Monday, April 27, 2009

He's back

He's back!

He's back!

He's back!

He's back!

He's back!

He's back!

The Book Mammon - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Meeting the Murderer

I followed the Lord and my brother to the palace. It was so big. And dark. More then once I lost myself and had to get help to find my way back. I had the feeling, that I was here before, but I didn't remember any of the ways and rooms. The taverne, the scribery, the dungeon... Nothing caused any return of memory. My Lord finally showed me my room, and as I wondered, that it was almost empty, I was told that slaves had cleaned it out soon after the word of my death had reached them.
"This is your home", the Dark Lord explained in his deep voice. "You need to dress as per the rule, always cover your skin and face unless in company of our own kind. Even than i do not remove my mask. My burns are too bad."

As I recognized, that the slaves had forgotten to take off the mirror in the corner, I risked a look. The first time I saw myself. The red glowing ornaments on the skin, the red eyes like my brother's and our Lord's eyes... But the hair! I gulped. Prissy and boring. I took a dagger from my brother and started to shave my head to a nice mohawk style. I grinned to the person in the mirror, who grinned back - a stranger, but somehow familiar.
While I was busy with my hairstyle our Lord had some slaves carry in a bed for me. I turned to the bed, feeled the matrass and as I took off the blanket a happy scream came over my lips: There were my clothes, my weapons... all my stuff! Well, at least I supposed it was mine. Our Lord chuckled softly behind his mask as he saw my surprise. Immediately I ripped off those ugly blue shorts, didn't care, that I was standing there naked in front of the Lord and my brother. I tried the dark clothes and they fit perfect. Also found some poisoned needles and little bones which I weaved in my hair. Oh, and my weapons! I softly carressed them, before I put on my 1000 daggers, my battle-axe and my bow.

While I got dressed, our Lord talked to us: "On a serious note men. - I must stress the importance never to remove your face masks in public! We move as shadows and never show any skin if possible."
"Yes, my Lord!", my brother and me answered unisone.
"And one last thing," our Lord continued, "stay away from the city known a Sliver Tree for now. We will move when the time is right. - I have to leave now. Dark paths, my warriors!"
As the Dark Lord had left, I asked my brother Orcus: "Sooo... my brother... what did we do normally?"
"I need to see those towns the Dark Lord talked about!", Orcus answered. I nodded in agreement. And so our search began...


We jumped on a tarn and commanded the bird direction Tabor, in the hope it knows where to go to, because we had no idea where the city should be. Arriving there we looked around the town, but nothing looked familiar. We met Free and slaves, and we were observed suspiciously from all sides. We told our names to some warriors, but strange thing: No one seem to remember our names.
I asked: "You are sure, this is the city called "Tabor", my brother? Maybe that damned bird didn't know it's way?"
"I think that is Tabor, but I am not sure at all.", Orcus answered.
"And where did our Lord say lives the man who killed us?"
"I think a city named Silver Tree."
We met a warrior and were about to ask him for the way to this city called Silver Tree and a warrior called Rio, as another warrior joined us. Blond, blue eyed, handsome... He tried to peek under our hoods and complained about us being 'disguised' and seemed hostile from right the beginning as the other warrior asked "Rio, you know them?"
Our alarm-bells rang. There he was! The warrior called Rio. The first sabre of Silver Tree. Building his military career on raping and murdering the innocent. Rio - our murderer!

