Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thrilling kurii

Had some OOC-fun last night. Went to a kur-SIM which is about to be build and had some OOC-fun. (Normally I don't like it, when people are goofing around on RP-SIMs, but as I said: It's still in the progress of building.) We met that female kur - Silver. First time I met a femal kur at all. She played the flute for us, which was lovely (well, they do have 6 digits on each paw, so they have a bit of advantage, I guess!), River lost his fear of kurii - at least OOC - and we ended dancing for hours M. Jacksons "Thriller"-dance:

from left to right: Endy, Silver, me, River (yes, I'm the skeleton. You shouldn't have too much meat on your bones when you meet a kur!)

Haven't done much RP the last days for several reasons. And I don't write much these days. But I'm glad, that I have two boys now, which are busy bloggers: River and Endy.

I took off all my marketplace items to make an update. But perfectionism hit me again, so that will take a while.. *sigh* Just can't help it.



Endy said...

"Thrilling Kurii"


The title sound like you got furred by her

Franziskus said...

Honi soit qui mal y pense