Friday, October 31, 2008

Hold me now

Woa! What a night. So many ups and downs... Not only with me.

I built... Yeah, always calms and relaxes me. I'll never stop that. Maybe that's the reason why I'm never finishing anything? Everything got to be purrfect and if it's not, I'm starting over again. Changed the brother-hangout from the sky to the ground now. I had it in the sky, cause I wanted to keep the ground free for my own sanctuary (second home). But I finally accepted, that my home is with my hubbie. So I deeded the ground of my old parcel to my brothers.
Rammy, Spanki, Q (for a few minutes) and me were hanging around there for a while. A friend of Spanki - Aero - joined us too. I felt good, seeing family united, though I'm very concerned for my brother Spanki. We need to find a nice and caring man for him too. Pretty soon! I feel his loneliness and don't know what to do against it. That empathic thingens between us is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Well, then a bad news pulled away Rammy - A RL-friend of a SL-friend died. That SL-friend later came dancing to tiger's isle later, which was a little odd for a certain reason. I felt so sorry for him, didn't know what to do. But I hope, he just could "float"... I know how it was, when my sister Nia died. I was just numb and every word, every IM seemed to be too much and gave a cared feeling at the same time. (If you read this, L., and you need someone to talk to, feel free to call me anytime.)

Well, Q had to leave, Rammy had to leave, Spanki went dancing, and I was suddenly alone with a woman, which somehow tp'd to our place. Don't know, what she was searching there. Maybe an alt as she was just a week old? However, she ran around and looked at everything, which seems pretty rude to me, as I told her, that this is a private parcel. But I kept polite and waited till she was gone before I set parcel to "group only" again. Some people... ts! *me shakes head*

So, twin(k)s party came and there weren't so many people as expected. And Q and me were the only twins. But that was so much fun! *hehe* Those who didn't even try it have no idea, what they missed!

There was a some shadow over it all. But that's too personal atm. However, I'm happy with my hubbie. He tries hard to please his little tiger, what might seem to be difficult sometimes, but in fact it isn't. A catchinarms and a "I love you" most of the time is enuff to make little tigers happy.

Oh, and of course: Today is hubbies birthday!!! Though born on halloween he's no spawn of evil at all. And someone's have a birthday-spanking coming... *hehe*

I was looking for a musicvideo matching the theme "twins" and found Thompson Twins. Some group of the 80s, I guess. But the lyrics match so well my feelings of last night. Feeling much better today...

Hold me now, warm my heart
stay with me, let loving start


Your Personality Is

Guardian (SJ)

You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.
Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.
You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader.
You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.
A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.
You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.
In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.
At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions.
With others, you tend to be polite and formal.
As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself.
On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My baby just cares for me

My hubbie and me had so much fun last night turning into twins for tonite's "Tink(k)s"-party. Demo-skins are not just allowed, but especially required. We looked like we were playing with stamps; but cuuuuute! Can't wait till party tonite!

Then went shopping for our living-room furniture. And it looks so cozy now. Strange how much happiness some furniture can bring, but it's just... you know... a sign for belonging together and planning to spend life together.

Oh, and I love Nina Simone's music. Amazing woman she was!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hide and seek

My brothers Spanki and Justyn dancing with me on Sunday's rez-day Party

Raped by a plant suddenly growing on Tiger's Isle.
And hubbie just stood there and did nothing to help his tiger.... :(

One of the happy moments with my hubbie
I love this pic!

Not in the mood of writing anything about the last days, especially last night. I've been insulted and humiliated and lied to. Disappointment is high. And I don't know, how things will go on from here...

where are we?
what the hell is going on?
the dust has only just begun to form
crop circles in the carpet
sinking feeling

spin me round again
and rub my eyes,
this can't be happening
when busy streets amass with people
would stop to hold their heads heavy

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines
all those years
they were here first

oily marks appear on walls
where pleasure moments hung before the takeover,
the sweeping insensitivity of this still life

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines (oh, you won't catch me around here)
blood and tears (hearts)
they were here first

Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmm that you only meant well?
well of course you did
Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmmm that it's all for the best?
Of course it is
Mmmm whatcha say?
Mmmm that it's just what we need
you decided this
whatcha say?
Mmmm what did you say?

ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs

(hide and seek)
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a (you don't care a) bit

(hide and seek)
oh no, you don't care a bit
oh no, you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
oh no, you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Only two days to go til the big, big rez-party on Tiger's Isle! And who could advertise this better then shmexie cowboy itself?

First Event: Kissing Contest:

I hate trying to find some costume to get myself dressed up into (or find something of a particular color in my inventory to dress up in) when what I am most impressed with is what goes on in peoples minds. SOOoo many of you have impressed me with your sexiness I thought YOU deserved a contest.. Here's your chance.. KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF.. And show off to others just how sexy you know how to be!

