Monday, April 16, 2012

Time for a little update

Haven't written for a while, so it's time for an update...

The last weeks were mostly three things: Dancing, A bit of RP in Lannisport (Game of Thrones RP) and building (or better said: Helping my lil sunshine building a manor).

Additional to our traditional sunday-OOC dance in Tabor we got used to go to The Bathhouse on fridays, as my dear friend DJ Heloq is playing then. I never had time to go there due to working-schedule RL, but that has changed, so I got different working-times now (and more hours of work, means less time for SL) and we can go there. We enjoy the music and the people.

For RP we became wolves. Better said: Direwolves. Well... hm... small direwolves for now as it's not so easy to stretch the AV, so for now we are kinda puppies still.

This is me as Midnight:

Anyone who knows about Game of Thrones will say, that direwolves  should be in the North with the Starks, but according to our storyline we have an explanation how we came to the south to Lannisport. If you want to read more about it, see my lil sunshine's blog!
It's not easy to RP a wolf, as you can't talk, you have to emote.... and you have to think like a wolf. But we like Lannisport. Misha has built a wonderful SIM. I hope that soon there will be more people coming and RPing and supporting the place.

Talking of RP: Our decision is finally made up. We stopped RPing in Gor some weeks ago due to several incidences that summed up mostly having to do with one certain person. But we kept our house, paying rent every week, just in case we will return one day. Yesterday we heard some news, so our decision is made, that we leave Tabor. It will go down anyways. They burried their own grave. Bye-bye Tabor! If we ever want to return to Gorean RP, we will find another place. However, it's really a shame, cause with such a big cluster, you'd have the chance to build a really amazing place, but they missed this chance.

Building... hmmm.... our SIM isn't finished yet... well, prolly will never be finished, as there's always something to do, to change, to make better... And I haven't had the time to build new stuff except those two country-houses. Many, many upcoming projects in my "to build"-folder... Not to mention the consideration, if - with new technologies - I shouldn't rebuild some of my old buildings? - Anyways! At the moment my lil sunshine is working on a big manor and it looks awesome! I'm glad I got such talented, lovely and loyal boys, even if sometimes I'd prefer more time for myself, but I won't wanna miss them!

Okay, that's it for a quick update. I really should get used to write more... always forgetting it. Hope I'll get better with it again...

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