Friday, November 28, 2008


Hungry Eyes?

<~ A few days ago in human form on our beach-rocks

Hm, what happened on turkey-day? Not so sure how time past bye. Was a little club-hopping as turkey (see pics below), but wasn't so much fun as I couldn't dance and most of the clubs were pretty empty. Been the first time to Gay World and after the DJ and me were the only guests we went to a tour over tiger's isle. Nice guy he was... Kito Kyong or something like that.

Hubby as american was busy with family day of course. Missed him so much...

Not in a good mood anyways these days. Dunno. Maybe lack of sleep. Always feeling dizzy and lots of headaches. Or maybe it's the Zyngo? Always loosing and that nasty devil... Arrrrrgh!

Oh, I'm training for "Butt Pirates" tonite. *hehe* I have no idea how to talk like a pirate in German and less idea how to do it in English, but I'm looking forward to the party. A ship anchored in the lagoon. Will be a lot of work to clean up after the party and make the club as it was before.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

short review

Didn't write for a while. Not so much to tell. Pretty lazy week, not much building. And Zyngo-addiction is eeeevil.

Been dancing with my Brothers Spanki and JoJo at mendance on tuesday-night, which was very nice. Spanki made this cool picture for us:

And yesterday I talked a while with sweet JC and later with my bro Rammy. In those old deckchairs; reminded me of old times. Funny thing: As I saw the pic, I thought: "Wow! Extremly long legs!" *hehe* Rammy wrote the same in his blog. Ish funny!

Been to the museum of Dresden too. Had some problems finding the entrance, but as we finally found the way in, it was awwwwesome! Incredible what some people are building in SL.
But I became too laggy and had to tp home. Next time I shouldn't forget to donate...

So, didn't feel so well and tried to get a nap, couldn't sleep either. So I returned and waited for my hubbie. Spend some time playing piano together.
Was a nice present from him. I love to play piano, especially Satie, who's music always remind me of promenades in the rain in Paris. (Don't ask, why it has to be Paris! Maybe because I think of my favorite movie Beineix' "Diva" with the music of Vladimir Cosma, which is a little similar to Satie.... Oh, and not to forget the wonderful aria from Catalani's "La Wally". mmmmmmm)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Surprise

really no surprise *hehe* well, oki.... I wonder about the 10% introvert. Must have been, that I indeed most think first before I act... =^.^= Oh, and about 100% pervert, I guess...

You Are 90% Extrovert, 10% Introvert

You are as outgoing as they come

The life of the party, you're friends with everyone

You're a people person, and you are quite the entertainer

You love being around a crowd and acting spontaneously

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008


-o.... Oki, let's see.... I'm addicted to dances, I'm addicted to building, I'm addicted to the light of my life, I'm addicted to gestures, I'm addicted to animations, of course I'm addicted to SL anyways... and now I'm addicted to Zyngo! Actually it's a pretty stupid game; you don't have to think much, only look, compare, click... and time really runs. Last night I wanted to see, what's with that game my honey bee is addicted to.... And played about 5 hours. Oh my! But it's fun. Too much actually. *hehe*

Apart from gaming side by side we've been a lot shopping together. I bought a penis-sploder for the club. Oh, and yes, now I do have an alt!!! "TigerFranzis Clowes, the keeper of the big red cock" - That's a fine title. But ssssshhhht! Don't tell anyone, that I got an alt. *lol* And I bought a viewer for profile-pics for the club. Nice thingens. Q&F made new pictures for their profiles *chuckle* And my honey bee bought me a piano, so finally I can play piano at home. I love that! (especially as I can't play in RL *hehe*) And we wanted to buy a sex-dinner-table, which would be pretty hot if that damn thingen would have been delivered!!! We waited about half an hour there, but nothing, rien, niente, nichts, nada! Well, at least we had fun testing it, while we were waiting. Hm, what else? Oh, BareRose! I love the costumes of BareRose and they are not at all expensive. We bought some stuff for tonite's "Jungle Fever" and tomorrow's "White Night".

