Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank God, weekend is over!

Well, there's not much to tell about the weekend. Only the "history" of ticket submitting to Linden and trying to save the Isle of Tidra. This is the History of my weekend:

1. Accidently flattened the whole SIM for some levels, so that half of the SIM was under water
2. After RL-work on Friday worked half of the night to get the terraforming back
3. Wrote to the German support of Linden to ask for a rollback BEFORE the accident happened; waited long for a reaction
4. After many hours of waiting, German support adviced to try the "revert" button or ask for a rollback in the English support. I asked for the rollback
5. Linden reacted quickly and did the rollback... with the result, that it was as messy as it was after the accident, before my work of Friday night; so Friday night was a waste of time
6. Wrote in the ticket, that they seem to rolledback from the wrong moment and if they can do it again, but from an earlier moment
7. Waited another several hours for an answer, but as nothing came (8 hours later) I sent another ticket
8. While waiting for the answer, I finally tried the "revert" button as recommended... which made the whole SIM almost COMPLETELY flat. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
9. Got the message, that they closed the 1. ticket, working on the 2. ticket, but I should tell them the exact time, before the accident happened (which I already did 3 times...)
10. They set the SIM offline most of the day
11. As I came back from a long working-day on sunday evening, I got the message, that the problem is "solved"
12. The SIM looks exactly as flat as it was before and I don't see any difference from a rollback
13. I GAVE UP! (But wrote them a comment in the ticket, that I gave up, and now I can't do anything, as the ticked still says "work in progress" and I don't want to put some hours work into it and then Linden rolls it back to the messy under water state from friday or flat state from saturday)

Well, at least I got some new ideas for the island and I'm ready for another few weeks of terraforming......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh God, it's weekend!

As already mentioned in the Isle of Tidra blog: The weekend started no good! Kenshi and Mick got the flu and if that wouldn't be enough, I damaged the terraforming of the isle by accident. Not sure, how it could happen. I tried to flatten a small piece of land, selected the small area and clicked on "apply" several times, till it was flat enough. But it seems, I mis-clicked and I did not only flatten the selection but the whole SIM. I just recognized it, when Kyne cried for help as he was drowning. And all that happened right before I had to go to work and just that moment also arrived some of my favorite RPers on the island. I was headless and close to a nervous break-down. All the work for weeks... going along the coast... smoothing and adjusting every meter of the isle. Now I sent a support ticket to Linden in the hope that a rollback could undo the damage. Till now I got no reaction. Keep your fingers crossed! Otherwise there will be another few weeks of work. *sighs*

So, that is that. What else? Been dancing with my Kenshi on wednesday, but the club-scene isn't what it was before. Just one party-gesture after the other. So I just listened to the music and talked to my love in IMs.

Thursday much RP with Mick. And friday... well, yeah. Better forget that day! So, it's weekend now and that means lots of RL-work. Maybe helps to wait more patiently for the reaction of Linden instead of checking my eMail every 5 minutes for a (positive) answer...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hm, pretty busy with RP these days since we opened the SIM. Savage boys are coming and playing. It will take a while till the Isle is permanently occupied, but it's a good start. Still lots of things to do though....

Yesterday we bought a weather-control system. What's a rainforrest without rain? Special thanks to Alyn Skytower, who donated for it.

In the shop with the weather-system we had some fun with riding on... uhm... elks? reindeers? no idea! But was fun. And my hubby bought me a little kitten. Ish so cute! Have to buy some toys for it!
Also found some nice furniture for the isle and accidently clicked on a pumpkin and realized later, that it was part of a hunt, so that I won a scary bubble-gum, which is funny.

Well, we started an extra blog for the Isle of Tidra to not bother my other readers with too many Gorean RP-chat-logs. And now we have to buy a bosk (a cow-like animal) for the Isle, cause I don't like my coffee black...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancing with my love

Not so much to tell about the weekend. Lots of RL-work and some other issues... lack of sleep... very exhausting! But sunday evening it was over, logged in and my love was waiting for me in his wedding-clothes. *purrrrrrr* We slow-danced for hours in our beautiful gazebo and enjoyed each others company. Was sooooo nice and beautiful.

What else? Hm, played with the layouts of the blogs. Is a bit difficult to post now, but looks nice IMHO. And RP on Tidra is developing. Soon we will start an extra site for the RP there. It's so much fun to play with the savages and people are coming. YAY!

