Thursday, June 25, 2009

dizzy entry

Oh my! Did you ever try to build with megaprims? I mean... those 100x100x100 meter thingens? Did you ever try to build with sculpted megaprims? For those who don't know: You have to use them as phantom, because if you don't, then you might see a wall or stairs or a 50 meter big apple or whatever... but it physically still uses the space of a 100x100x100 meter cube. Soooooo, you have to build invisible megaprims and somehow adjust them around the sculpted megaprims, which isn't that easy, because as the name says: They are INVISIBLE. And now imagine all this in 50 meter decent of a cave when everytime you click on edit your cam swwwwooooooosssshhhees somewhere into orbit! And then imagine, you're not only doing this in the deep of a cave but also UNDER Water...

Okay, what I'm trying to say is: My Kenshi and my lil bro Mick are on holidays since tuesday and I miss them so much. But I thought good thing would be, that I have finally time for building. But it isn't going as fast as I thought, cause I'm getting very dizzy, dizzy, dizzy after a while with the swooshing cam.

Well, yeah... that's all for now. Back to dizziness!

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