Hm... and I think, that was the day yesterday. My buddy Dashy's hubbie Mikal is missing since saturday. Anyone seen him? I'm pretty concerned. Hope there's an explanation and everything's oki. My thoughts are with you, Dashy! *fingers crossed*

Here's a pic of the club. I just like that sky...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

over the rainbow

Mmmmm, tuesday was a little more relaxing. Started to work on the waves, but then my bro JoJo came for a visit. I showed him the garden and the skydungeon, then we put our togas on and visited a roman slave market. That's a nice SIM, but nothing much happening there. So, after a while strolling around, we ended in the shower & tub on Tiger's Isle. What a nice thingens! Never recognized how much fun you can have there.

Finally my beloved hubbie came inworld, but we hadn't much time. So we had to get ready for "Over the rainbow". I wanted to come as scarecrow, with a rainbow-string under my straw-stuffed pants, but as I arrived there and recognized another scarecrow, I went home again to strip down to the string, put some rainbow-wings on, made boots with rainbow-pawprints in it (but noone recognized) and joined the party again. Had so much fun there, even if my mood was down from some experiences before.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

franzi - the gardener

Not much to tell about monday. Started to build the garden of our house new. But it looks awesome now. Doing the ocean-side next; spent way too much money on new waves - love waves! all the glittery spreading foam.... *meow*.... Will be great, when ready. So, at least the house hopefully will be ready soon. How good, that I have a hubbie who stops me from working from time to time. =^.^= Will have to take and publish pictures soon...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another weekend

Hm, not much to tell about this weekend; spent most of my time with my honey-bee. And of course RL-work.

Made some pictures of me in a fancy outfit and with the twins-skin. Want to do some more pics of Q and me as twins pretty soon. I love to take pics and edit them. Would like to make more, but... well... would like to do so much and never got enuff time.

Only when there's a party I'm always too busy and forget to take pics. So I borrowed some from my bro Justyn who described last night's neko-party pretty well in his blog.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My brother Rammy

Yesterday was "Zodiac"-party at tiger's isle. My brother Rammy and me were looking for a costume for him as Pisces, which wasn't easy. But then we found and... woah! He looked awesome! I couldn't stop taking pictures of him and think, they almost look like colorful paintings:

Of course he won the contest. This last picture is him and me:

Too bad that my beloved couldn't be with us; I know, that he has an awesome Scorpio-outfit.


Hm.... looks like I'm a bit of everything but Drama, Social and Anime...

What Be Your Nerd Type?
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It's okay. I understand.

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Friday, November 14, 2008


I so laughed my ass off! Prolly in US&A more famous, but I saw it the first time this week:

Sad and tired

"Why does it matter if you have so many people who love you?"
"You are always giving to people. You are the kindest, nicest person I know"

Those are some nice words I heard yesterday. I hear them often. I don't know, how true they are - Americans are generous with "I love you!" and "You're the best!", but it's good to hear it from time to time...

Well, I think, I may be just exhausted. Dunno. I overworked myself, wanted to get ready with the skydungeon for my hubbie and me. Noone asked me to get ready so soon; so it's my own fault. It would have been oki, if it would have been worth it, but for certain reasons now I feel, that it was just a waste of time. Like anything else I'm doing - it's all wrong, always will be.

I have no idea, what to write here. Too much personal stuff going on. And I'm kinda "not allowed" to write about it, so I just shut up.

