of the human brain,
When I see good so far from bad,
When I see within the clarity of your eyes...

Thanks to life, which has given me so much.
It gave me laughter and it gave me longing.
With them I distinguish happiness and pain—
The two materials from which my songs are formed,
And your song, as well, which is the same song.
And everyone's song, which is my very song.

Thanks to life
Thanks to life
Thanks to life
Thanks to life

Monday, October 5, 2009

and another week over

Woah! What a week again. I'm so exhausted and tired. Trying to get the Isle back asap, but plenty new ideas and other things lets it take longer then expected. However, it will look even better and be more adventurous then before. Someone donated a huuuuuge amount to the Isle, though it isn't even open to RP atm. I don't know who it was as the donations go to Kenshi, but I will find out and then you'll get a biiiig hug and "thank you", generous anonymous spender!

I only took three breaks this week, each time dancing. On monday with my Kenshi at Tainted Boys. On thursday at Tiger's Isle, dancing with my bros Jojo, Nevie and Kyne... and  yesterday - sunday -, when JoJo invited me to a new Italian club (forgotten the name again. Something with "GAY....") to support Daffy's gig. We had lots of fun and the Italians were hawt! Last minute I got to hear, that the theme is "I scream" and I desperately searched for an outfit, that would impersonate Munch's painting... but at the end I was just wearing a tank from Jojo, superhero-briefs from boycut and a smile. I went there with my boy Brian, and my lil devil Mick came too, and Andrej joined us as well as Rammy... so we been a crowd at the end and had much fun. Too bad, I couldn't take good pictures; too laggy and not easy to get all bros in motion on ONE pic!

The tanks JoJo made in cooperation with JJ Later from CityBoyz were the hit. Everybody wanted them and I think at the end the whole club was wearing it. I just wonder, what an ice cream licking boy has to do with it!? (hell, yes! I always had to think of Roberto Benigni in Jarmusch's "Down by law"...) It was so good to dance with brothers again. Missed that so much! Just too bad, that Spanki and Nevie been too busy to join us. Maybe next time... And of course my Kenshi! Well, one day maybe they get two computers, then I can be with my boy AND my husband at the same time?

Oh, on saturday I missed the "Oktoberfest" on Tiger's Isle. Unbelievable that the last one is already a year ago! Time moves so fast. *sighs* But I worked RL 11 hours and the party was too late for me. Too bad!

Okay, back to building and terraforming!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank God, weekend is over!

Well, there's not much to tell about the weekend. Only the "history" of ticket submitting to Linden and trying to save the Isle of Tidra. This is the History of my weekend:

1. Accidently flattened the whole SIM for some levels, so that half of the SIM was under water
2. After RL-work on Friday worked half of the night to get the terraforming back
3. Wrote to the German support of Linden to ask for a rollback BEFORE the accident happened; waited long for a reaction
4. After many hours of waiting, German support adviced to try the "revert" button or ask for a rollback in the English support. I asked for the rollback
5. Linden reacted quickly and did the rollback... with the result, that it was as messy as it was after the accident, before my work of Friday night; so Friday night was a waste of time
6. Wrote in the ticket, that they seem to rolledback from the wrong moment and if they can do it again, but from an earlier moment
7. Waited another several hours for an answer, but as nothing came (8 hours later) I sent another ticket
8. While waiting for the answer, I finally tried the "revert" button as recommended... which made the whole SIM almost COMPLETELY flat. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
9. Got the message, that they closed the 1. ticket, working on the 2. ticket, but I should tell them the exact time, before the accident happened (which I already did 3 times...)
10. They set the SIM offline most of the day
11. As I came back from a long working-day on sunday evening, I got the message, that the problem is "solved"
12. The SIM looks exactly as flat as it was before and I don't see any difference from a rollback
13. I GAVE UP! (But wrote them a comment in the ticket, that I gave up, and now I can't do anything, as the ticked still says "work in progress" and I don't want to put some hours work into it and then Linden rolls it back to the messy under water state from friday or flat state from saturday)

Well, at least I got some new ideas for the island and I'm ready for another few weeks of terraforming......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh God, it's weekend!

