Thursday, January 31, 2008

a new school

Yesterday we found a new school! Well, Rammy found it...

That's sooooo hot there! All the facilities... We were very fond of the showers. Students are supposed to shower the "buddy-way". That means: Shower together. No problem with that! *lol* You're even allowed to masturbate and pee in the shower. And students are supposed to shave pubic hair every day. There's a special table for it. Of course Rammy and I had to try it out immediately. We need such a thing for the frathouse!!!

There was also a nice bench in the lockerroom and Rammy and I made love. It was nice to have some vanilla-sex after all the BDSM-sex we had. I enjoyed it very much! And I liked the thrill that every moment someone could have entered the lockerroom!

Too bad there are much more girls then boys. And most of the boys aren't gay. We don't know how much they are into spanking and punishment. Rammy and I teased the school-secretary: We changed our clothes in the middle of the hall and put on our leather outfits. Though the secretary gave us a real ticking-off, nothing else happened. Too bad!

She just send us to the lockerroom to get dressed back. But Rammy and me decided to go to the amazing pool. Some girls came to watch us (btw: I got some really hot and short speedos yesterday) and convinced us to swim naked. As I saw in the rules: Students are supposed to wear as less as possible. So we did it. It was a little embarrassing to swim naked among the girls, but exciting too!

Then Andrej came to the swimhall. He's another student. And as we found out: He's gay. He wasn't shaved, so Rammy and me shaved his pubic hair on that table and stroke his dick. He was so embarrassed especially cause some of the girls were watching. But he seemed to like it cause he came twice!

Afterwards we ran through the school-house. Naked. And whhhooooing. No consequences. :-( But fun! And we ended in the girls-dorm cause they got a better bed there then in the boys-dorm. We had a nice threesome. I think the girls made pictures, but I'm not sure if they weren't lying. They threatened to show the pics to the secretary and hang them to the hall. That would be embarrassing!!!

However, Rammy and me signed in to the school as exchange-students. I hope today we get the application. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun there! There's a nursery-room too, with some interesting possibilities. I'm not sure if there's an physical examination for new students!? Could be exciting...

the leather-outfit

A few days ago I created a new leather-outfit for me. I like the mohawk! I looks so cool!

There's a slave-collar with it, a harness, tight leather-hotpanst and cuffs of course. We made the same outfit for Rammy. And we really look like hot and horny slaves. Luv it!!!

I met Maia two days ago and she was very fond of my looks. She said I'm sooooo cute and sexy! Cool! She want's to be a mistress for me from time to time. Even cooler!

I think we done a good work. What do you think?

Franziskus - the architect

Yesterday Rammy taught me how to build. I started to build a kind of SL-Barcelona-Pavillon. It's not too difficult anyway, but it costs a lot of time. However, I think I'm good at it!

I saw some really expensive homes. A (not even good one!) Falling-Waters-Remake for 126.000 Lindens! Maybe if I'm getting more routine in building I could sell some great architecture too? I'm keeping an eye on it...

Too bad my first building suddenly disappeared as I wanted to save it in my inventory. Don't know what happenen!? Well, at least I know how to build now. Next thing to learn: How to make boxes! We need some boxes for the frathouse...


Gosh! Didn't write for a long time. But I've been so busy... I've spent a lot of time with Rammy and Jeremiah. Strolling around in several dungeons (pic to the left) and sex-places (e.g. Rosey Cheeks adult house - pic to the right!) with Rammy is so much fun! But we're talking a lot too... about politics, architecture and stuff. I think we're on the same level. And I like him very much!

That's why I was very sad two days ago. - We finally wanted to make a step forward with our frathouse-plans. But we're still insecure about buying or renting our own land. Instead we rented a house. It's not too expensive (about 300 L$ / week), got two stories and room enough to try out furnishing and stuff. So I founded a group called "Fratboyz Hazing and Spanking" and made Rammy and Jeremiah owners too.

But it wasn't possible to rent the house as a group; so Rammy alone rented it and we wanted to share the charge. We started furnishing and tried out things... The next day Rammy came and said, he wants to keep the house for his own. I was shocked! Sure, he offered me, that I could make it my home as well, but I would still have been just kind of "guest". I felt so betrayed! That was exactly the point I was concerned about: If we can't rent as GROUP, we have to trust one single member. But this confidence was shaken. I feelt mad, upset and deeply sad. Almost crying. Although the next moment Rammy made a retreat and said we could keep the house as frathouse as he saw how shocked I was, it was too late...