I think, this is my personal theme-song, so here it is once again from the movie "Surf up":

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Was some work to make these,
but I think, their not too bad.
Oh, and tiny is sooooo cute!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Huddles explodes soon

As last night my dances crossed the 100-border, I thought I'd talk about dances. IMHO the best way to manage your dances is a Huddles. You can invite people to dance and sync with you. But the best thing is: You can write your own notecards, so you can chose different dances for different kind of music. Like I have notecards for "Dances_all", "Dances_disco", "Dances_rock", "Dances_erotic" etc. And you can add a specific time for every single dance. How you write and fill your notecard you can read at the Huddles-website.
To add the exact time of Sine-dances, you can get a free Sinewave-AO and sign up for an account on their website. There you will be shown all your sine-dances and animations with the exact time in a list. For Animazoo-dances just look up the time of the dance in the description; it's mentioned there.
So, as I do have so many dances, I thought I just copy my "Dances_all" notecard in here. You can just copy it and delete the dances you don't have, add your dances which might be missing here and work with the rest of it:

1 potato 2|18.5
4 and 2 the floor|45.00
all about me|30.00
Animazoo dance 14.2|16.0
Animazoo dance 17.0|8.0
Animazoo dance 18.0|13.0
Animazoo dance 23.0|9.65
Animazoo dance 28.0|8.2
b-boy, b-girl, b-fur, b-happy|21.9
black and red|25.8
black cherries|22.9
blueberry muffin|24.00
buckle my shoe|24.3
can't stop it
champing at the bit|23.4
cherry pips|20.3
chrome bumper|26.4
cola bottle|20.4
cover girl|27.7
dance 8|16.0
dance 10 -
Freebie from Animazoo!|29.8
dance 17.0|18.8
dance 23.0 -
Freebie from Animazoo!|10.4
dip me in chocolate|29.8
disco fever|20.3
dizzy orchid|19.2
don't stare at the sun|25.9
double cream|23.5
double dip|28.0
Feeling it|20.53
fisty cuffs|29.3
g t eye|24.9
glass eye|22.1
going nuts|18.0
Groove Avenger|24.8
here we go|28.7
high note|30.0
I am on fire|28.8
ice age|29.3
jack It|23.0
jammy dodger|26.7
Just Arrived|17.93
krump off|28.8
lava palaver|25.8
line em up|13.0
maple syrup|18.0
milk and honey|30.0
naughty girl|29.6
over and over|24.2
poi boy|24.4
purple whirlpool|25.4
rinky kinky|27.8
rock steady|29.9
romper stomper|17.2
scintilla rossa|29.7
shake and bake|29.2
Shake it out|25.45
shock therapy|26.3
spring loaded|25.8
Stepping Out|27.33
strawberrys and cream|22.2
Two and Switch|25.31
yeah and|28.8

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Er gehört zu mir

Ah, weekend almost over. For tiger always exhausting cause of RL-work. But now fun-time begins! YAY!

Made my first object to sell... well, for 0 L$. *hehe* The mud-clothes for mud-wrestling on Tiger's Isle. Mud-wrestling is so sexy!
The isle hopefully will be ready soon. Then I'll have to take lots of pictures and write reports about all the different spots. Can't wait to jump with hubbie on every poseball... of course only with the purpose to take pictures for the reports. *uhemmm*

So, highlight of the weekend definitely was "Come as you were". Was a little disappointed, that not that much people showed up, but we had fun anyways. I started to laugh 2 hours before the party as I loaded the dance-ball with freebie-dances and played with my old skin and shape. Was so funny to combine old shape with new skin; old skin with new shape... etc.
And I had deleted all the old plastic-penisses I had collected in my..... errrr.... "younger years". So I had to get a new freebie one. Maximum size about 3 feet. Was lots of fun to poke others with it. *lol*
Well, a little shadow at the end of the party. But worked that out and made things up and everything's fine or even better now.

Thanks to uncle Rickie for playing "Er gehört zu mir". Well, could be a little ambiguous, but I want to think, that it was meant for my hubbie and me. That song is over 30 years old, but still played in every gay disco in Germany. I'll try a translation, though - typical German "Schlager" - it's not the exactly "poetic"; more like "You belong to me like honey to the bee"...


