Thursday, January 6, 2011

and another video of Tidra

Dear Eddi Haskell was so kind to make a slideshow-video of pictures he took at Tidra. (Thank you again, Eddi!)

Eddi and me talked the other night which music to choose.. from Dvorak to Smetana to Wagner and Schubert... I suggested even a requiem like "Flamma Flamma" from Nicholas Lens ("Deliciae Meae"... "My sweet love, your beauty, even through death, shine..." - that would have fit so well *heh*, Eddie said, I'm morose... ha! Isn't it more like 'morbid'?) and finally we agreed to the aria "Ebben! Ne andro lontana" from Catalani's opera "La Wally", which I love especially as it's used in Beneix' movie "Diva", which is a wonderful movie (only to watch in a cinema, never on a small TV-screen!). And now as I saw the pictures with this music I know it was the right choice. So, if you're not already bored by impressions of Tidra, here's another one for you brought to you by Eddi Haskell:

Ah well then! I shall go far away 
Like the echo of the pious church-bell goes away, 
There somewhere in the white snow; 
There amongst the clouds of gold, 
There where hope, hope 
Is regret, is regret, is sorrow! 
O from my mother's cheerful house 
[...] is about to go away from you, from you! 
Quite far away, and perhaps to you, 
And perhaps to you, will never more return, 
Nor ever more see you again! 
Never again, never again! 

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