I had to fight the urge to reach for my daggers and cut his throat in a quick move. Too many witnesses around! Instead I took a deep breath and growled: "Tal, warrior. My name is Mammon. This is my brother Orcus." I watched the man closely, but not a single sign of recognition by hearing our names. I had to admit, that I admired his cold-blooded attitude.
"I am Rio, first sabre of Silver Tree.", he answered. Ha! As if I hadn't recognized this already.
Then he started to talk about our appearance. It is a strange thing, that everyone wants to talk with us about the newest fashion.
Suddenly he said: "It seems you have heard of me? I think I know you two. We have had business together before. But I cannot remember what. I suspect it was not friendly business judging by your apparel."
"You judge people on their appearence?", my brother asked.
"Appearances is all I can judge you on, even though you keep yourselves so well hidden. I have to ask myself why you do that, and the conclusion has to be not for honest reasons."
"My reason concern only me and my brother.... warrior!", my brother hissed back.
The blond warrior went on with his hostility, but gave no sign of recognition. Finally we found out the reason: He was killed shortly after us and lost his memory as he was resurrected by an initiate. That explained his cold blood. He didn't even remember his infamous actions and played the innocent and honorable warrior without any bad concious! That made my anger grow even more. I wanted him to remember what he did. Remember it before I killed him for it. But this wasn't the right place and the right time. So I soon suggested to my brother to leave that hostile place.

Friday, April 24, 2009

so this was my birthday

Hmmmm, nothing special happened on mah birdie day yesterday. Wasn't inworld that much cause of... well, birdie day! (Reading and answering mails, going yummy burstday-dinner eatin' at the chinese and stuff like that....)

Spend some time building rooms for mah bro Rammy and for Justyn's & Very's son Ollie in the basement. Will be small but nice when ready.

And Gor. Oh my! Went there with lil bro Mick, tried to rescue someone and were captured ourselves before we even could go into mouselook (dang! Eilly, you're fast!!!), had some nice RP in the beginning with an exhausted Eilly and then... the OOC discussions began. Gee! I didn't know, if I should just continue rolling around the cell-floor laughing or start crying. However, the RP ended and I went dancing with my lil bro, to celebrate the last hour of my birthday.

First went to ZEUS in the hope that Heloq would play and Spanki would host, but it seemed their shift was over already. Well, DJ Markie played a nice set and ZEUS surely is a nice club, even if always laggy, laggy, laggy as hell... but somehow I miss the family-atmosphere there (like in many other clubs too). Only spam-gestures in open chat, which are sooooooooo (not) entertaining. Every try to get some cool, funny, entertaining conversation in open chat gets burried beneath those gestures. It's okay, when you are busy in IMs anyways and don't really wanna social contact, but I prefer the everyone's-talking-with-everyone-parties. Parties like we had it on Tiger's Isle (and I hope they still have) and other Clubs where my brothers and me were dancing (yeah! I claim the benefit, that me, Tiger, is one of those who started really entertaining parties like that!).
Well, then to my surprise I got an invitation to Premier Evolution. Not that I was surprised to get the invitation, but I was surprised that it still exists! It seems, the rumours were wrong. PE still exists, just Clinton retired. And as one of my favoritest DJs Gregster were playing, I dragged my lil bro over to there. Other bro Kyne joined us too and a little later bro Nevie also.

As Gregster played MY tune ("Hot in herrre" - Tiga) I had to strip as usual (but only to my undies) and helped my bros out of their clothes too. So, we were trying to win the "Sexy brothers in undies" contest, which was a bit difficult as there was no such contest at all. But anyways! We had a lot of fun rolling and grabbing around the dancefloor. I miss those brother-dances!!!
(Sorry, if you can't see DETAILS on the picture, but due to the lag I had to reduce my graphics to a minimum...)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is me with my lil bro Mick at the moment. He's already sleeping in my arms, that cutie. I'll follow him soon; just want to write some lines at the end of the day....

I'm missing my Kenshi and count the hours till he's coming back. Trying to distract me with other things, which is good. Finally continued cleaning my inventortury, so that after half a day sorting I went from about 14.900 to 17.600 (*wtf?!?*). Did a lot of gardening too in the hope to have the garden ready when my love comes back.

