Thursday, June 25, 2009

dizzy entry

Oh my! Did you ever try to build with megaprims? I mean... those 100x100x100 meter thingens? Did you ever try to build with sculpted megaprims? For those who don't know: You have to use them as phantom, because if you don't, then you might see a wall or stairs or a 50 meter big apple or whatever... but it physically still uses the space of a 100x100x100 meter cube. Soooooo, you have to build invisible megaprims and somehow adjust them around the sculpted megaprims, which isn't that easy, because as the name says: They are INVISIBLE. And now imagine all this in 50 meter decent of a cave when everytime you click on edit your cam swwwwooooooosssshhhees somewhere into orbit! And then imagine, you're not only doing this in the deep of a cave but also UNDER Water...

Okay, what I'm trying to say is: My Kenshi and my lil bro Mick are on holidays since tuesday and I miss them so much. But I thought good thing would be, that I have finally time for building. But it isn't going as fast as I thought, cause I'm getting very dizzy, dizzy, dizzy after a while with the swooshing cam.

Well, yeah... that's all for now. Back to dizziness!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

what else is new?

My love is still sleeping. I'm watching him for two hours now, guarding his dreams (well, Tiger been a little naughty too... *grins*). Gives me a little time to write more. So, here's for the good news:

I wanted to wait with it till I'm done building, but I can't wait. A while ago I wrote about the dream of a Gor-narnia-middle-earth-whateva-hybrid. So, we finally said: Yes we can! We have an open SIM now and build a jungle-theme. Sounds familiar, huh? Yes, it is. And yes, it will be similar to what I once built before. But this time really only for enjoying and playing. and without restrictinons from third parts. A place for a wild tribe. A tribe of humans, nekos and whatever wants to come and RP.
We don't know yet, where to "place" it. If we say, it's a kind of Gorean "lost world", many of the self-calling "real" Goreans will either yell or scoff or whatever. But we don't mind. It's still SL. It's still the possibility to make fantasies become true. Kinda.
I'm looking very forward to the good times we will have. Wild boys/kittens hanging around. Having nocturnal very secret rituals (humm, where's my circle-jerk?). Getting raided (if we find others to RP with). Defending. Making captives. Many traps. The search for the Server to steal items will be a real challenge full of danger. - I think we will have a very good time!

But my beloved ones keep me a bit busy, so I'm not making that much progress atm. But who complains? *heh*

Oh... my love wakes up. Gotta go! Wishing everyone a nice weeked

Soooo tired of it...

Still busy these days and never got time to write. At the moment my love is still sleeping in my arms, so I got some minutes to at least write about my day yesterday.

I think, my Gor-days are counted. It would be a nice possibility for good RP with beautiful places, built with a lot of effort, butI just hate all the cheating and bad RP. For 90% of the "Goreans" it seems it's just combat.

Anyways, what happened? Kenshi and me had both hard RL-days. Harder then you can imagine. As we finally met inworld, all we wanted was some private time to relax, to gather some strength for each other, to forget the RL-stuff that's going on and to have some intimate fun.

Then it started again. Group calls for help in Gor. Well, at least this time it was RPed well. We tp'd to Gor and the crap began. I'm tired of repeating all the mischief, that's going on. And I'm not just blaming the Arg Fad with their really bad RP, as the other's aren't much better either. I'm just tired of all the cheating in RP. And when you tell them, they are cheating, then they get upset. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

However, Kenshi and me agreed to not go to Gor the next days. I had to promise him this and I'll keep my promise. And then we will see further. Maybe take more care of our own isle...

Friday, June 19, 2009


To remind you again: Tonite's JC's BDay/Rezzday-Party and Kissing Contest at Tainted Boys:

Friday, June 5, 2009

news, news, news - not to tell yet

OMG - Again soooooo busy this week! After last friday our landlord asked me to return the rezzers, things went into chaos. So, there are a lot of news to tell, but it's not the right time yet... *tease*

However, yesterday we took a little break and my Kenshi turned into the dragon he is inside anyways. So Tiger took a little ride on the dragon which is soooo much fun (in any of his AVs *heh*)

And as we had so much fun I couldn't help it and had to get a full Tiger AV:

which is also awwwwwwwesome!

We strolled around as Tiger and Dragon the whole evening

visited DD on Chiaroscuro and Misha on Arad

Looking forward to lots of animalistic fun!