Thursday, January 13, 2011

busy as usual

Heh! I thought after we abandoned Tidra, I got a bit more time. But naaaaaaah! Well, it's okay. Don't like boooooooredome.
So, doing some RP in Hrimgar, keeping care of the docks, our harbour-house is finally furnished (have to post pictures. Hm... have to shoot some pics first.).
Still sorting, sorting, sorting inventory.
Oh, finally my boy Mamba is back too. Yay!
And my first boy Mick visited after a looong time.
Some weird people causing drama. *shrug*
And beside all that I'm trying to design a quarter SIM for my landlady. But that is a mess, cause it's not a nice 128 x 128 m² square parcel... nuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh..... it's like a quilt (see picture) with tasteless neighbors who rised their ground as walls 40 m high... So that will be a hard bit of work to make something nice of it. Here's a "before" picture (the black line shows the border):

So, I'll be silent the next days/weeks again, I guess...


Teleny Macarthur said...

Oh, dear FSM..... that is one monstrosity of a ... um... house? to have to design next too. I wish you luck, and hand you nerve medication! LOL!

Franziskus said...

Babe, you still can call me Franzi or besti ;-) ---- It's not only the house monstrosity so big, it's also in about 50+ meter height (according to SIM rules shouldn't raise the ground more then 4 m over normal level) to show it's ugliness all over the SIM. Well, I guess I have to cheat and fence in the parcel with hills... Miss yer! Hope all's well!?

Teleny Macarthur said...

Hahahaha! I guess FSM COULD stand for Franzi, Sim Maker? :P Things are good, SL, and moving smoothly, RL, hun. Hope to have some bestie time soon! *huggles*