Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Rezzday, Finn

On sunday evening we always go to the Tabor OOC dance. Not so this sunday, because it was Finn Millar's 2 rezzday party! Here are some pics:

me, Endy & River dancing

Finn & Spencer

we again

My boys with the tattoos that Endy made for the occasion

The rezzday-babe Finn


On Saturday I been to Tabor Highlands OOC dance. Theme was "Hat", so I dusted an old costume of which I have so many... and in all modesty, I have to say, it was the best costume there at all! But you know how it is with those contests... only depends on how many people you know to vote for you. I think one of the actually winners didn't even WEAR a hat (at least not on a bodypart where I could see it).

Anyways, here's a picture:

Hat: CatNip Mad Hatter 195 L$
Suit: Blackopal Designs 0 L$ (!) here and here

Friday, October 28, 2011


My lil sunshine River mentioned the pose some days ago, so my lil moonbeam Endy was busy trying to recreate the pose. It became pretty good and I like the pictures we did last night. Looking forward to my lil sunshine to post the pictures he'd taken:


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last night I met with Rammy to show him the house (so far). We talked a bit about "old times" (oh my! almost 4 years SL!) and then searched for the place where we have been a lot "when we were young" *grins*: Rosey Cheeks.

We found a halloween skybox which was really scarey. Both became victims of the Texas Chainsaw Mascara Massacre and got attacked by zombies....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A home for Rammy

I wanted to wait with this until it is finished, but I'd like to show it now, as I'm talking about building-projects....

Two weeks ago I visited Rammy. He's the one on my friendslist who's there right from the beginning (I avoid to say "my oldest friend", cause he's complaining then "I'm not THAT old!!!") The first weeks/months of our SLife we were almost inseperapable. Now he isn't often online anymore and we only meet maybe once a month or less, but he's still a good friend.

Anywho... he showed me a pic of a house he would love to live in:

Which reminded me, that I always wanted to build a countryhouse. And as my lil moonbeam Endy gifted me a sculptmaking-tool which a friend recommended, I thought it is time! Sooooooo.... I started to make my own sculpts and use the countryhouse as training-object.

Here you see me working on it:

Still a lot of work to do, still a lot of sculpts to sculpt, but I think it's getting quite nice. For now it's only a raw draft (okay, I know so-called builders who would try to sell what I call 'raw draft' for about 2000 L$ on marketplace....), but I think Rammy will like it. (And hope the one or customer too, when I finished it)

Here's a close-up pic of me working on the roof:

A Short Dream

Well, it started last saturday right before RL-work, when I get an offer from someone I met the one or other time, but never had closer contact to.... It was really a surprise: The offer that he'd buy a (Gorean) SIM and I'd have free hand in building and managing and administrating it. Though it did sound too good to be true - I hestitated. Cause most people in Tabor welcomed us warmly and I didn't plan to leave so soon again. And... well... even if I'd had the chance to restore my work I had done in a certain city, altering it to someone even better and greater... it would have been a lot of work.
So I needed some time to think about it. There was harvest festival in Tabor too (oh, and sooooo proud of my lil sunshine, who made first place in the Gorean Trivia!!!) and RL-work..... and I couldn't think really straight. But finally, after talking to some people in Tabor and after the agreement to add this new SIM to the cluster, I finally agreed on monday!
My boys and me were so excited! Already went shopping, searching for new textures and inspiration and other stuff....
One of the most impressive shops is Grey Kurka's! I mentioned it some posts before.

His texturing is awesome, and how he plays with prims... altering.. changing... cutting them.... it's truly inspired! At the same time I'd see his work as challenge to me, and I would have been happy for the chance to build something at least half as spectacular as his builds.

However, on tuesday, we got the notice, that due to some RL-issues our "sponsor" had to step back. :-(

Well, it shouldn't have been. It was a nice fantasy... cut as surprising as it was offered. But always looking at the bright side: Gives me more time to spend with my boys, for RP and for building stuff for my shop.