Er gehört zu mir, wie mein Name an der Tür. - He belongs to me like my name on the door
Und ich weiß er bleibt hier. - And I know he will stay

Nie vergeß ich unseren ersten Tag. - I'll never forget our first day
Denn ich fühlte gleich, daß er mich mag. - Cause I felt, that he likes me

Ist es wahre Liebe, die nie mehr vergeht? - Is it true love that never ends?
Oder wird die Liebe vom Winde verweht? - Or will the love be gone with the wind?

Er gehört zu mir wie mein Name an der Tür - He belongs to me like my name on the door
und ich weiß er bleibt hier. - And I know he will stay

Alles fangen wir gemeinsam an, - We're doing everything together
doch vergeß' ich nie wie man allein sein kann. - But I'll never forget how lonely one can be

Steht es in den Sternen, was die Zukunft bringt? - Is it written in the stars, what the future brings?
Oder muß ich lernen, daß alles zerrinnt. - Or do I have to learn, that nothings forever?

Er gehört zu mir wie mein Name an der Tür - He belongs to me like my name on the door.
und ich weiß er bleibt hier. - And I know he will stay

Nein, ich hab es ihm nie leicht gemacht. - No, I never made it easy for him
Mehr als einmal habe ich mich gefragt. - Asked myself more then once
Ist es wahre Liebe, die nie mehr vergeht? - Is it true love that never ends?
Oder wird die Liebe vom Winde verweht. - Or will the love be gone with the wind?

Er gehört zu mir für immer zu mir. - He belongs to me, forever to me
Er gehört zu Dir für immer zu Dir. - He belongs to me, forever to me

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sleeping with my hubbie

Yeah, I'm a busy tiger. Can't help working all the time, although I did a lot of talking this week. But even if I'm talking, I can't help adjusting a poseball here, adding a texture there...

At the end of a busy day, I love to be put to bed by my hubbie. That's the most peaceful and happiest moment for me. (Well, except when we fight. Then I have to jump out of his arms. I can't bear close proximity when I'm upset.) I love this picture up there from last night. Cuddling in our new pajamas, which we bought for last sundays pajama-party (and he's soooooo cute in his tiger-pj's, which looks like my granny's fur; but he assured me, that it's industrial fur; no relative), laying in my kitteh-basket (I wonder, why we have about 2 zillion different beds *hehe*) and falling asleep together. mmmmmmmmmmm

Cheerleader saved

Yesterday we had "Save the cheerleader"-theme. Here I peeked under Q's and my skirties with the cam. Good that we were wearing underpanties...

Wasn't so successful in the beginning, but getting a little crowded to the end. All those guys in short skirts... *meow*

I had made a sacrifice-altar to tie up a cheerleader and an extra poseball to... uhm.... save "her", but noone but Q and me used it. Too bad for the others! I had written some nice surprises in the XCite-script *hehe*

Can't wait for tonite's event: COME AS YOU WERE! Will be funny to see the gorgeous boys and girls in their old AVs, walking and dancing robot. I hope it will become a success...

It's only human

Since I walked as human twin of my hubbie I like to walk around in my human form from time to time; still experimenting with the new skins.

Especially working on the isle in that "heavy duty" Gorean outfit *grrrrrrr*

However, somehow it's not really me. Tiger will always be tiger. And even as human I can't help purring and growling and roaring...

So, I didn't work too much this week. Not sure what to do next on the isle. Some bushes have to be planted, some flowers seeded, but I was too busy talking and building on our skydungeon or "sexbox", how hubbie calls it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Save the Cheerleader

That's tonite's theme. Here are some scenes from TV-series "Heroes":

Monday, November 3, 2008

Night and Day

Where did the weekend go? Lost it somewhere. *me checks his 'lost and found' folder and shrugs*

