Monday, March 12, 2012

Rammy's Dreamhome

Besides building up our new island, I have been busy finishing Rammy's Dreamhome. I mentioned it a while ago: One of my best friends in SL and definitely the longest is sweet Rammy. Some months ago he showed me a picture of his dreamhouse and I tried to build it. But never had the time to finish it.
Now I saw, that sweet Rammy seemed a bit down and I thought he needs a cheer-up. So I started to build again....

Here is the only picture I had:

and here is my result:

It's highly detailed... I sculpted a lot.. so, it has only 99 prims all together. I think it's quite nice. I will add 2 variations of it, so at the end there's a set of three for the market.

Unfortunately it seems my dearest bro Rammy has left SL, so I finished the house too late :-(