Saturday, June 20, 2009

what else is new?

My love is still sleeping. I'm watching him for two hours now, guarding his dreams (well, Tiger been a little naughty too... *grins*). Gives me a little time to write more. So, here's for the good news:

I wanted to wait with it till I'm done building, but I can't wait. A while ago I wrote about the dream of a Gor-narnia-middle-earth-whateva-hybrid. So, we finally said: Yes we can! We have an open SIM now and build a jungle-theme. Sounds familiar, huh? Yes, it is. And yes, it will be similar to what I once built before. But this time really only for enjoying and playing. and without restrictinons from third parts. A place for a wild tribe. A tribe of humans, nekos and whatever wants to come and RP.
We don't know yet, where to "place" it. If we say, it's a kind of Gorean "lost world", many of the self-calling "real" Goreans will either yell or scoff or whatever. But we don't mind. It's still SL. It's still the possibility to make fantasies become true. Kinda.
I'm looking very forward to the good times we will have. Wild boys/kittens hanging around. Having nocturnal very secret rituals (humm, where's my circle-jerk?). Getting raided (if we find others to RP with). Defending. Making captives. Many traps. The search for the Server to steal items will be a real challenge full of danger. - I think we will have a very good time!

But my beloved ones keep me a bit busy, so I'm not making that much progress atm. But who complains? *heh*

Oh... my love wakes up. Gotta go! Wishing everyone a nice weeked

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