Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's new, pussycat?

As usual after a weekend I don't have so much to tell. RL interferes from friday to sunday and like my bro Spanks I haven't found the X to switch it off yet.

Apart from that - I got the flu. Bugs running around in SL; are they infectious? But after a feverish & puking monday I'm starting to feel better now.

Sooooo, already forgotten most of what done on friday. I know, that Mick and me visited Bac's new SIM again, to bring him a housewarming-present. And we were riding his crocos for a while, which was some fun. Yeehaa!

Late night after work Kenshi and me went to JC's monthly rezzparty. But left as J 'it's not about me!' C had to leave because of his bug (as I say - infectious) and went to bed. We went to The Wharf, dancing to Kaj's tunes. Was good to see the shmexie kitten and his bf Malden again.

However, was time for bed early as work called the next day. Not much to tell about saturday and sunday. Well, there *would* be, but nothing that belongs in here. Not at the moment.

But lil bro Mick started his own Gorean blog. What a surprise. I think it's a good possibility to improve his English. The storyline is promising. I hope, he keeps up to it...

So, the monday... spent in bed most of the time. Had some trouble with lil bro Rocco, but we finally solved it. I hope.

Special thanks to JC, who was there as I needed him on sunday, though he was sick himself.

A special "love you" to my hubbie, who's the best ever! We're still planning a wedding-party, just don't know when and where. I already know the referent (waves to JC) and the DJ I have in mind, but not the place and not the date.

Oh, and a black panther joined my Byakko in our household. Jinx is his (or her? Kenshi calls it "her"...) name. Should have become a wedding-present for my love, but he needed some cheer-up earlier, so two wildcats are roaming around our garden and making a lot of noise. I wonder, if they could get lil cubs? That would be a nice mix, I guess.

Speaking of cubs... Had the - okay, ridiculous - idea if a male could get pregnant in SL? Anyone ever tried?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

long day

What a long day it was yesterday! But cool... most of the time. Teso started the day and became a savage boy, exploring some beautiful jungle out there with Mick. Just too bad, that scripts were not allowed, so they couldn't use their weapons to conquer the SIM.

Justyn and Very joined later and exploring the jungle soon became exploring each others boyparts. Which was exiting too. *heh*

As I came back myself, it started with some bad news. A hard decision is to be made in Gor. The day before we were looking forward into a great future, and now it suddenly looks dark and without pleasure and fun. I just hate liars and betrayers. *sighs*

Needed some distraction, so I showed my lil bro my Byakko and we were tiger-riding in the sky which looked pretty cool. Too bad that flying tigers prolly are not Gorean. Well, they are not even Earthan, I guess....

Visited Bac's Dark Path Sim which is... hm... dark? Well, a nice tapestry, some cushions and colorful curtains here and there and it would be cozy... maybe. *heh* Nah, it's dark, but impressive. Left him some gift to make his crocodiles more dangerous.

However I still didn't feel so well with the disappointment about someone, so I needed some time alone. Went to the Isle of Worms, which is a SIM with dragons. JC once told me about it, and I thought as my hubbie's animal is the dragon and I missed him so much this day (RL-work) I'm going to take a look. Didn't see much dragons though, but I'm sure, they ARE there. But dragons are hidden most of the times, yer know? As I finally saw one and was about to run to him and say 'hello!' I crashed. - Well, it just wasn't my time, I think. But I'll go there with my love again, I'm sure.

My love came pretty late inworld and as we just had gotten naked for going to bed, a call from the Silver Sabres reached us to rescue Rio. So, getting dressed again, rushing to a Gor-Sim that name I forgot and.... reading the rules. And reading. And reading. - I only had about another 200 lines to read, as Rio's dove reached us, that he is about to be released.
Well, rules are a fine thing, but keep it within the limits. There's no fun in reading rules more then an hour. *sigh*

Well, that was it. Returning home, dancing naked with my love in the living room, falling down to the basement as the rezzer once again crashed (note to myself: Not more then 1000 prims in 1 rezzer!!!), continue dancing naked, inviting my bro Nevie to dance with us (nekkied in the basement) and finally falling into bed, tired as a dog, but happy with my love in my arms.

Yes, a long day it was!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Almost another week gone. A lot to update. Didn't write for two reasons: One is the lack of time, the other is that I didn't want to write anything in anger and disappointment. So better write nothing at all.

So, what's new? My inventory increasing. Okay... that's nothing new at all.

On Gor? We're moving on. We found a nice place which is about to be rebuilt atm. Very close to Bac, which promises some fun. Peoples seem nice and communative. So we're all looking forward to move there.

My lil bro Mick makes me proud. He's growing every day and surprising me a lot. His building skills are getting better and better. I guess he will soon start his first shop. *hehe* Yesterday he put his first creation on XStreet for sale: A big medieval/Gorean fireplace with prim-fire. I'm pretty sure it isn't the last item he sells!

What else? Hm... Friday I couldn't sleep so early after RL-work. My beloved companion was getting a cold, so I tucked him in early and warmed his feverish body while I was thinking about the events of the two days before. And as I got a call from Syri playing at Galthie's House of Slaves, I sneaked out of the bed and jumped into some chaps and followed Syriana's call. Was fun dancing after a long time and a nice distraction. And Syri is so yummmmmmy!

Hehe! Didn't get much sleep that night as I had to get up 4.5 hours later for RL work. But it was worth it. So, about saturday there's not much to tell. My hubbie slept the whole night, which was good for him to get better with his cold. So I spent time with our lil bro, who was tired too and needed to be tucked in.

Gee! My sleeping rhythm changed a lot these days. Almost becoming "normal", which isn't a bad thing at all.