Well, I know that I'm too sensitive sometimes and maybe I was overreacting, but that moment everything was over for me: the fraternity-plans, the amazing friendship with Rammy, all the fun in SL and the good times... - I had to leave Rammy and Jeremiah to think about it. Went to the campfire at Rosey Cheeks. There Molly sat at the fire. She talked to me and soothed me. And she convinced me to talk to Rammy, cause she saw that I really like him and was suffering so much.

So, don't worry, folks! Rammy and me are still pals and bros! - What I didn't knew: He was just mad about Jeremiah, cause he left such a mess in the house. But Rammy should have told me that before.

Well, our Jeremy... - What's wrong with that guy? We are concerned about him. Is he suffering from ADS? The symptons are the same: He doesn't sleep very much, can't stand still, never listens at all, has trouble concentrating... Yesterday he took the cake: Rammy and I got a message, that he deleted the whole house!!! Okay, it was an accident that could been forgiven. But he didn't even stop at this point. He installed a security system that ejected not only some strangers, but Rammy too. Imagine! Rammy wants to come to the house HE rented and is ejected! Arrrrgggg! And that's not enough. He also used a weapon on the stranger. Oh, Jeremy! - Well, he will get the punishment for this...

But we are really concerned. What, if he can't stop it? When some day we buy or rent land as a group, there's also money involved. What if Jeremiah screws everything up? He's a high risk. I think the best thing would be, to let him be pledgemaster, but not an owner of the group. So he have to talk to Rammy or me before he can plan the next mess. He isn't in the position to charge for the group-expenses anyway. So I think, it's a fair deal.

Well, we will see, how he acts in the future... For now we have to wait till we get the house back. It will be this evening, I guess.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, 24th of January 2008

Had problems on wednesday, so I finally could return to SL on thursday. Again I spent a lot of time with Rammy and Jeremy.

This picture was taken at a nice swimming-pool on monday. We wanted to go back there to talk a little. But then Stromer came up and said we ought to practise for our dance, cause we were hired for a public performance.
Well, it didn't work out too good. I think by now Rammy is bored of the timewarp; and I have to admit: Me too! It should have been fun, and it was. But meanwhile it's all the same over and over again. "Thanks" to Stromer... - The good thing: Jeremy and Rammy understand now, that Stromer's a control-freak and got that dispute with my dear friend Jimmy. Well, he can be nice, but he also can be a bitchy pain in the ass!

After several hours with not much progress, Rammy, Jeremy and I said good-bye to Stromer and left. We were looking for land for our frat-house. So many ideas! Coincidentely there's a big parcel next to the Rosey Cheeks house. It would be perfect! But Mike, the owner and Daynas husband, said, he can't let us the land, cause there are no prims left. Too bad!

After a lot of discussions about the frathouse, Americans, coffee etc. we changed into kids. Just for a few minutes. Aren't we cuuuuuuuute??? *hehe* Well, it was fun for a moment, but I'm not really fond of kid-avatars in SL. Rammy and Jeremy neither.

While we were discussing about the parcel, JonPaul messaged me. He said he would sell his house, his land and all the furniture. I wonder why he bought all that stuff at all!? Yes, we're planning to buy land and build a house too, but that's for a public purpose! It's nonsense to buy land and house just for one single person!
Well, JonPaul was wailing around. Maybe he just wanted company and fuck me. I would have gone and would have accepted another abusion, but Jeremy and Rammy talked sense into me. Thanks, folks!

So, after we changed back in our common shape, Rammy and me went to the adult-house of Rosey cheeks. Rammy hadn't been there yet. We had fun, especially with the spread-eagle thing (pic!). But I have to admit, that the "home & garden"-style (just look at that carpet!!!) isn't the right atmosphere for me. I like dungeons.
So Rammy whipped my ass really hard before we went to the "Schweinekeller". A very dirty place. Nobody there. Then we went to the new dungeon of Tristar. Nice place. Rammy and I practised some slave-poses and just looked fabulous! (Again: No pics! Sorry!)
Later I met a girl or transvestite (?) who was looking for somebody to fuck with a strapon. Always wanted to do that. So: Helloo-ho!? - Okay, it was some fun, but not as exciting as I thought it would be. She didn't talk too much. But she showed me a nice new place. I have to show it Rammy next time!
Suddenly she disappeared. Network-problems I guess. So I was just about to leave, when I met another newbie. I showed him how to get a penis from fat tiger and talked to him for a while. Too bad that I was too tired to talk to him any longer. Maybe I'll meet him again one day?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Again I've spent way too much time strolling around in SL!