It's an emote only contest open to as many who can fill the half hour of 4:30 to 5pm on Sunday October 26th.. I'll cut/paste/review the entries (savoring them as they come in) and announce the winner at 7:00pm in open chat at our October Bday/Rezzday Event. (Yea, that part's a gimmick to keep you around for the party that follows) Winner must be present to win.. and yes all kissing emotes must be made in open chat. Boys, Girls, nekos, and everything else.. are all welcome to enter!

MAIN event: Bday/Rezzday Party

Bday/Rezzday Party! Each month on the last Sunday of the month.. I host this special event.. with a new up and coming, or special guest DJ, and a new venue.. Always changing to build the widest possible sense of SL community..

For access to the latest information please join W.W.J.C.D. group.. or read my Blog" (aka: or information on the specifics of this months event. (btw: membership in WWJCD is free on day of event)

So, Join us October 26th, 4:30-5 for the Kissing Contest, then 5-8pm for the Bday/Rezzday event, with DJ Mathieu Karlsbar! Venue this month (For both of these events): Tiger Isle

Your friend,

Jordyn Carnell "JC"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Somewhere that's Green

Was such a good night last night. Hubbie and me went house-shopping as he didn't want the villa anymore. Hm, somehow I liked the villa, but we decided, this time it should be only for the two of us; so we bought a smaller house. And it's soooo cute! For the family we use the neko-hangout over my old parcel.

So, we spent the whole night together. Needed that time for us after all that trouble in the last weeks. I loved it. And I'm so happy!

Well, after work of the day was done, I got my shiny little ass spanked a little for... hm... not exactly sure for what, but liked it anyways! =^.^= Some more will be coming this week... And we tested a new sofa I've bought. Oh my! It's so good! It's from one of my favorite shops at Camarade: Kobimotion. I bought a lots of beds, rugs and sofas there. They aren't expensive - 350 L$ for the adult-version of the beds. With 3sums included. The animations and poses in it are really, really good! So, I can't wait to test some more of the poses in that sofa with my hubbie tonite.... *purrrrrrz*

Oh, and we got a bunny in the garden (not sure, if it will still be there, when I've let Byakko, my white tiger, out...):

Friday, October 24, 2008

insert your own title here

No video today as I don't know, what to feel. The happiness of partnering lasted... how long? One night or so. No matter how many experiences I make, I'm always surprised about the hatred and disingenuousness of some people and their possibility to lie, cheat and betray. So, what do you do with a person, who tells your hubbie and the whole world, that you're unworthy your beloved's love and you have nothing to offer? *shrugs*

However, I don't have much to tell. Talked a while to my hubbie in IMs, danced at Premier, then hosted our own "Best in Kilts" event. And waited... That's all I can do. And finally been put to bed by my love after a long talk, but feeling happy in his arms.

A special thanks to my brother Spanki, who tried to calm me and to give me the strength to forgive and understand. I'm not sure, if I find it anymore after the last night...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Together

I have no idea where time went last night. I think I was busy building the sky-box over the isle when suddenly brother JoJo came inworld. Missed my shmexie, lovely brother so much! Of course had to run to him and pounce him and talk and talk an talk. Hours ran bye, we had family meeting on the brother-hangout.... JoJo, Daffy, Spanki, Neville, me and Q joined us a little later, what made me so happy.

Went to the neko-mall/hangout over the isle later and I tried to create my first tail. And going to Mendance for half an hour to watch DJ Mathieu Karlsbar who will be DJ on sunday's rez-party. Then cleaning the isle a little for the party to reduce lag. And after work was done finally sitting in the pool, cuddling with Q, talking and talking and talking...

... and yes! Finally I made a proposal and he said yes!!! So

on october, 22d
Mr. Quagmire Juran
Tr. Franziskus Ninetails
got partnered

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I just wanna fucking dance

Had that title before, but wanted to add a video. =^.^= Does it tell anything about my sexual preferences that I know 95% of the musicals/movies where the clips are from?

Not much to tell. Just danced for about 4.5 hours at Gregsters MenDance-Club, where Spanki is hosting every tuesday. And if you wanna hear a really, really sexy voice, you should come to DJ Heloq. Oh my, dripping in my briefs every time he's talking Italian! And later DJ Arcangelo.... grrrrrrrr.... hawt!

