Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too busy to breath

Okay, it's been a while since I wrote here and it will take another while until I got time again. It all started with selling a house... and then offering help adjusting it... and then making suggestions about the SIM-design... and one thing let to another.. soooooo.... I'm building a Gorean SIM. And building lots, lots, lots of new houses for it. *ooomph* This up there was the last one I'm working on. Will sell them laters, single and as set. But that will be more work then.. *sighs*

Sooooo, I'm neglecting everything at the moment - my boys, friends, fun, RL.... On the one side I love building and at least a part of Tidra (the temple-ruins) are coming back to life, on the other side I wished the progress would be faster.

Well, at least I found out this (new?) function in the phoenix viewer. Never recognized it before (not sure if it was there before!?). It's so cool and saves me hours and hours of work. But I will talk about this later (so... in about 3-4 months *meh*).

And I found that new texture-organizer which is just awesome!!! Everything I missed in the freebie-organizers. Sondra, the SIM-owner, gifted it to me and I bounced happily for about an hour as I figured out all it's functions. Not alone that it is loading textures into the content much easier and faster then the freebies, it can also show sculpties (and give you the prim) out of sculpt-maps, you can search by name (another thing I miss in the freebies, as I have for instance "doors" some under "metal", others under "wood" etc), it finds and deletes duplicates, you can move textures within the organizer from one category to another, you can set permissions who can use it, you can pack textures from a category and copy it as folder into your inventory, and... and... and... When I (ever) am done with the SIM, this will help me a lots to organize (and reduce) my inventory. *Yay!*

Okies! Back to work! Just wanted to say hi!


Derren Macarthur said...

You can do it! Keep up the good work! :D

Rammy said...

This website has much to say on this subject:

Anonymous said...

(Smells the barrel of fish he opened)