Last night I've spent most of the time with Rammy. It's so much fun with him and he's a good sport!

We went to school, but nobody else showed up. Then we tried to help Vernidi, who was caged by a naughty little cat-girl. - I have to find out, how to use (and defend against) weapons!!!

Later Rammy and I tried a slave-collar I found for free. We didn't get it to work right. Guess something's wrong with it. But it made me quite horny. So Rammy and I did a nice master and slave roleplay. Mmmmmmmm, so good! He enjoyed being my master. And I enjoyed playing his little slave-boy.

Let's see, if he could work out the script of that collar. It would be great fun, if it works! As master using a HUD-menu you can leash and cage your slave, order him to follow you, take nice submissive poses etc. I'd like to play with it much more...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Nude Sunday

Oh, what a sunday! - I met Rammy again, my dear lovely friend and kind of bro. We had so much fun. Working on our dance together with Stromer, who joined us. Poor Jeremy could only watch; I'm not sure why he didn't join us dancing... would be much better if we were at least 6 boys to do the timewarp in class!
However! Somehow it didn't work as good as it did the day before. Don't know, if we are ready for a performance in class!? But we added some new moves (the neck-breaker). It looks terrific!

Then we spent hours naked. Why? Well, Rammy, Jeremy and Stromer showed very impressed of my XCite!-Penis. They wanted to have the same. So we went shopping and bought one for every boy. I spent hours to explain it to them. Rammy was a little sleepy, he didn't ever listen. Always was busy adjusting his new tool. *lol* But again: Sorry, no pics! I really have get to become used to my camera!!!

I worry a little about Stromer. I'm not sure if he recognized, that I'm Jimmy's best friend!?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

So much!

Happened so much in the last few days. And so little time to tell!


I think it was thursday, when I finally met JonPaul again. He invited me over to his house to see (and try!) his new sex pose-balls. I was so happy he wanted to see me! I felt so neglected the last few weeks. He didn't do anything to prove the Master/Slave-relationship. And I was surprised, as he asked me, where he could get spanking-poseballs. So I brought him to Devine Destiny's and showed him the poseballs (and how expensive they are). I told him - nice slave I am! - that he doesn't have to buy one just for me. I planned to buy some as soon as I have found a way to change L$ for a better charge.
Then Jeremiah appeared. And before I knew what was happening JonPaul told me, he was going to spank Jeremiah. - Can you believe that?!? Again: He didn't spank me for at least three weeks, didn't even have time to meet me. I accepted that, cause he was so busy with the house. Then he'd finally had time, and what happens? He wants to spank Jeremy!!! Sure, JP asked if I'm ok with it; and I answered "no problem!". But what should I have said? He's the master. I couldn't forbid him. But I was so angry and disappointed, I could just cry!
To cap it all I had problems with SL, with my pc and with my internet-connection. I needed at least half an hour to log in again. As I finally got back, I went to the boy's house. They had just finished. I sat on the roof, sad and crying.
After JonPaul went back to his home, Jeremy came up to the roof and asked, what's the problem. And I told him. He didn't recognize that JonPaul is the master I was talking about the whole time. Maybe he was just lying? I don't know. He's a strange guy...
Well, I said "That's it!". JP isn't my master anymore. I need a strict guy, maybe a daddy or uncle, who can handle me and give me, what I need. Guess JP is just too young!

But the next day I met him again. He invited me to his home. And surprise! He had bought the spanking poseballs! I felt flattered and thought he bought them just for me. He must love me! Then something strange happened: Accidently he sat on the "spankee"-poseball. So I spanked him! Slave spanks master. *lol* Well... after what he did to me, I enjoyed it! I spanked his ass softly, fondled him, played with his butt. It was cool: I had three animation-menus to chose from: The spanking menu, one to handle his cock and one for his butt (I need do buy one of those butts! Didn't even know that's possible!!!). I treated him like this for a while 'til he shot his wed. In SL like in RL!!! Proud to say that I was really good at it, though my English isn't that good. I guess I would do an even better job in German. Maybe I should earn some money as an escort?

After his orgasm I tried to talk to him about the last day. I wanted to give him another chance. But he always changed the subject. So it's clear: I cannot and will no longer be his little toyboy at all! It's over! Maybe some sex from time to time, but he's just not the right guy for me. Too bad!