I also rezzed the little tree-house which I once had bought for my X. Was a little painful, to stand there. Oh those memories... but Mick liked it, and as family is growing, we might need the space. So I left it there in the garden:

Yesterday I danced with Mick in a gazebo as I so love to dance with my Kenshi and our lil bro wanted to give me some "Kenshi-feeling":

But somehow I didn't like the gazebo, so I started to build my own as a surprise for my love. I hope he likes it. Is a romantic place between trees, palms and bushes:

Also talked to some family-members these days which I haven't spoken to for weeks. Yesterday with my little kitten Douggie who promised to come more often now. Well, he says that every time before he vanishes for weeks.

And today finally talked with my bro Rammy. Was so good to talk to him again. I hope, he comes back to the family now again. It's a small parcel, but I love to have it crowded with family-members. Kenshi, Mick, me, Justyn & Very (and they adopted a son now, which I only saw once yet), and Douggie and Rammy.... I love it!

But I also enjoy silent moments alone. Like yesterday, when I was meditating in the lotus for an hour, thinking of my love, talking in IMs and - oh yes! - messaging with my cowboy, who worries me a lot these days with his health. (Hope you get better soon, JC! *licks*) As far as I understood, this months rezzday-party will be cancelled and he stops the parties at all. Which is sad, but I understand it. Just too bad, that this friday is cancelled, because it would have been kinda my "personal" party as it is my RL birthday the day before and I took the friday off RL work to party on. So, no Kenshi at my birthday and no party either... *sniefs*

Well, I guess that's it for today. Have to continue with the "Book of Mammon" soon, but it's not easy. atm the RP is more or less frozen. Mick and me are still trying to be evil and do evil things, but we're not that skilled in evilness *heh*
Oh, I almost forgot: Visited Arad today, which has changed a lot. But I like it, especially the treehouse. Somehow I still dream of a "wild boys" island in the manner of "Lord of the Flies". That would be nice *purrrrrrs*

Okay, time to join my brother in his dreams.... ni ni!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time for an update

As I took my first curious steps in Gor, a wise man (okay, it was DJ Arcangelo) said about Gor "If you like drama, you will like Gor". And when I look at endlessly discussions about validity of RP and OOC insultations crossing the IC line and other stuff, then he might be right...
However, we are doing a big RP-storyline this week. Takes a lot of time, part of it is fun, part of it not (the drama-corner). Hm, dunno... is it my fantasy? I'm becoming a hardliner regarding the RP. Means: What didn't happen in RP, didn't happen at all. I don't like cheating, taking OOC information and changing the past to switch it into IC information. The storyline could be a lot of fun and challenge in playing for a lot of people, but it seems most are not really interested....

But I didn't want to write much about Gor. If you, dear reader, have no idea about Gor, you won't know what I'm talking about anyways. So, what else is new?

Bad news first: About 13 hours ago I had to bid a surprising farewell to my love Kenshi. He has to be away for some reason and I miss him so much it hurts. We spend our last two hours dancing in our wedding-suits in a romantic place. I took some nice pictures, but I won't show them here yet, because noone should see our clothes before the official wedding.

Talking of pictures... I love to take pictures, although I'm not so much of a photographer. I just wait for the right moment, click and then cut the picture detail I want. I have no idea about photoshop. Sometimes use corel paint to change contrast and brightness, but that's all. But - I love to use the possibilities of lights in SL. And last night, as we've been dancing at... uhm... Bleeding Hearts (?) to DJ Arcs trance-tunes, someone mentioned windlights. Nosey as I am (hey, I'm still a kitten!!!) I had to take a look and I'm keen as mustard of it. For more information about the application click here!
Took this pic of our lil house with one of the windlight settings (looks better in full size):

And today after RL-work I've been dancing with my lil bro Mick and with Rio & Leo from Silver Tree at the OOC-party in the Dark Path. Was pretty nice except of a little exeggeration of disco-lights. Invited Kyne too, whom I haven't seen for ages, and Conner from those old days as dancers. So, we had some fun. (On the pic from left to right: Rio, Leo, Mick, me) Especially to be in Gor as Tiger and not being hunted. *heh*

