Monday, May 17, 2010

Restore Restore Restore

We have a new (full) SIM for Tidra since last week. We down- and uploaded the terraforming from the old island to the new one, so we had exactly the same landscaping. Now we had the problem to move all the stuff from one SIM to the other.

Weeeeeeellll, I rolled up my sleeves and started... writing down the exact position (X, Y, Z) of each object, take it, move it over, rezz it, put it in that same position again (X, Y, Z). You can imagine, that this is a very boring, exhausting and high efforting progress. And there were around 2.500 objects to move. *sigh*

The second day I suddenly remembered that "restore to last location" function in Emerald (not sure, if it exists in other viewers also)... and.... YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! It worked easily! Take an object and restore it at the "last location" in the new SIM, which puts it exactly where it should have been.

I think I could have moved the whole stuff within some seconds, if I would have returned it all at once into my inventory and restore it in the new location; but I didn't want to take the risk. But it made the work much, much easier.

I thought I mention it, because everyone I talked to, never recognized, what that restore-function is good for. It not only helps you to move your stuff from one SIM to the other (which will be rare), but it also helps you, when you accidently delete something (which happens often to me!) - Just restore it from your trash-can, then restore to last location, and voila! It will be at the right place again. Works purrfectly! Thanks, emerald!

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Teleny Macarthur said...

Heh, it ALSO comes in handy when you forget to wear the right group tags, and have over a thousand prims returned to you while decorating, eh, Franzi? ROFL!