Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mea Culpa

Yeah, I know... wanted to write more, but never have the time or mood to do so...

Okay, some short news...

So, it's official: We left Gor! We had our house still in Tabor Tropics, paying rent every week, but not been there at all. So we took it off last week. Do I miss it? I don't know... don't think so. There was no good RP going on anyways; and when we tried, we been smashed and OOC-insulted by people who now actually are the "rulers" of Tabor. I wonder, who made them? Only the so-called "board", while "Administrator" is an IC-title, which would have to be given by IC-people. Didn't happen and now they wonder, why so many people are leaving.. *shrugs* Maybe I miss Gor, but I certainly don't miss the wanna-be-Napoleons, Super-Tarls, permanent role-switchers, childish ungorean princess-slave-brats, etc. etc.

Having now much more time for ourselves, we spend more time cuddling, dancing, building.

I love this pic cuddling with my lil sunshine... :-)

With a little help from me, River built a manor. It became really beautiful. One of the best houses that will be available on the market - soon. An old English manor with many rooms and a beautiful garden around it.

I also started to work on updates on some of my MP-products. Technology and skills changed since the very first versions I'd put on MP (or XStreet it was those days back). But being the perfectionist I am, it takes a lot of time. I only want to change a little detail, but as I am about it, I want to also change this... and that... and that... and at the end I'm rebuilding the whole thingens. *sigh* Screw you, OCD!

My RL-schedule changed AGAIN, which means: Even less time for SL. Unfortunately not more money. Bad, bad world! :-(

Hmmm, that's all I can think of at the moment. Strange thing: The longer I wait with updates, the less I know what to write about...

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