I've spent much time to find some nice sounds of pain in the www. And I found them. I uploaded them and I'm really happy with them. Gave copies to all the spank-boys I met, though it cost me lot of money and time to find and upload them. I should sell them, not give them away for free. But I'm too stupid, or just too nice. Maybe I'll make gestures out of them, so you can use them with shortcuts? And put them all in a box. Maybe I can connect the box with a notice, that the sounds are for free, but those who like them, can feel free to donate a small amount of money to me? Have to think about it...


It's seductive what you can buy for money in SL. Paypal didn't work for me. Don't know why!? But at least with SLXchange and some patience I found a way to change € into L$ for a better charge. Though SLX takes a changing-fee, it's at least cheaper to buy Lindens with it as if I would always have to call and change 200 L$ for 1 €.

So I bought a lot of stuff the last days! Some nice whip- and spanking-marks. Better pulled-down pants. A soap-bar for mouth-soaping (Vernidis idea! Hope we can try out soon!). And pose-ball for corner-time. But I have to keep the money together, cause the real purpose for the bigger amount of money was to rent an apartment!
I took another look at one of those frat-houses. They have apartments to rent. And the apartments are really nice. Too bad, I never found someone around and no place for hazing and pledging (only a dungeon, but no spanking there though!). But they are cheap, what I saw on the first sight. Have to get a look again. Maybe some other boys will join too. Then we could have a lot of fun!
But I'm still dreaming of my own frat-house to share it with some nice, sexy and horny fratbrothers!

As I had more money I also donated 200 Lindens to Rosey Cheeks. They do a lot of good work and I wanted to show, that I appreciate what they are doing. But I didn't even hear a "thanks" from Dayna or Mike. That's not nice! I think that is the last time, I donated something to them!

Even worse: Instead of thanking me, they complained that I showed my wiener a few days ago in the main house, as Jeremiah spanked me there. Well, I'm sorry for that. On the other side: Jeremy wanted to spank me bare-naked, so what was I supposed to do? And it wasn't even erected! It was soft. Only to be seen for a few seconds before Jeremy allowed me to put my pants back on. And who the fuck cares anyway??? Well, it's a little exaggerated, but I will accept it in the future. No more public spankings with pants down. Too bad!

The new office

BTW: Talking about Rosey cheeks! There's a new office (headmaster? teacher?) there. Nice! I met a teacheress on my shopping-tour yesterday. I talked to hear, wanted to persuade her for a school-lesson. But she only had time for a quick private lesson in that office. She spanked me with the hand on the trousers. Didn't feel anything. But than I had to pull them down and she whipped me with a cane on the briefs. Six to count, she said! But she spanked so fast, I hadn't even time to count. And it was much more then six! - Oh gosh! You should have seen my butt! (And again I forgot to take a picture!)


Finally I ran into Maia one of those days. Did I tell about Maia? She was the first woman/girl to spank me ever! I met her on one of my first days in SL. Really nice. British, as I remember. She has a Sir who spanks her. And she introduced me to him. He told us, that we should go to another place, where she could give me a nice warm-up, then we should return and both get spanked by him. We did the warm-up and it was exciting, but then she disappeared. And I didn't see her again since the day before yesterday.
It was really nice to meet her again. We chattered, I showed her my spanking-sounds (of course I needed some stimulation for that, if you know what I mean!). Brought her to the school and she was very fond of it. She wants to take part at the lessons too. Hope there's another lesson soon!

The Dance

Yes, I'm looking forward for the next lesson. Because: Last night I met Rammy again. So glad to see him! He's like a brother to me. I luv him! He was away the whole week; some business stuff. But yesterday he had time. And we had so much fun!!! - Stromer Bloch, the guy from GaySpankingTower and Jimmy's little bro, joined us. There was another guy too, Thomboy, but he had problems with his pc and didn't come back.
So, I shared the "Timewarp" dance with them and we practiced and practiced and practiced. And I have to say: We looked really good at the end! We will do that in the next class. Hope it works so well then too. If so, then we're fabulous!

Imagine: A bunch of boys, dressed all the same, doing the timewarp unisono! What a delightful sight!!!

Okay, that's it for today. Have to go now! Enjoy your sunday!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was looking for frathouses. One of my favorite fantasies: Pledge-hazing and paddling. I found some places, but nothing happened there. No people. Not even facilities for spanking, paddling, hazing and m2m-sex! Although they talked in their group-descriptions about those fascinating frat-parties with all the hazing stuff, I only found apartments to rent and shops to bye frat-clothes. Seems they only want to make money...

