Tuesday, September 20, 2011

on the radio

Last night the Gorean Portal Radio sent live from the City of Corcyrus. So after my boys were all to bed, I went over there and listened and watched for a while. The moderator was full of praise for the beauty of the city, which made me a bit proud, even if my name wasn't mentioned.

The chat was fun, the music nice: Disney-tunes. (Disney... Gor... get it?) Girls dancing... well, "girls" is relative, as according to their movie-experience ("Oh, I remember the day "Bambi" came out! I was at the opening with my parents!" - Bambi was released 1942!) each of them was older than me, but hey! Girls will be girls, and boys will be boys, and in SL everyone can be what he wants to be. (And if I were straight, I'd prefer a "girl" with experience. Those "older girls", who I know in SL are much cooler and less bitchy than the twens.)

I took a picture. Not my best ones, but gives an impression of the evening.

The only sad thing: Apart from the head-scribe I didn't know ANYONE there. It's a strange feeling to come to the city that you built, and most people won't even recognize you anymore and ask "And who are YOU?"...

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Endy said...

Endy smiles "sorry I could not stay up longer to go with you, and that they did not mention your name - but I am glad your work is getting some of the admiration that it deserves"