Oh, and my bro Spanks got surprisingly partnered! Congratz, bro! *licks and kissis*

~ Meez happi! ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

The big Gor-issue

Marin asked in a comment (thank you for pointing out) below an interesting question. I might quote: "Since I am one of the guys who thinks your island is really outstanding - from rp'er for roleplay - I was wondering about the story line too. For once one can stop by on a voyage ... but then what .... since all other gorean SIMs ban nekos ... how can you carry a story forward without limiting rp to just this island?"

Of course we thought about that problem. And yes, it IS a problem, as all the Gor-SIMs are soooo narrow-minded regarding the neko-matter. - Which is a bit strange, when you think about it:

Look, John Norman really IS a bad writer; even the hardest fans have to admit that. He looses himself much too often in details, repeats them again and again... which is helpful for creating worlds in SL, as you more or less get an instruction-manual, but it's not very... uhm... belletristic.
However, one thing we have to attest him: He's imaginative in inventing not only flora and fauna for Gor, but also different races. Beside the humans there are the Priest Kings, the Kurii, the swamp-spiders, "the others", those monkey-people (forgot their name) and some more.

I'm still searching for that interview, where John Norman said, his books were starting a point and that he wanted people to expand on what he wrote, not limit it. So, why should nekos on Gor be so ridiculous and a no-go? Tell me, where in the books there's a GAY city!? (Yes, there's the one tribe, but they are more asexual, aren't they?) But yet... gay cities exist on SL-Gor. And I'm thankful for that!
So, how could especially those gay city say "Gay Gor has a right to exist, neko-Gor not!"? I think there are mentioned much more exots (similar to nekos) in the books then gays.

However, I'm aware, that we won't revolutionize SL-Gor. We won't be accepted as nekos in most SIMs. That's very strange, as most Goreans I've talked to, have a neko (or other mystic creature) in their inventory or as an alt. The individuals like it to 99%, the mass reject it. Isn't that funny and sad at the same time? How often do you have the same phenomen in RL? How often do you hear "I as individual agree, but what could I do as a single guy against the social pressure?"
Well, in SL... don't they/you restrict yourself? Restrict your own fun? There are lots of possibilities to expand the RP-fun. Imagine exots captured on the island by slavers, trying to sell them on the slave-markets in Gorean cities... Tribesbrothers invating the cities by night, trying to rescue their brothers...

But yes, I know: It's an impossible dream because of the narrowminded bulk in SL-Gor. And I have to admit: I'm too tired and exhausted to fight. Especially after exactly those of my neko earth-brothers, who said "Oh, cool! We want to RP!" now are not to be seen anymore. Well, they are kittehz, they never know, what they want. *sighs* The only kitteh that comes to play is my bro Kyne (smooch and thanks, bro!); the others won't mind, if they are neko or human. And we are about to clean the group pretty soon and renew the rules, if things don't change. Why should I waste my energy for people who are not interested at all? (And if you hear some disappointment and frustration out of this, then you are right).

The jungle-theme however is justified by the books. Like on earth there's a rainforrest and jungle around the equator of Gor, starting with the Port of Schendi (not in SL), going over in Ubar Bila Huruma's Ushindi.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Contact

Been a bit depressive the last evening... Now, as the island is almost finished and the RP already started, who stays away? Yes, exactly those who said, what a nice idea it would be and who encouraged us to make a RP-Sim where nekos and other mystical creatures are allowed. I'm very, very disappointed. Last night I was almost about to clean half of my friends-list.

But today we had a nice RP. The story-line so far is, that after the Tiger & Dragon chain left Silver Tree, found a shelter at the island which they called "Isle of Tidra". Thinking first it is empty, we soon discovered signs of human beings.... a cave, a plantation... Soon we also saw them hiding behind bushes and rocks: Strange savages... a tribe... But they avoided any contact and disappeared, when we stepped closer.

Today we finally managed to capture one, though the communication was a bit difficult. We hope, others of this tribe speak our language. - However, we had lots of fun with the imaginative capture and language-lesson. You can read more about it in the Isle of Tidra Blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Season

I'm disappointed and enthusiastic at the same time these days. The RP on the island finally will start. Either today already or tomorrow. The island is still not finished, but the rest we can do in RP... befriend the savage tribe, discover the lost temple, furnish it with our Gorean furniture which is unknown to the tribe... things like that.

