Monday, March 31, 2008

Kale's drawings

Speaking of Kale.... he made some more pictures of us. I love the one of Douggie and of course the one that's called "Franz's Angel - forever!"

For Kale-kun

I just remembered, that Kale - our foxy Yaoi-fan - didn't know, what "bishônen" means. Kale, follow the link.

And here's some inspiration for you. Keep on the good work, nii!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rammy, the tora-owner

After we had such a wonderful evening on thursday, I didn't meet my Rammy on Friday. He was there, but I neglected him. First I had to talk to Andrej, then Andrej & me undertook a further "experiment". I promised to meet him - Rammy - later, but he suddenly left without a word. I thought, he must have been very angry with me. And he got the right to be it. I felt so bad!

So I went to the XCite-store and bought a bullwhip for him to punish me. *gulp* But I didn't see him on Saturday, so I felt even worse.

On Sunday we finally met and I was so happy to see him! And he wasn't angry at me. Not at all! *yippie*

I introduced him to Nia and we went to two dance-clubs. (One was a weird furry-place with funny furries talking about their RL-problems. hello?!?) But then he decided, that it's necessary to tame the tiger. I was a little surprised. Everything happened all of a sudden and I didn't even know, what I did wrong. But the really hard part was: Nia was with us all the time!
He allowed her to watch while he leashed me, made me undress, jerked me off and forced me to give him a bj right in front of her. I felt so embarassed... and excited. But mostly I felt bad for Nia, cause I think she either would be really bored watching us or she didn't feel comfy with the situation.
Afterwards I apologized to her 1000s of times and she said, she's cool with it. But I'm not so sure. I was afraid, that I maybe lost this new-found friend (and I couldn't do anything against it, since I agreed to Rammy as my tora-owner; so I have to follow his will, when I'm a tora-shônen). But then she wrote that wonderful entry in her profile about me and I was calmed.

And I have to admit: Despite all my concerns: It was very exciting!


I just recognized: I'm not sure if I mentioned, that Douggie is going to be MY kitten, that means, I will be his owner and will take the responsibilty. At least he agreed to it. But I have too many obligations right now, so it has to wait to make it official. And he's too busy too; I don't see him very often.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I told you about Kale, right? The foxy I met at the blu-danceclub. I told him about Hillcrest college and he signed in. But he hadn't had a home, so he slept in the lockerroom (hm, didn't he recognize, that there's a boys dorm in Hillcrest?). So I offered him a place in the frathouse.

The problem is: He's trying to be sex-abstinent. Some kind of Japanese asceticism. So I couldn't let him sleep in the house itself. But I had the idea to build him a fox-den in the garden. And it really looks good!

To thank me, he made a drawing for and of me. Of my two souls: Franz-kun and Franz-tora-shônen:

I think, he did a fabulous job!

Thank you so much, Kale-kun.

(I hope, this is right!? I have no idea...)

Kale-kun is very young, and he wants to become an illustrator. I think, he's on the best way!


On Saturday I was looking for my little kitten. Douggie was strolling around, had bought a collar that never arrived, was sad... so I searched for him. And at that neko-place, where I found him, we met a hot and nice neko-girl: Niambraa.

Well, we flirted for a while... Yes, you don't have to remind me that I'm gay! But sometimes I like to flirt with hot girls too. I think she didn't recognize in the beginning, that I'm gay. But as I told her - after about half an hour flirting - she just accepted it... and we went on flirting and talking. I think we talked about two hours. She's really nice and a hot wildcat, sharp weapons and a fighter. I like that!

On sunday I met her again. She was with me and Rammy the whole evening. We had a lot of fun (till Rammy started to... oh no! I will tell that later. hehe), strolling through dance-clubs. Nia and me would make a purrfect couple - If I weren't gay and she wasn't partnered to a wolf. You should have seen us on the dancefloor dancing the Salsa for hours. We looked so hot!!! (and again I forgot to take pics. damnit!)