Busy building

Didn't mention for a while my new updates on the store. I got some packs with paintings, also available as single paintings. As I sell them for 10 L$ each, with is the price for uploading them, it's not really a profitable business thingens; it just made me angry, that some people try to sell uploaded pictures, often not even adjusted to the original or in low resolution or with ugly frames (most of the times all this together) for 100 L$ or what....

  (c) Finn Millar for Vice Poses

Finn Millar made a great picture for the promotion of a poseball-shop ("Vice Poses"). Showing my basement. I have to say: It really looks very atmospheric! Of Course Finn and Spencer are great artists.

Okay... now, let me see... what did I put up to MP in the last weeks? 

There was the blacksmith house I'd built for Corcyrus:

.....Another palm in a pot....

... my old store ....

... and a new version of the torvie house! Smaller than "The Merchant's House" and "The Poor Merchant's House", that's why I called it "The Merchant's Little Brother" :-) However, I abandoned alpha-windows and used sculpted windows this time, cause I'm annoyed by that alpha layer bug; so even as it is smaller, it uses some more prims.

And still lots of projects upcoming!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I thought, my lil moonbeam had a roo-AV, but it was only one of his meeroos in a bunny-costume. However, I got us demo-versions of a roo-AV (the demo is okay, the full version not worth the 800 L$ IMHO). So, here you see our pet-roos + me and River. Can you tell who's who?

Friday, October 21, 2011


Awwwww! Eddi Haskell - busiest blogger I know - wrote an article about my photographs. Hmmm, I don't see myself as artist in photographs, but hey, if Eddi says so! Thank you!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Been dancing at Romanum this night and then looked around the SIM a bit. I found this roman villa and... wow! I'm not easy to impress, but this is a stunning built!

The Creator is Grey Kurka.

Very well done! Kowtow!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now for something completely different

Time to write about other things!

So, it's the season... no, not THAT season, but halloween season. On saturday (before that crap started) I've been with my boys on a hunt at Big Momma's House.

 It was so much fun. You have to talk and defeat skeletons, witches, werewolves, vampires, barbie (!) etc. Spooky atmosphere! Really worth a visit. And it won't take so long. Thumbs up!

Hehe! I had to post this picture as some of the roos becoming even bigger than my lil  moonbeam. But yes! even our roos celebrate halloween!

Can't see it too well, but we have a zombie roo, a skelly roo, a ghost roo (testimo) and a mummy roo (I think). They are sooooooooo cute! [I think as far as I understood, they are costumes available at the roo-store, so you can just "dress" your existing roos up]

So, yesterday was my lil sunshine's 1st rezzday. We had not much time together, but at least went dancing to Arsenal and had some fun. So sexy kittehs I got:

And after my boys went to bed... late at night... my Bestie Tel invited me over to the haunted house he and Dee had done. I changed into Jack Skellington and jumped over. It was so much fun and their work is amazing:

It was good to get other thoughts and to have some fun. Thanks, Tel & Dee!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good bye, Corcyrus!

 2,5 Years ago I started to build Tidra. And it all started with creating a lost temple. It grew and it became a wonderful place. Silent and peaceful as well as mysterious, adventurous and dangerous at the same time.
The Isle of Tidra grew around that temple. Waterfalls, caves, jungle.. finally a fort... But the temple always was my heart, my soul, my homestone in the Gorean sense. Sacred and untouchable. It was a hard time when around christmas 2010 I had to give the SIM up and Tidra was devoured by the big Thassa sea.

 In May 2011, I met Sondra Jevon. First I just offered to help her to landscape and to arrange her houses on her new SIM. But then I showed her the temple and she was enthralled. So a dream which I thought was dead, came to live again. The chance that at least a part of Tidra - it's heart & soul, it's homestone - would survive.. this chance gave me the power to build for 12 weeks night and day the City of Corcyrus. Starting with the temple, then the baths of Tidra, the underworld of Corcyrus, finally the City of Corcyrus built on this fundament.
I've built the whole city pro bono. Without payment. Opposite - even spent a lot of money for this and that. And even more: My boy Endy paid her a whole months tier (or more; he never answered my question) just for the chance to let me build my dream. I did this under the confirmed conditions that the temple and some of the buildings of Tidra this way could survive.

