Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my son, dancing and the ant-toes

Again I haven't written for a while, but was very busy doing RP. Surprisingly I became proud father of an 18 year old son. You can read the story here.

Had some really good RP and a lot is happening on Tidra, which keeps me busy all the time.

Yesterday been the first time dancing again for three weeks. Took my son with me and introduced him to his uncle Spanki and to Heloq and some friends there. Was a funny party as it was St. Carrots Day and we were all carrying big carrots. Don't ask! *giggles*

Somehow we ended in a discussion, if ants do have feet or not. The answer is: YES! They have. And not only feet, they even have tiny little toes. So cute!

Anyways... ended in pajama-party at cottage with family, falling asleep at the fire-place. Good days I have, but missing mah Kenshi a bit, who's away for some weeks. *sniefs*

Heh - Many peoplez are converting now to the X4 cock. I should get commision from XCite for advertising! But yesh, it IS good!

Well, gotta run. Just wanted to mention the ant-toes. Have to go to the radiogo... errr... ralido... oh man! the doctors with the X-rays! *eeeeech* Hate doctorz. That's why I pushed it away for 5 weeks now. But it's time... *sighs* Grrrr, RL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

COCK - the next generation

Big news at XCite! And I wondered, that noone talked about it yet. So I'll take it in my mouth.. the word, I mean: COCK! And it's called X4. It's the new generation of the XCite cock. And... it's AWESOME!

Till now I always had two different cocks: One to show, one for go! Because... lets be honest: XCite had nice features, but it didn't look very realistic. I always wondered, that although it is so popular, Javier & Co were not able to offer a more realistic looking genital. But those times are over! The new X4 looks GREAT!
It looks great soft, and even greater (hehe - of course it does!) erected. You don't have the feeling anymore that you'd loose balance and fall over when you get an erection, because your cock suddenly is as big as your left arm. And even the foreskin version does look very realistic now!
You can chose between different shapes - cut, uncut, curved, straight etc. - of the cock and different kind of balls. That's what I liked the most, because now you can RP and see balls tied in ropes or stretched with leather-laces. *purrrrrrrrrrrr*
It's copy, no modify & no transfer now. The add-ons which took a lot of times with the old version are very easy to handle now, because with buying the basic (which includes the new HUD) you get an account on the XCite-website. And in this account you configure your cock and all attachments and add-ons. So, the moment you bought an add-on, it's available at your account. You configure, syncronize - ready! So cool!

The new HUD works with the other bodyparts also. Needs a bit time to get used to, but is a lot of fun. You can position your cock (some shapes have an almost 90° angle, but with the right positioning it looks good), hide/show your add-ons and all that with it. It's also cool to load different action-menues now, like "BDSM" or "CBT" or "Kajiurs" etc. which gives you and others different sets of buttons to click (But still the most important is: RP and emote it. Don't just click and click!). And the now three different positions for masterbating are sooooooo hawt!

For now it's only available at the XCite!-premier-shop (or online, I think), but soon it will be available at the normal shop also, I guess. There's also a trade-in possibility where you get money back for your old cock and old HUD. I'm not sure about it all. I've spend many 1000 L$ on my old one with about 90% of all the add-ons + some tattoos + textures + a sound-pack (only used once. it's annoying) + several combos. Will see, if and how much money I'll get back for it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

another weekend over

Not much to tell about the weekend; much RL work as usual.

Finally my lil bro Mick is back. And spend some cozy hours with my Kenshi. And with my bro Spanks. Up there we were sitting on that nice bench. Talking for hours, watching the swan, considering why birds don't get fat, even when you feed them bread after bread after bread.... Was a nice, relaxed evening. And I lurrrrved that bench. Wished we could have done the three monkeys for the picture! *heh*

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hate SL 2.0 beta

Two or three weeks ago - curious kitten I am - I tried the new beta-viewer from SL. I think I talked about that yet. The only cool thingens there is using videos and websites as textures, but what's that good for, if only other SL 2.0 beta users could see it? Everything else is just crap. A design where you don't find anything anymore... nothing at it's place... and double-loading of stuff in your inventory, what lags people like me with big inventory even more down. So, off with that crap of my harddisc and back to emerald.

But since then my emerald is weird also. I got those unnecessary system-folders now in my inventory and can't delete it. I hope Linden is working on that soon to make it possible to delete them. There are also now all calling cards from my friendslist in a subfolder of my calling card folder (hint: To keep 100s of calling cards there lags you down also, because all the profile-information is loaded too. delete them!). Grrrrrrrr!

