Friday, March 4, 2011


Yesterday we did a nice photosession. A friend of Endy is a good photographer, one of the owners of Zodiac Studio, AND they make poses too: Finn Millar. So they made this extraordinaire pose for us including the chains and we modelled for two hours or so yesterday. Of course I couldn't help it and played with skysettings a bit, taking my own pictures too:

Suddenly I had the sun right behind my head which looked like a gloriole. Reminds me of something between Pierre & Gilles and James Bidgood. I call it St. Franzis & his boys:

I'm so looking forward to see the results of the pro! But really, the pictures & the pose are already hawwwt! So if you need a photographer or a special pose or both, contact Finn Millar inworld!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooooooo much for the kind words! I'm really excited about the results. However, I think credit should be given as well to wonderful clients who came to me with the concept. A good, solid idea makes the process easier and much more enjoyable. Also, the value of good and constant feed back is like gold in the creative process.

Mention should be given also to Spencer who made the poses and to DIgi who is the sim owner/creator where we did the shoot. All in all a perfect group effort and I could not be more pleased about the finished pieces.

This was a great experience and introduction to SL Gor RP to me and I hope to do more in this fashion. If anyone is interested please have them contact me in world.