Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary, my lil moonbeam

I wanted to post this earlier, but as usual busy, busy, busy.....

On sunday it was the 2-year-collaring anniversary of my second boy Endy. Calling him "my lil moonbeam". Two years ago I bought him in RP at the docks of Hrimgar. It was a good decision, which I never regretted.
I'm lucky with my two boys. There are only a very few relationships like ours around SL. My boys mean so much more to me than just a Gorean roleplayed collaring. They are my friends, lovers, partners. We are family. They deal with my moods and deal with negligence, when I'm lost in building-spheres. :-)
We celebrated the day at sunday's Tabor OOC dance. River made a wonderful decoration. I took some pictures too... at least I thought so, but for some reason, the singularity viewer with which I struggle atm after firestorm didn't save them on my harddisc. So, here's just one of my most favorite pictures with my lil moonbeam, which I took long time ago, even before I collared him.
Thank you, for being mine, my lil moonbeam, and I hope you always wear my collar with pride! Love you, mine!