Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ice Skating


Kenshi and me heard that it snowed in Tabor. So we got some nice warm fur-cloaks and scarfs and went over to take a look. The boy chance invited us to Ice-Skating. I rezzed a skating-animation-ball and we had snowball-fights. More and more people were coming. Haven't had so much fun in Tabor for a long time!

My Kenshi making a snowangel for me:


Tetra pak

Sometimes the graphic-bugs are funny in SL. This is how our bosk-cow looked to me the other day till I cleared cache and relogged. Boskmilk in the handy Tetra pak?

Friday, November 20, 2009

My boys

Time to write something about my lovely boys! - Especially Mick aka "Wolf" and Brian aka "Eagle". I don't see my boy Tesakam too often. They all share one computer in RL, so those who knows us, will know, why Tesakam is seldom online.

All our boys are attending the Academy of Mur now and very eager to go through the lessons quickly. Especially Mick/Wolf. A while ago Matrix Voom wrote in his blog about "Being a Kajirus and Kajira". I'm proud to say, that my boy Wolf is such a kajirus (okay, he might have to work on the "patience" thing, but to be a lil hot-head is part of his lovely character; I don't wanna miss it). He is truely devoted, he sticks to me in good times as in bad times. He believes in me even in my weakest moments. Sometimes I can talk to him even better and more ingenuous then to my companion.
And Brian/Eagle? I don't see him so often and we have some communication problems, because he only speaks French, I do not, and the translator often translates crap. But his heart speaks to me and it is a pure and shining heart. There's a reason why I call him "mon petit ange". He makes me smile a lot, when he walks through this new world with big eyes, curious and eager to learn more and more like a (very smart) kid.

I just wanna say: I love you, mine, and thank you!

burn your bible!

Been to a new Gay Gor SIM yesterday, that claimed for itself to be strictly "By The Books". - Oh my! I can't hear that "By the Books" anymore. It seems to me like some fanatic, fundamentalistic Christians which take the bible literal. Those take John Normans Books literal and only RE-play a world created by a bad author instead of using it as basic to build upon it.
However... the funny if not to say ironic thing is: 1. How can a GAY Gor SIM at all be "By the Books", as there were no Gay Cities in the books? and 2. In their rules they dictate, that they don't accept a distinction between "red silk" and "white silk" slaves. Well, this is funny, as this distinction IS from the books (For non-Goreans: White Silks = virgins, Red Silks = opened). And also restricted red silks were known, as it is only natural, that a Master doesn't want his slaves be fucked by anyone.
So, before you claim to be a "BTB"-SIM, you better get informed and read the damn books!

Another thing I recognized: They don't accept a "30 minutes no RP and I'm out"-limit in the picks. Justifying it, that a captive couldn't expect that he is "center of attention" all the time. - Well, do not expect ME (or anyone else) to waste his online time sitting in your dungeon and waiting for hours, till you have time for him. - But in this case I recommend a place-holder. Put it in the dungeon/cell, go OOC somewhere else to have fun, and return, when they have time for you.

I say it again and again: Gor is a fucking GAME! Each player should have fun with it, no matter if Free or slave, Capturer or Captive. You can't claim someone to feel bad or ignore him and justify this with BTB. That's crap!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As some of you know, we are sleeping online most of the times. I love to fall asleep in the arms of my Kenshi or with him or my boy Wolf in my arms. We take that picture (and "feeling") with us into RL-sleep. Our AVs set to "away" and "busy". Sometimes when I just sit before the screen and watch my beloved ones sleeping. Some will say it's nuts, but we like it.

However, as we woke up on monday, we recognized in the chat-log, that at night two girls from the neighbor-parcel came over to our parcel, broke into our house and into our bedroom and amused themselves by putting our sleeping AVs in different sexual positions.

Well, some will say "so what?! It's just an AV!", but for us it was a very heavy violation of our privacy, dirty and humiliating. We were and are very upset. I reported them to the landlords (landladies to be exact) and to LL for grieving. Of course it's a physical difference if you do that in RL or in SL, but imho there's not much difference in mind to break into someone's house in RL and abuse him in sleep. What's going on in those people? Do they really think it's funny???