The boy's house is much more like a fraternity then those frathouses. - But I talked with Jeremy and Vernidi about the chance to build our own frathouse. That would be fun! A house for boys, for hazing, paddling, sex... Some of the boys could rent their own private room. We could have a main bathroom for all, a nice living-room to talk and watch TV, a big hazing-and pledging-room in the basement, a jacuzzi and relaxing-stuff on deck or the roof. Only members would have acceptance to the rooms or people who are invited by members. Just college-jocks; no matures and no minors! And girls only on invitation. We could hang around in underwear or naked and wouldn't hear complains about it. And of course: Every day paddling, hazing, sex, drinking and fun!

Oh, how I like that idea! But I have to learn much more about SL before I'd dare to buy my own land and build my own house. And first of all I had to manage the problem with PayPal. Somehow Linden doesn't accept my Paypal-account though it's officially verified. It's too expensive to buy L$ via ATM!

Public Spanking

One of the amazing (and addicting) things in SL is: You can do things you'd never do in RL! - I already got spanked by a girl and switched with a lesbian girl. Wouldn't do that in RL, I guess.

And yesterday Jeremiah spanked me in the public house at Rosey Cheeks for spending too much time in SL. And the room was crowded!!! Ususally I never see anyone there; they are all hanging around in the garden. But this day there were about 8 or more people - girls, boys, men, women - in the room to watch me getting my butt spanked. And they made fun of me. So embarrassing!

But I didn't want to give in and teased Jeremy more and more. And I refused to cry though it was really a very hard spanking. Almost couldn't sit later in class!

Hours later I spent some time with Vernidi in a gay steam-house and everybody could see my red butt. So embarrassing again! But I had the feeling most of them thought it's exciting. And I have to say, it was exciting for me too!

Too bad I forgot to take pictures again...

Japanese School

On search of a new schoolboy-uniform I ended up in a Japanese school two days ago. It was empty (don't know what time it was in Japan!?), but it looked pretty good! I strolled around and checked all the amazing facilities they got there. A classroom, a biology-lesson room (where they find out the sensibility of male nipples and cocks), a gym (I did some katas. I luv my katas!) and - best of all! - a medical exam room!

I returned yesterday and brought Vernidi with me to check out the facilities of that exam-room. I like the table to take a sperm-probe and the prostate-check. Would be exciting to play in that room with several nekked boys and some doctors and nurses...


It was late at night on tuesday, when I visited GaySpankingTower. That group and place is the reason, why my friend Jimmy joined (and left) SL.

I have to say: Nice place, but with Jimmy's help it would have been even nicer. I'm sure about that.

Funny thing was: As I arrived there, a boy welcomed me in German. I was so puzzled, cause I've spoken English all the time, that I didn't know what to answer. So that boy seemed to think, that I only understood English. He called Jimmy's little brother who used the Babbler on me. Now I was even more puzzled, cause I read the German words, the English translation (which often doesn't make any sense!), and translated it back to German to compare it with the "original".

Well, I don't know why, but I decided to play the game and spoke English all the time. Funny thing, cause I was quite sure, Jimmy's little brother knew, who I am and that I'm German!

He bought one of Mimo's spanking machines, but he cut off the guidance band. He didn't see the practical application behind it. So I showed him how it works.

That was my first face-to-face contact to Stromer. Hadn't spoken to him before and only knew him from Jimmy's narrations.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

At school

On tuesday I met a lot of people in the new school. It was sooooo funny! We were about 8-10 pupils and 2-4 teachers.

I have to say: All the boys were well-behaved, but the girls acted just naughty! They had to stand in the corner and one were spanked. But not too hard.

One of the girls and me sang a canon: "Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck, screw a kangaroo. gangbang an orang-utan, orgy at the zoo!" - But teachers didn't mind. Too bad!

On wednesday class was just more crowded. We had a biology lesson with a UK-Dad. Same game: The girls acted naughty - especially the teacher's daughter! - but they could do anything without punishment. Whereas us boys weren't even allowed to speak. As the teacher asked, if anyone had a suggestion how the four chambers of the heart were called, I suggested: "John, Paul, George and Ringo?". He sent me to face the blackboard for about 10 minutes. Didn't understand, why?!? And poor Jeremiah, who didn't even say a word, had to join me 2 minutes later. That teacher sucked!!! (And Jeremy told him after class. *hehe*)

The bratty daughter sucked too. And another male pupil - Branden something - was a jerk! Tattletale and geek. Jeremiah and me decided to spank him after class, but he tp'd away. Coward!

I'm curious if there's school today...

