Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our House

So, it's time to show some pictures of our house. The last weeks been so busy again. I don't have the time to continue with all my planned projects for my store. And that although the new possibility of making megaprims makes my heart bounce!

Well, the building of the house and furnishing it (not ready yet) kept me busy. And after that was done, I got busy with the "suggestions for the NLS pricing." And the growing amount of Meeroos (I think it's about 40 now or more...) keeps us busy too. But things are calming down now and we're looking forward to RP again.

So, here's our house - a mix of roman "Villa Rustica" and mexican hacienda with a touch of Gor:

My Office

View to the atrium

View from the ocean

View from the docks

Steps to my office

the court yard

the cattle

view into the court yard

the kitchen

court yard

dining area


bedroom with bath


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Endy said...

Endy sighs, "it looks beautiful my Master"