Friday, December 7, 2012

Merry Xmas

So, we sent out our xmas-cards the last day(s) with the cute little pressies in it.... As it showed the "open me!" mouse, when you hovered over it, we assumed, that our friends will know what to do (O-tone me: "Oh, our friends are no noobs. They will know!").... ha! We had to tell 3/4 of our friends: "Open it! Copy into inventory! Follow the instructions!"
Inside they'd find our little snowglobe. Took me a while to build it so little, as SL is restricted in the minimum size. But I think, it's quite cute:


"Touché" - that's the name of the new gallery in our store. As mentioned before: We're doing some rebuilding at the store. So we moved the gallery with the (mostly Gorean themed) paintings up into a skybox. The building was quickly done... a bit Art Deco.... I know, I could do better with more time and more prims, but I did a lot with sculpts to save prims. And for 23 prims or so it's not a bad building at all, I think.
Sooooo, we thought about a name and finally agreed to "Touché" as it means as well "brush stroke" (in painting) as also "Touched", used in sword-fighting, when someone landed a hit on the opponent (you know... Goreans and their swords - duh!), but also means like "Good arguement!" in a debate as well as a kind of "counterattack"- as I like to see it as counter to some greedy guts...
For now it's mostly Gorean-themed paintings, but sooner or later I'll add some others too, especially in the second floor (which for the moment is mostly empty)
I also started to experiment with animated pictures. The dancing Santa and his reindeer, the bouncing cat and the buttnaked Santa are some of the first results. We offer them as freebies (copy, but no trans), so if you want them, come to the shop and buy them for zero! And tell your friends about it!
Next thing will be a reconstruction of the shop itself on the ground. Still lots of work upcoming....

Room with a view

I just like the view from my office-window... especially at twilight... especially when it just snowed... especially when I don't have to drive to work and got a surprising day off, because of the snow!

Winter Hut

Yeah, finally I got my snowy log-cabin ready for the MP. Friends will think it kinda looks familiar, when they open their xmas-pressies... *winks*

the season

The Xmas-season started and we started decorating our house last weekend.

Afterwards Santa and his sexy lil helpers went to our traditional Tabor OOC dance:

After a weekend full of RL-work, work, work I'm always enjoying the sunday evenings, looking forward to two days off.

I started to make animated pictures and offered this one for free at the dance. If you missed it, don't worry! - We're working on a rebuild of our shop with an extra gallery for the paintings. Next to selling paintings we will offer some freebies too.

Monday, November 19, 2012

boys and their toys

The Boys got new toys... well, pets. Addiotional to Hafnir, the desert fox, and Binx, the giani, they got two wolf-puppies: Haku and Nanook. And if that's not enough... *grumbling*.... they dressed them up in xmas-costumes. Too much cuteness to bare!

Yeah, they are primmy and use high script-time, but oh my... so cute! And hungry all the time! Love it, when Binx falls asleep with his head in the food-bowl!

However I have to watch my steps now, as every few meters a pet is lying around snoring....

... and because some of them seem to be not yet trained to the litterbox and leave some "presents" on the floor.

So, hmmmm... what's that smell???


We did a quick photoshooting for our xmas-pressie. - Yes, we are early this year! The pressie is almost finished... boys say, it's finished; I say, it's not as purrfect yet as it could be... Our friends will get it soon and build their own opinion.
However.. here are two pics:

Did the same pose in the Central Park. People looked a bit strange at us. I wonder why!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter is coming

No, not Game of Thrones! We just started to decorate our SIM around the house winterly....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two Years ago...

.... I collared my beloved lil sunshine!
What a happy day that changed my life!

Happy 2-year anniversary, my lil sunshine!

(And welcome home!!!!)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Particle Show

Our friend Kahvy invited Endy and me last night to a particle show. It was one of the most amazing things I've seen in SL! I had no idea that you can do such wonderful things with particles! I took some snapshots, but the pictures can't express the beauty of it. I wished I could have filmed it!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


After more than half a year Gor-break we decided to give it another try. This time we moved to a straight SIM: Vonda. After months on gay Gor SIMs, where people pass by without even greeting you IC or OOC, we were first totally surprised by being RPed on every step we took. Such a big difference!
Of course you find pricks anywhere... homephobic pricks too. Trying to justify their personal homophobia with "By The Books"... *rolls eyes*....
However, we RPed a bit there, but didn't spend too much time on the SIM yet.
The city is.. hm... okay... not too bad. Seen worse. Seen better too, of course... like my own or Misha's. The towers (cylinders) are the attempt of adapting Gorean architecture described in the books of John Norman. Nice idea. Could have been build better though. Much better actually. Maybe I'll make one.. some day.

