Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's my party...

Another week over without writing. - Mea culpa!

On sunday my boys surprised me with a surprise-birthday party! I had really no idea they were planing it; especially my lil sunshine River had been very busy with organizing it, making this wonderful invitation and decorating the beach. Unfortunately DJ Heloq called in sick last minute, but fortunately my boys could get DJ Wuzz (from the Tabor OOC dance) to come over and play.

I missed some dear friends at the party due to RL and timezones, but although I was a bit tired from a long RL-working-weekend, my boys made me very happy. Thank you, my beloved boys!

More about the party with pictures you can read there!

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Eddi Haskell said...

I love that house - and the setting is gorgeous. I can't wait to review it on my blog!

I have never been in Gor, but I am not sure I would be very good at it, since there are so many rules to remember. Also, many people seem to suffer from bad hair days in Gor, and I would worry that this would be contagious.