I may ask if Jimmy won't come back to SL to give some German-lessons. That would be fun!


Let's talk about penisses today! But don't wait for pics. *lol*

One of the biggest problems a male newbie has: "How tha f**k shall I f**k without a cock???"

I was looking around. You won't find good freebie-penisses. Some of them look really ridiculous. (A big white one attached somewhere on my knee!) - Some look nice, but don't have any functions. And HUDs won't help either.

If you are a big boy like Jimmy, you can wear one of the Freebie-penisses at "Fat Tiger". (Hey, I just found out how to link a SLURL!) You'll get 4 different P's for free: Uncut/cut version "light" and uncut/cut version "dark". - They have the options "show", "hide", "soft", "hard" and "cum". That's all, but who needs more?
Problem is: They are soooooo big! Maybe they were made for animals or what do I know? They worked for Jimmy's big body quite well, but they look ridiculous on the small bodies of us boys.

Well, finally I bought one at XCite. 750 L$ it was. I don't know how to get a matching color. And I think the menu is a little bit too complicated. But it's worth its price! It can be used by others (if you allow it), so they can lick, touch, squeeze your balls etc. Sorry, no animation, only text! But the penis reacts just like in RL. Amazing! Uncontrollable erections... Refreshing time after an orgasm... - As I said: Just like in RL!

A little word to Linden Labs: Why the fuck isn't it possible to wear your penis under your clothes??? It's so embarrassing running around with your dick and balls hanging out of your trousers, cause you forgot to hide them or take them off!

But I like my guesture and sound: "Your balls are showing!", so I can use it very often with others. *lol*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jeremia's revenge

Half an hour before dinner Jeremiah called. He said, I'd deserve a spanking for lying to him too. - Fact is: I said I didn't knew or see that he got spanked by Nino for giving 12yo Sean a beer. But I just had forgotten. He proved to me that I was present, cause he had a picture of it where I sat in the background. Damnit!

I guess there were just too many spankings in the last two weeks. How should I remember them all?

But no excuses! He's right: I lied to him, even if I didn't realize it. So I accepted the spanking. I was wearing my new school-uniform to be prepared for the future lessons. *hehe*

We made an appointment for later that day. But I had to work and to write my reports. So I'm way over time now. Hope, he's not angry with me!!!

I'm a piano-player!

Yes, it's true!

I was strolling around... - well, to admit: I was searching for spanking- and corner-time -pose balls for our (JPs) house. Whew! Expensive little suckers!!! - ... and I found a piano. I sat down and - call me Genius! - played a perfect version of Beethoven's wonderful "Moonlight sonata".

That's strange, cause I never had a single piano-lesson!

Rosey Cheeks - Back to school

One of my other favorite places is "Rosey cheeks". It's a place for domestic discipline.

Well, it hadn't happen much there, yet. Every time I visit the place it's empty or people just rest around the camp-fire and talk. No action! Most of the time I don't even understand what they are talking about. But I like it there. No special reason...

Today they opened a school! I assembled a nice school-outfit.

To be honest: I hated school! But maybe it could be some fun to go back to school with some other boys?

As I went there, nobody was there. Too bad! Hope to find some people (especially teachers) later.

I gave the same clothes to Jeremy in hope he will accompany.

Gestures and Sounds

Been busy with my gestures today. If I ever get them sorted? There are trillions of it. Trash most of them, but some are very nice.

What I need: Sounds. The right sounds. Sounds of pain. It's so annoying and exhausting to type "ouch" and "ow" in the keyboard, when you get spanked. I found some nice sounds in the www. Will see later if I can upload them to my inventory and copy them. I think some boys in the house will be happy about those little gifts.

Time with Rammy and Jerry

Lot's of fun yesterday after work! - I met Rammy and we tried a dance together. It's kind of square dance to the song "time warp". We tried synchronize our moves and made it once. It looked fabulous! But we still have to practise till we can enter Broadway...

Afterwards I showed Rammy how to parachute. He had some problems with it. Little coward he is! - Oh, well... it IS a little dangerous to fall down from 1000 meters, when you forget to PUT THE DAMN THING ON! *lol* But we enjoyed it a lot! (And even it looks as if I were naked - no! I was wearing speedos!)

Then we met Jeremy at the boy's house. He was waiting for his spanking cause he didn't tell me the truth on saturday. Rammy watched. But somehow Jerry was absent-minded. So we didn't go to extremes (as if I would ever do that!).

Rammy told me, he would be away the next two weeks. Too bad! I like the little possum...