This is what she wrote in her profile about me:

"I've never met someone like this. Franz and i have known each other for just a couple of days and i already trust him like my own partner. His heart isnt made of steel neither is it made of stone neither is it made of gold. Its made of the beautifullest diamond on earth.
Franz you have shown me true friendship and the beautifullest of all you did that in just a couple of days. Now that's a true friend! Franz thanks for all the nice moments together! :))

[17:13] Franziskus Ninetails: you know, Nia... if I weren't gay, we would make a fine couple, I think

Yes he thinks i'm hot! but ssssstt don't tell Lunus:P"

I feel so honored to be her friend. And as I read what she wrote about me, I was just overwhelmed, with goosebums all over my body and almost crying of happiness. Love you, Nia!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


On Saturday my dear brother Rammy came back. *sigh* Kitten Dougg came too. We went to that wedding of Jamey and Jay, but it was almost over. So we played a little in Jameson's cat-tower. (Yes! He's got a whole apartment-house just for cats!!! *purr*)

Before we went, I asked Rammy to be my owner! It should have been a very important and celebrating moment, but we were in hurry... so it wasn't right what I had in mind.

So, Rammy is my tiger-neko-owner - hm... tiger-neko! Kale (the fox) call it "tora-shônen". He's totally into Japanese. But I like that! "tora-shônen" sounds good...

Yeah, back to Rammy as my tora-shônen-owner! - I'm not sure, if he knows about the responsibility!? - These days I had the chance to watch Andrej with Quirt - and Rammy and me are soooo far away from that! True, you can't compare a tora-shônen with a submissive boy like Quirt. The tora is a wild animal, hard to tame. There are claws and fangs (and some knifes too...) paired with a animalistic instinct, a wild nature and spirit for freedom, but somehow I envied Quirt for that feeling of being cared for. Sure, I know that Rammy cares for me, but this is different.

Well, I talked about the issue with Rammy on thursday. We had a long and very nice talk cuddling at the new beach at the new Rosey Cheeks. I felt so save and warm in his arms. *sigh* Hope to see him soon again as tora-shônen!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm too sexy

The tiger in me gets more and more power over me! But I have to admit: I felt soooooo sexy and hot last night!!! New clothes, new hair, new style...

I'm just not sure about that skin. - Andrej and I were looking for a new skin for me. Found some, what was really a hot guy... but it wasn't *me*

After Andrej had left, I wanted to go out in my new outfit. (Really too bad, that he doesn't like me neko...) I went to the new dance-club at Boystown. Few guys there, but I think, they were impressed. Cool! Made friends with a foxy boy (Kale) and a wolvish something (haven't found out, what he is), named Cuddleboy. We danced and talked for hours.

As I went home, I couldn't sleep. Maybe too much dancing? So I went out again. But thursday night at 3 a.m. in SL? ((what was 10 a.m. with me)) - Forget it!

Today I met Jameson Despres again. Long time no see. He was a little surprised, as he saw the changes. But he was very fond of it. And surprise: He's a tiger too!!! He invited me to his wedding with his boyfriend tomorrow. Hope, I can make it! Cause tomorrow Rammy's coming back...

Rammy! - I decided to ask him, if he want's to be my owner, when I'm a tiger-neko. It's a compromise. I'm not much into absolute slavery and it would collide with our fraternity plans.... but as a tiger it's different. Well, I'm not much of a pet, I think, but it would be nice to have an owner...

good news

Andrej and I are okay!!!

Spent many hours with Andrej last night. I was ready to let him go; thought it would be better for him, not to be torn between his feelings for me and (the responsibility) for Quirt. But he refused and said he wants to stay with me. We talked a lot and then we started to test it out, if I can bear the "big Andrej". - And surprise! I didn't have a problem (apart from wet-ing my briefs all the time). He even invited Quirt and I could watch how he treats him. Wow! As soon as Andrej is a full fratbrother, he could bring Quirt over to the frathouse. I think he would like that...

I'm so glad, that this crisis is over. And we progressed a lot in that relationship... if you'll call it like that.