Talked about friday and my hubbies birthday already. On saturday started with my friend Dash's delated rez-day party. Was the only neko there and didn't know anybody but Dashy and Mikal, so I felt a little lost. As my love finally came inworld we went shopping at Tigereye Design, which has nothing to do with Tiger's Eye club *hehe*, but has pretty nice stuff. Bought some jewelry for my hubbie and couldn't resist to buy a "Heavy Duty" outfit for me. Almost bought a blue dancers silk... but recognized, that I already got it in my inv! So, I tried it on, seated my hubbie on a gothic throne and danced for him, what made us both pretty horny. Oh those phantasies about being a sex slave to my master, dancing for him, pleasing him, working my way on his lap.... oops! *me blushes, adjusts and clears his throat* Uhm, yeah. Well! So we just went home after shopping, cuddled and talked a little till it was time to sleep.

On sunday I tried my new "Heavy duty" outfit. I think it's soooo hot. I will wear it for working on the isle I guess. And that's exactly what I did (after I made our picture wall in our living-room) or at least started. Wanted to continue planting some trees, but my inv is such a mess, so I started to sort and clean it. After 3 or 4 hours I had reduced it from 12.900 items to about 12.100 items.... and it's still a mess! I wonder if I ever get back under 10.000?
Met DeliciousDemon and gave him a quick tour to the isle. And finally hubbie came inworld, but we had not much time to talk (or do naughtier things) as we only had an hour for the party. Oh my, Q looked soooo cute in his white tiger pajamas!!! I wanted to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle. And silly me forgot again to take pictures. *arrrrrrrrr*

So, still a lot of things to do. My list seems endless. Tiger's Isle has to get ready, the neko-skybox has to get finished, the brother's hangout needs some more trees and bushes, Q's and my home needs more furnishing, the dungeon... oh the dungeon is so big... how to fill it???... and then I wanted to start to build stuff... like the loincloth I started to make... and I wanted to model for JJ - a friend of Jojo... and maybe doing more artificial pictures, as everyone tells my, I'm a natural talent... and... and... and... So much to do, so little time!

Matching title I've chosen the Cole Porter Song
"Night and Day" performed by U2
on the album "Red Hot & Blue":

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monster Mash

This is a picture Spanki made of me in front of the store. Love it!

So, yesterday was Halloween. And of course my hubbie's birthday. I'm not soooo fond of Halloween, as it has no German tradition. We have carneval for diguise here. But I was very fond of my man's birthday. Had build a new sky-dungeon for him; that's with what I was so busy these days (but of course couldn't mention it). Somehow it became more of a palace and we have lots of rooms to fill together now...

As he finally came inworld I welcomed him in this... uhm.... "costume":

unwrap me!

Hubbie unwrapped his presents and we "inaugarated" (is that the right word?) the dungeon. It's strange, how some pixels on a screen can make you really FEEL someone who's 1000s of miles away... *purrrrrrzzzz*

So, afterwards we searched for costumes. Liked the twin-theme from thursday so much, that we decided to go as twins. I love it. Have some naughty phantasies about that too... *hehe* We bought the skins where we had the demo-version on thursdays. I'd like to recommend the shop, as the skins are only 777 L$ with lots of different shapes (light, dark, very dark) and different facial hair. Got about 30 different versions of the skin. For only 777 L$!!! My other skin was 1.500 for ONE version; about 9.000 for all together. So, if you need a not-expensive but good skin, visit "Mazzo Design"!

Evil, but cute twins

As we finally were dressed and looked so cute to eat each other, we went to the grand opening of Sodom, Equi's new club. But it was so crowded, that we went laggy and laggy and laggy. Q even stuck somewhere in the stairs and it was really hard to pull him out there. Or maybe he was just shy because of the lots of people? *grinz* Isn't a bad club, but somehow I don't like those overcrowded places. Always get the feeling, the more people are there, the more you get lost and feel alone. Everyone seems to be busy in IMs or afk at all, no real funny conversation. Only lots of spam-gestures. Not much fun. I enjoy parties with about only 15 people but good chat and individual interaction much more.

All in all it was a good day and hopefully a really happy birfday for my man.