Saturday, May 15, 2010

Congratz, my Boys!

Have not written for a while. Busy weeks it's been - RL and SL. One of the events was the preparation for the SL-wedding of my boys Mick and Brian. While I was busy organizing their wedding in SL, they and my Kenshi were busy organizing their wedding in real life.

Belgium was after the Netherlands the second country in the world which allowed (since 2003) same-sex marriage (with full rights; registered partnership with restrictions they had already since the year 2000).

And today, 15th of May 2010, is the big day for my lovely boys! I still can't believe, that my sweeties become husbands today! Too bad I can't be with them in this big moment in their lives, but I'm with them with all my heart and all my thoughts.

Mr. & Mr. lil devils

The SL-wedding will be on Monday, 17th of May, at 12.00 pm SLT on our (new) Isle of Tidra.

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