In the city built on the fundaments I tried to combine my own ideas of a Gorean city with what was described about Corcyrus in the books. A touch of Venice at the docks of the river, a greek & roman style winding up the hills to the agora, the gardens of Antisthenes (would have loved to do more there, but watching prims and times I couldn't) etc.

As the city was finished lots of people came, Corcyrus became one of the cities with the most traffic among all Gorean SIMs. And most of this because of the beauty of the city. But also a lot of people left soon again. I won't talk about the reasons here though I know the one or other.

While I was still building there, we once already had a big drama, as Sondra, the sim-owner rented out my "baby", the temple, against my will, and the tenants started to demand "this has to get off! Take that off! Change this!". And I said "Screw you!" and once more I made it pretty clear to the SIM-owner, that the temple is sacred, untouchable and a place for everyone to enjoy and explore. 

 So far so good.... So, this weekend, on saturday, after work I wanted to spend a nice and relaxed evening with my boys. And then it started: "Franzi, the temple ruins have to go off!" - Well, a lot of drama followed, especially with people intervening who had no idea what is really behind it all. - They had no idea about the contracts, the conditions, the meaning...
However my first intention was to take off ALL my stuff. Especially when I heard about the planned changes made by low-class builders. But I was willing to try and to discuss with the people, to explain the background and the importance of the temple to me. Got no chance, as I was interrupted all the time by her, she never stop talking, although several people tried to help to find a solution.

Anyways, I would have had every moral and legal right to delete all my buildings as I was betrayed and the contract broken. But I didn't. Tired of the drama I just took off the temple (which was less then 400 prims) and the ruins above it. As wished. I ripped out the heart and soul of Corcyrus, it's actual homestone. Then I turned my back to the City of Corcyrus. This is not "my" city anymore. They are destroying it's image, it's character, it's charme. I don't care anymore. It is doomed. It will go down soon. And no, I don't care.

Farewell, City of Corcyrus! To me you are a city of dust!

******* Short time later *****

AfterI wrote this, someone handed me this chat-log. I really was willing to leave the city for the citizens of Corcyrus, but the betrayal is even bigger, so this "faggot" here (me) is going to take his stuff back now. As my "little grecko roman architecture is easily duplicated" I am sure you don't have any problems to rebuild it!

[18:21] jason36 String: but i must ask a question
[18:21] Sondra Jevon: sure ask
[18:21] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): i'm pleased to hear that Jason , i think you'll do a better job then some one else we know
[18:21] jason36 String: was the pathway tunnel created in the wall ?
[18:22] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): is was saying the same thing giggles
[18:22] Sondra Jevon: Im not sure what you mean
[18:23] jason36 String: i was talking with abares and suggested a tunnel be inside the city walls
[18:23] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): i have no clue either
[18:23] jason36 String frustrated he walks to the wall
[18:23] Sondra Jevon: Oh the wall cant be altered, via Franz
[18:23] Sondra Jevon: maybe we can find some way to get into it
[18:24] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): no we dont need to add to that
[18:24] jason36 String: ok no, the wall is not hollow with a travel path
[18:24] maia (anya.herberg): why not just under it
[18:24] jason36 String: inside it
[18:24] Sondra Jevon: But what I would like to do is slowly recreate the city saving the catacombs so I can alter the builds and not worrry about Franz happy trigger finger
[18:25] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): i think i know what he was thinking ... a way into the wall to get into the catacombs?
[18:25] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): fuck franz
[18:25] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): Franz won't pull up the city
[18:25] jason36 String: No thanks he'd likeit
[18:25] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): he's a whining little bitch that thinks he can talk to you like that sweetheart
[18:25] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): Its not to his advantage to do so
[18:25] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): he kept things his way till he got yelled at
[18:26] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): i have to agree with max business wise it would be bad business
[18:26] jason36 String: besides... I guarantee you his little grecko roman architecture is easily duplicated
[18:26] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): ok, in all fairness it wasn't so very long ago he went to great efforts and invested a lot of time building here.
[18:26] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): you need to stop being scare of him for doing this shit ..... if he does you can report him and sew him just like you say he can you
[18:26] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): scared*
[18:26] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): I can see why he would be frustrated at that being thrown away so soon after
[18:26] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): any builder would
[18:27] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): but at the same time he needs to understand the why
[18:27] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): yeah but when Sondra doesnt take the sim it wil be all in his inventory
[18:27] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): so what did he gain then?
[18:27] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): totally nothing
[18:27] jason36 String groans... I was contacted to build one building on an entire 1024x1024 plot...
[18:27] jason36 String: was told all along I love it i love it i love it
[18:27] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): oh i rememeber that
[18:27] jason36 String: then it was returned the day I was supposed to be paid
[18:28] Sondra Jevon: I am taking the Sim though I have an Alt that will do it
[18:28] maia (anya.herberg) cant help giggling..knowing how an invetory grows and gets a mess
[18:28] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): he was crushed when after it was all done she took it down
[18:28] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): This wasn't even a for pay job though
[18:28] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): I do this on sims to example my work for prospective clients.. however theres always a 12 month contract it won't be removed unless the sim goes
[18:28] jason36 String: my point is DIVA-builders are not all that...
[18:29] jason36 String: i didnt care if the building went up or came down... I just wanted paid
[18:29] jason36 String: i built it like i was asked