So, we rented an apartment in one of the towers. Sorry, but inside it's aweful. The proportions are bad, the textures not aligned. The sculpts are blurred. No offence meant to the builder; I think she done better jobs in other parts of the city; maybe she was in a bit of rush to get it ready quickly?
However, it looked like this, when we moved in: (Yes! black floor and ceiling!)

After 2 or 3 hours decorating it looked like that:

Painting walls, changing floor and ceiling... much better.

Well, we don't know, how long we will stay. Our first enthusiasm damped a bit. And we still consider to get our own little island for RP again. My lil sunshine is away for some weeks at the moment; we will see, how we continue after his return....


Love the new petite-AVs. Here we are pixies sitting on the shoulders of Sky, a friend of us. Nice picture too, I think

A humble boy

Long time since the last post. And not planning to write about all the stuff that happened. So, I just going to update with some pictures.
This is me sitting on the garden-bench with my lil moonbeam, after we decorated the garden around the "Humble Boy" statue, bought by my lil sunshine. Nice statue from XCite, way too primmy though. The statue itself is not so primmy, but the chains. I wonder, why they didn't make it mesh/sculpted. We offered XCite to do it, but they declined. Pffft....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

love it

These days you hear in German radio often a remix of a song from a singer from Israel. The remix is done by Wankelmut and I like it:

Now I finally looked up the original singer - Asaf Avidan. And OMG - I LOVE IT! I always expected an older man... dunno why. But that guy is hawwt and his voice amazing. Janis returned in a male body?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mountains of Tabor

Been silent again for some weeks. So, this is what we been busy with:

A friend needed help and we decided to help him rebuilding his SIM. It's part of the Tabor cluster which we actually had left. Well, now we're back, but only for a visit now and then.

It became a lovely SIM, I think. And it wasn't easy, as it's only a homestead, so we had to save prims. All the bushes and most of the trees, the stonepathes, steps, waterfall... and of course the houses! - everything is customized work, sculpted to save prims.

As music for the slideshow I chosen the aria "Ebben? Ne andrò lontana" from the opera "La Wally" by Alfredo Catalani. I recommended this once to Eddi Haskell as he made a beautiful slideshow of Tidra, so I thought twice about the choice of music. But it's a wonderful aria (song by Wilhelmenia Hernandez), one of my favorites... used in one of my favorite movies ("Diva") and what would fit better to the mountain-theme than the dramatic aria from the mountain-opera?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hawt Undies

My bro Juz recommended this ads on facebook... and it's just hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt!

And watch more on their website: Andrew Christian Videos 

Gonna get me some new undies, I think... Just so expensive in Germany *sigh*

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mea Culpa

Yeah, I know... wanted to write more, but never have the time or mood to do so...

Okay, some short news...

So, it's official: We left Gor! We had our house still in Tabor Tropics, paying rent every week, but not been there at all. So we took it off last week. Do I miss it? I don't know... don't think so. There was no good RP going on anyways; and when we tried, we been smashed and OOC-insulted by people who now actually are the "rulers" of Tabor. I wonder, who made them? Only the so-called "board", while "Administrator" is an IC-title, which would have to be given by IC-people. Didn't happen and now they wonder, why so many people are leaving.. *shrugs* Maybe I miss Gor, but I certainly don't miss the wanna-be-Napoleons, Super-Tarls, permanent role-switchers, childish ungorean princess-slave-brats, etc. etc.

Having now much more time for ourselves, we spend more time cuddling, dancing, building.

I love this pic cuddling with my lil sunshine... :-)

With a little help from me, River built a manor. It became really beautiful. One of the best houses that will be available on the market - soon. An old English manor with many rooms and a beautiful garden around it.

I also started to work on updates on some of my MP-products. Technology and skills changed since the very first versions I'd put on MP (or XStreet it was those days back). But being the perfectionist I am, it takes a lot of time. I only want to change a little detail, but as I am about it, I want to also change this... and that... and that... and at the end I'm rebuilding the whole thingens. *sigh* Screw you, OCD!

My RL-schedule changed AGAIN, which means: Even less time for SL. Unfortunately not more money. Bad, bad world! :-(

Hmmm, that's all I can think of at the moment. Strange thing: The longer I wait with updates, the less I know what to write about...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's my party...

Another week over without writing. - Mea culpa!

On sunday my boys surprised me with a surprise-birthday party! I had really no idea they were planing it; especially my lil sunshine River had been very busy with organizing it, making this wonderful invitation and decorating the beach. Unfortunately DJ Heloq called in sick last minute, but fortunately my boys could get DJ Wuzz (from the Tabor OOC dance) to come over and play.

I missed some dear friends at the party due to RL and timezones, but although I was a bit tired from a long RL-working-weekend, my boys made me very happy. Thank you, my beloved boys!