However, we get some visitors already and we want to offer them RP. Everyone who comes visiting, says it's an amazing and one of the most beautiful SIMs in SL they ever saw. Makes me a bit proud. It's really not bad, especially as it's just a homestead with restricted number of prims. I'm just a bit concerned of the scripts as we're lagging these days. But lagging everywhere else also, so it might be SL in general.

It just saddens me a bit, that those for whom I had built the island and who said "Yeah! RP for kittehs would be so much fun!", seem to be gone. Either busy with other RP or just moving on or not in SL anyways. Didn't even get a response to several call-outs in the group. It's just sad and depressing, but well... life goes on and paths part. More then once that I have to accept that.

On the other side new people are coming, so the tribe will hopefully grow. Yesterday some met and we talked about the storyline. Sitting on the raft of the lake and talking, enjoying sexy kittehs, humans, elfs around me... it was very nice though it was hard for me to relax, as so many things are still on my mind. So many things left to do...

shopping - AKEYO & SINE

The other day we found Akeyo, a place for animations, dances and sneakers. Oh, the sneakers are sooooo cool. A bit expensive (600 L$), but worth any penny, as you can change colors of the single parts, patterns etc via a menu. So you get 100s of combinations for each single shoe. Fun!
But much more fun we had buying the "camp run". This picture can't express how funny it is. We imagined running through Gor cities with our weapons in this style... and all the enemies would be so distracted, that it's easy to fight them. *heh* However, we laughed our asses off with it.

Speaking of animations... rare enough is a freebie of SINE. In memory of Michael Jackson they have a couple-dance to "smooth criminal". Not sure, if I like it and less sure, why it has to be a couple-dance, but anyways... it's a freebie, so go and get it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

am I a bitch?

Sweet Misha wrote an article about "The Alliance of Bad RP" last week. And I so agree. I don't say, that ALL of them are bad RPers. I don't say, that I'm such a good RPer (often lacking of the right words and still not familiar enough with some Gorean customs), but this is so typical and happens in 95% of group-chat:

[2009/09/11 4:45] XYZ: Tabor is under attack by the DL, we need help
[2009/09/11 4:54] XYZ: i see the DL in North Tabor at the opposite of the fort
[2009/09/11 4:55] ABC: hes with me
[2009/09/11 4:55] XYZ: [4:55] Bac Compton shouts: ((dean you have another vitcim here LOL))
[2009/09/11 5:02] Franziskus Ninetails sees a bird flying nervously over his head, he draws his bow and aims. To his own surprise the bird falls hit by the arrow to his feet. He takes the dead dove, detaches the little scroll from its leg and reads the letters "Tabor is under attack by the DL, we need help". He smirks and shakes his head, thinking "oh, when will you ever learn to RP?", crumples the piece of paper and tosses it over his shoulders

I couldn't help to add my comment. Gaining some more enemies on Gor, I guess. But I just had to say something!
So, why bad RP?

First of all: Why getting in panic when one single outlaw is seen in the city? Have you ever read in one of the books, that the whole city paniced, when there entered an outlaw? Well, maybe Bac is not a simple outlaw and he surely knows how to kick ass, but isn't it a bit overreacted? That's how the drama always starts: Instead of granting some people a good RP, it ends in mass-attacks. And the one party calls for help, the other party calls for help, therefore the one party calls for more help... and at the end it's just a mess of Gorcraft with senseless fighting, lagging out the SIM and no possibility for any RP at all.

But lets say, there is a COS on the one. Then it might be wise to call the city-guards or maybe ring the alarm-bell. However, first of all call in the city itself. Would a Gorean city ask an allied city for help because of one outlaw entering it's city-limits? I don't think so.

But lets accept even this, cause it is SL and the cities are not as crowded as they would be in the books. But IF you call for help to the allies in the group chat, then why not keeping it RPed and valid? Why not sending something like this: "/me promenades through the quiet streets of Tabor. Suddenly he recognizes a dark shadow sneaking around the fort of Northern Tabor. Curiously he pulls the builder's glasses of his belt and takes a closer look. He backs off as he recognizes the robe of the Dark Lord. Quickly hurrying home into the safety of the infirmary, as wearer of the green robe unable to fight the evil outlaw himself, he closes and locks every door before he sits down at his desk and scratches a quick note on copy-paper "Dear allied friends! I've seen the Dark Lord in our city of Tabor. The warriors and guards of Tabor are all out and I'm alone. Can you send some warriors for support to Tabor, please?", signs the paper and the copies and rushes to the roof of the infirmary. Grapping several birds he attaches the copies on their legs and sends them out to all winds. Watching them flying towards the allied cities he sighs relieved, sure that help and support of the reliable allies are near."