Yeah, I miss my neko-days a bit. I guess I have to stroll around kittesh much more!

kk - getting late now. Time for kitteh-nap and at least dreaming of my love, as I can't be with him otherwise for a while now...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Book Mammon - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Awakening

I woke up in a dark chappel, the cold stone of a blood covered altar beneath me. Every single atom of my body seemed to hurt. I wanted to close my eyes again, just sleep.. long... but I forced myself to turn my head.... and stared into a dark shadow leaning over me. I croaked: "Where..?... who...?"
The dark shadow answered: "All your questions will be answered soon. But first things first: Do you remember who I am?"
I fixed the dark shadow with my eyes. Considered. His face was covered with a black mask, his eyes were glowing red in the darkness. I shook my head, which caused another stinging pain.
"I am your Lord", the shadow said with a deep voice, "and your name is Mammon."
I croaked "My Lord?", and he nodded and continued "You were...are still a Dark Warrior. You are known for your skill in the bow, Mammon."
I repeated the name. "Mammon...." and let the name echoing in my mind, waiting for any bells to ring, for the slightest sign of memory.
"Yes - Mammon. Blood brother to Orcus.", and he pointed to a dark figure next to him. I looked around, recognized another dark shadow and repeated sheepishly "Orcus... blood-brother?" and the smaller shadow reached his hand up, removed the hood of his cloak, but his face was covered by a mask too. He quietly said "Brother...?" and his soft voice seemed to warm my heart.
I tried to get up and sit with some problems, needed all my will to lift my upper body on my ellbows, then finally could sit on the cold stone, trying to get on my feet, but the Dark Lord's hand gentle on my shoulder held me back. "Relax, Mammon, there is no rush. You have been though a rough path.", he said in his calming deep voice. "Do you remember what happened?"
I shook my head again, which caused more stinging pain and I grimaced "No. Don't remember anything...."
"You were captured, my friend, by some do-gooders of the red caste. You were tortured and killed."
I raised an eyebrow "Can't be! I feel a bit weak but not dead at all!" and flexed and stretched my muscles to confirm my words. Amazed I recognized red glowing patterns on my skin.
"The power of the Dark Path is strong, my friend.", my Lord answered. "You have been returned to us with signs you walked with the Priest Kings.", and he ran his hand over the markings on my skin.
Again I tried to get up on my feet. The shadow who was called my brother came closer, giving me a helping hand. The touch of his hand as he helped me up warmed my body and while getting on my feet I looked into his red eyes behind the mask and whispered "... brother..." with a smile.
"You two were so close", said our Lord and I believed him without any doubt.
The soft voice of Orcus confirmed "My brother..." and in a slow motion he removed his mask and showed me his face. Suddenly shreds of memory flashed my mind. Memory of fights, of battles. The certainty, that this man was at my side for a long, long time. I smiled and repeated confirming "Brother!"
The dark voice of our Lord cut our family-reunion: "Mammon, you need time to relax and learn the fortess again!", and he handed me a key. "Guard this key with you life. This will give you access to most of the fortess."
I reached out my hand and took the keys "Thank you.... my Lord", then I looked down my body, recognizing ugly blue shorts. "Why am I wearing blue pants and you are all in splendid black?"
The Dark Lord laughed shortly "Not to worry. The Priest Kings move in strange ways. We wear black to remember who we are. Our existence, secret, shrouded is mystery. We are neither here nor there. The Dark Path is simply to fight against the darkness. We have little other purpose. We do not engage in politics. We do not turn history. We are the Dark who cloak themselves in the night. We are The Dark Path. We tarnish the minds of people. Drag them from the light side of their minds to the dark side and make them submit to it. Seducing them to follow their darkest desires. Into their Dark Path....Your desires brought you to me a long time ago.", he started to pace up and down. "Your familes were killed by the cruel red arses of a city near by. Since than you have fought by my side as dark warriors."
My eyes followed the moves of the Lord, listening inside me, if his words caused any memory. But nothing.
My brother turned to our Lord "Thank you my Lord to bring back my brother to our side."
Our Lord just nodded and continued "The warriors of Tabor and Silver Tree are our sworn foes. Many have died at the hands of those manics, who call themseleves warriors!"
My brother growled angry at the names of the cities. My lips formed the words "Tabor"... "Silver Tree" silently, trying to keep them in my mind, so that I'll never forget their names.
Our Lord continued bringing my memory back: "We fought to bring the city of Tabor but they used tricks to capture you both. - But now you have returned to us. The Dark Prince will be happy!"
I raised an eyebrow. Too many news for my dizzy brain I repeated foolishly "Dark Prince, my Lord?". The Lord nodded and confirmed "Yes, the Dark Prince. The one we all serve. You both swore to him and me to serve us with your lives."
I was so confused, tried to follow the Lord's words, watched my brother from the corner of my eyes, looked around in the dark chappel, tried to search something... find something... ANYTHING in my memory and wondered about the necklace with the symbol of a dragon on my chest which I just recognized. All this at the same time and my head started swimming.
Our Lord recognized my confusion. "I am sure you have many questions. Please ask them."
While my brother asked "Who are the ones who killed us, my Lord? Do you know their names?" I reached for the necklace on my chest, ripped it off my neck and stuffed it in my pants.
"Aye! An evil and cruel twisted warrior known as Rio of Sliver Tree", the Lord answered. "He has killed, back-stabbed and destroyed all to get to were he is today! We have sworn an oath to make him pay for the things he has done to many in the name of truth.". He spit on the floor.
I repeated silently "Rio..." and vowed to never forget the name of my biggest enemy.
Our Lord continued: "He lead the raid that killed your familes. He was a young warrior then, keen on making the grade. He raped your mothers and killed your fathers in front off you." the Lords voice belled full of a hatred which also took possession of me. "You only managed to escape as I sent in my man to save as many as possible and bring them to satefy. Many say what we do is outlaw but we protect the weak and destory the foolish."
Orcus took his mask and put it back on his face, maybe to hide his anger.
The Dark Lord suddenly calmed in his raging speech and continued softly: "Come, Mammon, you rooms is waiting for you! We will give you time to rest and..", he hestitated and looked up and down at me "...dress."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Book Mammon - Prologue