However, was a little exhausted afterwards, had not much time to change into a nerd for our own "Sexy Nerds" party. Forgot to take pictures as usual. *sigh*

And then went shopping with my beloved and met JC for organisation-stuff. Was soooooo tired.... *me yawns just thinking of that fatigué*

Well, as not much else to tell, just enjoy the clip and count, how many musicals/movies you know:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dust in the Wind

Me photographed by Leigh Eel a while ago, hanging around at the cliffs

Was a short night last night. I didn't feel so well, so went to bed early.

Was building a little more, but not too much. Have to get ready soon...

We installed Spanki's new store on the skybox. Looks pretty good. The pictures he took of us are good too. I love "Milk and Kissesz". If you want a tiger and a panther on your wall, go inworld and buy it! =^.^=

He showed me his other shop at Premier Evolution too. And Rammy joined us. Then showing Rammy the skybox /neko-hangout/-mall/-whatever and then our private brother-hangout on my parcel.

Recognizing, we got new neighbors. He ignored parcel-boundaries, filled the ditch between the parcels which should be there following the covenant, raised his land about 5 meters over all the other parcels around him.... well, "nice" way to introduce to your neighbors.

However... why "Dust in the Wind"? Nothing spectacular. I just realized that the whirling dust and junk I had bought wasn't just whirling dust and junk but an Avatar! So I've put it on and floated around for a while as whirling dust, junk, paper. That was fun! \o/

Monday, October 20, 2008

Picture of you (me)

I totally forgot to show the pictures Kyoka made of me a while ago. Pretty artistic:

I'm so excited

Oh, still so busy, but feeling gooooood! Too bad I didn't see my beloved much on friday and saturday. He's still sick and caughing, so I had to send him to bed for him to get some rest. But missing him. But sunday he was there for neko-night. *purrrr* And he calls me "Starshine" now. I think I like it. Trying to sparkle *me puts on some more body-oil*

Don't have much to tell. Was working a lot RL, then coming inworld and working here. Started to build a big grungy neko-hangout over the isle. I think, it looks good. So, I worked there on saturday for about 4 or 5 hours, talking to friends and brothers in IMs and to Q via msn. So, time just flew bye.

Continued working on it on sunday. Then showed to Spanki, who wants to make a photo-shop/-studio. Good idea! I think he's potential as photographer. He called it "Erotikatz". Sounds cool. And I modelled with him for some pictures. That was enjoyable fun... so much fun, that we really had to resist the urge to do more afterwards. But it's not the right moment for that. I don't want to play with my brothers (and others) this way as long as relationship with my beloved isn't 100% again. Which may sound a little weird? dunno... *me shrugs* However, Spanki understands that. - But not so much other brother Jeremie, who's a little sex-maniac atm. Hm, I think he's in heat. *hehe* Well, he was quite rude these days and said "good-bye!" last night, but I hope he will calm down and recognize one day, that brotherhood has so much more to offer then sex... And once a brother, always a brother.

So, things were pretty good for tiger this weekend though a little exhausted from work. But I did one of the things I like the most - which is building - and another - which is talking - and another - which is jumping in Q's arms and nuzzling his neck - and another - which is cuddling with Spanki - and things becoming fine between Q and me and I enjoy to be Spanki's best friend again and I talked to Andrej in IMs for a while... hehe - he said, the longer he's in SL, the cooler he reacts to drama. Ish the opposite to me. In my first days everything seemed so easy and the biggest problem was, where to find the right penis. Now things easily turn into drama. Brother Neville says "I hate drama - but drama loves me". Yeah! So right for me too. However... no big dramas this week. Most of the time pretty happy. Just uncle Rickie is a little frustrated. Not so sure, why. We had a confusing talk on friday. Didn't understand a word. But if you meet my uncle, then rub his belly and fondle his ears. Will yer?

(oh God! He was soooo cute yesterday as tiny-leo, which is his zodiac. Okay... only "Leo" is the zodiac... there's no zodiac called "tiny-leo"!) And no idea, what's with brother Neville. Ish such a sweetheart, but was depressed somehow too. Hope to have more time for him these days. And somehow I totally lost thread. Did you recognize that? Well, the reasons may be, that a) I feel so good and b) I'm so excited.

Yesh, so we're back at the title. Why am I excited? Because of this:

No, not the kissing-contest. But JC making his rez-party on our isle. I'm so excited... and scared... and excited... and nervous... and did I mention the excitement??? Only 6 days to go! *me jumping from one foot to the other - tail whipping the air around me - scratching my ears - suddenly getting distracted by my own tail* We will build a sky-box for the event. But I have no idea how it should look like. Cowboy said "... that represents tiger's isle". Oh my! Tiger's isle represents tiger's isle. God! Hopefully noone will recognize how excited I am! Using the litter-box 3 times an hour... oops! 4 times! *me runs*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Get Busy

Yes, was quite busy last night, but enjoyed it. Finally got aims again! Too many of them, but every journey starts with the first step. The last days were kinda aim-less. Well, I enjoyed strolling around, meeting and talking to my brothers and friends, but somehow always felt a little lost, as I didn't know in which direction to go.

