Monday, July 18, 2011

The move

Now the City of Corcyrus is finished and I hoped to get some rest and time to relax, but this isn't so. I started to sort my inventory on thursday; of course after all that building it's messier then ever! At least I got it down from 35.000 to 33.600 again. And I LOVE the Kinex-texture organizer which makes sorting textures (and then box it up and delete it from the inventory) so much easier. But of course it still takes time and will need some more weeks of sorting. However I hope, that then I'll be under 20.000 again, when this work is done. But hanging around in undies on my building-platform and sorting textures is kinda relaxing.

The weekend was quite stressing. Mostly because of RL work with long shifts. And then because still struggling with connection-problems. Haven't solved those yet (since I'm on windows 7) and it sucks! And with all the fighting against crashes we tried to move our house in Kalana Fjord as the SIM now finally moved and joined the ironhall-cluster.

They use a RP-system there which is called "Nutrilife". It seems interesting, but again: Something new to learn. *sighs* I just hope, that at the end it won't keep us too busy with cooking and hunting and milking bosks and picking larmas... so that we won't have time for real RP anymore. Well, we will see... We will also see about some other things, which I won't talk about here in "public".

And then there's the firestorm viewer... I heard rumours, that SL1 and Phoenix soon won't work anymore, so better get used to the firestorm-viewer, which is phoenix' answer to SL2.0, now. I downloaded it and took a short look. Moaned and shut it down. But I guess I better get used to it soon.

Oh well, and then there's the shop. Wanted to change some things there too and have a lot of new items I should get ready for sales.

Soooo.... relaxation? Not this year!

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