The landladies agreed with us about the heavy violation of our privacy. But I didn't get any reaction of LL yet.

We closed our private parcel now to group-access only, but still it's not the same anymore when we snuggle together at night...

busy weekend again

RL-work on friday, so there's not much to tell about that day. Too tired after work...

Saturday I took a day off RL-work to prepare everything for a meeting of the Tidre-group and for a surprise birthday-party for my love. Bad thing was, that he kept me busy the whole day. Well, wasn't so bad... *hehe*... but I couldn't tell him, that I would have to prepare his party and invite people, otherwise it wouldn't have been a SURPRISE party anymore!

So, we had that meeting on saturday. And afterwards the party for Kenshi, with DJ Heloq (mille grazie, bello!) which was his belated rezzday-party and at midnight CET his birthday party. Made a firework and all that, but actually I had not time to see it myself, too distracted by kissing my dragon. Some others said it was beautiful; I'll take their word for it!

Sunday after a very long RL-workday I did some BDSM-RP with my love. I needed the Gor-break and he wished it for his birthday. Was very good and exiting, except what happened at night.... but that's topic for a new article....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


In an empty SIM:

[17:26]  Albert whispers:      Noticed Franziskus
[17:26]  Franziskus Ninetails: Albert!
[17:26]  simon whispers:      Greeting Franziskus .
[17:26]  Franziskus Ninetails: hello, Simon!
[17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails: you are new!
[17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails: oh my god, I'm talking to dogs!
[17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails: I need an SL-break, I think

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

doesn't get better

Still no time to breath. Could start complaining and whining now, but that wouldn't help much. So... just an apology, that I don't have the time to write in this blog.

However, yesterday I tried to take a short break. A break from RP, a break from reading notices, a break from IMs, a break from building, creating, administrating... So I went on Eddi's invitation to the Museum of Sex Furniture. But I didn't come far. Played a bit outside with Boris, the Rottweiler:

I also heard Albert, the German Shephard, panting somewhere, but didn't find him. However, as I finally wanted to go inside, my love Kenshi joined me, made me a lovely suprised, played me songs and calmed me down a bit. He's so lovely! Well, he must be, otherwise he wouldn't bear with me for such a long time. *hehe*

The tribe-life on our island... hm, is a bit of disappointment. Thinking a lot about it and about making it a "normal" Gorean Sim - whatever that might be. I'm just too tired of fighting and discussing with other Gorean Sims about our exceptional state of allowing non-human AVs. So many said and still say, that they would love to RP as Nekos or whatever, but they don't come. And if they come, it seems they are only looking for sex and not for RP. Well, Gorean RP isn't something you just sneak in for an hour or so and then doing something else again. It's a permanent condition and your journeys to "earth" (= the rest of SL) are the exception. Not the other way round. I made a lot to explore on the island, a lot of social possibilities for a tribe's life, but it's not used. TPing in, looking on the radar if someone is there to fuck and if not, TPing out again and then complaining to me, that nothing happens... well, that's NOT the way Gor works, if human or non-human. So,  besides our chain the only ones who are really playing and taking part on the isle-life are Freki, Sieg, Jaap and Lutz.  Thank you, guys! None of the tribe. So we are considering a group-meeting in the next days to decide all together about the future of the island and the direction it will take.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

still catching for breath

Time runs so fast... (except when I'm on RL-work, then every hour feels like three).  Not in the bestest mood, trying to sort things in RL and SL, but without success. Do you know that feeling, when you got a mountain of work to do and you just sit before it, numb and loosing all your energy? *sighs*

Is not much to tell about the last days. Resting my heavy head in my love's lap the whole friday night, talking about the future of the island, about disappointments, about family... and fell asleep in his lap, which was pretty nice.

Missed most of the weekend due to RL-work as usual. Didn't join any halloween-party. (Oh, and belated happy birthday, Chris. Didn't see you online)

Yesterday, monday, I went with my two boys Mick and Brian to dance at Tainted boys to celebrate Mick's RL-birthday (sunday) too. That was fun as we were in the middle of a teacher-students-RP. *heh* Marin and his boy Conny joined us also (in the dance, not in the RP). Was a nice distraction.