Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Collaring of Endy

Last week, on thursday, the 24th February, I bought another boy and collared him: Endy. Another sweet and lovely and loving addition to the chain and family. Misha had decorated the stone-circle in Hrimgar for us (unfortunately he couldn't be present himself):

Franziskus Ninetails looked with loving eyes at his new boy. He pointed to the spot at his feet "Come here, Endy and take the position of submission."
The High Jarl - Matteus - casually took a seat next to the thrall Korbin, looking over his shoulder with a cool, collective grin, perhaps a bit wry, but a grin nevertheless. Hearing him great him he simply nodded and he turned around to resume witnessing the collaring of Endy. River, the first boy in chain,  watched with love and pride, his eyes wet as he remembered his own collaring with his beloved master.
Franziskus Ninetails smiled down to the boy, for the moment only got eyes for him. He reached a hand out and gently.... tenderly brushed over the slave's cheek, whispering "Don't worry... it won't hurt."
Eko Lemon, another jarl of Hrimgar, remained silent for the moment. He gave the High Jarl a nod in greetings as he looked onward; this was the first Collaring of his new homestone he had been able to witness.
Endy gulped nervously, but reassured by his masters voice.
The harbormaster looked up for a moment. Over the shoulders of his new boy he recognized the high jarl visiting too. A nod to him, a silent greeting... then he turned his attention back to his boy-to-collar.
Korbin smiled at the Jarl and drew his feet closer, wrapping his arms around his legs  he restsed  his chin on his knees watching the ceremony quietly never having witnessed something as fancy. Having been put in and out of collar without the specialness he was witnessing here, so  he watched curiously. The Jarls fine dress.. the circle of stones. The attendance of the High jarl.. with luck even Odin himself is resting on the heavens watching as well.
River wiped a tear away from his eye, hoping that no one notices what a girl he is.
Franziskus reached for one of the white leather-straps of his kilt and ripped it off. He took the leather-strap and wrapped it several times around Endy's wrists. He cleared his throat: "Hereby I bind you to my chain, boy known as Endy". He looked up for a moment, seeing the sun already down and the three moons of Gor rising. He tied the straps in a loose, symbolic knot, before he reached to the collar at his belt.
Matteus smiled to the crowd as he watched with great attention. He leaned his weight back on the rock, using his arms apart to brace himself. The smile stood at a constant, but he had one in his eye also.
Franziskus held the collar up to his boy's face. With a soft voice he commanded: "Lower your arms and raise your chin."
The boy looked up adoringly into the Master's eyes. "Yes, my Master"
The harbormaster smiled, his eyes sucking in the view of his new boy... his beauty... the light of the moons softly reflecting on the tanned skin. After a few ihns of silence he raised his voice "Repeat after me: 'I, the boy known as Endy...'"
"I, the boy known as Endy"
" '..herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things...' "
"herewith submit myself, completely and totally.. in all things"
"'...to him who is known as Fransziskus, lord and seal-keeper of Tidra, harbormaster of Hrimgar...' "
"to him who is known as Franziskus, lord and sealkeeper of Tidra, harbor master of Hrimgar"
" '... his boy, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases.' "
"his boy, his slave, and article of his property.... his to do with as he pleases"

The harbormaster smiled as the boy repeated the words of submission., then he showed the collar to his boy "Can you read this, mine?"
Endy carefully watched as his Master turned the collar for him, then whispers with awe :"ENDY - Property of Franziskus Ninetails"
River watched and held his breath as Endy lifted his chin. His fingers went to his own collar, touching the inscription that is carved there.
Franziskus reached his hand out and caressed softly his boy's naked neck before he snaps the metal ring around it. River jumped at the sound as he always seemed to do.
"With this collar I make you mine, Endy. What you give is pure, natural and the rarest gift a man can give a man." - He took the key from his belt and insert it in the small lock. He turned the key the first time and continued: "You are giving me complete and unshakable assurance of your commitment and devotion. Your submissiveness is a magnificent gift and sacred responsibility".
"Yes, My Master", the boy answered with a whisper.
The harbormaster turned the key a second time. "I accept this from you with pleasure and joy. I understand the rarity and purity of this gift. You offer me your body and soul, your heart and mind."
River listened to the words that his master uttered to him not so long ago and smiled looking at his master with such total love and devotion, that nothing would break it.
Franziskus continued: "When I see your body kneel before me, in my mind and heart you are raised above all the treasures of Gor. No fortune in Gor is big enough to buy what you give me. From now on you are mine. I will love, protect, guide and teach you - now and forever. This I vow." With these words he turned the key a third and last time and attached it to his belt again. Then he smiled down to his new boy "As your Master I give you the name Endy. From this moment on you are mine. My boy. My kajirus. My thrall. I love you and protect you. Welcome to my chain, Endy." - He opens his arms "Now give me a hug!"
Endy felt a lump come to his this throat and his eyes began to fill with tears as he leaped into the Masters arms
Korbin clapped his open palm to his left side of his chest in the typical gorean applause. Calling out "Odin's blessings Jarl..brothers.. may your life together be exciting, tender, lustfull and you feel the weight of your Jarls ownership for the rest of your lives!"
Matteus reached around from the back of the rock, broght his hands together and clapped his hand.
Franziskus Ninetails reached down, with a light pull he opened the symbolic binding and pulled his boy from the ground, holding him in his arms tight.
Matteus rolled this left hand over the bridge of of his nose, his nostrils flair as he breathed in the air off them. He smiled to the harbor master and hoped this would bring him joy. As much as he cared for his friend, all Matteus ever wants for the man is bliss and joy.
River smacked his hand to his chest enthusiastically. He wiped his eyes again not caring if he is seen, the moment is just too special to care what anyone thinks of his show of weakness.
Franziskus Ninetails whispered into his new boys ear "Welcome to the family". He turned his head and kisseed the soft lips before he let him down to his feet again to give his other boy the chance to hug him.
River approached his new brother and smiled.
"Thank you, my Master", whispered Endy.
Korbin watched the High Jarl, the size of his hand as it sweeped agaisnt his face.  He smiled before gazing at the Jarl with his two beasts.. one well loved by korbin the other just starting to be known to him, but loving all the men there.
River opened his arms to hug his new chain-brother. And the Harbormaster smiled proudly as his boys hug... the pale, blond one... and the dark, tanned one... like night and day... Once more he looks up to the three moons of Gor and whispers silently "my lil moonbeam...."

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