So, I met my beloved again. Only for half an hour as he's sick and has to be in bed, but it was good. Felt so right in his arms. *purr* Still things to talk about and to make clear, but I'm optimistic.

Took me a while to find a costume for being Dandy. And to find questions for a Oscar Wilde - trivia. Didn't know how to decorate Viktorian, so I just made an English garden with a gazebo...

So, as work finally was done, I joined Spanki at the new Premier club. Always love to dance with him, especially with DJ Gregster playing. And Greg always knows how to get a tiger nekkid. Brother Justyn joined us and we were stroking and rubbing Spanki's butt to make his tail grow, as he's a potential neko. And I think, that I recognized something growing, but on the wrong side of his body. Later on brother Jeremie joined us too and even as Greg had finished we stood there and danced and chatted and danced. Loved to be with my brothers. (Borrowed the pics from Justyn's blog...) A little tiger Spike joined us too. I guess, someone was very fond of him, hm?

So, after dancing we helped each other with the dicks. *lol* No, not how it sounds... Just finding and installing XCite-textures to match their body-tan.
Hanging out for a while at the new grungy sky-box I'm building. And Justyn making it his home made me pretty happy. I love to have a hang-out for the bro's.

But then it was time for the Dandy-party. I loved the theme. Too bad it wasn't so busy as expected. Hm... Maybe the confusion of the last week did some work? Dunno.

Am a little concerned about uncle Rickie. Didn't really talk to me for the last days. Don't know, what's wrong now. Things are getting peaceful and in chime, even fine with Rod and - wow! surprise! - Clinton talked nicely to me. That's what I like: Peace, love, harmony, dancing... A day without drama. It was a good day. (Well, except that my internet-connexion broke down at the end and that I only saw my beloved for half an hour; but he needs some rest to get healthy quick!)

Video to title:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make Me Whole

Can't tell so much what happened last night. Somehow it seemed a short night and suddenly six hours or so were gone. Hm.... Spent most of the time on my parcel, chatted a lot in IMs, deleted the Castle as it was really too dark. And build a neko-wasteland instead. I like it! And I'm considering to build a copy of it somewhere in the sky over tiger's isle. Maybe for neko-parties... Hang around there with brothers Neville, Justyn and Kyne.

Title of this entry? Dunno... I like the Yaoi-Pictures. Missing Q to continue our talk and clear things. Still in an interim-state, still hurt, still love. *sigh* Hope to see him soon, but he needs some rest.

Tried to translate one of my poems for sweet Neville into english. Isn't so easy...



from brain
from soul
to a piece of paper

gedichte sind
ängste und sorgen
gefühle und wünsche
aus dem kopf
aus dem herzen
auf ein stück papier

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleep Tight Tiger

Uhm, this is my lullaby. /me blushes

Yeah, I'd need some more sleep. Def. 2 days only 4 hours each. But I hope the last night was worth it.

Spanki got a new job as host in Gregster's club. And as I'm/was (?) kinda unemployed too, I supported him as dancer. Mmmmmm, like in our best times. Can't help it, but we are good in that business! But hm, tips were not the best. Maybe I should write a thread about the job as dancer one day. Mikey (mtd1952) did it in the inVdaily-blog once, but I'm too lazy atm to search for the link. I think, a lot of people/guests don't know how much work it really is, at least when you are good at it. When someone just uses the dance-animation, saying nothing at all except some annoying spam-gestures, then don't tip him. But when you enjoy your time at a club because of really good dancers and hosts, then show them, that you appreciate the work! However a shift for a good dancer is two or more hours stress and adrenalin. Exhausting, but I think we enjoy the adrenalin-kick and the attention. Every good dancer is an attention-whore, that's how Jojo calls it. *hehe*
So, I worked for two hours, then just danced for two hours and then just more or less chilled for another two hours, working on IMs or just letting the mind flow. Brother Rammy was there for a while, didn't talk much. Brother Jeremie too for a while. Was a nice time. Just dancing.

After I hugged Spanki good-bye and parties were over, I went back to my sky-castle. I said, it's too dark inside for me. I need light. So, I played around outside. Had the sudden idea of making it snow. A rug, a fireplace... nice. Maybe I don't need more then that?
A short visit at Blu-Bar later. Still not too fond of that place. Sure, it's crowded and music is good, but open chat is boring and always getting terrible laggy. One of those places where you are alone in the middle of a crowd. There are lots of them out there. Why going out for that at all? To be busy in IMs I can as well turn on the radio in my parcel and dance in the garden. No difference except less lag.