In the picture you can see him and me standing on his balcony watching the sunrise. *sigh*

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The house

Yes, I mentioned it before: The house is ready!

That means: The building is ready! I think, I've done a good job. But now, as it's ready, I think maybe it's too big. But no! I'm not changing it again!!!

So, now I have to start furnishing. But first I have to go through my inventory and find out some nice animations for the furniture.

Pledges are coming too although we didn't do any advertising.

I hope we can start hazing soon. And I hope place will be crowded soon.

When I'm ready furnishing, I want to make a video to lead you through the house. But til then it's still a lot of work!

Andrej, my angel

I have to admit: I was a little love-sick this week! Well, too many things happened at the same time. I got ready with the house. That should have been a day to celebrate! But none of my friends were available. Rammy wasn't there at all. And Andrej? He spent about 5 or 6 hours with Quirt and didn't even answer my phone-calls.

I tried to kill time by going through my inventory. It's still a mess! More then ever before (after all that building... no wonder!). Then I crashed and the work of 2 hours was deleted. As well as part of my inventory. Arrrrgggghhh!

So, I wasn't in a good mood at all. I went to dance in a weird club called "Methadon clinik". Name says all! Strange post-apocalyptic place, dark music (punk, heavy metal and stuff...). Sometimes it's good, but I can't bear it too long. Well, it fitted my mood.

I was almost ready to leave, when Andrej finally appeared. And I was so angry. - Maybe unfair? I don't know! I even don't know, what I expect of him. I said "nothing", but is it true? I just thought it's strange: When we meet, he's "on the jump" most of the time. And we can't do much 'cause of his duty ((=roommate in RL)). But then he had several hours time to spend it with Quirt in a Steambath? Tell me, folks: What would YOU think?

Oh, did I talk about Quirt? - He's one of the students at our college (Hillcrest). He was straight, but one day Rammy and me made him to do some special performance for us. Andrej had a crush on him. He changed his appearance (I can't bear it! He's so butch in it! No longer my little angel...) and turned Quirt into a gay boy only by the "power of his will". Don't ask me, how that works. I don't understand it myself. Now Quirt is owned by Andrej...

Soooooo.... I don't know how to handle all that!? Maybe it's jealousy? But I'm not the jealous guy. A little envious maybe, but not jealous. - Maybe the paranoid feeling, that I'm just betrayed? But Andrej told me, nothing happened, and they were not in the steambath but in a cafe to talk. Hm, believe that? (There are nicer places to talk but the coffee near the steambath at boystown...)
I think the problem is the fear to loose him. I'm tempted to let him go anyway. - Oh, typical me! I don't want him to feel torn between Quirt and me. So I push him away to make it easier for him. Sometimes I'm acting in SL as dump as in RL. Doing that all the time...

The kitten

Haven't seen our kitten Dougg for a while. Met him last friday for about half an hour, then he was gone. He told me, he's busy with school. Yes, that's important! Nekos have to go to school too! But I miss him. Wanted to learn more about him.

However, I made some cat-baskets in the house. Hope he will come back some day. But you know how cats are...

Rammy, my love

If you want to know, how things are going with Rammy: Fine!

Since the drama last week we are good friends, lovers, brothers again. Maybe I was just in a bad mood or expected too much? It's good again. *sigh*

Last night somebody asked me, if I have a master, cause I was wearing my collar. - Well, I just love the collar and think, it suits me well. But I answered spontanous: "Rammy is my owner!" - Wow! Didn't think about it. Yeah, we played sometimes master and servant, but do I really want to be owned by somebody? Well, it gave me a strange feeling... kind of exciting. But I need my bro Rammy more as friend and lover, not as master and/or owner. But it's worth to think about it...


I feel so tigerish for weeks now. I just have to say: I love the tiger in me.

Too bad Andrej doesn't like it. :-(
Good, that Rammy likes it and feels tigerish too! :-)

I love the mixture of cuteness and animal power. Always wanted to be tiger, always will be!

