Saturday, June 20, 2009

Soooo tired of it...

Still busy these days and never got time to write. At the moment my love is still sleeping in my arms, so I got some minutes to at least write about my day yesterday.

I think, my Gor-days are counted. It would be a nice possibility for good RP with beautiful places, built with a lot of effort, butI just hate all the cheating and bad RP. For 90% of the "Goreans" it seems it's just combat.

Anyways, what happened? Kenshi and me had both hard RL-days. Harder then you can imagine. As we finally met inworld, all we wanted was some private time to relax, to gather some strength for each other, to forget the RL-stuff that's going on and to have some intimate fun.

Then it started again. Group calls for help in Gor. Well, at least this time it was RPed well. We tp'd to Gor and the crap began. I'm tired of repeating all the mischief, that's going on. And I'm not just blaming the Arg Fad with their really bad RP, as the other's aren't much better either. I'm just tired of all the cheating in RP. And when you tell them, they are cheating, then they get upset. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

However, Kenshi and me agreed to not go to Gor the next days. I had to promise him this and I'll keep my promise. And then we will see further. Maybe take more care of our own isle...

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Misha said...

yes that really sucks and i wasted 3 hours sitting in a cell and just a few player has rune it for everyone. why cant they play it out and deal with it later?