Sooooooo, finally I met with Q and JC (as councelor) and we talked for the next... how much?... 5 or 6 hours? That's why I'm a little tired. And I was so tired at the end, that I'm not even sure, if we came to a conclusion or not. I just know, that he caught me in his arms and I fell asleep on his shoulder, and that felt just right...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wind beneath my wings

Well, I'm running out of titles, so I just will chose song-titles, that have a special meaning to me.

Sooooo, another day passed by. Build a sky-castle on my old parcel. It's big, but too dark for me. Don't know if and how I'd use it. Just the second I told Spanki in IM that I built a sky-castle on my parcel, he asked me, if he should build a sky-castle for me on my parcel. Always makes me smile, that we still are able to read each others minds.
So, I showed Spanki my new sky-castle on my parcel, talked a while... and yes! Became brothers! Yay! \o/
We went to explore that Black Swan world, of which I read about at inVdaily. Invited other brother Jeremie to come with us. But they both didn't buy that watch and were ejected. I bought it and got a quick look at a fascinating world. Will have to explore that soon! Jeremie showed us his new house and Spanks had to leave soon. So, Jer and me sat in the hot tub and talked and talked and talked. As he had to go to bed too, it was time to stroll around. Meeting stud Lance at the club, dancing a while with him.... Mmmmm, I'm not so much into hairy chests, but he always makes me want to jump on him and rub myself at that soft fur. *purrrrr*

Well, then met JC for another talk, talk, talk. - People continue to tell Q and me, that it's prolly better to "just be friends". D'oh. What do they know? I mean - what do they know what *I* do *not* know? But as they continue telling me... I'd better accept, that it's time to give up.

So, there's only the work on the jungle for me to finish soon, then I'm finally out there. And now I have to go to search for a new job, as I'm kinda unemployed. That's no good for a kitten like me, as those damn shops just don't stop offering hot stuff to buy. *hehe*

The Personality of Nekos

I said, I write some things about being neko. Well, it may not be the absolute truth, just my own observations of attitudes and personality. I'm sure, there are exceptions which are purrfect nekos but totally different. But some people think, it's enuff to put a tail and some ears on and say "I'm neko now!". Sorry, if you don't feel it, you aren't. And some people out there are very neko without even wearing a tail and ears.
Well, I think there are dog-people and there are cat-people. A dog is pretty easy to handle. Show him strength and he will adore you till the end of his life. A cat is much more difficile. Everyone who got a RL-cat as pet knows what I'm talking about. =^.^= Not for nothing there's the old say "A dog has a master. A cat has staff."

Okay, lets start with random thoughts about nekos...

First of all: We're cute, sexy and beautiful! No matter if we're dressed fancy or filthy. We're always cute, sexy and beautiful.

We are shilly-shally. Yes, we know exactly, what we want! long as we don't have it. When we got it, we don't want it anymore. When we're outside, we're crying at your door till you open it and let us in. But as soon as door is closed, we want out. Hey, there could be something interesting out there! I know, after 4 or 5 times opening and closing that door, you're so enervated, that you'd like to beat us. But you don't. Because we're just so cuuuuuuuute! =^.^=

We love to shop and dress. And we're very angry at LindenLab, that they don't offer some additional bodyspots for attachments just for us nekos! How to wear claws, several rings and those awwwwwesome gloves at the same time? But that way we became masters in attaching stuff to impossible bodyspots and move and edit it, till it looks right (I heard of that neko-girl attaching her vagina to her nose.... well, not a big problem). When you invite a neko and he says "Give me a minute, have to get dressed", then be prepared for at least half an hour waiting time.

We're easily to distract. Don't command attention longer then.. let's say... uhm... oh, look! Those dust-particles in the sunbeam. How fascinating!

We need attention and tender loving care. But only when we're in the mood*). We might have ignored you the whole day and now you are... lets say: sitting at your computer. We're sneaking up behind you, jumping in your lap, turning around 20 times... Meow!?... leaving you in the most impossible sitting-position and sleeping warm and safe and content in your lap. Smiling and purring. Did I mention, we're just too cute?
*)There's only one exception to that rule: When you're down, really down... we will always come and be there. No matter what.

Always treat us nice. We peed on your carpet? Sorry, there's no sense in yelling at us. A doggie might crawl guilty to the corner, but a kitten? We will look at you with our big, innocent, blankly eyes and just wonder, why you're yelling. And while you're yelling, we might just think "Hmmmm, those dust-particles in the sunbeam really were fascinating... Oh, look! There they are again!". And if you do it too often, we might just turn around and leave.