Wouldn't that be much better? However, Kenshi and me went OOC, took a place in first row at the Dark Path, munched some popcorn and watched the Dark Lord kick some ass. So it was fun... somehow

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shopping - weapons

If you want to try some weapons for Gorean Meter without spending much money, you'll find these nice Freebies from Malice Vieria at XStreet. A spear and a sword. Worked pretty fine as far as we saw yet. Just too bad, that many Gorean SIMs restrict pretty accurate the weapons which are allowed and which are not...

P.S.: Some more free weapons you will find on the Isle of Tidra, if you search long enough. A bow, rock, slingshot, even a femur to throw, which I built myself. But be aware, that Croco is always hungry! ;)

shopping - megaprims

A simple, but excellent tool for builders is the Salt-HUD. Get it for free at XStreet. Wear it and type in chat the request for the size of the megaprim you need and it's delivered to you. Very nice. Could throw out about 7.000 megaprims from my inventory. YAY!

just for fun

This reminds me of Gor. Thought it's funny:

Found at Cheezburgers.

shopping - Boycut

A kitteh never has enuff clothes, though I'm not much of a shopper. Just for the reason, as I'm getting laggy from all dah pictures too quickly. But I thought, I'd might start a new post-label with tips, if I find something of interest. As today: By coincidence went with my Kenshi to Boycut to buy some cheeky undies. I love those cheeky undies, especially when the wearer stands in a corner with a red bumm - but anyways! Recognized that there's Closing Down Sale now. Each item only 10 L$!
Some undies are not that spectacular, but the cheeky ones are yummy and those with sculpted bulges make a nice package. You got time til 18th of September, then it's closed. So, hurry up!

As you see: We bought some!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

after weekend update

I think I'm getting senile or it's just so many things happening and then again nothing such spectacular to remember it all. And well, as usual worked RL most of the times.

Lil bro Mick rented a parcel for the closer family. We are running out of prims on our Isle of Tidra. Well, still around 800 left, but for fighting you need a reserve of about 500 prims. Ha! Today I flew over old entries and remembered how we started with the first parcel. 120 prims or so. Then the bigger one with about 450. Next step was 936 and still not enough. And now 3.747 and still not enough. Give me a full SIM and I'd continue running out of prims. *heh* Oh well, if you visit the isle of Tidra, you will see where they were going....
However, so for our private home the lil devil rented another parcel and now we have our old cottage back (the penthouse still remaining though I start to ask myself for what; brothers Juz and Very don't use it anyways anymore). I love that cottage. Reminds me of the french Bretagne or something. But I'm too tired to start building something new again, glad, when the Isle of Tidra finally is finished, and so my sweet lil devil offered to build it himself. He's in building-fever now. Doing a very, very good job! Talented young rascal he is!

So, hmmmm.... what else? Been to Tiger's Isle, dancing. The bestest hubby of all joined me though he was terribly, terribly tired. Thanks to RLV he could sleep and when it was time for me to sleep also, I put him over my shoulders and dragged him home, undressed him and attached his penis (*heh*) and then tucked him in. He awoke for a moment, sleepy, cute... Lovely! - Cept for the typical technical issues the RLV viewer is funny (and useful) stuff.

Sunday evening finally saw someone special again. Well, two specials - my third boy Brian, who's not so often in SL, and my cowboy. Me and my boy gave him a tour through the island. I guess, he liked it. Albeit - he never says something negative, so you can't really "trust" the praise. *huh*

Well, and that's it, I guess. Did some photoshoting with my twin for my Kenshi on monday, which isn't easy, when you try to handle a double-connection and make good (?) pics at the same time:

Was alone the whole evening and the night because of some sad reason. But spend the time building... never getting lonely even when alone.