More about the party with pictures you can read there!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Time for a little update

Haven't written for a while, so it's time for an update...

The last weeks were mostly three things: Dancing, A bit of RP in Lannisport (Game of Thrones RP) and building (or better said: Helping my lil sunshine building a manor).

Additional to our traditional sunday-OOC dance in Tabor we got used to go to The Bathhouse on fridays, as my dear friend DJ Heloq is playing then. I never had time to go there due to working-schedule RL, but that has changed, so I got different working-times now (and more hours of work, means less time for SL) and we can go there. We enjoy the music and the people.

For RP we became wolves. Better said: Direwolves. Well... hm... small direwolves for now as it's not so easy to stretch the AV, so for now we are kinda puppies still.

This is me as Midnight:

Anyone who knows about Game of Thrones will say, that direwolves  should be in the North with the Starks, but according to our storyline we have an explanation how we came to the south to Lannisport. If you want to read more about it, see my lil sunshine's blog!
It's not easy to RP a wolf, as you can't talk, you have to emote.... and you have to think like a wolf. But we like Lannisport. Misha has built a wonderful SIM. I hope that soon there will be more people coming and RPing and supporting the place.

Talking of RP: Our decision is finally made up. We stopped RPing in Gor some weeks ago due to several incidences that summed up mostly having to do with one certain person. But we kept our house, paying rent every week, just in case we will return one day. Yesterday we heard some news, so our decision is made, that we leave Tabor. It will go down anyways. They burried their own grave. Bye-bye Tabor! If we ever want to return to Gorean RP, we will find another place. However, it's really a shame, cause with such a big cluster, you'd have the chance to build a really amazing place, but they missed this chance.

Building... hmmm.... our SIM isn't finished yet... well, prolly will never be finished, as there's always something to do, to change, to make better... And I haven't had the time to build new stuff except those two country-houses. Many, many upcoming projects in my "to build"-folder... Not to mention the consideration, if - with new technologies - I shouldn't rebuild some of my old buildings? - Anyways! At the moment my lil sunshine is working on a big manor and it looks awesome! I'm glad I got such talented, lovely and loyal boys, even if sometimes I'd prefer more time for myself, but I won't wanna miss them!

Okay, that's it for a quick update. I really should get used to write more... always forgetting it. Hope I'll get better with it again...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rammy's Dreamhome

Besides building up our new island, I have been busy finishing Rammy's Dreamhome. I mentioned it a while ago: One of my best friends in SL and definitely the longest is sweet Rammy. Some months ago he showed me a picture of his dreamhouse and I tried to build it. But never had the time to finish it.
Now I saw, that sweet Rammy seemed a bit down and I thought he needs a cheer-up. So I started to build again....

Here is the only picture I had:

and here is my result:

It's highly detailed... I sculpted a lot.. so, it has only 99 prims all together. I think it's quite nice. I will add 2 variations of it, so at the end there's a set of three for the market.

Unfortunately it seems my dearest bro Rammy has left SL, so I finished the house too late :-(

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The News

Yes, again I've been quiet for a long time. Didn't know, what to write about it. I got mad at Gor for some reason, so we are taking a Gor-break for an uncertain time. I grabbed my slaves at the leash and led them to earth...

 But the main reason that I was quiet was: We got a homestead! There were some very good offers these days, so after some days of consideration, we finally decided to rent one. The relation between price and prims on homesteads isn't so good, but the problem on rented parcels is, that you have to share a SIM with other tenants.. If you are lucky, they ALL have good taste, but unfortunately there's always one or more with no taste at all. We already got annoyed, as one of our neighbors chosed a 30 x 30 x 30 m ugly cube as home and filled the sky above her parcel with annoying kitschy stars and moons.... but as another one started to build an ugly shop there (in a residental area), we said: "Enough!"

I was a bit sad to leave the Naked Landladies. I rented from them from the very first day on... four years now. But I contacted them several times and asked, if they had good offers too... I was even willing to pay 200 or 300 L$ per week more then the others charged, because the Landladies always had been fair... however, they didn't seem to be much interested... rent would have been 700 per week more then the usual offers at the moment, and they didn't even have a homestead available, wanted to put us on a waiting list... which is a bit strange, as others get new homesteads every day...

Well, we got our own little island and started to build. Here's our building-outfits:

Our new cottage I already had prefabbed mostly, so it was one of the first things finished. Here's the view on sunrise from my bedroom:

Here the stonehenge, made by Endy. Nice to take a break from all the hard building:

Another of my favorite spots finished - Dancing in the sundown with River after a long day full of work:

 And here's a view from a bit outside. The island is rock on one side, beach and sand on the other side:

More pics of the progress you can see on River's blog; my lil sunshine is keeping the photo-journal of the building of "Singer - Tiger's song of light and shadow"