Thursday, October 18, 2012


After more than half a year Gor-break we decided to give it another try. This time we moved to a straight SIM: Vonda. After months on gay Gor SIMs, where people pass by without even greeting you IC or OOC, we were first totally surprised by being RPed on every step we took. Such a big difference!
Of course you find pricks anywhere... homephobic pricks too. Trying to justify their personal homophobia with "By The Books"... *rolls eyes*....
However, we RPed a bit there, but didn't spend too much time on the SIM yet.
The city is.. hm... okay... not too bad. Seen worse. Seen better too, of course... like my own or Misha's. The towers (cylinders) are the attempt of adapting Gorean architecture described in the books of John Norman. Nice idea. Could have been build better though. Much better actually. Maybe I'll make one.. some day.

So, we rented an apartment in one of the towers. Sorry, but inside it's aweful. The proportions are bad, the textures not aligned. The sculpts are blurred. No offence meant to the builder; I think she done better jobs in other parts of the city; maybe she was in a bit of rush to get it ready quickly?
However, it looked like this, when we moved in: (Yes! black floor and ceiling!)

After 2 or 3 hours decorating it looked like that:

Painting walls, changing floor and ceiling... much better.

Well, we don't know, how long we will stay. Our first enthusiasm damped a bit. And we still consider to get our own little island for RP again. My lil sunshine is away for some weeks at the moment; we will see, how we continue after his return....

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Misha said...

I wish you well in your new adventrues.