I think, that was the news so far. Sorted out my inventory today for hours and hours. With the result: From 20.248 down to 19.980 items. But still a lot to do. Want to come at least under 15.000 again, better would be 10.000. *sighs*

Thursday, September 3, 2009

new pets

Been shopping yesterday with my lil devil. Many new pets for the island - prianhas, electric eels, eagles, parots, spiders and... a very hungry crocodile for the swamp! That beast is so much fun! Of course the lil devil is thinking already of making handbags.

So, progress is not as fast as I hoped this week. Too much of a perfectionist. And too many distractions. Lil bro had a surprise for the closer family and he's so exited! That's good.

Well, apart from shopping, surprise and changing the gazebo for my beloved Kenshi we didn't do much. But the gazebo became so nice, beautiful and romantic, that Mick and me decided to sleep there in a bed of flowers.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

relaxed evening

Mmm, what a nice day it was! First spent the afternoon with my lil devil in my arms at the beach, figuring out the rules for the island. So exited about the start of the RP. I hope, soon our brothers will come and join us and not be too busy. And we need a lot of sparing as we plan the one or other invasion and abduction. *heh*
The evening was quiet and relaxed. My Kenshi showed me his new uniform he bought:

Damn! He's so haaaaaawwwwwwwwt! Whatever he wears... or unwears.

Then he showed me his kimono... and whoa! It was exactly the same I had bought months ago for a Japanese party at ZEUS. He didn't know that, so what a coincidence is this??? *lol* Once again they will say, we look like twins.

However, we went to the gazebo in our kimonos and danced there for hours. Quiet, relaxed, loving... What a wonderful evening it was!

first version of rules

Worked the whole afternoon on the upcoming rules for our island together with my lil devil.

As I did read a bit in "Assassins of Gor" (I cannot mention enough, that Norman is a really, really bad writer. It's no joy at all reading those books.) I had two thoughts all the time.

First thought: "They will say, nekos & co on Gor is ridiculous. I know it!" (First.five thought: "Well, but 'ridiculuous' means 'fun', no?")

Second thought: "Oh my, THEIR picture of Gor is so wrong also!" (like for instance treating slaves like objects. I never seen that in the books till now, but I haven't read them all yet)

However, the permission for nekos and other non-human Avatars will cause lots of troubles with outside, but hopefully many fun "inside".

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tuesday morning

Thank God it's tuesday! I'm so glad when weekends are over. Sitting nekkid on the roof of our penthouse over the tops of the skyline of Chicago, watching the sun rising... My Kenshi went to work today. His first working-day after months. I guess, they are doing big welcome-party there. *heh* My lil bro isn't there yet. And SL seems pretty empty. Maybe there are login-issues? Only 5 people on my friendslist online...

What's new in Gor? - Hm, not much. Was waiting in Silver Tree for days, hidden and disguised to wait for my boys Mick (Wolf) and Brian. Finally got them and tried to take them to the secret island, which officially (IC) we are just discovering right now, trying to befriend the savage tribe of cat-people there, but they are naturally shy ((and too busy with shopping it seems! *heh*))...
So, I'm eager to finish the isle and start the RP. Only some trees and bushes and pathes needed. And of course some walls and doors in the cave, but those we can add within RP.
Yesterday I spend a while sparing with my Kenshi. Gee! I'm such a lousy fighter. If I really wanna become an assassin, I'd have to become much, much, much better. Got a new bow made out of bones and skulls. And nice boots with a little secret. *heh* Reading "Assassins of Gor" in RL atm to get a better picture of them.

Wasn't in a good mood yesterday after I realized, that one of my RL-kittehz had peed over my notebook and totally wrecked it. Maybe their hint that they feel neglected and I shouldn't spend so much time at the computer? However, sometimes I could kill those beasts! *growlz*

Something about SL-issues: Had the problem for days, that I couldn't walk right. Always did that "moonwalk" when I tried to walk, then swoooshed for a few meters and then moonwalk again. Tried everything... reducing lag, re-installing emerald etc etc. Till I found the solution which was just a little hook: "Advanced" ~> "Network" ~> "Velocity Interpolate Objects". After checking that, everything worked fine again. (Just mention it, if someone sooner or later experiences the same issue)

Okay, time to get dressed and continue building. Some trees are to be planted....

This I'm listening to for days: Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Love that song though I have no idea of course, what he's singing about (He's a blind Aboriginee; don't wonder about his guitar - he's left-handed and as he learned guitar, he just turned it around)