Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bitchy me

And another time got a bit upset yesterday. - I don't like to be so bitchy, but sometimes enuff is enuff. I worked hard on the City of Corcyrus. More then two months day and night... no time for RP, no time for relaxation, no time for my slaves, no time for RL... even jeopardizing my health (and still suffering from it)... But I've done it with love. Love for building and love for creating beauty and love for (most) of the residents of Corcyrus, which (almost) all were very nice and friendly to me and my boys.

A creation like this would at least cost 2000 U$ upwards (I even heard of prices up to 15.000 U$). But I've done it for free. Is that stupid? Maybe. But I've done it for the mentioned love. And I've done it for my reputation as builder. The conditions for that were, that 1. the buildings remain my property and 2. they keep untouched. Whatever they FURNISH inside... I don't care.

But now some individuals think they have to "improve" the building to their own (tasteless) taste. So who the hell do they think they are that THEY have to "improve" something when 1000s of others say it's perfect in it's beauty already? So I get building-parts sent back, doors, walls and building-components arriving in my lost-and-found folder, they exchange it with their own stuff and when they can't, they put walls and floors OVER mine. Like a rustic wooden floor (!) to the marble-walls. *shudders*
If someone wants changes in his private rooms, I'm the first one to come and help. That's not a problem. But all within limits! A healer who doesn't like the green tapestry in the infirmary because she doesn't like the color green? Gosh! Go and join another caste!!! (for those who are not familiar with Gor: Gor has castes and each caste has it's own color. The color of physicians is... guess what!... green! duh!)
And apart from that - you can't be everybody's darling. They want big changes today, and the next day they will leave anyways. They know, but they will try anyways to see how far they can go and get their own will. If you allow it, there would be changes bit by bit, step by step... and soon it would be a cacophony of individual prims and not a matching unity.

So, yes! I'm bitchy about that and scare some people with temper tatrums. But I'd rather delete it all then watch the Jewel of the Vosk becoming uglier day by day...

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