Didn't meet JP though he was online. He called me a few minutes be4 he left, just to say good night. I think, he isn't really interested in me. We are too different. *sniffle*


Another little spanking before I went to work today. - I just wanted to take a look, but as usual I stayed longer than planned.

I tried out some trees, plants and stones in our garden (well, it's more beach). I think it still looks too empty and misses the "personal touch".

But then Jeremy called from the boys house. He wanted a spanking for blowing Sean smoke into the face. - Well, I have to admit: Sean, our little kiddo at the boy's house, can be a pain in the ass! He's full of mischief, but not willing to bear the consequences. So I wasn't too hard with Jeremiah, gave him a nice warm-up with the hand and finished with 12 hard swats with the paddle. Brave boy! I just did it to spare him a - probably testier - spanking from Nino.

Then I spanked him for breaking all the records in SL-presence: Last week he spent there 45 hours at a stretch! I'm really concerned about him. (But I have to admit to be relieved that I'm not the only one who's addicted!) He had to promise me, that he'd stay by no later then 6 a.m. (it was 3.30) in SL and then go to bed. Good boy! - I sent him 10 minutes to the corner to think about his addiction. On the way to the corner he disclosed, that he was on his way to bed anyway. Bad boy! If I'd known that I wouldn't have been so generous to give him another 2 1/2 hours! Well, his next spanking is waiting for him. *hehe*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, 01/13/2008

Dude! 'd been so tired last night!!! Nevertheless I tried out a hoverboard I found in my inventory. Tricky thing! I messed up the whole neighborhood!!! I hope, JonPaul never find's out...

Then Rammy called from the boy's house. We met there and I invited him to JP's house to show him around. Then copied him another hoverboard and we tried it both. Same effect! Rammy smashed into our house just the moment, JP arrived. He (Rammy - not JP!) was so scared that he jumped high into the air and stayed there. Silly-billy! What could have been the worst thing to happen, huh? Probably a spanking for us both from JP, but would that have been so bad???

Well, JP didn't say anything about the hover (and didn't know about the mess in the neighborhood), so I just introduced him to Rammy. Maybe we could have had some fun all together, but I was just too tired. So I put on my new St. Elmos-pajamas and -slippers and a Simpson-Tee. Looks kind of girlish and sissy-sassy, but I like them!
So, I just said nighty-nite and went to bed. JP told Rammy, he should accompany me. Isn't that nice? So Rammy came cuddling. Soooooo cute! My head hadn't even met the pillow as I was in dreamland already. Gosh, it was a long day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


One of the boys at the boy's house is Rammy. He's a really nice guy! He's not only good for spanking, but for talking too. I like that!

I spanked him on one of my first days. I don't remember the reason (but there's always a reason to spank a boy who needs it!), but I made a picture. I think it was one of the first photoshots I took. As you can see he looked different those days. I helped him with his looks and now he's really a cute boy!

I'm proud to say that - even a newbie myself - I could help a lot of the boys with their appearance!

But I think his head is a little too big. I just recognized it today. Must remember to tell him...

As I told before we spent some time in the whirlpool last night. And he was the first visitor of this blog! Congrats!

Like me he loves to walk around in the house only in his underwear. And I have to admit: I love the sight of his crunchy little butt in white briefs. Delicious!

How I came to SL

So, how did I come to SL? My best friend Jimmy invited me.

I only have this poor quality pic of him. But believe me: He's a very handsome, masculine man. Big body, lots of muscles, hairy... - But he had trouble with his little brother in SL, so he left. Too bad!

He left me all his money (which wasn't much), his clothes and his shape and skin. I tried it on for some occasions, but it doesn't really reflect my personality.

Let's hope that maybe one day he will return to SL. I miss him!


It's time to talk about JonPaul!

If I remember it well, I met him at tristar. He showed me his apartment and then I showed him the boy's house where he spanked me for a while. But he wasn't a member then (so you can't use all the features there), so we went back to his condo to have sex there.

To my surprise he asked me, if I wanted to be his "slave". - Well... I never thought about slavery. I think I need a strong hand, but slavery? However, I had to admit that the idea made me horny.

Later he told me that he's just 19 yo. Much too young for a master. He's very nice and loves vanilla sex. I think he doesn't really know how to handle a boy like me. I can do whatever I want - and that's not good for a naughty boy with naughty thoughts.

This week he's busy. Bought land and built a house. And now he's working on the furniture.

