Friday, January 28, 2011

If I only had time...

/me looks a bit confused. Was looking for that song (preferred John Rowles) and wondered, why Google video suggests "How to put on a condom", when I look for "If I only had time". Hmmmm..... Anyways! A Penis isn't a banana! And I finally fell from my chair laughing, when the last sentence was "You should put on a new condom every time you have sex!" (Me swears, runs and stops the washing-machine.)

However... condoms and bananas - wasn't at all I wanted to talk about. Just some random news...So here they are:

*** HRIMGAR ***

It's going on fine. Though it's cold on our new Gor-place I like it. Okay, there's some drama, some people are just something between "only weird" - "real psycho", but I guess you meet those everywhere, especially in Gor, especially in Gay Gor... so... *shrugs*... I'm long enough here to more or less smile and wave... and then leave.

I took some pics of the harbor and the village, but they are not as good as I wanted them to be. But I like the water reflections in the harbor:

Two of them I played around with photofunia to make kinda oil-paintings of it. Unfortunately they are too dark, but apart from that quite nice, I think:

*** New Seal ***

I also got a new seal for my role as harbormaster, made by Echo Douglas, who's a great photographer and photoshop-artist. I will order a seal for the village itself too. And I think we will have some photos made. Would be time for a new family-portrait, if I ever get them together.

*** Family ***

Talking of that: Most of my family is back! Yay! At least Mick, Brian and my Gor-son Dar. Now only my hubbie is (still) missing. In about 2 weeks there would be our 2 year anniversary... - Anyways, it's good, that the house is filled. I like that.

*** Landdesign ***

I mentioned the quarter SIM in the post before. I had not much time to work on it - and to be honest: Not the right mood for it also, as I can't change the ground-texture (I could, but that would give drama with the neighbors), have to deal with the puzzle-like structure and to deal also with tasteless neighbors. However, I think the first attempts looked quite well:

I bought some different tiki-style houses and placed them in a jungle-like surrounding, going over into a beach-area.... It turned out nice and everybody who saw it, said, he'd like to live there. So I guess it would have been a nice place for noobies to rent a fully furnished house for about 450-500 L$ or so.
I tried to contact the landlady all the time.. then finally caught her... she jumped over for some minutes, said, she doesn't want the houses on the ground, just a park (and that AFTER I had told her about my ideas in the beginning!!!) and then tp'd out without a word, which was just rude and inpolite.
I have to say: I was about to do it pro bono. So I DO NOT GET PAID for it. Just wanted to do it cause 1. I like to landdesign and 2. to get a reputation as landdesigner. So, I'm a bit pissed now. I took the houses and most of the stuff off, and I guess I will tell her, that I "quit", especially as she's not able to tell me exactly WHAT she wants, how many prims I can use etc etc etc. Why should I waste time and nerves?

*** Inventory ***

When  I don't waste my time on that quarter SIM any more, I might have time for more inventory sorting! Yay! I'm down to 32.000 now, after I sorted 2 big folders with textures, put them all in a texturer, took a backup in a box and then deleted the textures from my inventory. So in about 1-2 years I might be down to the 15.000 I wanted max.

*** Building ***

And I might also have time for more building. When I see, what my bestie Tel does for excellent builds (he's so good with textures!), I'm getting envious that I don't have the time to create something. I thought I'd have more time after giving up Tidra, but opposite!

*** Computers ***

Last but not least some words about my computer issues. After my old computer worked well for a while with the new harddisc, this week it finally crashed again. I don't know, what the problem is/was. It always only happened when I was inworld. Screen freezing, Computer freezing, reboot, blue screen error.... That's one of the reasons, why I didn't dare to start with the new computer (which was sitting there patiently in a corner for almost a month!), scared that SL/Pheonix/Emergence would kill my new computer also. But after all the problems I finally got it running... more or less. To install all the programms is already a mess; but to install it on Windows 7, which wouldn't want to accept most of my older programms, that's a pita! Starting with the driver for the network-adapter...
Well, finally I got it all and Yay! Emergence (I gave up on Phoenix. Only troubles, troubles, troubles) is running fine and I don't experience ANY LAG at all! *knock knock knock* I think it's a combination of the more powerful computer, graphiccard, system, emergence instead of Phoenix & SL V2 (emergence runs without a pre-install of SL V2) and last but not least turning down the bandwidth from 5000 to 500. I'm not sure, if that has something to do with it; we're trying to figure it out. I think I heard somewhere, that the higher your bandwidth is, the more information SL tries to suck at once from the net, which might cause your screen to freeze now and then. So it takes a bit longer for everything to rezz, but then it is stable for me; no screen-freezing at all. If you wanna try it, tell me your experience in the comments!

*** Happy Weekend! ***

Well, that was the fast news so far I could think of. I know I should write more often.... Just... *sigh*

/me hums "If I only had time...." and gets ready for work...



Misha said...

awesome photos, i am using one for the sim info, if you dont mind. aye for the drama, but i thnk we got that fixed but this was small compared what was going in the city of ushindi

Teleny Macarthur said...

Awww... thankies for the kinds words on my builds, bestie! I have learned a lot from you in the last few months in that area. As for the sim you were working on, you have much more patience than I do, as I would have told her, very plainly, and in small words that she could understand, exactly WHAT she could do with all that hard work that had been done. Miss you and hope someday we'll have more time to see each other again. Btw, your new place with River looks great! Thanx so much for having Derren and I over the other evening for the tour. *huggies!*

Jordyn Carnell said...

Time is the one thing we always have too little of.. ~sigh~