The three moons of Gor were covered by clouds. An owl sang its sad song in the court-yard of the Dark Castle. The scent of death all around. In a small chappel a dark shadow guarded a dead body laying on a bloody altar. The red glowing eyes fixed on the badly injured chest and the deep wound in the heart of the corpse. The shadow remained silent, but deep inside he vowed vengeance to the people who did this to his blood brother.
Suddenly he felt another presence approximating. A second dark shadow entered the chappel, taller then the first. The Dark Lord had arrived!
His deep voice cut the darkness: "Orcus! So good to see you again. It's time to return your blood-brother to us!". The smaller shadow nodded greeting his Lord.


A shimmering red light appeared over the corpse. Small first but growing, spinning around the dead body and bathing the dark chappel in a red light. The wounds over the corpses heart closed, the acid burned skin healed and the wounds turned into glowing red ornaments. The Dark Lord and the shadow called Orcus shielded their eyes with their arm.
Then the light vanished and darkness filled the room again. The Dark Lord stepped forward and smiled looking down to his new warrior. Watching how the body cranked and suddenly a deep breath filled its lungs. A deep moan left his throat.
"Steady brother!", the Dark Lord said. "Calm deep breaths..."
The body on the altar opened its eyes, blinking in the dimmed light of the dark chappel. He coughed and gagged, but the deep soothing voice calmed his breath down. The Dark Lord stroked his hair "Calm, brother, calm. Welcome back to us. You have been gone some time."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

things happening on easter

One of the things that happening on easter is that people rise from the dead. And so did Mick and Franzi.