[18:30] Sondra Jevon: It was all about his Ruins he held those very special to him
[18:30] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): i understand his being upset but this is about RL money ... and unless he was going to pay for the sim to stay as it is he needs to understand RL does happen
[18:30] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): Of course he did
[18:30] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): He spent a great deal of time building those
[18:30] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): have anybody seen the shit he put on his website ?
[18:30] Sondra Jevon: And I had talked to his boys many times prior to talking to him Understanding they had told him
[18:30] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): he's making this personal in more then one way
[18:30] maia (anya.herberg) shakes her head
[18:30] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): i wasnt going to mention that but yes i read the blog
[18:31] Sondra Jevon: River said he had told Franz and come to find he did not
[18:31] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): give me one good reason why you would take that ?
[18:31] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): The most valuable thing anyone has is their time.. its the one thing that can never be recaptured
[18:31] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): fuck those nancy boy
[18:31] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): boys
[18:31] jason36 String: i intend on hitting that myself... going to mention how his poor little boy has to come to his defense when he was asked to remove a build and got his shiny panties in a wad
[18:31] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): wow
[18:32] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): yeah and dont ask why they are shiny
[18:32] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr): \EEEWWWW
[18:32] jason36 String: lmao
[18:32] maia (anya.herberg) looks nancy up in her slavebook.. keeps her tounge straight licking every page until N
[18:33] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): i know the ruins had to take a long time to build jaiden
[18:33] Sondra Jevon: haha silly girl maia
[18:33] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): Yes, they did
[18:33] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): but this was about RL money and not about hurting him
[18:33] Sondra Jevon: He had them prebuilt
[18:33] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): I understand that
[18:33] Sondra Jevon: All he did was set them down and put it back in place
[18:33] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): Prebuilt?
[18:33] your worst Nightmare (maximus.khandr) whispers: Queer , Gay , Homo , Fagot = Nancy .... maia
[18:33] Sondra Jevon: yes
[18:34] jason36 String: i didnt go there
[18:34] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): then the attack in the blog was over the top
[18:34] jason36 String: he was a diva moment
[18:34] Sondra Jevon: He had them on a different Sim and had a Love interest there That is why they mean so much to him
[18:34] jason36 String: "have a snickers" really
[18:34] maia (anya.herberg): aha thank You Master
[18:34] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): OK, this has transversed over into nastiness
[18:34] Sondra Jevon: So they were Not built Here
[18:34] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): seeya
[18:34] jason36 String: but yes Sondra this is fine for the school
[18:35] Hope String (hope.chatterbox): now boys .... that is not nice we each have our own preference
[18:35] Jαїdεᾔ (superduperevilunicorn): disgusting shit.. gezuz.. good luck sondra.. your gonna need it