We fight! We have claws, we have fangs, we have flexible bodies, we have reflexes. - We use it! And everyone knows: When you see cats fighting, you better keep out. Furious and quick scratching and biting, that's our way of fighting. And 5 minutes later we will lick each others bleading ears and be best friends again. Don't try to buttonhole us in endlessly discussion. That's not our game. We all suffer from ADHD and get bored easily, so don't wonder, when we turn around and... oh, look! There's a grashopper! *jump* Oh, and after a fight we always look like we just won a battle. Don't blame us. It's nature. Tells nothing about our true feelings.

We're curious. Curiousity kills the cat, they say. So what?!? We have nine lifes! :P On one side we need to keep track of our closer environment. We have to know everything, just to feel safe and warm in our home. At the same time we like to explore new worlds, but there we always are suspicious, cautious and... "What was that on neighbor's parcel? the grashopper again? brb!"

I'm thinking about our way of socializing, but at this point, I scouted big differences. Some of us are very easy socializing, like me: Running up to every stranger, nuzzling, rubbing head at their legs, testing, how it feels. It's exciting. - Others are very cautious with strangers. Sit and watch. Looking indifferent, maybe arrogant. But don't let yourself be deceived. - They have an eye on you! (As long as that funny little grashopper doesn't distract their focus)

We love our independence and freedom, and we love our homes. I guess, this fence-sitting is the most difficult feature in handling a cat. Try to clinch - we will leave. Try to control us - we will leave. Try to give us freedom - and we will... feel neglected and leave.

Yes, we're not easy to handle. But give us a home, the feeling we're loved, enuff carressing, and we are the most beautiful and loving creatures you can imagine. Oh, and cute! Did I mention "cute"? - Well, that's it so far. Maybe extendable, but I have to watch the reflexions on the kitchen-floor now...

Monday, October 13, 2008

My weekend

Well, I wanted to take a time-out, but somehow I'm too addicted. =^.^= And lots of talking was necessary or un-necessary. Some pointless, some pretty good. So, I won't talk about it atm.

Let's just talk about the good things then: Floated around in space with Spanki last night for a long while. I love that space-place. He wrote a long article about it. So, read it there. Was a good feeling, holding him in my arms, soothing. I'm glad, I could be there for him, when he needed someone.

Later I went to Tiger's Isle for Neko Night. Were not much guests. Well, little neglected under the circumstances of the last week; stands to reason... - However, we had fun. More and more guests arrived and we made a kind of dance-off: Kaj, Malden and a guy-whos-name-I-forgot-too synced on the one side, Everett, Justyn, Neville and me dancing synced to my huddles opposite of them. Dancing and flirting makes me forget all the troubles and sorrows for a while. So, it was pretty fine. Kaj played about half an hour longer then scheduled, just because we had fun (and ended all nekkid, of course).
After all guests had left, only Neville, Justyn and me stayed. We continued dancing and talked and talked and talked. And at the end... well, I've got two new brothers. YAY! \o/ Justyn described it pretty well. Read it there. Kindred spirits - Yesh! And soon I have to update my "Who-is-who" and to write something about "Being Neko"... But ish too late today and inworld calls!


Your Physical Flirt Level: 100%

You are a major physical flirt. You definitely can't keep your hands to yourself!

Whether you're playing footsie or giving a lingering hug, you're known for touching.

And while some people may welcome this flirting style, not everyone likes it.

Don't stop touching people, but make sure your advances are appropriate and welcomed.

*hehe* Did I really need a test to know that? Well, I cheated a little, cause the possible answers seemed not appropriate.

You will touch someone's arm or shoulder to make a point ~> You will touch someone's dick or butt to make a point

You like to sneak up behind people and put your hands over their eyes. ~> You like to sneak up behind people and rub your dick on their butt-crack, while playing with their nibbles

You will rest your head on someone's shoulder and act like you're tired. ~> You will rest your head on someone's shoulder and purr

You're big on giving hugs. ~> yesh

You like to sit on people's laps (or let them sit on your lap). ~> You like to sit on people's laps, naked, grinding into them.

You like to wink at people. ~> yesh

You make prolonged eye contact with people. ~> You make prolonged eye contact with people, while rubbing your bits at each other.

You love to tickle. ~> yesh, is so much fun

You love to give (and get) back rubs. ~> You love to give (and get) full-body back rubs

You play with your hair or touch your face and mouth a lot. ~> You play with your hair or touch your face and mouth and nipples and butt and dick and thighs a lot, sliding your hands all over your own body. Yesh!