But one step after the other!

It was some fun to haunt around as angelic ghosts on Gor, causing shivers, touching some dicks with icecold hands, blowing in ears and howling around. Or playing leapfrog with Mick, while other players had to stay serious and ignore us. Well, that wasn't too hard for them as they did that before when I was living, so why would they have problems with me dead?

On sunday I got a bit bored, still waiting for my resurrection. But it didn't happen. So I went late-night-dancing with my Kenshi at Gabriels Promise. "Wildest Avi" was the theme, so I undusted an old demon-costume while Kenshi turned into a werewolf. We tp'd there and.... found a lot of bunnies! Okay, bunnies aren't as "wild" in my view, but it was fun. Especially when arriving there with a werewolf at your side. Bunnies vs. Wolf... do the math! The bunny on the dance-pole must have looked like shish kebab in his wolfish eyes and my Kenshi became very hungry. I almost had to leash him. *heh* Well, we had fun dancing and chatting there and I was thinking of old days at Premier Evolution (which is closed now as far as I heard) and dancing at the opening of Gabriels'. I don't think, that Braden - one of the owners - remembers me, but I remember those days pretty well.

So, easter monday came and that's the day of the resurrection. I was looking forward to the upcoming RP, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Too many people bitching around... So, let me say some things about RP and storyline.

I may not be the best Gor-RPer. I think I mentioned it before. Still don't know enough about "The Gorean Way" (whatever it is) and often have language problems. But I can recognize a storyline, when I see one. And sad as it is: Most people don't have a storyline in Gor RP. They are lucky, when they can fight - capture or getting captured - trade or being traded (or killed) and then they start again. One day they get almost eaten, the next day they make small-talk IC in combat zone with the people who have tried to eat them instead of trying to kick their ass and getting a revenge. People who are honest citizens today are outlaws the next day. [Yes, that happened to Mick and me too, but within a (surprising) RP and a storyline, not just with a fingersnip. And it will add to their "history".] People who are well-known as outlaws can walk around in combat zone without being molested by citizens as long as they don't try to steal something.

So, I'm missing storylines and building a personal "history". We had the chance to start a big and good RP, and I was looking forward to it. But now everyone is talking into us, bitching around, complaining about desertion. That is no fun anymore. If others prefer the boring way of battle-capture-trade etc, then I don't know, if I want to be there anymore.

And another thing happened. I was suspicious about the tendencies of a person and he once again proved my intuition right. I don't like that. And I don't like it, when some people play with the emotions of people meaning something to me and just abuse them for their vengeance. I still hope, that my intuition is wrong, but it gets clearer day by day.

However *taking a deep breath*, so there he is: Mammon arised yesterday!

His memory fed with false information he and his blood-brother Orcus are full of hatred against everyone on the bright path and especially against their murderer (or who they were told would be their murderer)... That's the beginning of the story. Interesting, challenging. Deal with it! *evil laughter*

[P.S.: No idea, why the Dark Lord chosen the name Mammon, which is the false god of money, because actually I'm broke most of the time. *heh*]

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where's Whoopie Goldberg when you need her?

.... or just "Ghost"

The tale of Gor continues...

Was a bit upset last night for some RL-reason, so I needed distraction as I finally was at home. My Kenshi and me went to Silver Tree, were about to rescue Rio (again) and were captured (again) ourselves by Eili and another thief. But we were all too tired to continue the RP, so they left us in our cells and we promised to continue in the morning.

I was the first to wake up in my cell, a little rat helped me to get rid of my ropes (it's of some advantage to be able to talk to animals. Ever considered, why I'm called after St. Francis?) and my brave boy Mick was about to pick some locks to rescue us. But then the castle woke up... and Mick was captured too.

Sooooo... our capturer made a big mistake and invited someone who's the devils incarnation. And we ended all dead. Now we are floating around as ghosts, which is a lot, lot of fun. *hehe* And there's some cool RP following, which I'm looking forward to. But that will be a surprise!

