Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye, bye greenie!

Well, finally I had to accept, that I have to say good-bye to my beloved Emerald Viewer. I don't know all the background, also didn't understand a lot of that technical stuff. Still don't know, what's with that ominous list. Like "Hey, your name is on THE list!"... well, mine wasn't and so was none of my friends. But I heard people were listed who never ever had used emerald anyways. So WTF? *shrugs* And Gee! What a whining about IP-adresses! Gosh! Every site-owner, every DJ in SL as soon as you listen to his stream, can figure out you IP-adress. SL has your IP-adress. So, what's the drama? If you're so scared you better unplug your internet right now! - But anyways, Emerald is going to be banned, so it's time for a change. I did. To imprudence. And it sucks. It just sucks less then the alternatives. But I miss my chat-commands which I'm so used to. I miss the good radar (yes, there's one in the mini-map now, but it hasn't the same SIM-wide range. When I'm in our skybox, I can't see, who's down on the island) and the functions in the imprudence-radar just seem not to function. *bah!* Well, also a lot of other stuff I'm so used to from emerald, like the "Always rez under group-tag", which helped me a lot already, cause I often forget to wear the right tag for building. And lots of others. Of course especially the second attachment point (I heard, in the new beta version of SL 2 viewer, there would be a debug setting to activate 2d attachment points, but the SL 2 is the worst of all viewers!). - Which reminds me: If you were used to Emerald and have to change too, then don't forget to log in a last time with emerald to detach all the stuff from your second attachment point! Because: When you log in with imprudence (not sure with other viewers), then you will still wear it on your body, but in your inventory it will not be shown as worn. That means, you can't take it off! So you will have to wear it forever and ever and ever.....

Okay, apart from the viewer-changes most of the news are under the Isle of Tidra blog. At least this seems to finally work out. Oh, and working on the house "Mickael", matching the hut "Freki" and the stable "Joshua". I think it looks rather fine and will be finished soon.

But I'm  a bad salesman anyways. Yesterday someone asked me, where he can buy more of my cages, and I gave him a copy-version for free. Teleny slapped me. *hehe* I made him now my agent. Hm, that sounds nice. Next time someone asks "Where can I buy...?" and I say: "Talk to my agent!"

kk, guys! That's all for today. Have a nice weekend!


Teleny Macarthur said...

*slaps you again, just for the hell of it* LOL!

We'll work on this "business practice" thing of yours. I can be pretty cutthroat about money, espectially these days! LOL!

As for Emerald, I'm still trying to get used to the gawdawful Imprudence, as well. Fortunately, I can boost my personal radar to get simwide coverage, for now. I have had several people mention to me a viewer named Emergence, which I am going to try, IF I can find it. Supposedly, it is taken quite literally from the format of our beloved green friend, but w/o the "bad scripts". I dunno. I'll look into it.

Franziskus said...

Misha said...

i like Emergnce and i find it runs smoother than emeraled did. i do think that that viewer was targed by the lindens as is was the most popular by far. the Lindens should get a clue and make a good viewer and not that crap that they spent alot of money for. it would also help if they listen to the players here and to the people who spend alot of money for sims. I will quit sl if i had to use there viewer and i know many others that would do so too. Maybe for once the lindens should get there head out of the clouds.

Misha said...

not Due but clue, oops. i should to lear to proof read