Friday, December 7, 2012


"Touché" - that's the name of the new gallery in our store. As mentioned before: We're doing some rebuilding at the store. So we moved the gallery with the (mostly Gorean themed) paintings up into a skybox. The building was quickly done... a bit Art Deco.... I know, I could do better with more time and more prims, but I did a lot with sculpts to save prims. And for 23 prims or so it's not a bad building at all, I think.
Sooooo, we thought about a name and finally agreed to "Touché" as it means as well "brush stroke" (in painting) as also "Touched", used in sword-fighting, when someone landed a hit on the opponent (you know... Goreans and their swords - duh!), but also means like "Good arguement!" in a debate as well as a kind of "counterattack"- as I like to see it as counter to some greedy guts...
For now it's mostly Gorean-themed paintings, but sooner or later I'll add some others too, especially in the second floor (which for the moment is mostly empty)
I also started to experiment with animated pictures. The dancing Santa and his reindeer, the bouncing cat and the buttnaked Santa are some of the first results. We offer them as freebies (copy, but no trans), so if you want them, come to the shop and buy them for zero! And tell your friends about it!
Next thing will be a reconstruction of the shop itself on the ground. Still lots of work upcoming....

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