However, I finally found one positive thing which lets me get rid of the annoying "Library". Here it is:

Go to "advanced"
there to "Debug Settings"
there type in "NoInventoryLibrary"
set to TRUE
restart your viewer

And *tadaaaaaa* no more annoying "Library". \o/ YAY!!!! \o/

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Been a bit a weird time, but slowly it calms down. This monday we missed our dance at Tainted Boys. Logging in too late and then was looking for that stump-Freebie my bro Spanki told of in his blog. Just the moment I arrived there it said "Next letter is "F" " and I panicked... cause I didn't see anything... and then I saw, but there were so many rooms... and I was hurrying searching for the fortune-chair... but try to search for a fortune-chair in a FURNITURE-shop!!!... there were right 3 egg-chairs at the entrance and me thinks "Which one? which one?!?" hopping from one foot to the other... but they were for sale, not for fortune... so, finally last minute I found the fortune-chair, which wasn't actually a chair but a board. And yes, gotcha, sucker! *hehe* Next letter was "T", so teleported Tel in. And next was "R" like Rickie. And then "G" like Gregster... and so on. We got a bit a crowd there. Started to talk with Gregster about RP... and somehow time flew... So, long sentence short: Was much too late for dancing then.

But the stump is really nice. After getting some dancing at Zeus on tuesday Kenshi and me sat at the beach, watching the sunset, me reading, he relaxing... then he reading and me looking over his shoulders... That's was so calm and nice and peaceful. Liked it very much after those weird, emotional days!

A special thanks to my bro Spanks who spent time with me and us last week in those dark moments. And I still giggle about Judi Dench in the movie "Ikea"... and yes, Rammy is absolutely right: She deserved an Oscar for it! (Gee, if anyone would make a GOOD movie with the title "Ikea", I think it deserved every Oscar it's nominated for!)

Talking of Oscars - It was the very first time I can think of, that I missed the Oscar-night. *sob* Especially as Christoph Waltz won it for best supporting role. And really, he was awesome in "Inglorious Basterds"!

Hm, should write in the Tidra-blog, but don't have the nerve for it. And would like to write something about onlinisms in Gor. Like yesterday again I met someone who always used "Aii" in the meaning of "Yes", which it isn't. The first time I bit my tongue, but the second time I couldn't help it to comment, that it makes my toe-nails wrinkle. People using terms like "Urth" and "Servery" and "Aii" to emphasize their "Goreanism"... and it's so wrong. Just wrong. Earth is earth. Most Goreans with second knowledge (high casts) know about Earth and know how it's spelled. "Urth" is only used to show how it's spoken. The same with "Ko-lar" instead of "Collar". And "servery" is just an invention; it's "kitchen", simple like that. And "Ai" is only used as an expression of surprise or fright... "Aii" to my knowledge only once, before the person got his throat ripped out by a Kur. So, the use of "Aii" in the meaning of "Yes" (if you have to do it, then at least use "Aye") just shows, that you know nothing about the books. And that so many in SL-Gor use it, doesn't make it righter.

Oh well, now I wrote more about it then I wanted to. *heh* Anyways.. time for dinner. I think I saw a mousey there in the corner..... *whooosh*

Did you hear it's squueking  "Aiiiiiii" before I had it in my claws?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hm, and again some time gone since I wrote in here. Was too busy doing those videos. And doing some RP. Some things happened on Tidra, but will tell about that on the other blog to not bore those who are not interested in Gorean RP.

Yesterday I gave my first items to sell on XStreet. Just some framed paintings, nothing spectacularly built.  - But I looked at "Paintings" in XStreet... Try that... and sort by price... And you will see, that some people are nuts. Like for instance this one. You see that? Just seven uploaded pics, even bad resolution... ugly frames... and that woman tries to sell it for 1.550 L$?!? Is really someone stupid enough to pay that??? Well, anyways... as I gave away mine always as gifts and already were asked several times by people, where they can BUY it, I decided to put some of them up on XStreet as a bundle. 16 gay-erotic-themed paintings in changable frames (and only ONE prim per painting instead of an extra prim for the frame) with menue to change frames and size for 99 L$... I think, that's fair. Cheaper then upload it yourself.

Hm, what else? Haven't met my family much. Kenshi, Mick and Brian fighting with connection-problems. And as it seemed finally settled, it started here. Big storm cut the connection on sunday and since then I have some issues.
Also issues I have with SL viewer 2.0 beta. Of course I was curious and tried it out, but except of the very new design which didn't let me find ANYTHING anymore, I don't see many new features. The only new feature which would make it worth would be the texture-thingens (using websites or youtube-videos as a texture on a prim)... but the problem is: Those who are NOT using the SL 2.0 (which is the majority of users) can't see it anyways. So, what's it worth? Bad thing is: Since I returned to my beloved emerald viewer I have three additional system-folders in my inventory and can't delete it. Dang!

Well, can't really concentrate atm as my mind and thoughts are with my Kenshi and two of my brothers. So I'll just post a video of an old song. I love music from the 50s, 60s & 70s. Wasn't sure, which version of this song I should post, but finally decided for the most famous one, done by "The Hollies" in 1969. Not sure, but I think the piano is played by Elton John (don't see it in the video):