Sunday? Hm... what was sunday? Oh, bought warrior-kilts for Mick, Juz and Very and we all looked awesome! Then went to Harbinger to buy some weapons for our lil Master and now he's armed up to his teeth. Hehe, Very said, Mick is there "like a kid in a candy-shop". Was fun, seeing him so exited. And I can't wait to show my brothers our new place on Gor, as soon as it's ready. Well, some tails and ears have to be hidden then... =^.^=
Justyn should have had his first gig at Myst, just the moment I was going to fall asleep. I had a bad concious for not supporting him there, almost stood up again though extremely tired... But as I heard later, there were some problems with the schedule and he didn't dance at all. Hopefully next time I'll be not so tired to support him for a while.

Monday visited brother Jojo for a while, sitting around in his new build pavillon. Was good to just spend some comfy-time talking and relaxing. He's still busy all the time, so I don't see my brother often. Hopefully he comes over to the house for some playing soon!

And then the best-hubbie-of-all and me got in some fancy clothes, changed into hybrids and visited Chiaroscuro. As expected, my Kenshi loved it there. It *is* a beautiful place, no doubt!
My friend DD joined us later, showed us around, showed us a secret cuddle-place in the woods too and then left us for some love-sharing. Mmmmm... *purrrrrrrs*

Took this picture of my beautiful husband and I could stare at it all the time:

He's the best that ever happened to me on SL, and if I am getting kittish as we kittehs get sometimes and I'm so foolish, to run away, someone hopefully kicks me back into his loving and caring arms!

Yesterday (tuesday) been dancing for a while at ZEUS, as bro Spanki was hosting and his love Heloq was spinning dah tunes. Was so laggy, but fun. And we were lucky with the sploder! First me won the jackpot, then my Kenshi. \o/ Yay! \o/
Was good to see my bro again. He's so busy these days and still honeymooning it seems. Not sure, if it is just this or something else too; he seems distant and I miss him. On the other side I'm busy all the time myself and didn't talk to a lot of people in the last weeks. Missing communication and socializing...

Well, and that's the news as far as I remember it. I should get used to write more regularly again. Who should read all this? I bet you stopped reading at "atm", right? *heh*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

sinking islands?

Have been some busy weeks again. Still trying to sort my inventory, but somehow it gets bigger and bigger. Dunno, what I'm doing wrong!? *heh*

And I renovated our house, added a basement, still trying to furnish it. Bedroom is looking nice already. ;) *purrrrrrr*

And this week i could witness as bro Juz gave his love Very his selfmade wedding-ring. That was sooooo romantic! I was swinging on the kitteh-trapeze in our living-room and did as if I wouldn't listen to the love birdies, but it was soooo sweet. I just luv my bros!

Well, all together it was some good and happy weeks... Till yesterday. Now all seems to get down at once.

First I heard rumours, that Tiger's Isle is about to be closed. Well, I should be all "Ha! I knew it! Nya nya" - but strange thing: I'm not! I feel sorry for Q's dream. The good times we had. And there's still a lot of my stuff there, inclusive a part of my heart, I guess. I took a walk over the island with my lil bro. Standing there in the sunset and enjoying the beauty of the island, disappointed by some changes though, but the jungle area is still nice. So, I hope they get over their disagreements and keep Tiger's Isle alive. Best wishes from the bottom of my heart!

The other island - Arad. Well, what to say? What started as a try to make things better, ended more or less in a disaster. I dunno, if anyone is to blame, but what's done is done, and so we will have to carry on...

However, I'm disappointed. After weeks of caring for others, being there for them 24 hours a day, I feel like I'm now blamed for everything. Well, if you don't show emotions (and don't care at all for others), it's easy to not hurt them and not be hurt. Others want to go their own way, but then expect from me, to be there for them, when they stumble. And indeed, most of the time I'm ready for that, but at the moment, I'm out of energy. Maybe it's time, to reduce my online-time... dunno

This is for M, M & M:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My cutie lil bro and other stories

Gee! So busy... no time for writing.... But time for dancing. These days with my new lil bro Mick, who's actually my love Kenshi's lil bro, which makes him brother-in-law to me, but luv him like my own lil bro. And yes! he looks like a lil tiger-version since he became neko. *purrrr*

Danced with him and my boy Codey at the beach.... well "boy" sounds a bit ironic, as Codey is the tallest. *hehe* Dunno when he too becomes neko. Strange thingens... went to Gor to get a break and now everyone's coming down to earth and becoming kittehs. Must be tigerish charisma or something... *giggles*

However... lil Mick is such a cutie, hot-headed sometimes, but cute and big-hearted. I couldn't have found a better family!

There he sleeps in the laundry-basket while I was busy building. Mmmmm, so sweet!

Well, and apart from dancing? Hm... a little burn-out. Sleeping at the beach, being inworld from waking up to going to bed, always busy, too much to do and too many beloveds to take care of., Gor taking a lot of time, with sometimes good RP, sometimes bad RP. The mess in the inventory increasing (tried to sort it for 3 hours the other day. At the end I had 500 items MORE in it. *gulps*). But I got the support of my truely loving partner, my dragon, my halt, my strength: My love Kenshi.

Old wounds sometimes make it unbelievable for this kitten here that a love like this is possible. So scared of doing anything wrong after I had been brainwashed over months how inferior and selfish I would be. But things are getting better and I'm so happy with my love and my family...

congrats Very Juz

My shmexie bro Justyn got partnered with lickable Very. Congratz, bro! And welcome to the family, Very! \o/ YAY!!! Very best to you two. So happy everyone's finding luv!

Aren't they soooo cuuuuute?!?

Family is growing.... *smiles and purrs happily*