Just need a new haircut, I guess. Well, I'm too busy right now, but when I'm done with the house I will take care of my appearance anyway. Changes will come!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dear Diary....

Yes! That would be the right headline. Another week is gone. And again I was busy...

I wasn't satisfied with the house... again. So I decided, to build the whole house new. Oh my gosh! What a work. I'm still building, changing structures, not sure, where it will end. I hope I'm getting ready soon, so we finally can start the fraternity.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to talk about last night. It started nice with a punishment for Andrej. He did some things wrong... not too bad, but bad enough to earn a punishment. I rented a skybox, but in the middle of the punishment time was over and we were ejected. Damnit!
Okay, we went to his apartment and had sex. We wanted to go on with the punishment later, but somehow we ended shopping with Rammy.
So far, so good!

Then Andrej had to go to a date with Quirt. - I'm still not sure, what's that between the both. No, I'm not jealous! But I feel somehow excluded, cause Andrej doesn't talk much about it. I guess it's because he's a dom to Quirt. And I can't bear it, to see my little angel as a dom. I saw him once and he was so hot, that I suddenly went all submissive. Can't take that. Not yet!

So, Andrej went and me & Rammy were alone. Rammy suggested - or better say: decided (!), that I need a spanking. Well, he was right, but can he just decide this? Hm... However, I agreed. I had so much in my mind in the last days and weeks. ~ The house-building, all the new pledges who apply, the organisation of the fratgroup (and no help from Rammy's side in these issues. Maybe *I* should "decide" to spank *HIM*???), Andrej and last but not least Jeremy, who was first a little annoying and obstrusive, then rude and defiant and at last non-present at all. I had the bad feeling that I negelcted him and treated him unfair.
However! I had so many things in my mind, things I've done, things I still have to do... I feel so exhausted and tired. Maybe kind of "guilty" too for the one or other reason. I'm trying my very best and still have the feeling it's not enough... So, I thought, a spanking from my beloved brother would help, to come over with some things, get my mind free. A kind of catharsis.
But it all went so wrong!!! Rammy started to spank me, and I waited that he forces me to talk about all the things that burden me. I gave him some hints, but I wasn't ready to talk about it by my own will. But Rammy didn't get the hints. He just said things like: "Oh, I spank you, cause I have the feeling that you need a spanking. I'm not interested in other reasons. blablabla"
I tried and tried and tried, but he kept on spanking me without caring about the things I wanted to tell him. I couldn't help it and started crying. In fact I was still crying hours later. I'm almost crying right now again, when I remember it and write it down. If I didn't KNEW he loves me, I would say he hates me! Then, after about half an hour, I gave up. I didn't say anything more, just yielded up to my fate. I think, he didn't even recognize that.
Finally he made me stand up. Well, I tried, but I almost couldn't stand. So I didn't complain as he commanded me to kneel before him. He talked something like he's "my dom" from now on and he will spank me if he got the feeling, I need it and other blabla. I have to admit: I didn't really listen anymore. I was so disappointed and upset and angry and sad... I suddenly couldn't take it anymore and said good-bye to him. I just had to leave!

So, this night was a mess!!! Well, he did talk to me afterwards and I tried to explain. But I'm not sure, if he understood. He gave me advice. Ha! I didn't want his advice!!! I just wanted him to spank me and then hold me and hold me and hold me and soothe me. At the end I apologized for my behaviour. - Yes! You read right. *I* apologized! What a studip idiot I am!!! Why the hell do I have the feeling that I have to apologize to everyone??? It should be him to apologize to me, for treating me like shit, for leaving me alone with all the work at the frathouse, for not listening.

Goddamnit! I'm so confused... I don't know what to do. How to manage all the work and all the feelings and all the requirements. Maybe it's time for a break?

But hey! I'm a tiger-cat. Cats always land on their four feet. And they have nine lifes. I have the feeling, my first life ended last night. Eight more to come. So: Hello world! With a loud RRROOAAARRRR (and a very sore ass) !