Okay, have to go haunting now! hoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, April 9, 2009

long day with lil bro

Yes! I airbrushed Kenshi's picture on a wall!

And yes! I'm the new cover-boy of Vogue!

Hehe! No! I'm just kidding! I played around with PhotoFunia, which is really a lot of fun. My dearest cowboy JC mentioned it first and my bro Justyn reminded me, that I wanted to take a look at it. It's worth it!

So, lets open the book of Gor-Tales and talk about yesterday. Already told about the collaring of Mick. After the ceremony I brought him to the infirmery, tied him on a table, cooled his nipples with some ice-cubes and pierced his nipples and his belly. Is a manhood thingens; there are mystery-tales, that ancient Roman centurios did it to prove their masculinity, but I guess that's not true. However, we had fun. And no, it wasn't as bloody as it looks on the table. *grins*

Soooo, what else? Been captured together with my new boy. Sexy Ades and nice Eili (of course neither sexy nor nice IC) dragged us to their thief's castle. But somehow it was too messy in the chat with six (!!!) captives they made and some outlaws from Farad joining. Too bad! I would have liked Ades to take some more advantage of that St. Andrew's Cross I was tied to... *heh*

Later Mick and me jumped in kimonos to head over to ZEUS club for japanese night, meeting Spanki and Heloq again. Too bad that the place is always so laggy. Turned every graphics down to zero and still hard to move. But nice there anyways.

Had to interrupt for a rescue-mission. Rio captured (again!) and me and my boy went to Farad Hills for trade - or whatever. No idea about trading yet, so I wasn't disappointed, that noone was there and we just had to pick some locks to free Rio & Leo (Master Deakins, Lord of Silver Tree).

And from that following DJ Arcangelo's call to MenDance - now "JustBe" or something - where we arrived just in our Gor-gear. Mmmmm, Mick looked so shmexie dancing in his silks. *purrrrs*

So, another long day it was. Missed my Kenshi, but it was "Master & his boy"-day. A day to celebrate. And that we did!

Though I'm busy all the time and don't have time for as many things to do I wanted to do - I'm pretty happy and having good times!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A big moment

Today was an important day. My lil bro Mick was a Free after he had left Arad. I liked to have my little brother at my side, strolling around Gor-Sims. But he felt the urge to wear a collar again and it made me proud, as he asked me to become his Master.

So, today we met in the pavillon at Silver Tree. Kenshi was present and our brother Neville. Too bad, that the other brother's weren't online to join the ceremony.

Mick stood before me and I started to take off his clothes."I'll take off your clothes, my brother, as this day you'll be new born and wear a newborns suit", I said. "On this day you're submitting to me by your free will and I will embrace your submission."

As he stood naked before me, I hugged him a last time as Free. Then ordered him to kneel before me.

I took the collar from my belt, carressed his naked neck and as he submissively bent his head, I attached the metall around his neck with the words "With this collar I make you mine, Mickael Pevensey. What you give is pure, natural and the rarest gift a man can give a man. "

Then I took the key and locked the collar the first time "You have given me complete and unshakable assurance of your commitment and devotion. Your submissiveness is a magnificent gift and sacred responsibility."

I turned the key the second time "I accept this from you with pleasure and joy. I understand the rarity and purity of this gift. You offer me your body and soul, your heart and mind."

I smiled as I turned the key the last time "I dominate you only because you have allowed it. And when I see your body kneel before me, in my mind and heart you are raised above all the treasures of the earth. No fortune in Gor is big enough to buy what you give me freely. From now on you are mine. I will love, protect, guide and teach you - now and forever. This I vow."

He proudly smiled up to me with a glance full of love and happiness. "I give you my heart, my body and my soul and my complete submission, my Master!", he said.

I smiled back and said proudly "From this moment on you are MINE. My boy. My kajirus. I love you! Now stand up and give me a hug, my boy!"

