Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday at Tainted Boys

Oki, my bros already call me "Franziskus Spielberg" or even better "Franzi Ford Coppola"... *hehe* Well, it's like RL: Give someone a camcorder and he will record EVERYTHING the next weeks. So, I'm filming, filming and filming.

Did this on monday, our usual Off-Gor-Day, where we dance at Tainted Boys with DJ Heloq and mah bro Spanks. It was HELL to record... You all know, how laggy you can become in danceclubs anyways, even with lowest graphics. But I tried ultra graphics AND to record at the same time. But I like the result. Just wished I had a faster computer and better graphic-card....

Friday, February 19, 2010

impressions of Tidra (1)

My first attempt to make a movie with impressions of Tidra. Of course it's not purrfect yet, but I am impatient to bring it online. Used WeGame for recording and Windows Movie Maker for editing. Next time I will know, that I have to aim the cam longer on one scene, but I think it's not too bad for my very first attempt. More will come! :-)

Music is "Herr, unser Herrscher" of Johann Sebastian Bach in the arrangement of a project called "Lambarena - Bach to Africa". It's dedicated to Albert Schweitzer. I thought it fits because of the African rhythms mixed with Bach's "Johannespassion"... Christian Chorals in the jungle of Gabun, where Schweitzer, a philospher, doctor and talented organist, lived and worked many years... so, transferred to the Goreans invading a savage island, mixing wilderness and 'civilisation' etc. - Oh well, I just like the music! *heh* So, enjoy:


These days I started to clean my friendslist. Actually I didn't want to do it as defriending seems kinda rude and the messages Linden sends out seem even ruder...

But when you are in Gor for while, your friendslist becomes endless. I don't easily befriend someone, if I don't plan to have further contact; I use the "notice" function in the profiles to remember when I met whom how. But some Goreans you have an hour +/- RP and then *whoosh* they want to befriend you... which IS nice at that moment and of course I accept... but then never ever hear from them again until I meet them somewhere on a Gor-SIM incidently anyways.

Others were on my list from times when I was dancer, host and manager... and haven't heard of them for more then a year.

So finally I decided: Off with them! Doesn't tell anything about my personal sympathy for those people.

But yesterday emerald viewer had an update. And included in that update is the function, that you can see on your friendslist who hides from you. Well, hiding is in my eyes an act of offence. It's rude and inpolite and nothing what a friend would do. You hide individually, means: you have to hide from one special person (even if you do it with all of your "friends", you have to uncheck each single one of them. But if you do that, so why befriend anyone anyways, huh?) First of all you can see if someone is online or not, when you look at his profile or you look in a group, where you both are members. So you could always be busted. Now it's just easier.
Of course each of us needs sometimes time for privacy. Maybe to be busy building or to focus on RP or to have some time to relax alone or with someone special... Yes, there are reasons, when you don't want to be bothered with IMs and party-invitations. But a real friend would understand, if you answer him "Not now. Busy. Sorry." Or something like that. And emerald even has the autoresponse-function for it in it's settings.

Of course I looked up who's hiding from me and was surprised about the six people. Well, one of them I knew he does and he's still on my friendslist. The other 5 - off with them! I'm really not the guy who bothers others with IMs and party-invitations all the time; actually I'm more one of those who's too busy with building, RP and cuddling most of the times. But I would never hide.

However, it's interesting, who does it. Take a look and maybe you will be surprised...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

dancing, dancing & dancing

Mommie's Dearest - which is of course me - should have been to Mommie's birthday today. But it's snowing and snowing and snowing, so didn't dare to drive the 180 miles home to family...

So, what happened the last few days? Not so much. Been online late all the time. Built a tribe's camp on Tidra, which became pretty, I think....

Monday, our usual Off-Gor-Day we were at Tainted Boys again. Always fun with bro Spanks dancing and Heloq playing... and Ado and Trace are so nice guys... Tried to take pics, but wasn't so easy to get a good pic with the usual lag in danceclubs:

Spanks, me & Kenshi (in kilts) and Heloq

mah shmexie bro Spanks
(tried to make it look like he's dancing
with the animated dancers in the background,
but didn't get the right angle)

On Tuesday I gave my bro's twin a tour to Tidra. He's so nervous and exited. Is so cute! But I'm all exited too to have my bro's twin as savage on Tidra. We will have lots of fun!

Wednesday been dancing too. And afterwards took a relaxing bubble-bath with my Kenshi before we went to bed. It's amazing how a bath in SL can relax you in RL also....

However, it doesn't make you clean in RL (if at all then messy... if you know, what I mean). That's why I have to take a RL-shower now. And then... catcha inworld!

P.S.: Who's interested in Gor ~> I wrote an article about "Boys and Bows" in the Tidra-Blog. Making some more enemies, I guess. But who cares?

Monday, February 8, 2010

what a wonderful romantic night!

Danced the whole night with my Kenshi in the Garden(s?) of Apollo. Didn't take too much pictures, cause I was just watching and watching and watching him... *purrrrrrrrrs*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary, my Dragon

On my way to work today I suddenly heard this song in the radio... Didn't recognize it in the beginning, just thought "Hey, those pipes and drums... sounds interesting... " - till Madonna started to sing and I finally recognized "Into the Groove". Looked for the video as I was home and hey, those drummers in their kilts and tanks are so damn sexy. Like my hubbie, who's half Scottish. So, here's the video:

And yes, it fits, cause today it's one year since my love asked me to become his partner. Happy Anniversary, my love! Unbelievable, that it's already one year! Whew!!! But we're not getting into a groove; every day with him is a special day.


Monday, February 1, 2010

another weekend done

Yay! Though... it wasn't that bad this weekend as I got one day off because of snow and ice on the roads.

Not much to tell again as usual after a weekend. Visited bro Nevie's new home where he done a nice job building. And he got such a cuuuuuute kitteh-AV! So cuddly!

Most of the time when I'm alone (which isn't that often) I tried to sort my inventory. Well, it gets a bit sorted, but not smaller. Still over 20.000 items. *sighs*

Sunday been a bit upset for some reason. As consequence I started to clean up my friendslist. Ejected about 50 people or so. I thought, I'd never do that, because it seems somehow "rude" to me, but why have people on your list you only met once, befriended you and then never again talked to you? Also left two Gorean groups out of the same consequence.

The rest of the night I spent with my Kenshi, cuddling and talking about this and that.. politics and popes. Loved it!

So, don't have new pictures. After 2 years SL I still forget it all the time. So I will just embed a video. Because it was Franz Schubert's birthday yesterday. Great musician. Great name. Franz. *heh* Chosen the Trio in E-flat, in the version of the movie "The Hunger" by Tony Scott, with Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. One of my favorite movies because of the pictures and the music (also Bauhaus performing right in the beginning). And well, I do like vampires (and Bowie, Deneuve and Sarandon).
Oh, talking of movies - Haven't seen Avatar yet. Snow and ice on the roads? I prefer to not leave the house if I don't have to. Hope this week gets better. I want it to become spring!!!!!