Thursday, February 26, 2009

just some pics and notes

Me is terrible tired, but I can't stop watching my love in his sleep, the cute faces he's making in his dreams, so adorable, lovely and peaceful. Listening to the waves and the seagulls and blackbirds, flying around in the sunset... It's the second night we're spending in a hammock at the beach and I just luv it!

So, before I turn over, cuddling to my Beloved, I thought I quickly add some pictures and write some notes....

Been shopping yesterday a little. Earthclothes for my love. And... oh my! He looks sooo cute and shmexie! Had to fight the urge to take him right there in dah store!!! *roars*

Well, and for me got a new kilt. Getting addicted to kilts. So inappropreate for a Magistrate, but.... rrrRRRRrrrrr.... I just luv them!

We been dancing then at ZEUS as my bro Spanki is a new host there. He's so happy with the job and we supported him. Well... is always fun to dance with my brothers and mah Kenshi liked it too. mmmmmm

And --- big YAY!!! \o/ ---my bro Justyn is back too! From jet-lag to SL-lag, so he was just on for a few minutes, but time enuff to intro him to Kenshi and for some cat-fighting-lick-and-grope attacks. *yummy* Missed him so!

Today was so busy! - Got my first boy in Gor, busy getting him all the equipment a good Kajirus needs. So, I'm the proud owner of Codey now. Sweet boy. Wasn't planned like that, as he should have become Matt's boy, but Matty never there and boy lonely. Couldn't answer for that any longer and claimed him. Duh! Sew me! (But better read Gorean laws first. No chance, sorry) =^.^=

So, I guess that's it shortly. Cuddling now to my hubbie, feeling his hum hum through the fabrics of our new undies (YES! I bought undies! Imagine that! Okay, was an accident more or less, as it should have been a present, but my love was faster then me, so I kept them) and purring to sleep..... Nitey nite, everyone!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

just hello

So busy this week and don't know exactly what I've done. Hm... built a jungle-valley on Arad. Oh sorry! Of course I don't "build", I just place some prefabbed items somewhere somehow... *shrugs* However... I guess I exaggerated a little with the rezzer. You shouldn't stuff about 1200 prims in a rezzer. *giggles*

Still happy with my love; honeymoon seems to go on and on and on. And the better I get to know him, the more I love him. *purrrrrrs* Je t'aime, mon amour!

Missing a bit my "society life" though - dancing, talking, chatting, flirting with my brothers. I hope they soon have more time for me and me for them. And brother Justyn should come back soon. Hoping for a brother's danceout soon. *roars in anticipation of pounces and licks*

Oh, speaking of dancing! It's the end of the months and that means: My dear friend JC is giving his monthly rezzday-party. So, if you have rezzday in february or RL-birthday in february or just want to paaaaaarty (and it will be good as one of mah favoritest DJs Gregster is playing *yay*), then come to Lucifer's remorse on friday:

Monday, February 16, 2009


Late but finally my love came to the party and it was soooooo good just dancing and purring together. Oh, and I luuuuuuv this picture!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is a life-post so-to-say.... I'm dancing at DJ Heloq's Valentine's party, enjoying the love-songs, getting a little sentimental....*me rubs a little tear from the corner of his eyes*... Miss my love so much. He promised to come and he always keeps his promises, so I'm concerned. But brother Jojo promised it also and is missing, so it prolly is just another SL-problem. *sighs*

So, I'm just enjoying the music and think about loves gone and loves present. Happy to be best friends with Spanki and Andrej now. Happy, that (second) life have led me to one of the most wonderful people I met, who's so caring and protective on the one side, so shy and cute and trustful on the other: My Kenshi!

I'm happy for the people I met, I know, I love. Thank you all! Love you!!!

Oh my... I'm really getting a little too sentimental! But... *shrugs* It was V'day, wasn't it? =^.^=

Soooo, what else is new? Spent a lot of time with my love this week. Enjoyed the honeymoon so much. I know, we won't have so much time together in the future, so I tried to squeeze every precious minute with him like sweetest fruit. *purrrrrr*

The rest of my time, when he wasn't with me, I spent mostly on Gor, caring for the boys of Arad and RPing. So, you can imagine: My inventory is still a mess or even messier... *sighs*

Last night we were dancing naked around a campfire like a wild tribe. Dreaming of a wild island integrated into Gor, but for a bunch of wild boys like in "Lord of the flies". Mmmmm, that would be fun!