And that's the day, Mickael Pevensey became mine. A very happy and proud day for all of us!

missing my brothers

I went dancing at Zeus with my Kenshi yesterday, happy to see my bro Spanki again. He's busy the last weeks - new love, building, hosting.... - and so am I. But we always had the time to IM for half an hour or so every day. I don't know, what's wrong and if it's really just the busy-ness. But I miss my bro.
Most of my other bros are missing too. Seen Justyn yesterday after a long time and showed him Silver Tree and Tabor. But he had not much time. RL keeps him busy these days.
The same with JoJo, who's busy in RL too. And Tree I haven't met either for weeks. And Nevie is exploring other paths....

So, just wanted to say: Love you, brothers, and miss you all! kisses and hugs and licks xoxoxox

two months - Yay!

Posted it spontanuous monday night: On tuesday Kenshi and me had our two months anniversary. We slow-danced for hours under the stars at a romantic place. It was wonderful.

We're planning our official wedding. Never had a wedding-party and finally I want one. JC for reverend, Spanki (who diesn't know it yet, so sssshhht!) for Best Man. Will be difficult to get the right time for it, as our friends are spread over 24 or more timezones.

We don't have the place, the time and the DJ yet, but what we do have already: Our wedding suits. Gothic-Gorean. We look gor-geous! Don't want a big ceremony, but want to be with friends and family, and want to party and dance and have fun.

It's the fourth time I'm partnered (2 times the same and 1 time I already forgotten the name; one of the shortest partnerships in SL-history), but this time - I know it! - it lasts (okay, as long as there's a JC to calm me and my hubbie to be patient, when I'm starting running around headless, when I'm getting upset *heh*).

Love you, my Kenshi!

Gor RP

Had not much of RP on Gor these days. The last time for a longer RP was last wednesday. Rio, the first sabre of Silver Tree was captured by a man-eater. *eeeeewwwwww* Not that I wouldn't chew on some special bodyparts of Rio too, but cannibalism? Is there a new Hannibal Lector book/movie out or why is cannibalism becoming so popular on Gor these days?

Another thing I recognized: Everyone's turning outlaw. Whole cities suddenly outlaw. *sigh* But I understand... being outlaw is much more fun then trying to be an honest citizen. And as soon as we settled down in Silver Tree (which is still in built), I might try a drug, which beclouds my mind, so that I'll turn evil for a while, capturing and raping... So every Gorean out there who hasn't "no rape" in his limits, beware! *heh*

However... the rescue-mission wasn't the best RP. I don't claim to be such a good RPer, mostly because english isn't my first language. I might be much better, if I shouldn't have to look up some words of the others or find the right words for myself. Deleting much more of my chat as I usually do. *sighs* But there are some basics in RP and I claim, that I understand them well. Like when someone says to me "Lets fly over to the isle!" (and he didn't mean a tarn!).... my toe-nails scroll up. Or when they say "He isn't here, I don't see him on the mini-map!".... I get cramps in my guts. Not starting to talk about trying to tp me, when I'm just 80 meters away in the middle of a combat, or - worse - trying to tp me, when I'm trying to sneak up behind someone and catch him by surprise.

Sooooo, it wasn't the best RP. The only highlight for a short moment was meeting Misha at the docks of the dark path. I so had to laugh at my screen, as I heard someone screaming for help and he said, it was just some larls in heat. *heh* (btw. - I KNOW how larls in heat sound. I'm brothered to some wildcats. *lol* ---- For none-Goreans: Larls are a kind of sabretooth-tigers)

But after all I had fun. Looking forward to more RP as soon as we settled down in ST and when I'm ready with all the other stuff I have to do....

Monday, April 6, 2009

happy 2 months

You make my life complete

I love you!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We're famous

No time to write... *sighs*

But here's a funny pic my bro Justyn shot of us (Juz, me, Kenshi). Love it!