Okay, he made me a keyholder, but I think sooner or later he will recognize that I'm too (what's the right word?) challenging (?) for him. Too bad! I really like him...


I couldn't sleep this night. So let's talk about nipples! (And don't ask for the correlation!)

Well... yeah, my skin had nipples, but I wanted to have piercings. So I bought some. Quiet cheap. I know there do exist nipples others can play with, but those are expensive. And I'm no nipple-fetishist; just wanted to have piercings like in RL. Nothing more.

So I bought some - 30 L$ it was - from Nordo's. The problem was again: The height! They came in three different sizes, but even the smallest ones were too big for my body.

Coincidentally I met a german guy at "Zeus Plaza" and he knew Nordo, who's german too. He called him and Nordo himself arrived to help me out. Well he was a big yellow lion. In fact everything on his body was big... if you know what I mean. Hm, would I do it with a lion? I think so... (was raped by a big black wolf already and it was hot, soft and furry) - However, I got a measure made pair of nipple(rings). No extra charge! Some people are really nice at SL!

Friday, 01/11/2008

Spent another 3 1/2 hours in SL. I should get some sleep, before I have to work (in RL)...

There did not much happen today. I tried to help JonPaul (tell you later more about him!) with the garden of the new house. But I'm not much of a gardener. So I asked for permission to play with the boys.

Well, first there were no boys around. Only a small fox crouching on a chair in the living room. Wondered what he's doing there!? He didn't talk much. So wtf???

Then I wandered around a little, but every land was dead. Later Jeremy, Rammy and Vernidi (more about the boys later!) came to the boys house. We had some fun in the jacuzzi, chatting and talking. Jeremy spanked Vernidi for spending too much time in a boys-sex-club. And I promised another spanking to Vernidi for forgetting that I told him I'm German. I will remember that, Vernidi!

Well, Jeremy is very busy in the house. He've spent the last 40 hours in SL. Guess he'd need a spanking for that too! - Really too bad he's so young. Only 17. He spanked me once, but it's not so much fun getting spanked by a so much younger boy. Hm, on the other hand it's more embarrassing to get spanked by a younger one and therefor exciting again. Strange world!

Rammy and I watched Vernidis punishment for a while. Then Jeremy took Rammy over his knees. I logged out before he could catch me too. *hehe*

But it's really late now. Have to go to bed. Good night!

My home

One of my "homes" is the Guyspanking-house. I just love it there!

The owner is Mimo, a very nice young man. On the pic you can see his newest invention: A spanking-machine. Lot's of fun! But to be honest: I (and most of the other boys) prefer the more personal touch!

I've made friends to a lot of the boys there. But I have to say: There are quite more spankees then spankers! Too bad...

So most of the time we hang around in underwear, talk and chat, spank each other and have lots of fun. I just LUV to hang around in underwear! But some of the boys are too shy. ts!

There are a lot of possibilities in the house: Spanking-machine, spanking-chairs, a spanking-woodshed, a shower, a nice living-room to hang out, a pose-ball for corner-time, a journal where we can report our newest punishment, a video-screen and of course a nice bed to have sex and to cuddle.

I also use the house to sort out and arrange my inventory. Have collected over 4000 items in several Freebie-areas. Takes a lot of time to go through all this stuff!

The Outfit

Of course my outfit isn't perfect (yet). There are still hundreds of skins I could try out. But to be honest: I like myself as I am! It's not too "plastic" like most newbies, but it's not one of that Klone-"realistic"-skins which look all the same. It's a virtual world, so why shouldn't I look virtual? I like myself "indivirtual", so to speak.

Though I love my "red ruffles" I'm sometimes wearing some longer hair. It's more "prissy", I guess, but I don't feel like being the naughty punk ALL the time.

I was thinking about my body-height. It seems to me that most people at SL are at least 7 ft. tall. I'm only 6 ft. and feel really short among those giants. But I like to be boyish! - Nevertheless: Most pose-balls and a lot of clothings are made for those giants. That's really a problem...

The Beginning

Hi folks!

Here's Franziskus. You can call me Franz or Franzi.

My English isn't the best, but I'll try to write in this language cause most of the people I meet in SL are talking English.

Actually I was born on 29th of December in 2007. That's 13 days ago. Nevertheless I'm 22 years old. But quite a newbie.

I'm a naughty gay German boy and I love spanking. Need a lot of it! Of course I prefer older men to spank me, but I try to find girls and women too. - I'm happy to try out things!

So this is the beginning of my adventure. I hope you're interested in exploring all the possibilities of Second Life. Have fun!