As already mentioned in the Isle of Tidra blog: The weekend started no good! Kenshi and Mick got the flu and if that wouldn't be enough, I damaged the terraforming of the isle by accident. Not sure, how it could happen. I tried to flatten a small piece of land, selected the small area and clicked on "apply" several times, till it was flat enough. But it seems, I mis-clicked and I did not only flatten the selection but the whole SIM. I just recognized it, when Kyne cried for help as he was drowning. And all that happened right before I had to go to work and just that moment also arrived some of my favorite RPers on the island. I was headless and close to a nervous break-down. All the work for weeks... going along the coast... smoothing and adjusting every meter of the isle. Now I sent a support ticket to Linden in the hope that a rollback could undo the damage. Till now I got no reaction. Keep your fingers crossed! Otherwise there will be another few weeks of work. *sighs*

So, that is that. What else? Been dancing with my Kenshi on wednesday, but the club-scene isn't what it was before. Just one party-gesture after the other. So I just listened to the music and talked to my love in IMs.

Thursday much RP with Mick. And friday... well, yeah. Better forget that day! So, it's weekend now and that means lots of RL-work. Maybe helps to wait more patiently for the reaction of Linden instead of checking my eMail every 5 minutes for a (positive) answer...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hm, pretty busy with RP these days since we opened the SIM. Savage boys are coming and playing. It will take a while till the Isle is permanently occupied, but it's a good start. Still lots of things to do though....

Yesterday we bought a weather-control system. What's a rainforrest without rain? Special thanks to Alyn Skytower, who donated for it.

In the shop with the weather-system we had some fun with riding on... uhm... elks? reindeers? no idea! But was fun. And my hubby bought me a little kitten. Ish so cute! Have to buy some toys for it!
Also found some nice furniture for the isle and accidently clicked on a pumpkin and realized later, that it was part of a hunt, so that I won a scary bubble-gum, which is funny.

Well, we started an extra blog for the Isle of Tidra to not bother my other readers with too many Gorean RP-chat-logs. And now we have to buy a bosk (a cow-like animal) for the Isle, cause I don't like my coffee black...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancing with my love

Not so much to tell about the weekend. Lots of RL-work and some other issues... lack of sleep... very exhausting! But sunday evening it was over, logged in and my love was waiting for me in his wedding-clothes. *purrrrrrr* We slow-danced for hours in our beautiful gazebo and enjoyed each others company. Was sooooo nice and beautiful.

What else? Hm, played with the layouts of the blogs. Is a bit difficult to post now, but looks nice IMHO. And RP on Tidra is developing. Soon we will start an extra site for the RP there. It's so much fun to play with the savages and people are coming. YAY!

Oh, and my bro Spanks got surprisingly partnered! Congratz, bro! *licks and kissis*

~ Meez happi! ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

The big Gor-issue

Marin asked in a comment (thank you for pointing out) below an interesting question. I might quote: "Since I am one of the guys who thinks your island is really outstanding - from rp'er for roleplay - I was wondering about the story line too. For once one can stop by on a voyage ... but then what .... since all other gorean SIMs ban nekos ... how can you carry a story forward without limiting rp to just this island?"

Of course we thought about that problem. And yes, it IS a problem, as all the Gor-SIMs are soooo narrow-minded regarding the neko-matter. - Which is a bit strange, when you think about it:

Look, John Norman really IS a bad writer; even the hardest fans have to admit that. He looses himself much too often in details, repeats them again and again... which is helpful for creating worlds in SL, as you more or less get an instruction-manual, but it's not very... uhm... belletristic.
However, one thing we have to attest him: He's imaginative in inventing not only flora and fauna for Gor, but also different races. Beside the humans there are the Priest Kings, the Kurii, the swamp-spiders, "the others", those monkey-people (forgot their name) and some more.

