Monday, July 2, 2012

Mountains of Tabor

Been silent again for some weeks. So, this is what we been busy with:

A friend needed help and we decided to help him rebuilding his SIM. It's part of the Tabor cluster which we actually had left. Well, now we're back, but only for a visit now and then.

It became a lovely SIM, I think. And it wasn't easy, as it's only a homestead, so we had to save prims. All the bushes and most of the trees, the stonepathes, steps, waterfall... and of course the houses! - everything is customized work, sculpted to save prims.

As music for the slideshow I chosen the aria "Ebben? Ne andrĂ² lontana" from the opera "La Wally" by Alfredo Catalani. I recommended this once to Eddi Haskell as he made a beautiful slideshow of Tidra, so I thought twice about the choice of music. But it's a wonderful aria (song by Wilhelmenia Hernandez), one of my favorites... used in one of my favorite movies ("Diva") and what would fit better to the mountain-theme than the dramatic aria from the mountain-opera?