And I took a "family-picture" yesterday. Too bad, Kenshi is missing on the pic. Hope I soon can do one with all of us together:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Even more changings

Oh my! A whole week gone since the last entry and so many things happened. Gee! Where to start???

Well, best news first: Kenshi and me partnered! YAY!!!! It was such a surprise and I was all omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg as he made the proposal. So many changes acoming, so many exitements. Since he asked me on saturday and I said "Yes!" (I think mah said "Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!") there's a happy grin attached from one fluffy ear to the other. Can't help it! [Also can't help the big boner I have RL permanently since saturday only thinking of my companion *blush*]

After the proposal we headed over to Arad, where Matteus gave us his blessings in a short ceremony. And then... mmmmmmmm..... wedding-night! *purr* Falling to sleep happily holding my love in my arms... what a good day it was! [Well, till a ghost from my past dared to sneak up on us in mah skybox. How pathetic!]

I'm promoted to the "Magistrate of Arad" by Matteus and started a new blog for the island.

click on the pic
Sooo, hmmmm... what else? I'm still all puzzled, cause of all the news... can't think straight. Have danced with my bro Spanki on thursdays at the opening of Heloq's club. Oh my! That shorts that my brother was wearing... *me adjusts*

Oh, and my Kenshi turned neko's yesterday. He wanted a whole kitten-skin and now he's such a cuuuuuuuuuuuute black panther. And as we were shopping for all the stuff, me gots a white tiger skin too in honor of my original Byakko-roots. A fine couple we are! *purrrrrrrr*

So, now I'm switching between Gor and earth, human and neko and white tiger... and my inventory is messier then ever. So much to organize, so much to do. But I'm happy, happy, happy.

Just too bad, there are some dark clouds on the sky with some brothers. So, as honeymoon's over soon, I will have to take care of my family I guess.

Monday, February 2, 2009


As my Kenshi is busy with some RL-issues, I spent more time on earth the last days. Decided it was time for changes and got a new skin. I like it but still have to get used to it...

Sooooo, can't remember what I did most of the time. Sitting around or dancing around, busy in IMs most of the times. Talked a lot to my brothers and beloved ones like Spanki, Andrej, Jojo, Kyne, Tree, Justyn, Rammy etc. etc. etc. Wanted to clean my closet the whole time, maybe send some clothes to charity, but it's just a mess like my whole inventory. *sighs*

Did some modelling for JJ Laters creations. His new shirt is so... uhmmmmmmmm..... hawt! But he wasn't satisfied with the pictures; said, my sex-appeal would distract too much from the shirt. *blushes*

Friday I joined JC's monthly rezzday-party for a while. But was too laggy and... humm.... didn't feel too comfy for a certain reason. Headed over to another place of a guy called Shea; forgot the name of the club, but Spanki and Dari were there. I invited Rammy and Tree over and Jojo came too, and Arc was spinning the tunes... so we had fun brothers dancing all together. Was pretty good! Wanted to go with Jojo to Daffy's gig at Premier afterwards, but then there were some issues on the other planet and I had to leave.

Sunday JC invited me over to a concert of the incredible talented Enniv Zarf. I only got the last 20 minutes, but that guy was amazing. I should go more often to such concerts!

After that party-time again. Yay! Danced with Rammy and my uber-shmexie brother Justyn at Hot n Hung to DJ Gregsters tunes. Gee! ish mah bro so shmexie!!! Wanted to lick him all the time *purrrrrrs and adjusts* Too bad, I still was busy in 1000s of IMs --- would have liked some action on the dance-floor. Soon headed over to another club of DJ Wesley and danced there. Rammy crashing all the time. Poor bro! And Douggie joined us too. Oh my, miss my little sunshine. Too bad, that I was so tired; had to leave for a kitteh-nap soon.

However, it was an exiting weekend. Just missing my Kenshi and most of the other-planet's family. But realized, how much I miss my earth-life too.... =^.^=