I'm still searching for that interview, where John Norman said, his books were starting a point and that he wanted people to expand on what he wrote, not limit it. So, why should nekos on Gor be so ridiculous and a no-go? Tell me, where in the books there's a GAY city!? (Yes, there's the one tribe, but they are more asexual, aren't they?) But yet... gay cities exist on SL-Gor. And I'm thankful for that!
So, how could especially those gay city say "Gay Gor has a right to exist, neko-Gor not!"? I think there are mentioned much more exots (similar to nekos) in the books then gays.

However, I'm aware, that we won't revolutionize SL-Gor. We won't be accepted as nekos in most SIMs. That's very strange, as most Goreans I've talked to, have a neko (or other mystic creature) in their inventory or as an alt. The individuals like it to 99%, the mass reject it. Isn't that funny and sad at the same time? How often do you have the same phenomen in RL? How often do you hear "I as individual agree, but what could I do as a single guy against the social pressure?"
Well, in SL... don't they/you restrict yourself? Restrict your own fun? There are lots of possibilities to expand the RP-fun. Imagine exots captured on the island by slavers, trying to sell them on the slave-markets in Gorean cities... Tribesbrothers invating the cities by night, trying to rescue their brothers...

But yes, I know: It's an impossible dream because of the narrowminded bulk in SL-Gor. And I have to admit: I'm too tired and exhausted to fight. Especially after exactly those of my neko earth-brothers, who said "Oh, cool! We want to RP!" now are not to be seen anymore. Well, they are kittehz, they never know, what they want. *sighs* The only kitteh that comes to play is my bro Kyne (smooch and thanks, bro!); the others won't mind, if they are neko or human. And we are about to clean the group pretty soon and renew the rules, if things don't change. Why should I waste my energy for people who are not interested at all? (And if you hear some disappointment and frustration out of this, then you are right).

The jungle-theme however is justified by the books. Like on earth there's a rainforrest and jungle around the equator of Gor, starting with the Port of Schendi (not in SL), going over in Ubar Bila Huruma's Ushindi.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Contact

Been a bit depressive the last evening... Now, as the island is almost finished and the RP already started, who stays away? Yes, exactly those who said, what a nice idea it would be and who encouraged us to make a RP-Sim where nekos and other mystical creatures are allowed. I'm very, very disappointed. Last night I was almost about to clean half of my friends-list.

But today we had a nice RP. The story-line so far is, that after the Tiger & Dragon chain left Silver Tree, found a shelter at the island which they called "Isle of Tidra". Thinking first it is empty, we soon discovered signs of human beings.... a cave, a plantation... Soon we also saw them hiding behind bushes and rocks: Strange savages... a tribe... But they avoided any contact and disappeared, when we stepped closer.

Today we finally managed to capture one, though the communication was a bit difficult. We hope, others of this tribe speak our language. - However, we had lots of fun with the imaginative capture and language-lesson. You can read more about it in the Isle of Tidra Blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Season

I'm disappointed and enthusiastic at the same time these days. The RP on the island finally will start. Either today already or tomorrow. The island is still not finished, but the rest we can do in RP... befriend the savage tribe, discover the lost temple, furnish it with our Gorean furniture which is unknown to the tribe... things like that.

However, we get some visitors already and we want to offer them RP. Everyone who comes visiting, says it's an amazing and one of the most beautiful SIMs in SL they ever saw. Makes me a bit proud. It's really not bad, especially as it's just a homestead with restricted number of prims. I'm just a bit concerned of the scripts as we're lagging these days. But lagging everywhere else also, so it might be SL in general.

It just saddens me a bit, that those for whom I had built the island and who said "Yeah! RP for kittehs would be so much fun!", seem to be gone. Either busy with other RP or just moving on or not in SL anyways. Didn't even get a response to several call-outs in the group. It's just sad and depressing, but well... life goes on and paths part. More then once that I have to accept that.

On the other side new people are coming, so the tribe will hopefully grow. Yesterday some met and we talked about the storyline. Sitting on the raft of the lake and talking, enjoying sexy kittehs, humans, elfs around me... it was very nice though it was hard for me to relax, as so many things are still on my mind. So many things left to do...