">Oh, and about "And while some people may welcome this flirting style, not everyone likes it." D'oh. Scratch them!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesh, copying the thread-title of shmexie Justyn's entry. Here's the video out of "Cats". First I wanted to post Barbra, but as we're nekos...

And here's one of my favorite songs of Barbra from the movie "The way we were". Ah, such a talented woman!

Inspired by Justyn's entry and Spanki's new "positive blog", I decided to remind myself of some sweet memories:

The first time we were slow-dancing together, my claws sliding down his naked upper body, causing shivers.

The boots I bought him, how happy he has been with them and refused to ever take them off again, even in bed.

The first spanking I got, him so cute in his fear to hurt me. Still makes me smile.

How he bought a Toscana Villa for us, just because I mentioned, that I like them.

His persistence in putting me to bed every night. How warm and safe I felt there in his arms, taking the feeling with me into RL.

How he continued misspelling mine and other's names. So sweet, somehow.

How proud I was, getting an island named after me.

The warm feeling of being believed in and encouraged.

The day I found the moon-swing in the garden, after I mentioned, that we need a swing. And how I loved to swing there, my head on his shoulders, feeling nothing but love.

The night we danced in the snow-globe for hours.

How he has been happy as a lark about a Quag-costume I bought for him.

That he never stopped giving me permission to edit his stuff, no matter how weird I acted.

Did I mention falling asleep in his arms every night? The warm and safe and loved feeling.

How eager he has been to buy little presents for his kitten, to make it happy, although a hug would have been enough. But who complains about getting a little spoiled? =^.^=

The dancing together, him behind me... tall... protective and shy the same time, my naughty tail sliding between his thighs.

So, sooner or later these will be the things I remember. Nothing else.

Friday, October 10, 2008


It's time to leave this world, at least for a while.

I was going to leave it forever, as it became a world full of hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, mistrust, manipulation. I thought it would be a better place then RL, but it became even worse. I'm too honest and trustfull for this "game" (the manipulation-game; not SL, which isn't a "game") and it seems I made a big mistake. I disappointed others and got much more disappointed by them.

But someone, I didn't expect to, convinced me, that I just should take a break. I do have a lot of friends out there, who know how I really am. Well, I was told, I surround my arrogant-selfish-self with ass-kissers, which I had trained well, to feed my adoration-whoring ego.. ouch!... but I still just want to believe, that they are friends, which treat me with the same love and respect as I treat them. So, why leave those friends, only because two people playing a manipulation-game?

However, I'm taking a vacation. And then I will see. Good-bye to all my friends out there; at least for a while. Try to enjoy your life. Don't hurt others. And some of you may start to love themselves instead of trying to draw others down. Bye!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love this pic up there. Reminds me of my favorite painter Steve Walker. Well, except that the men on his paintings are not wearing silks. And they are not green.

Yes, my brother Rammy gave me a green elf-skin. And I liked it. Amazing, how just a skin and different hair can change the whole appearance!

I had to transform into human as the theme was "Best in Silks" - and silks aren't made for nekos. So, as I was changing anyways, I changed everything else too. New skin (no, not the green one), new piercings... It should have been only for the party, but after what happened, I decided to keep it for a while.

Oki, however... *sighs* Let's make it official: Yesterday I ended partnership to my beloved hubbie. I packed all my stuff and moved.

So, Tiger wanted to be allowed to be a little kitten. Happily playing around with his family. Curious snuffling at conspecifics. Without sorrows. Naive and big eyed gazing at the world. Curling up in someone special's lap. Being foolish sometimes. But always feel loved without any conditions, terms and rules. - That's what I wanted. And yes, sometimes - in very special and precious moments - I got it. I'm thankful for these precious moments.

Have no idea, where to go from here. Feeling pretty numb. But yes, it's time for changes...


I love this place. Floated around about 2 hours or so (always forgetting time there). Thanks to JC for showing me.

And somehow I like my new appearance. Yes, "tiger" will be gone for a while. But he will be back. Promise!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just wanted to say this

OMG - I'm so happy I'm not that much of a public person!

SL should have been a place to make things better then in RL. But like in RL the prize you pay for popularity seems to be high. My sympathy to all those popular people out there. I'm feeling very sad about that public gossip and rumours and spite. No matter which of it is true and which not. Oh, SL, what has become of thee? And somehow I just feel the urge to cry "Leave Britney alone!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

And the winner is....

Let's talk about contests. - I wasn't sure, if I should post the thread here or at the Tiger's Isle blog, but as it is my own opinion I post it here.

So, my friend and dancer shmexie Justyn wrote something about alts and tp'ing friends to contests. And yesh, I agree! What are contests for? Club-owners spend a lot of money to attract guests to the club and make them stay. So it's definitely not the idea and not fair to the other guests to invite friends and alts only for a minute to vote for someone and vanish again. I think it's oki, when you invite your friends, they stay and they vote for you, although me for my part always vote for the one who has the best combination of costume, sympathy and entertainment. - Oh, wait! That's me most of the time! *me chuckles* Okay, then the second-best! *hehe*

We are considering to set the contest-board to "Group only". Some might say, that's elitist, but I don't think so. Everybody who stays a while as guest is free to ask for group-membership and will get it. It just prevents from those cheaters. And last thursday showed, that it is necessary. I'm so happy, that the cheater didn't win despite inviting 6 strangers/alts, that disappeared after voting again, and instead Justyn won the contest with 7 votes. Congrats, shmexie!

So, what's your opinion? Feel free to leave comments!

For you


I opened Spanki's blog today and heard the good news. Wanted to just leave a comment on Prince's blog, but either there's no option for it or I just didn't find it (again), so I decided to dedicate the two sweethearts an extra thread.

On Sep, 30th
Spanki Moulliez & Matty Goldlust

have been partnered

Congrats and all my best wishes to both of you!
I'm happy for you!
(Stolen that nice pic; hope you don't mind? =^.^=)

I liked the article and the name of the doggie (and "Fat n lazy" is the name of one of my RL-cats *hehe*) and I'm glad you found happiness in SL. Kisses and hugs to both of you!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What a week!

Not so much to tell. Isle is in progress and looks good, I guess. But the whole week I'm thinking about an incident happened on monday: As I logged in, I didn't land on my homebase but on some public place (nekkid of course, as usual. *sigh* I should get used to pajamas instead of falling asleep naked...). Oh, one of those days, where Linden cleans the region or something - I thought and waited a while. But no chance to return.
Strange thing was: A look on the map showed me, that our smexie neighbor-boys Christo and Tim were there; so the SIM itself couldn't be down. I tried again and again... no success. At least I could go to the isle and try to fly over to our home-SIM, which is only 3 SIMs away. But I had to recognize: Every SIM around us that I tried to cross I was banned from. So thinking "WTF? Linden what have you done now?!"
I tp'd to other places - no problem. So finally I found out: I was only banned from all estates of the big estate-company we "bought" our land from. I use "..." because the matter of fact is: How can you say you own land, when the "seller" still have the power to ban you from your supposed-to-be property? What a big betrayal! You pay them money (and we're talking about no small amounts!) - and don't forget it's real money even if the currency is L$ - and get nothing for it but anger, stress and problems? And they not only harm me but also other tenants, in deciding who's allowed to enter their land and who not. For instance shops I would have wanted to visit and buy stuff. Your shop is on their land? Bad luck for you, if they ban your customers without asking you! Or imagine you want to invite a friend to your home and he can't come, because your landlord doesn't allow it! In RL this would be impossible; in SL it can happen. But can it really happen without consequences???

However! Are you interested what happened? It becomes even worse, cause the thing was: The day before that incident one of our neighbors yelled at me in IM, that I should stop trespassing her land. - Well, that's dumb enuff, cause if I don't want someone to enter my land, I just restrict it to only allowed people. But even worse: It was the fault of her security orb which was reaching over to our isle and always bothering me and guests with it's warnings although we weren't even close to her land! So, as she threatened that I'll get banned and she'll report me to Linden, I told her, that she better should check her damn security orb, as it is bothering me and my guests, and I will report her to Linden if she doesn't stop that. So, *I* was the victim of the stupidity of that bitch woman. And *I* get banned for it? YAY! \o/ That's Second Life!
So, I'm pretty angry the whole week. Angry because I get bothered by that bitch woman. Angry because I get banned from all estates of that company without having done anything wrong. Angry because I got banned from my own land. Angry because all of this happened without any request from that company what really happened (You "own" land from that xy-company? Cool! Just report people you don't like to them and they will ban them.). Angry because it happened without any information or warning. And angry because they are so arrogant to believe, that they can do it without any consequences or apology; cause I've written a complain in which I gave them the chance to apologize. No reaction at all. So, I think I will get my stuff and my hubby pretty soon and move somewhere else, if they don't react in the next days.

On the one side we all enjoy the freedom we got in SL, on the other side: Is anarchy the price we have to pay for it? There are laws. SL is subdued to the US-law and the law of the country you live in. And the behaviour of this company is not only despotic but illegal too. It's betrayal (selling you land, keeping the money, and ban you from it? How else would you call it?). And I don't know if I - if we all should gonna take it. Too bad, that the dumbness of one single bitch woman can withdraw you the joy of SL. Tiger is angry. So better be warned!

P.S.: At least that night after this entry they answered for the first time ever. A progress?